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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Fran McKain


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addicted behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:16 Welcome back.
00:18 You know, Fran, I just have to say
00:19 I was just blessed having you on the program,
00:21 but before we went on break I asked you a question
00:23 and the question is why work so hard?
00:25 This is a ton of work and you were fine,
00:28 in everybody's eyes you are okay, in your eyes?
00:31 Yeah, even in my own.
00:33 Except that there was a thirst inside
00:37 like it was feeling empty.
00:39 And also I was beginning to realize it,
00:45 that there were people who needed something
00:47 that God had apparently put me
00:49 in a position to do something about
00:51 and I wasn't able to give it because I didn't have it.
00:56 An example was, I'm working with a friend
00:59 who came out of the gay lifestyle.
01:01 We're working on writing her story
01:02 and of course, that means
01:04 she has got to share very deeply.
01:06 And she at one point stopped to me
01:09 and said that, she didn't feel safe with me
01:12 because I was invulnerable.
01:15 Wow.
01:16 She didn't even say a need for you,
01:18 that you don't have a need to, you don't have a--
01:20 Yeah, and so it's not safe to talk to me.
01:22 Well, to me that was just like how can God even use me
01:25 if that's the case?
01:27 Something had to change. That's powerful.
01:31 And at the same time that that was happening
01:33 you were dealing with you know, what is this mean
01:37 and what are you trying show me,
01:38 what is this whole thing about
01:40 approval and-- and vulnerability.
01:43 Yeah, and the deeper He takes me
01:44 into this the more I'm realizing
01:46 how much need I really have.
01:48 So anything else you said that was one?
01:52 Yeah, God is clearly communicating to me about this.
01:55 Like, He gave me--
01:58 I don't really had a couple dreams in my life
01:59 that would-- sure it came from Him.
02:01 But one was this dream about
02:04 this beautiful white tropical flower
02:05 and I watched it open up and I looked inside
02:08 and it's filled with this putrid mess.
02:12 And it was clear to me that He was saying,
02:15 we got work to do.
02:16 Wow, that's powerful.
02:18 Because you even said that and with the Pharisees
02:21 you were like while whitewashed tombs with dead man's bones
02:26 and I really believe that sometimes
02:28 we look at Pharisees as a-- as incredibly
02:32 just bad folks or damaged folks or arrogant or whatever.
02:36 But I think that they were doing the best they could,
02:39 learning, doing the right thing all of that kind of stuff
02:43 and I'm seeing them in a whole different way.
02:45 What if they just didn't know how to connect
02:48 and they didn't-- like Fran said
02:50 they didn't understand what the blood of Christ
02:52 actually meant in their own life.
02:54 And so if you have an approval addiction, workaholism
02:57 that you've been trying to perform your whole life,
02:59 take it to God because He says,
03:02 "Absolutely you don't have to work so hard."
03:04 And remember that He is crazy about you, me too.
03:08 See you next time and I pray that this program blessed you,
03:11 because I know that it blessed me.
03:13 Addiction is addiction is addiction
03:14 and God wants us free.


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