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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Fran McKain


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:11 Welcome to "Celebrating Life in Recovery,"
00:13 I'm Cheri your host.
00:15 I'm gonna introduce you to the friend of mine Fran
00:16 who told me one time
00:18 that may be the blood of Christ in her life
00:19 is a little bit of overkill.
00:21 If you want to know what she meant by that
00:23 you got to join us on the cafe today it's pretty cool.
00:53 Welcome.
00:54 You know this season the book
00:56 that we're looking at is Celebrations.
00:58 The acronyms stands for something,
01:00 we started with choice went through the whole thing,
01:02 exercise, leisure, liquids all that kind of stuff.
01:05 And now we're on the "S" and that's social support.
01:08 And people forget about social support a lot
01:11 because we tend to in our addictions
01:15 regardless of what it is
01:16 we tend to start pulling away from people.
01:19 And oh, man, I know that you're gonna hate me on this
01:22 but we even get into things
01:23 that give us the illusion of that
01:25 we've done the social support,
01:26 we're on Facebook, we're making friends,
01:29 we're online, we're doing all that kind of stuff
01:30 but we're really not connecting with real people.
01:32 And what I found in my recovery
01:35 is Facebook will never tell me I'm an idiot.
01:38 You know, what I mean, I always look good on Facebook.
01:40 But my friends will say, you know what Cheri,
01:42 I don't know about that.
01:43 I don't think that's right or--
01:44 or this may not be good for you
01:46 or you're still kind of thinking
01:47 addictively or whatever.
01:48 And so I get more feedback from real folks.
01:50 And I'm gonna tell you a story about a girl
01:53 that I think was so blessed
01:55 with just kind of coming out of her addiction
01:59 literally letting people into her life
02:01 and her name is Tina, she is amazing.
02:03 But she is a meth addict, she was trashed physically,
02:06 you can look at her
02:07 and she looked like a meth addict.
02:09 You know, she was--
02:10 you know, she was a little bit agitated in her movement,
02:13 she didn't kind of-- she just kind of was a mess,
02:18 fragmented a little bit when she came into recovery,
02:20 all her teeth were rotted.
02:24 I mean they just looked terrible.
02:26 She was stuck with that
02:27 when she came into recovery
02:28 found God, love God, jumped into a church
02:32 and then she-- she came up
02:33 when we met you know and you know,
02:35 I think we met early on in recovery
02:37 but we started to work together again,
02:39 she came to a couple event,
02:40 she came to a women's retreat we had a great time.
02:43 And you know, we have a program
02:45 the Celebrating Life in Recovery program
02:47 for the churches and so she saw that
02:49 and she said, I so want to run that program for our churches.
02:52 14 weeks, incredible and she knew that she could do it,
02:56 she went to AA and NA,
02:58 she knew how to run the twelve-step group.
03:00 And so I said, yeah, you know it would be fun.
03:03 But the people in her church said
03:04 you know, wow, she-- she looks like a mess
03:07 you know, I don't know if she could run it.
03:09 And they were talking about a number of things
03:11 and their motives as they came over
03:13 and they said to her, you know, let's--
03:16 we'd like to kind of help you out with that.
03:18 And so they actually went through the program
03:20 with her to help her out.
03:22 So they could teach her how to present.
03:26 Tina didn't need to help on how to present
03:28 but she needed friends,
03:29 she needed suport and they needed Tina.
03:32 So during the time they went through the group
03:34 this whole church just grows,
03:36 it was so absolutely amazing so they start to grow,
03:40 they start becoming friends which is the group is--
03:43 is brilliant at doing.
03:44 And during that time they raised money
03:47 and got her teeth fixed.
03:49 I just-- it was the most incredible thing.
03:52 So social support not only do you start
03:55 to connect with real people
03:57 and you start to share with them
03:58 and you start to grow and heal from that.
04:01 You start to reflect on your stuff more honestly,
04:03 you pray for each other.
04:04 The Bible says, "Confess your sins one to another,
04:07 pray for each other so you could be healed."
04:09 All of that good stuff happens.
04:10 I get to have somebody actually touched me in a safe way
04:13 and if I'm longing for that
04:15 the healing is unbelievable off the chart.
04:17 And this group so fell in love with Tina
04:20 and it's easy, she is amazing.
04:22 So fell in love with Tina that they literally raised money
04:26 and she smiled for the first time
04:28 in a longtime without being ashamed what she looks like.
04:31 And I just loved it.
04:32 So we're gonna cover social support.
04:34 If you're in recovery know that it's a huge, huge deal.
04:38 I'm gonna bring on today,
04:41 one of my favorite people lately.
04:43 She is the creative director of our ministry,
04:46 True Step Ministries, her name is Fran.
04:48 We are totally different, Farn Mckain totally different.
04:51 She is a business degree, she is a writer,
04:55 not only a writer, she loves the language,
04:58 she loves to write,
05:00 she can look at something and see what it could be
05:04 and the colors it could be or how it could be presented
05:07 where it would actually just win your heart.
05:09 And when she does it you walk away
05:11 and you're just amazed.
05:12 But I want you to hear her story
05:13 'cause her journey and how she now
05:16 connects with people will just make you cry.
05:19 God is so good and He is so good to us.
05:22 And I just pray you'll enjoy it.
05:24 So stay tuned, come back all that good stuff.


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