Celebrating Life in Recovery


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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jim Attikson


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Program Code: CLR000121C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addicted behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:16 Welcome back.
00:17 You know, we are interviewing my friend Jim
00:19 and I hope that we become really good friends
00:22 because I just, I see you--
00:24 You know, what I mean,
00:25 and so with Jim talked about it,
00:27 for those who they just tuning in Jim talked about in his life
00:30 having a really rough time, deciding suicide was he answer,
00:34 finding comfort in that,
00:36 planning it out be and seduce by suicide
00:39 and then finally taking the gun putting it to your chest
00:42 and as you pulled the trigger realized that hey,
00:46 I don't want-- I don't want this to work
00:49 and then your journey back, and I just know Jim,
00:52 as we are talking about that is that there somebody watching
00:56 that may be even accidentally found us
00:59 you know, you know, God does that.
01:01 And so what would you say to them about their own place.
01:04 So right now they are saying
01:05 but it is the answer, it does feel right,
01:07 I don't want to take my next breath,
01:09 and so I'm just gonna have you even look at the camera
01:12 and talk to them directly.
01:14 Thank you, for listening to me today,
01:16 and hopefully you heard my story.
01:18 If you are thinking about suicide
01:20 there's a couple things I like for you to know.
01:22 Today I want you to choose life
01:23 and I know if you are in the middle
01:25 of that storm it seems almost like an impossible task,
01:27 but understand this suicide is trying to steal your life,
01:30 is trying to pull you down this road
01:32 but you may very well regret.
01:33 And unfortunately suicide is not something
01:35 you can really experience and all of it its realities
01:38 and walk away from specially as the same person
01:41 that you were before you went in.
01:42 So I like to share five keys with you today
01:44 and I believe these five keys that they worked for me,
01:46 they will work for you.
01:48 First thing is I understand that Christ saved my life.
01:50 There is life in Christ.
01:52 Christ has a plan for your life.
01:54 You know, Bible says taste and see that God is good.
01:56 Suicide is the thief that's come to lie,
01:58 kill and destroy your life
01:59 but in Christ we have life and we have abundant life.
02:03 So today seek after God,
02:04 ask God, no matter where you are.
02:06 You know, He didn't come
02:08 and wait until I was all cleaned up
02:09 before He met my need.
02:10 He came running to me,
02:12 I was-- I was at abuse,
02:13 neglected teenager that had no value
02:16 but I have value in the eyes of God.
02:17 The second thing I want you to do
02:19 is take up a life vow today.
02:21 For those of us who choose suicide
02:23 it becomes like our coping mechanism,
02:24 choose life today and enforce your life
02:27 vow by finding reasons to live.
02:29 The third thing I want you to do is,
02:30 is pick up a suicide prevention hotline and call for help.
02:33 Get help, go to the hospital, call a friend,
02:36 call an ambulance if you need to be,
02:38 but address your reasons why you are hurting.
02:40 Go see a doctor, notify your doctor where you at.
02:42 The fourth thing I want you to do is live your life,
02:45 make a bucket list and go live your life.
02:47 Its better in my opinion to die climbing Mount Everest,
02:50 chasing after your dream than dying at the summon
02:53 after choosing suicide.
02:54 And the last thing I urge you to do is to give your life
02:57 away serving God and serving others
02:59 and that will surround your life to something
03:01 that doesn't even value your life.
03:03 Choose life today--
03:04 Amen, we so need more time that is good stuff.
03:08 You know what, pay attention to all that
03:10 because once you decide to choose life,
03:13 once you hold on to that and start living your life
03:15 its amazing the changes that will happen.
03:19 Till next week always remember
03:20 that God is crazy about you, me too.


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