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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jim Attikson


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addicted behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life and Recovery,
00:13 I'm Cheri your host.
00:14 Have you ever been in a place
00:16 where even your next breath is painful
00:18 and you just don't want to do it,
00:19 I don't want to be here?
00:21 Our guest is gonna talk about that
00:22 in how he found hope in God.
00:24 It was amazing story.
00:25 Come join us in the cafe.
00:56 Welcome.
00:57 You know this whole season we are talking about
00:59 CELEBRATIONS as an acronym and the health message,
01:02 and how to maintain in recovery.
01:04 We've covered a lot of stuff.
01:05 We covered choices,
01:08 it's important that choices you make.
01:09 We have covered exercise.
01:11 We have covered a ton of things
01:12 and it's easy to tie some of those
01:14 into the testimony's for the day.
01:16 This one was not as easy.
01:18 We gonna talk about nutrition and of course everybody.
01:21 I mean, I'm not your mom,
01:22 everybody knows you have to eat right.
01:24 When I was on the streets,
01:25 I present 10 years on the streets,
01:27 13 to 23 my favorite meal was Hostess Twinkies
01:30 with some butter on it, hot from the oven
01:33 and I would just eat that and then do drugs for days.
01:35 So I had no nutrition on all kind of drugs,
01:38 no sleeping I was crazy.
01:40 So come out of all that
01:42 and I end up at a vegan vegetarians house,
01:46 going to withdraws and trying to figure out man,
01:49 how I'm gonna do this?
01:51 And I remember going into the kitchen
01:52 and I have told this story before going in to the kitchen
01:55 and asking do you have some coffee?
01:57 Do have some tea?
01:58 Do have anything because I'm dying
02:00 and I'm like withdrawing from everything.
02:01 And she is like I'm vegan vegetarian,
02:03 would you like some lentils?
02:05 I'm like stop, I don't want lentils.
02:07 I want chocolate, I want Dr Pepper,
02:09 I want some coffee.
02:11 And she was really gracious in teaching me
02:14 that everything I put in body matters
02:16 that even artichokes are gonna detox my liver.
02:18 Who would have guessed it?
02:19 I mean, shut up on that.
02:21 You know, black walnuts are gonna
02:22 increase my serotonin levels,
02:25 that if I have blueberries and those kind things
02:28 I'm really gonna help body to detox and all that stuff.
02:31 So nutrition is important but you know what I read
02:34 in John 6:35 as Jesus said
02:38 "I'm the bread of life, he who comes to me
02:41 will never be hungry and he who believes in Me
02:43 and please to and trust in and relies on me
02:47 me will never thirst anymore at any time."
02:50 So what did He mean by that?
02:52 That He is the bread of life.
02:53 And so what I think that
02:55 what God is trying to say is that
02:56 you really have to know who I'm,
02:58 and to know what I say.
02:59 You have to know what you believe in,
03:02 what you gonna spiritually hold on to in your recovery.
03:05 And so I was over, I just got to say was over
03:08 at Allan Lindsay house,
03:09 I don't know if anybody knows him.
03:11 But he was a host for program called Keepers of the Flame,
03:16 and if I get star struck, I get star struck by Allan.
03:19 If you're watching you know that I just love you
03:21 and your wife, but I just love him.
03:23 So I'm now at his house,
03:24 he is an incredible scholar as far as the Bible
03:27 and prophecy and all kind of stuff.
03:29 And I'm gonna study the investigative judgment.
03:31 What is God, when He looks at us
03:33 and He starts looking at our record, what is He look at?
03:36 Because I don't want to go look at my record.
03:38 You know, I'm not-- I'm not good
03:39 and I never have been good and you know I on the streets,
03:43 I lied, manipulated, I could play anybody,
03:45 I was around all kinds of stuff, I was a drug dealer.
03:48 I mean all of that kind of stuff.
03:49 So I don't want Him to look at my record
03:51 but I want to know what does He look at?
03:53 And so I said Allan, I'm gonna study that judgment
03:56 and the end time stuff.
03:58 And he said before you do that I want you to read the story.
04:01 And I thought what story is that?
04:03 And he said I want you to read the story about Joshua.
04:06 And for people that know this particular writer
04:08 and the fifth testimony is the story about Joshua.
04:11 And Joshua was comes to plead for their folks around him
04:16 and he literally comes and he stand in there
04:18 and he is pleading for you know,
04:21 folks that have rebelled in there,
04:22 they were just a mess and so he is pleading for them
04:25 and all of the sudden saint walks up.
04:27 And just picture this and I don't want you to picture
04:30 this kind of cheesy I want you to picture this
04:32 as if you are in the street.
04:33 Saint walks up and he looks at Joshua
04:35 and he says you know, what?
04:37 You kicked me out of heaven for him?
04:39 Are you kidding me?
04:41 You gonna-- you going to let him in
04:44 and keep me out?
04:45 You can't do that.
04:46 You know what, and he started naming
04:48 of every single thing that Joshua did,
04:51 his character defects, the things that he does,
04:53 the fact that he never,
04:54 you know, I don't know about you
04:56 but I don't know if I make it through 24 hours
04:58 without having something that I say I'm sorry for.
05:00 But the saint starts naming of those things.
05:03 Not just little things that we trip over,
05:05 our very character is in question
05:07 and he just going down,
05:09 scrolls out stuff and for each of us he can say,
05:13 he can talk for 24 hours may be 24 years
05:16 and never went out of things
05:17 that he can accuse us with and it's all true.
05:20 And so Joshua was getting more and more in despair,
05:23 more and more trash.
05:25 You know, how could I-- how could I answer this?
05:28 How could I come against this?
05:30 And he says Christ turn around and looks at Joshua
05:33 and just kind of silenced him.
05:36 I died for him, I have covered him
05:39 and he walks up and gently says to Joshua,
05:42 can I take your filthy garment out and cloth you.
05:46 And I just wept when I read that
05:47 because I think you know,
05:48 all of us walk around with filthy garments,
05:51 all of us walk around with addictive lean
05:54 of once sort or another.
05:55 Some of us are obvious heroin addicts
05:57 and all kind of stuff.
05:58 Some people are anger, some people are sex addicts,
06:00 some people are workaholics,
06:02 some people are religious addicts
06:03 and they just trash you religiously.
06:05 We all have something.
06:07 You know, some people spendaholic
06:08 and I know you are out there.
06:10 You know, we have all that stuff.
06:12 And so what, what God says is,
06:14 I know all of that, so I gonna--
06:16 I gonna ahead and forgive your sins,
06:19 take them-- take them on myself
06:21 and literally take your garments off
06:23 give you clean stuff to wear and you are forgiven.
06:26 But you know what, it doesn't do any good
06:29 for God to say that to us for Him to promise that to us,
06:32 for Him to write it up in the book
06:34 if we never open the book and read it.
06:35 So Jesus says I'm the bread of life.
06:38 Don't, don't be ignorant, know what this word says.
06:41 When the enemy comes against you,
06:43 you have to know where you gonna hold on to.
06:45 When your addictions lie to you,
06:46 when you lie to yourself you know.
06:48 Like I for a long time just triggered,
06:51 I don't why I triggered,
06:52 I think that the more I got in to recovery
06:54 and the more I realized the things
06:56 that my family were going through
06:58 and I had told all kind of stuff about my,
07:00 my take on what they did
07:02 as I was growing up not realizing that
07:04 they had their own struggles and their own damage.
07:07 When I started seeing that
07:08 and I started to really want to repent.
07:11 You know, my mom had me when she was very young,
07:14 had of five kids when she was very young.
07:16 My dad was a molester,
07:17 we had all kinds of stuff in our home,
07:20 and I'm telling all that stuff it about not be in love.
07:23 And then all the sudden God shows me that,
07:25 my mom was never really cared for,
07:27 she was given up when she was young.
07:29 She had all that stuff and so I want to repent
07:31 and I want to say to some body you know what,
07:33 may be how I saw things were not how they were.
07:37 And I started to feel that
07:38 and you know what the devil said to me,
07:40 you're just a liar.
07:42 Are you kidding me?
07:43 You have always just wanted
07:44 and he just started taunting me at that
07:47 and I thought you know if I'm?
07:49 What if this the truth?
07:50 What if I did just, you know, I just what if?
07:53 What if? What if?
07:54 It almost drove me to despair.
07:56 It almost drove me
07:57 to where I just wanted to quit everything.
07:59 I wanted to sit down,
08:00 I have the no way to stand up and say anything.
08:03 And finally the Holy Sprit gets through
08:05 and says that's not true.
08:06 This is what happens as I grow you.
08:08 You're gonna have more compassion
08:10 on the people around you.
08:11 You're gonna be able to forgive them
08:12 because you see from their point of view.
08:14 That's what the gospel is, that's what recovery is.
08:17 So don't let the enemy taunt you.
08:18 I have died for all of that
08:20 other stuff that you are dealing with.
08:21 All of the stuff that He is gonna
08:23 come against you with I have died for that,
08:25 I want to put clean cloths on you,
08:27 fresh linen on you,
08:28 I want to put you in the robe of righteousness
08:30 and I want to stand you up
08:31 tall and strong daily in your recovery,
08:35 but you have to know what the Bible says
08:36 this you will never get through this journey.
08:39 So right now as we look our nutrition,
08:42 I'm gonna say just like your momma would say, eat right.
08:46 You know, could the house just drink is away.
08:48 All that kind of stuff, grab an apple,
08:50 drink some water, every thing that's logical
08:52 but I'm also gonna tell you that God
08:55 Jesus is a bread of life
08:57 that you cannot do recovery at the death
08:59 that you want to do recovery,
09:01 if you don't know what the Word of God says.
09:02 You got to get yourself a Bible,
09:04 if you have a Bible dust it off.
09:07 Open it up because there's sayings in there
09:10 that if you knew them, if you knew what God said like,
09:13 you know even in Galatians
09:14 is an incredible thing that it says,
09:17 you know, with somebody that then comes to God
09:19 and they are so thrilled, they know that,
09:21 you know, like when I came to God as a heroin addict,
09:23 teeth missing, strung out, illiterate,
09:27 I come to God and I know that He says
09:29 are you a lovely to me, I delight in you,
09:31 He-- I think showed me
09:33 who I was the day after resurrection.
09:35 Let me show you who you are,
09:37 not who I'm the day after I stop heroin
09:39 but who am I the day after resurrection?
09:41 That's incredible and then
09:43 and then I started to believe the enemy
09:45 and I started to strive to be good enough
09:48 for that kind of love which will kill me
09:50 because I'll never be good enough.
09:51 I have to rely on the Christ--
09:53 on the promise that God is good enough,
09:55 that Jesus is good enough and that He is covered me.
09:58 But I start relying on my own stuff,
10:00 I start striving to be better,
10:01 I start trying to do the right thing
10:03 and not to lie and not to manipulate
10:05 and not to be all that
10:06 and then pretty soon I'm just in despair
10:08 and even Paul walks up to the Galatians
10:10 and said who be witched you?
10:12 Who lied to you?
10:14 This was never about what you can do,
10:15 this is about what God has all ready done.
10:17 And if I don't know that from Word of God
10:19 I'm gonna through everything away in my recovery.
10:22 So I want you to know on this particular program
10:24 I want to introduce you to someone
10:26 that was really driven to despair beyond
10:28 what you can imagine
10:30 and God grabbed him and plucked him out.
10:33 Out of all that and brought him back to life.
10:35 So we're gonna talk about that,
10:36 but for you right now, you have to know that,
10:38 what you eat is important
10:40 and that Jesus is a bread of life.
10:42 What you know about, what the word says
10:44 we will keep you in recovery.
10:46 You got to open the book.
10:47 We will be right back, stay with us.


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