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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Adam Schutte


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 Welcome back.
00:14 You know, this is been an incredible testimony
00:18 and I want to kiss God in the face.
00:20 I know that I say that a lot,
00:22 that I just wanted to say to God I'm so proud of You
00:24 that You could such a hopeless situation,
00:27 a child that couldn't even stop,
00:29 he said to that pressure of having
00:31 you know, Adam, of jumping in
00:33 and trying to protect your mom
00:35 as a toddler that from being beat
00:37 and then, and then your step dad
00:39 and then all of that dram stepping into,
00:41 you know, that violence yourself,
00:43 that anger yourself, multiple personality,
00:45 fragmenting in that situation
00:48 where somebody actually gets murdered
00:50 and you go to prison.
00:51 Before you actually can find the face of God
00:54 took seven, eight years
00:57 you know, that daily kind of figuring out,
00:59 who I'm and all that kind of stuff finding God
01:01 and now you are out telling people,
01:03 that there is hope.
01:04 Yeah.
01:05 That you can get out of that.
01:06 There is a God that miraculously
01:08 can come and change your life.
01:10 That's incredible.
01:11 And so before we ended up on break I asked you can you,
01:14 can you look right in to the camera
01:16 and talk to the family that is saying
01:18 I don't even know forever we gonna get him back.
01:21 You know, may be even they have loved in jail,
01:23 but talk to them about you know,
01:25 what could they do in the mean time?
01:28 Refer them prayer
01:30 and to not know that is going in vain.
01:33 Keep praying, your prayers for your lovable one help.
01:37 God hears them, you may be had been praying for years,
01:41 and years, and years but God hears those prayers
01:44 and they do have power, don't give up with that.
01:46 That's the number one thing you can do
01:48 is just continue to pray
01:49 and know that those prays make a difference.
01:52 Don't lose hope. Don't lose hope.
01:54 Okay, and now I would like to you to talk
01:55 to yourself 10 years ago.
02:00 How do you possibly get through all of that hate,
02:03 all of that anger, all of that you know,
02:06 what nobody is gonna hurt me anymore.
02:08 What do you say to that guy?
02:13 Just look around, you look for the people
02:17 that have changed,
02:19 I think that was a big influence on me
02:21 is seeing other people who went through the same thing as me
02:24 and that they had changed, and that was possible.
02:29 Without knowing that is possible
02:30 that's why I tell my story today
02:32 without even knowing that is possible
02:34 you probably not gonna try to change your life
02:37 but if you know, if you know that there somebody else
02:40 who went through the misery you went through
02:42 and even though you don't see a light, there is one.
02:46 I just want to say unbelievable.
02:48 God said, there is no situation hopeless or there is nothing
02:50 that He can't change and it is a miracle.
02:53 But He is in the miracle business and I love that.
02:57 Thank you, for joining in us this week.
02:59 Always remember that God is crazy about you,
03:01 me too and will see you next time.


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