Celebrating Life in Recovery


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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Wayne Blakely


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Program Code: CLR000119C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:04 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:16 Welcome back.
00:17 So the entire program was just on integrity,
00:21 maintenance coming out of something,
00:23 what do you do, what's your passion?
00:25 And when you're talking about,
00:26 like your passion is really to educate people,
00:29 to encourage folks
00:31 when someone walks into church to love on each other
00:35 because you know, your background
00:37 and you so stave for that.
00:38 But what do you do for your everyday maintenance?
00:42 You know, when somebody talks about sobriety,
00:45 you know, or abstinence,
00:46 what do you do for that and what does that look like?
00:48 How do you stay healthy?
00:51 Well, I have to say,
00:53 even though you probably heard it
00:54 over and over from all kind of you know,
00:57 Christian people is that
00:58 my time with God is most important
01:01 and there are things in life
01:03 that can come to really try and rob that from you,
01:06 just getting out of sync with a routine can start
01:09 to take that away if you are not careful.
01:11 So tell us that, what does that look like?
01:13 It looks like about four in the morning.
01:15 Wow.
01:17 When I got up and I spend an hour with God
01:20 and His word and in prayer and telling the things
01:23 that are on my heart.
01:24 But I don't stop talking to Him there,
01:28 I talk to God throughout the day,
01:30 even at work, wherever I can find time
01:34 I communicate with God
01:36 and again, you know, in the evening.
01:38 But what's key, you know, important
01:40 that I am also beginning to realize
01:43 that's coming my way that because I am someone
01:47 that has had an addictive nature
01:50 is you get in charge of diet and exercise.
01:56 But you know, it comes to all of us.
01:57 Its like, am I eating right, am I drinking,
01:59 what am I doing with all that stuff?
02:01 Well, when I start evaluating you know,
02:03 what I am eating and I think about it and I am gone,
02:06 well, what are the key healthy ingredients in this,
02:09 and I am like, oh,
02:10 there don't seem to be really any in it.
02:12 I'm like, and I resist so much
02:15 because people that have these healthy diets,
02:18 they don't always sound too tasty.
02:20 You know, Wayne, I wanted to say,
02:22 we're running out of time.
02:23 I thank you so much for being on the program.
02:25 And I think it's funny
02:26 that we get back down to basics stuff
02:29 and the basics stuff is,
02:30 we have to take care of ourselves,
02:32 what we eat, how we connect with God
02:34 and devotions, prayers,
02:36 connecting with the people that you love.
02:38 All of that stuff matters and it sounds really simple,
02:42 but all of this season
02:43 what we've talked about with these major,
02:45 major recovery issues
02:46 and I am talking about major stuff
02:48 like what Wayne came out of is you have to start ever day
02:53 doing the right things, the simple things,
02:56 who are you and defiantly the integrity,
02:59 all that stuff behind what's real in your life.
03:01 I want to say thank you for joining us this week.
03:04 Always remember that God is crazy about you, me too.
03:07 See you next time.


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