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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Tracy Hammond


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:16 Welcome back.
00:17 You know it says in Job
00:19 that you make a covenant with your eyes.
00:22 And so you were talking about that, Tracy,
00:24 when you see a girl or a woman, or I don't know if men,
00:29 I don't know if you did the same-sex stuff
00:31 but whatever it is, you see skin
00:33 and all the sudden you go there
00:35 with all of your addictions just kind of screaming.
00:37 And the demons themselves telling you to play with that.
00:40 Right.
00:41 And you're saying with God, I am bouncing my eyes away.
00:44 I am saying, you know, to look once,
00:47 to actually catch it and be
00:48 sucked in a little bit is one thing
00:51 but I'm not going to look again
00:52 because I'm asking God, please change my very desires.
00:56 That's exactly right. Yeah.
00:58 Yeah, to look once and look at it,
01:00 then I feel the demon tempting me to go places
01:02 I've been in the past with images
01:04 and I know God saying, if you go the second time
01:06 you'll be inviting the demons back in your eyes,
01:08 you know, you cherish something
01:10 that's not in the kingdom of heaven--
01:12 And I can't protect you there.
01:13 Yeah. Right--
01:14 Because it's your choice.
01:15 It's going to be a coned off
01:17 accident scene leading to death.
01:18 It's not going to be a pretty picture
01:20 for anyone to do that.
01:22 What's really interesting to me is you talked about
01:25 being a deacon in the church
01:26 and stepping into those roles and leadership
01:30 and I am so proud of you as you do that, you know.
01:33 And so that is way different than where you were.
01:37 First of all, what does your momma think of that?
01:40 Oh, she's very happy for me right now
01:42 and she's probably watching me,
01:43 she will be watching and she's praying for me.
01:45 She's so happy for me to be doing so well.
01:48 You know she said that 10,000 to go
01:49 and to walk over sin is a lot better than a funeral bill
01:51 because she could see where I was going,
01:53 you know, down to 170 pounds of bruises all over me
01:56 and she's just so happy, she is...
01:58 Amen. Yeah. I love her.
01:59 So what is your-- if you'd to say
02:04 if God physically walked into the room right now?
02:10 You know, what would you want to thank Him for first?
02:12 Oh, man.
02:13 For being my big brother, you know,
02:16 I got the biggest big brother in the universe.
02:19 Jesus being my big brother is awesome.
02:21 I want to thank Him for being there all the time
02:23 but giving us the freedom
02:25 to choose our way, the free will--
02:28 starting from the sacrifice on the cross
02:30 the free will to actually choose
02:31 to do evil is incredible.
02:34 Or good. To find out, yeah.
02:36 And then the freedom to escape the enemy anytime you want.
02:39 We have the free will to walk right out of that valley
02:41 any time we want which the devil hates that
02:43 but we've got it, God has insured it.
02:45 So did you realize that in coming out
02:47 that the only power was in Christ?
02:50 Oh, yes, I knew, if it was up to me,
02:52 you know, I just keep getting more drugs
02:54 and kill myself eventually.
02:55 Well, I am glad you didn't, I am glad you were here.
02:57 I love you. Thank you. Love you too.
02:59 I want to just say for anybody watching
03:01 is that if you are struggling with any of that,
03:03 grab hold of God, grab hold of Christ down,
03:07 resist the devil and he has to flee from you.
03:10 That's an incredible thing, just the joy
03:13 for any of us addicts for sure.
03:15 Until next week, always remember
03:17 that God is crazy about you, me too.


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