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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Tracy Hammond


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:11 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery.
00:13 Today we're gonna talk about demons.
00:14 We're gonna talk about just being harassed.
00:17 We're gonna talk about addictions and choices
00:20 and being so lost that you do not think
00:22 you can come out and that's happened to you,
00:23 that was your life.
00:24 Yes, it has happened to me I have a story just like that.
00:27 So we're gonna stay with this in the cafe
00:29 and you're gonna be surprise at what God is able to redeem.
00:32 It's absolutely too cool.
01:03 Welcome, we are talking about--
01:05 this whole season we're gonna talking about
01:07 maintaining our sobriety or recovery whatever.
01:11 And when I talk about sobriety people think
01:13 that I'm talking just drugs and alcohol, I am not.
01:16 We are a mess, we can be addicted
01:17 to anything, I mean literally.
01:19 You know, there are people that I worked with that--
01:21 that you know they're alcoholics.
01:23 I don't want them to ever change
01:24 because I work for me and so I want them to work--
01:26 you know, no, I want them to change.
01:28 But is that, we can get addicted to work,
01:30 we can get addicted to food, we can get addicted to drugs,
01:33 to relationships to all kinds of stuff.
01:36 And so this week we're going to the--
01:38 the book Celebrations,
01:40 we're covering all kinds of different topics,
01:42 this week is temperance.
01:44 And we don't even use that word anymore,
01:45 so it's word that people don't tend
01:48 to know what that means.
01:49 And so I'm gonna-- I'm gonna tell you
01:51 the World Health Organization
01:53 it says that 2.5 million people die
01:56 from alcohol related deaths every year,
01:59 so that's four percent of all deaths.
02:01 That means out more than all other injuries cancer,
02:05 cardiovascular disease, liver, cirrhosis, alcohol--
02:09 kind of it takes people out more than any of that
02:11 kind of stuff and so it's huge.
02:14 We tend to drink too much,
02:16 party too much, do all that kind of stuff.
02:18 And so I'm gonna say, I'm gonna go
02:20 to temperance in the different way though.
02:23 There was a guy, a normal guy played football,
02:27 was in Christian schools all that kind of stuff,
02:29 somebody gives methamphetamine one time and he loved it,
02:33 loved it and so get strung out.
02:36 Ends up during his meth addiction has seven kids,
02:40 seven kids, so we talked about temperance in that way.
02:43 Wow. So I stopped it already.
02:45 But that seven kids they're all got meth addiction issues
02:49 and then his wife says I'm done, I'm done.
02:52 And you know, you have been out of control
02:54 for so long I've done, you've--
02:55 you've hurt the family, you've hurt us all.
02:58 And so he goes to blow her head off,
03:01 he was gonna shoot her.
03:03 One of his kids walk in six years old, freaks out,
03:06 so instead of shooting his wife he puts the gun up
03:09 against his face and blows his face off.
03:12 When the people come thinking he is dead,
03:15 he is laying on the ground
03:16 they put shock around him literally as a crime scene.
03:19 And they think he's dead, his face stays on the ground,
03:24 he comes up and says, am I dead?
03:27 No, you are not.
03:29 But they have to now restores his face,
03:30 redo all that kind of stuff.
03:32 When he is on the way to the hospital
03:34 dies four times in the ambulance
03:37 and finally says and I love this
03:38 because outside its just ridiculous.
03:41 He says, you know I think I should cleanup.
03:44 I think I should stop using. It's just so crazy.
03:48 But so now he stepped in to a life that God says,
03:51 you know what I don't want
03:52 you to do anything too extreme
03:54 because I'm gonna teach you what it means to have balance
03:57 and so temperance is just a matter
03:59 of looking that balance.
04:01 And today I'd like to introduce you
04:03 to a friend of mine Tracy Hammond.
04:06 I just have to say that you bless me
04:10 but one day my pastor is amazing,
04:13 you know, he's amazing.
04:15 We have this amazing Pastor Randy Maxwell
04:17 and Randy decided to start letting different people
04:20 kind of sit up in front and give their testimony.
04:24 And so I heard your whole testimony one time
04:26 and I thought shut up, you are--you are amazing.
04:30 And so what do you think when I talk about temperance?
04:34 When I talk about, you know,
04:35 there are times that we go so out of control
04:37 that I think even demons takeover,
04:39 what's your take on that?
04:41 You know, you are exactly right, Cheri.
04:42 And what a thrilled to be here I mean it is the cafe,
04:46 so many times I've been here and--
04:47 and I wanted to be here.
04:49 I've been staring at you through the TV,
04:50 you live in my living room all the time.
04:52 And so thank you for invite me out here.
04:55 I'm so happy to be here.
04:56 But yeah, my testimony is--
04:59 there is a surprising one to a lot of people
05:01 I was raised in a home that was Pentecostal with three young--
05:05 three sisters and a great home
05:07 but as I tried to get close to God,
05:11 there was a thing where I was baptized
05:13 I supposed to get the Holy Spirit,
05:14 I supposed speak in tongues and--
05:15 and I couldn't and it was so hard for me
05:18 to deal with that.
05:19 I thought, well, this God not love me,
05:20 do I not have enough faith in God you know and so--
05:24 So for people that don't know speak in tongues, it's that--
05:28 in some of the denominations they believe
05:31 that you'll speak in angelic language
05:33 or another language not a language
05:35 that anybody is gonna understand
05:36 but the language just between you and God.
05:37 Right, right.
05:39 And they are times that they will set you down.
05:41 Because I had someone do this to me.
05:42 So they will set you down
05:43 and have you just repeat a word over and over and over.
05:46 They'll pray for you
05:47 and they will wait for you to get it
05:48 and if you don't get it you really are
05:50 kind of not a secondhand Christian but--
05:54 somehow you're not legit.
05:56 Yeah, I'm not guaranteed to make it
05:57 to heaven is the way, I was made to feel,
06:00 they would get me in circles and people lay hands one me
06:02 and get me to exoterically utter these things
06:04 and I just couldn't do it, I couldn't do it.
06:06 And so with my failure to getting close to God I--
06:10 I drifted away and I got into
06:11 pretty bad drug addiction
06:12 back in-- back in the 90s--
06:14 Because you're not gonna make it anyway?
06:16 No, I'm not making anyways.
06:17 If I'm not invited in a club I don't want to be in the club.
06:19 you know, God doesn't love me that's fine,
06:21 you know, I'm gonna live my life
06:22 and I went and got into the waxy crank
06:25 that was out the time.
06:28 And I got really dark into that and I started--
06:32 I started getting pulled out of that by the spirit.
06:34 I was getting dreams to come out of that.
06:36 Okay, let's just talk about that
06:37 because one of the things Tracy, that
06:39 we're talking about on this program
06:40 is how do you maintain you're coming out of,
06:44 so what was your sliding into.
06:45 Because it didn't happen overnight,
06:47 you didn't just overnight decide
06:48 that I'm totally lost, you did one thing after another,
06:52 after another that got you so into your drug addiction.
06:54 Yeah, that's true.
06:56 I have missed a part in this where--
06:59 where as I slid away there is formative movement in my life
07:03 that made me go to drugs and it changed my whole life
07:06 and that was when I was a young lad
07:08 in a changing pool-- room with my cousin Richie
07:10 we were there and we are changing
07:12 and as we're taking off our shorts
07:13 putting on swimming trunks
07:15 he laughed at me and pointed at me
07:16 and because I wasn't circumcised was a thing.
07:19 I didn't understand that,
07:20 I didn't understand anything about.
07:21 I thought oh, I'm different, I'm weird,
07:23 I'm not a normal little boy and I--
07:25 ever since that time it's changed
07:27 the way I interact with woman and how relationships work
07:31 and so I barely did it anyone grown up
07:32 your high school I was just--
07:33 oh no, I'm weird I can't be hanging other girls and--
07:35 So what's really--
07:37 because you know we talked about--
07:39 on some of these programs strategy
07:41 that the devil sets up against us,
07:43 so he really set that up against you
07:45 and you can't speak in tongues, you're not part of the club,
07:48 you don't even look like normal boys,
07:50 you're not part of the club
07:52 and so you are really saying that I--
07:54 I don't measure up anywhere.
07:56 Yeah, that's right.
07:58 But whether a lot of people don't realize
08:00 that first time we do a drug, we so fit in.
08:02 Oh, yeah.
08:03 Nobody, you know,
08:04 oddest of the oddest people, we're family.
08:07 Yeah, exactly.
08:08 That's what it was the lure of the devil's trick the drug,
08:12 there is false sense of sensuality
08:14 that comes with crank in meth the sexuality
08:16 is more of a lust, self lust
08:18 kind of a thing that comes on that made me feel,
08:21 I quoted the drug instead of women
08:22 and it fulfilled that desire
08:23 first in the beginning days of it--
08:25 So you went over that pretty fast,
08:27 unfold that for us according the drug,
08:30 your relationship is now the drug not people--
08:33 Not people, yeah, yeah, because it was--
08:37 I would isolate I would take these drugs
08:39 and I would isolate and get away from people
08:40 and have adulterous images and--
08:43 and so--
08:44 So online stuff.
08:45 Online stuff, magazines you know whatever and--
08:50 which left me feeling more, less
08:52 worthy of having a real relationship
08:54 every weekend I did this
08:55 I was less capable of a healthy relationship.
08:57 But you know what I've got to say to you
08:59 is that I could just imagine
09:01 that a picture won't laugh at you.
09:02 Yeah, that's true. An image won't laugh at you.
09:04 I don't have to risk anything here
09:06 because I know that this image,
09:09 this chat room, this girl will not laugh at me.
09:12 Exactly-- I have control here.
09:14 Yeah, it's a very comforting place to be
09:17 in the beginning days you know, I felt--
09:20 I felt find but the fruit of it led to despair
09:24 and getting further and further from anything good
09:26 I felt disgusting and horrible at the end of it
09:29 unless I was high and when I was high I wouldn't care,
09:32 you know, and so and that was at the very early days of--
09:36 of using crank and I had a cycle of abuse
09:39 that would emerged through this
09:40 not being able to get back to God
09:41 when I came out of the crank there was a cycle of abuse
09:43 that appeared where I tried to go back
09:45 and repent and I got with my-- my grandparents
09:48 who were Pentecostal pastors, preachers
09:51 again I hit same roadblock
09:53 of not speaking an ecstatic adherences
09:56 and I was pulled out of the circle of crank users
10:00 I was in at that time, just in time
10:02 because a month later after I moved away
10:03 the whole ring that I hung with was--
10:05 was taking down by the FBI.
10:07 All the people I knew were arrested or served in that.
10:10 And so I see God's movement
10:12 but as I moved back to Idaho and I--
10:14 You know, I just say-- you know it's crazy
10:16 because what you said you know even
10:18 when I tried to come back I couldn't do the tongues
10:21 so then therefore my--
10:23 my even my motives are questionable
10:25 and so now I just went back to whatever.
10:28 Yeah, I drift away so I knew some of it was true.
10:30 I knew that God loved me,
10:32 I knew the Holy Spirit was working on my mind,
10:33 He's was giving me the dreams that were prophetic
10:35 but I just drift away.
10:36 When I realized I hit this roadblock
10:38 and now I looking back I see the Holy Spirit was working
10:41 so strong in me right then and that was just shortcut it
10:45 by the doctrine of you've got to speak in tongues.
10:48 Or it's not real. Or else it's not real.
10:50 And being able to say is that one of the things
10:53 I know about Methamphetamine are crank
10:56 is that it makes you crazy.
10:58 Yeah, yeah. You know, and so there is--
11:00 not only you know, when we talked about temperance
11:02 and part of the disease right in drinking water
11:05 and all that kind of stuff
11:06 when you're in the middle of using the meth,
11:08 you're not drinking anything water for sure.
11:09 Right.
11:10 You know so you're dehydrated, you're malnourished,
11:14 I mean all of that kind of stuff
11:15 and on top of that you're staying up
11:17 for days and days and days and so you can get--
11:20 you can get so crazy that nothing make sense.
11:24 And at that point, and at that point
11:27 you've got the devil himself just appear talking,
11:30 you know, it is not and when people say
11:33 because I've heard people say, you know,
11:34 I don't think they are demons,
11:35 I don't think that the devil is real.
11:37 And I'm like you know take crank for about a week.
11:39 Yeah, yeah, because you'll find them.
11:41 Yeah, that's exactly right.
11:42 That's what I found was fasting and prayers
11:44 what I was doing when I was on this meth
11:46 I wouldn't have time to stop for by to eat at all
11:49 and I've learned that I need to go
11:50 down to drink water at least so my muscles don't cram up
11:53 and even pouring the cup of water
11:54 I'd forget to drink it or leave it somewhere
11:56 and it was just a chore and as my body
12:00 became empty of fluids they were good
12:02 and my land became a swamp land inside
12:04 and I was concentrating on adultery
12:06 there was this spirit that came around
12:08 and when I didn't believe in God I just thought
12:11 oh, there is aliens, oh, there is people watching me,
12:13 oh, you know this sort of thing but as I became--
12:16 once I came back to meth and I was on
12:19 and I knew God existed then I realized
12:22 there was demons all around me
12:23 and they did exposed himself to me
12:25 and revealed themselves in miraculous ways
12:27 and their counterfeit miracles and horrible ways where I was--
12:30 I was completely crazy in my mind.
12:33 I was jabbering on nonstop in three different persons
12:36 you know like shut up you both wrong kind of thing
12:38 and I had all sorts of craziness
12:39 going on in my mind.
12:41 And but the demons were all around me.
12:45 Once they knew I knew God existed you know.
12:47 I did-- I did a program on demonic eroticism.
12:50 Yeah.
12:51 Folks that have actually brought
12:53 in demonic presence or spirits
12:57 and God involved with them in the sexual way.
12:59 And so what's really-- what's interesting is
13:01 as people really look at that world
13:03 and start to acknowledge it and invite that in
13:06 is there's some very real things.
13:09 When you know, you talked about the demoniac in the Bible
13:11 and Jesus said He was filled with the 1,000 demons,
13:14 I think that we think somehow
13:16 that they're not playing with us anymore.
13:18 And when we allow ourselves to get really lost
13:22 is that we are inviting a world or presence into our lives
13:26 that will take us out, the goal is to take us out.
13:28 Right. That's what I had found.
13:32 When I was first visited by the demons
13:34 I'd overdosed on a substance called bath salts.
13:36 I've been sober for years--
13:38 Talk about what that is, because that legal.
13:40 Yeah, it was legal for a short time.
13:43 It's a designer drug, designed to circumvent the meth loss.
13:47 It's a derivative of an amphetamine.
13:50 It produces a similar high but not the exact same.
13:52 I found it more uncomfortable and jingly.
13:54 I couldn't form sentences.
13:56 But you could buy it over the counter.
13:58 You can go-- and I had the hardest time--
14:00 Kids were buying it all over the country.
14:01 People were buying it all over the country.
14:03 They would literally killing themselves
14:05 and each other because of this.
14:07 It got crazy. People were becoming psychotic.
14:11 Yeah, it lead to a stranger high then meth
14:13 and I'd approved in my mind of doing meth.
14:16 And so I didn't find bath salt,
14:17 like I am not gonna bother with that.
14:19 I didn't know meth was and I could buy this.
14:21 So I kept doing this bath salts
14:24 and eventually there was one night
14:26 where I was taking the drug right out of the bag
14:29 and it spilled over on the ground
14:31 and I just sat there and I swept the ground up
14:33 until I'd taken all up, and I must have taken
14:35 in half a gram here real quick and I was already high.
14:37 And at that point it was later on during that night
14:39 when I was doing adulterous things--
14:41 horrible disgusting things that happen when I am high,
14:44 that I started realizing there was things in my room.
14:47 I was seeing supernatural things
14:50 were going on and it was obvious.
14:52 And I had my camera on, I was recording all these things.
14:55 And I sent a thought out in my mind,
14:57 why are you pestering me, why are you pinching me
15:00 and the idea of silence of course comes form them.
15:04 But the idea is this is ours, we own this,
15:07 whatever you are doing right here this is our kingdom.
15:09 Yeah, this is our ground.
15:10 You are approving of this kingdom
15:11 and anything you do in our kingdom
15:13 we'll do whatever we want to you.
15:14 You are our slave now.
15:15 And that was a hard pill to take.
15:16 I thought, well, I had free will in God's kingdom,
15:18 I could do whatever I want but when you are doing stuff
15:20 that the devil has created it's his kingdom
15:25 and he will totally invade my life.
15:28 He invaded my life at that point.
15:31 Even when somebody says that I can invite the devil in
15:35 and then I am confused
15:36 that he's playing with my children.
15:38 You know, I have a porn addiction,
15:39 I am doing all that kind of stuff,
15:41 I am acting now, I am having an adulterous affair
15:43 with either men or women,
15:44 I am doing prescription drugs addictively
15:47 and then my kids started acting out
15:48 and I don't realize that I just invited
15:50 a lot into my home
15:52 and my home is gonna slowly fall apart because of that.
15:55 And I have to ask God, restore the ground
15:58 that I gave to the enemy
15:59 because I gave this ground to the enemy.
16:01 So thank you for saying that.
16:02 So now you are surrounded by demons,
16:04 literally hearing and seeing crazy stuff,
16:06 nobody would believe you.
16:07 Yeah.
16:08 Some of it is just psychotic, you know,
16:11 because of the drugs but you know enough of it
16:13 real that the devil can confuse you on that.
16:16 Exactly.
16:17 And that's the point he wanted to make
16:20 is to make me crazy.
16:21 If I lose my mind, that's great and I have no testimony.
16:24 If I seem crazy to other people that's great too.
16:27 And if you lose your mind enough,
16:28 you'll just kill yourself and that's great too.
16:30 And that's great too. So he was playing--
16:33 but the Holy Spirit restored me to sanity,
16:35 my mom intervened.
16:36 Thank God for my mom. That night I tried to--
16:38 Thanks, mom. Thank God for momma.
16:42 I know.
16:43 Mommas and grandmas, they never stop praying.
16:46 So I would just want to say, if you are out there
16:48 and you're praying for somebody you love,
16:50 listen up, don't stop
16:52 because they'll eventually hear you.
16:54 Yeah.
16:56 The night that, that happened
16:57 that I overdosed and I tried to repent--
17:00 I kept going for a while
17:01 and I realized these thing aren't leaving,
17:02 they are all over the place.
17:04 And things I saw and things I didn't see.
17:08 And so I tried to repent.
17:09 I said, I am gonna throw this away,
17:10 I am gonna throw these magazines away
17:12 and I am gonna get right with God
17:13 and I started to repent
17:14 and as I started throwing away the magazine
17:15 I started looking at the covers and lusting after them
17:19 and did a whole lot more drugs.
17:20 And then I was on the run, I was on terror
17:22 because I just denied God, defy God, betrayed God.
17:25 I couldn't repent honestly again I felt.
17:27 And so I had no accountability and so I though,
17:30 oh, well, I'll just leave the house,
17:31 it's just the house that's possessed and my cats--
17:34 I have four cats, I live alone, I love those cats.
17:36 And they are being harried and harassed
17:38 by these things too and I feel sorry for the cats.
17:40 I think if I get out of the house
17:42 maybe everything will calm down,
17:44 everything will be fine.
17:45 And as I drove away--
17:46 You even know in your addiction, in your addiction
17:49 that I don't have enough control
17:51 even though I realize all of this craziness is there
17:53 I don't have enough control over this addiction to say, no.
17:58 I am enslaved. Yeah.
18:00 I wanted the lust involved with the drug
18:04 even more than I wanted to be free of the demons.
18:06 I didn't understand how permanent they were.
18:11 I though I could run from them somehow.
18:13 So now you're leaving the house and on the run.
18:14 So I left the house, I jump in the car
18:16 but the thing is now I realize that they are inside of me
18:19 or there's changes to my body.
18:21 When I swing things into the car
18:22 they swing in a funny angle,
18:23 there's heavy weights pulling on me,
18:25 there's noises that are amplified.
18:27 And I know all these can be just delusional
18:28 but they were real to me at that time
18:30 and it was messing with me real bad.
18:32 Driving the car and driving to town
18:33 and I am just acting insane,
18:35 there's static all around my body.
18:37 I feel like something clinching me around my throat
18:40 and I am wondering, how much power do that have,
18:42 can they choke me up?
18:43 And my fear was what they were working for,
18:46 they wanted me to be deathly afraid of them and they won.
18:49 As soon as I am afraid they were winning
18:50 because I am not thinking about God,
18:51 I am thinking about fear and them.
18:54 And I tried to wash the static off my car,
18:56 I tried to throw floor mat out
18:58 because I could feel it was super heavy.
19:00 I knew the demons were on this and that,
19:01 and it just made me look insane.
19:03 And I passed four police officers
19:05 on my short driving into town and back,
19:06 I realize the devil setting me up
19:08 for a really dumb fall here.
19:09 I am gonna go jail for--
19:11 so I come back home and the shadows--
19:13 as I pull up underneath street lights
19:15 they are getting dim and dark
19:16 and as I turn my head
19:17 the shadows are moving slowly behind.
19:19 They are not behaving normally and they are taunting me
19:23 and I'm just in utter panic.
19:24 And so I think I got to call someone
19:25 or call the pastor or call my mom.
19:27 I called my mom, that's who I call.
19:28 And I called her and I said, mom,
19:30 I am under attack by the devil, pray for me.
19:32 And she just started praying so powerfully
19:34 and I just started crying, you know,
19:35 because now I had an accountability partner.
19:37 Now I can repent to God because mom's asking for me
19:40 and it meant something this time.
19:42 And what's really incredible is I want--
19:45 at that moment your mom started praying,
19:47 did you not feel something start to surround you?
19:51 Oh, yeah. Right away--
19:52 Because now that becomes now of God.
19:53 Yeah.
19:55 Right then I just felt--
19:56 as soon as I started crying I realized I was--
19:58 I throw myself into the arms of God and He has mercy.
20:01 And I no longer I felt the heavy weights on my body,
20:04 I didn't feel the static clinging to my shirt anymore,
20:07 choking me out but the shadows were still all around
20:09 and I just duck my head down
20:11 and I was told don't look at them.
20:12 And I so duck my head down, and mom prayed
20:15 and I said, I got to sing
20:16 and I just started singing, my mom was on the phone.
20:19 I was singing all these gospels songs,
20:21 every gospel song I knew.
20:24 And it just totally kept my mind focused on God,
20:27 I kept my eyes down
20:29 and I made it through that night.
20:30 You know, Tracy Peterson helped me,
20:32 she was on the phone, my sister Heather helped me so much.
20:35 And Pastor Randy of course helped very much.
20:39 Yeah, he-- I said I'll call Pastor Randy,
20:41 he's smart, he knows what to do
20:42 and tell him what's going on.
20:44 I said, I can prove demons exist.
20:45 He said, Tracy, you don't want to do that.
20:47 Don't bother with that.
20:49 He said, I need you to--
20:51 I think you ought to get into you know,
20:53 a drug treatment facility, this is a powerful addiction.
20:56 And I said, no, no, I've been changed because--
20:57 and then I said, well, I just said that this guy knows
21:00 what he's talking about and he's a smart guy
21:02 and now I am gonna say no?
21:03 And so I agreed, okay, I'll go in.
21:05 And I did check myself
21:06 into the Walker Center through mom's help.
21:08 I couldn't have made it without her
21:10 help on purchasing-- So even--
21:12 what's really interesting
21:13 is even in that incredibly crazy time
21:15 because I've seen people that have allowed themselves
21:18 to get to the point
21:19 where I think the devil could play with them
21:21 and we all think, not only we know
21:23 there's some delusional stuff
21:24 but we write it all off the delusion,
21:27 all off to drugs
21:28 when they are really being played with spiritually.
21:31 And so it's really tough
21:32 when you come out of all that craziness
21:34 when some other look at you and say, man,
21:36 I really think that some of this is demonic,
21:39 some of this is crazy.
21:41 Yeah, that's a huge part of it too--
21:43 Because you are crawling on the floor,
21:45 you really got lost.
21:47 Yeah.
21:48 I was out there and to tell you the truth--
21:50 in the Walker Center wonderful group of guys stayed there
21:52 for a month and the guys,
21:54 I told them my story and they were just baffled by it
21:57 and most of them-- the thing
21:58 that freak them out is that my cats.
21:59 When I was watching my cats
22:02 they were staring up and behind me,
22:03 that awful night that the demons were all around,
22:05 they staring up and behind me all the time
22:07 with this dreadful look in their face,
22:08 they were listening to things walking up
22:10 and down the hall like I was.
22:11 I could hear things moving up and down the hall
22:13 and I was chased out of my house
22:14 and we're in the backyard
22:16 and I could hear things running through the lawn.
22:18 And the cats were just looking all around like trying to--
22:20 they were jump on these things.
22:22 The fact that the cats saw them kind of proved it
22:25 more to the guys than it do me too late.
22:27 I am like, oh, yeah, how come-- they didn't do any drug,
22:29 I mean surface yeah,
22:30 but there was actually really things in my house.
22:32 And other things to do with cats is
22:36 I picked up my cat Smoke one time,
22:37 he's never hissed to me
22:38 and I knew that he had a demon on him,
22:40 and he look at me an just hissed to me
22:42 and jumped out of my-- and then another cat
22:44 came one night and just starting yelling
22:46 and jumping up into the corners of the walls.
22:48 I mean, this is obviously biblical demonic stuff,
22:51 pigs flying off, ledges kind of stuff
22:53 where these cats were harassed
22:55 by these spirits as well as I was.
22:56 I would go to other people houses
22:58 and there will be none of these side effects.
23:00 So it wasn't my mental delusion,
23:02 my brain being sick
23:03 that cause these things, it was there--
23:05 seriously it was entity out in there.
23:07 And there was a sense of hatred and hurt.
23:11 I feel things burning into my skin, poking, jamming.
23:14 So on top of that, just for more normal folks,
23:19 because on top of that when all of that happened
23:22 there is with drug addiction
23:25 and people that are really lost in that
23:26 they need to know that this is where you come--
23:30 when you ask for help
23:31 this is what you're actually seeing
23:32 and experiencing.
23:34 And all of this craziness
23:35 and on top of that nothing healthy
23:38 about your body that you can even pull from.
23:40 And so when somebody gets a call from somebody lost like
23:43 that it's a huge deal.
23:45 And you were lucky like your momma said,
23:47 just pray, I want you to focus,
23:49 I want you to pray, we want to cover you.
23:51 And so now we're gonna go ahead and take a break
23:54 and we're gonna come back because I want to know
23:56 how you heard the voice of God and what was that like
24:00 and as the demons had to leave with that intervention is
24:04 that it had to be just amazing.
24:06 We're gonna come back in a few minutes
24:09 but if you are out there and you are struggling
24:11 and you are lost in this craziness
24:14 you got to pay attention
24:15 and if you love somebody that's lost
24:17 you're gonna not want to miss this next session.
24:19 We'll be right back.


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