Celebrating Life in Recovery


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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Ralph Sanchez


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Program Code: CLR000117C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 Welcome back.
00:14 I just want to say before I turn it over to Ralph
00:17 and ask him a few things, few more things
00:20 I want to say if you are in a situation
00:22 where you are being hurt in anyway
00:24 we would have some number up on the credits,
00:26 please look for them, call someone, get some help.
00:29 I remember when I first met my husband
00:30 we were-- we were first married,
00:33 we were arguing about something
00:34 and he picked up a paper towel and he threw it at me.
00:37 I packed my bags and was calling the police
00:39 and I said you have no right to throw anything at me.
00:43 And the reason that was is
00:44 I was in domestic prior to that,
00:46 I knew that slipper slop
00:48 and I thought if it's a paper towel today
00:50 but it maybe something more tomorrow.
00:52 So have you those boundaries.
00:54 And you know what I'm talking about Ralph, for as that
00:57 but I want you to talk to,
00:59 if there somebody out there that is stuck right now
01:03 well, what would you say to him, her.
01:05 Well, the first thing I would ask you is,
01:09 you have a family, do you care about them?
01:13 And if you care about them,
01:15 if you love them as you say you do
01:17 or at least you tell yourself that how much.
01:20 That's the early questions
01:22 that's the beginning of everything else
01:23 that's gonna happen next.
01:25 If you are a perpetrator
01:26 of domestic violence in any regard
01:28 and that includes just yelling and screaming
01:32 I would say if you value your family
01:38 that you stop your whole life,
01:41 you get leave from work
01:43 and you go to your pastor if you have that resource.
01:47 You look up a psychologist in the phonebook.
01:50 You treat this like life and death
01:52 because you are destroying your family.
01:54 You have them and if you go
01:56 one moment longer from this moment
01:58 that I'm speaking to you now
02:01 you're perpetuating major spiritual damage at least
02:06 and you will never recover from it.
02:08 Its damage that can be all be unbroken.
02:10 And I love what you are saying is get help now
02:13 because you know that what's really amazing to me
02:16 is God wants to bring healing.
02:19 Not only to somebody
02:21 that is a victim of domestic violence,
02:24 a victim of abuse but he wants to bring
02:26 healing to the person that is perpetrating
02:28 because that person was damaged somewhere to
02:30 and God is saying, you know, what,
02:31 I want to bring everybody in a room
02:33 to a place of recovery.
02:35 I want families to be restored, I want people to be redeemed,
02:38 I want someone to walk out the door
02:40 and actually feel joy and not have to pretend.
02:43 I want you to sit at the table and laugh with each other
02:46 and have it be real and we can't do that
02:49 if we let all this stuff in our pockets.
02:50 All this anger and bitterness grow.
02:52 And there is help out there.
02:54 There's heavenly help from God
02:55 but there is help from each other,
02:56 there's help in your churches
02:57 and there's help in your community
02:59 so call someone.
03:00 Until next week always remember
03:02 that God is crazy about you, me too.
03:05 Don't do this alone,
03:07 don't let it continue another minute.
03:08 Get help and man, just praise God.


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