Celebrating Life in Recovery


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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Rene Quispe


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Program Code: CLR000116C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:15 You know I did ask you to stay because I--
00:18 really like you to close out in prayer.
00:22 But is there anything else you want
00:23 to cover before we end this program?
00:26 Well, there would be a lot of things that we could say
00:28 but probably the most significant for me or to me was
00:32 the moment when God told me
00:34 that I needed to humble myself
00:36 and confess this before the whole church.
00:38 Wow. Not just before her.
00:43 It was our church where we were members.
00:46 Okay, I had not been the pastor of that church
00:48 we were just members there.
00:51 But the Lord made us so clear
00:53 that I wanted to have a special Sabbath for that.
00:59 And I not only ask forgiveness from my wife, my children,
01:06 I ask forgiveness from the whole church
01:09 and after that I was re-baptized.
01:11 Oh.
01:14 And when he is saying that
01:15 he has forgiveness of our children
01:19 and me it was done in the church to all of us.
01:24 So honoring and really it was that you know I know
01:29 that publicly you have dealt with this through out the years
01:32 and so publicly I'm gonna come back
01:33 and say, I am so sorry.
01:35 Yes, yes.
01:36 And that was something that for me was very significant
01:40 because we're in public ministry and we cannot cover up
01:45 under the rug things that people may know
01:49 or may get to know or if they don't know it only honors God.
01:55 He calls us to humble ourselves and to confess to one another
02:02 because being in public ministry
02:04 we didn't only hurt each other we hurt the whole world.
02:10 Absolutely. Absolutely. With the Son of God.
02:12 And it was one of the most precious things
02:16 very special friends that work at Andrews University
02:19 at that time, Dr. John and Dr. Millay Embark came
02:24 and had that time with us and John baptized Rene
02:29 and then we had a little ceremony
02:32 that we invited the members of our church
02:36 and family and also friends from the community
02:39 because we ministering the community.
02:42 We did many seminars for years
02:44 and many of them you what was going on.
02:47 So we invited them to come
02:50 to what was we call new beginnings.
02:53 And we had a little ceremony together.
02:55 And we had a little ceremony.
02:56 That little ceremony all. It was a marriage ceremony.
03:00 No way, I knew you are gonna say that
03:02 and as soon as you went that way.
03:04 I thought that is just a perfect to be have
03:06 to look at each other again
03:08 and say we've lost a lot of years
03:10 but today I am your husband.
03:13 Today, I am your wife. Yes, yes.
03:16 And the marriage in truth had been destroyed. Yeah.
03:20 So it was the new beginning not only relationally
03:26 but a new beginning in this sense.
03:30 When we got married as innocent and ignorant kids
03:36 we promised each other to be faithful and to love each other
03:42 until death to a support without realizing
03:46 that we didn't have it within us to love as Jesus loves.
03:52 And is only by the grace of God that we were giving
03:57 the opportunity to begin loving in this period.
04:03 Could you close this out in prayer? Yes.
04:05 Because I know probably you opened up some wounds
04:08 and some celebrations with folks
04:10 but close this out in prayer. Okay.
04:12 And thank you so much for blessing us. Amen.
04:16 Oh, dear Father, God of the universe.
04:21 You are life and the giver of life.
04:26 You are light and the giver of light.
04:30 We're nothing apart from You.


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