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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Bob McKain


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:15 You know I love like-- a lot of times I don't think
00:18 we realize how intimate God is with us and how much?
00:22 You know, when somebody says that if you were
00:25 the only one on the planet, Jesus would have came
00:28 and died for you and I know that we sometimes think
00:31 that that's not true but it is so true.
00:33 And so I want to just take you through what I saw happen
00:37 to Bob as he joined us and where we benefit,
00:40 benefited from that and how God brought
00:43 healing to both parties.
00:45 And it's just a weird thing
00:46 to watch when everything is so clear.
00:49 So we end up-- we've been working on a program for years.
00:54 And, Bob, you know that for years. Yeah.
00:55 God gave me this vision and like 1996 and I'm 80HD,
01:01 so the vision stayed in my head,
01:03 you know, and I would tell people
01:04 and they say, that's such a great idea.
01:06 You should do something with that
01:08 and I'm like yeah, yeah, yeah.
01:10 I think it's from God
01:11 and 5 years later I'll be telling somebody
01:13 and they say that's such a great idea.
01:15 You know, you should do something with that.
01:17 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
01:19 And I finally, I ran into Joanne Davie.
01:23 Some people know her; some people don't in New Zealand.
01:26 And she said, that's a great idea.
01:29 We're gonna put that on a paper
01:31 and I'm like really and I almost cried
01:33 because I thought good 'cause, you know,
01:35 I think it should be on paper other than my head.
01:38 So she puts some things on paper
01:41 which was, you've seen them. Yeah.
01:44 And all it was, was-- you know,
01:46 kind of quickly sketched out with a copy of the cover
01:50 of one of our sets from Celebrating Life in Recovery
01:53 just, you know, kind of put together, couple of questions,
01:56 somebody's home paper cutter and they ran a group.
02:00 They ran a couple of groups and with the other programs
02:03 that were running there was 162 baptisms.
02:07 And I thought are you kidding me?
02:09 You know, people that want to get well.
02:11 People like you in dealing with what you're dealing with
02:14 or their like me coming out of addiction
02:16 so, you know, like-- you know everybody has stuff
02:18 that were coming out of and so now we get serious man,
02:22 may be that should be on paper so then me and Danny my friend
02:27 decide to put something else together
02:28 and it looks like we decided to put something else together.
02:32 And then we actually got really inspired
02:36 and we put it together where it almost looked good,
02:39 then sent it over and had somebody from 3ABN
02:42 to look at it and then they did a few things
02:44 and then you actually come on to work with us. Right,
02:46 Right, so it was just during that whole time thing.
02:50 Tell us a little bit?
02:51 Tell me a little bit about what you--
02:54 when you walked in and saw the organization.
02:58 The organization at the-- you know,
03:00 what we were trying to do and all that kind of stuff
03:02 'cause you had to have coming from your background
03:05 you had to burst up, you had to say oh, no way.
03:10 What am I going to do?
03:11 For one I'm just gonna be really gracious
03:14 and I'm not going to say what was really going on in my head.
03:17 But-- You're good to me.
03:19 There was a real need for organization
03:22 and strong organization.
03:25 There was a real need for somebody to just step up
03:27 and say here's what we need to get done.
03:29 Here's what we gonna do it
03:31 and here's why we're gonna do it.
03:32 And in the process, that was a little difficult
03:37 because, you know, when Cheri says, you know,
03:39 when you said, it gave you sweaty palms,
03:42 I think fork out and knives. Literally.
03:47 Yeah, you know, because I came from a world
03:49 where we where, you know, we were given time schedules
03:53 and we were told, you know,
03:54 here's when you gonna have it done,
03:55 you gonna have it done by this time,
03:57 you've got-- and it's got
03:58 to be done right the first time on time and within budget.
04:02 And so, we didn't have a budget. What? Within what?
04:06 And you gonna get my palms get sweat again.
04:08 I don't know what you're saying.
04:09 So, none of those things were in place,
04:12 you know, and so the first--
04:14 Even when you say none of those things were in place.
04:16 Even to the point where we had a number of people
04:18 doing different things but not sitting down really
04:21 and talking to each other. Correct.
04:23 And so and not that we weren't talking to each other
04:26 but not in properly and not with,
04:28 you know, where we have it.
04:29 This is kind of what we're doing
04:31 and this is direction, here's priority and stuff.
04:34 You did that a few times and it was like the ministry
04:37 just got like solid legs underneath it.
04:40 And I thought, wow, you know, how good this is for you.
04:45 So it was really cool to watch
04:48 all that kind of stuff happened.
04:50 And I think that's the key, you know
04:51 you should how good does it feel
04:53 and we did, we took it in slow, you know, we just very slowly,
04:57 okay because I'm afraid--
04:59 I think you didn't want to stay with us.
05:00 I was afraid, I'd put you 6 feet under
05:01 if I just went awful, right.
05:03 So, you know we did, we took it very slowly
05:06 and we're still taking some things rather slowly,
05:09 but I am really pleased to what we've done
05:11 in such a very short period of time,
05:13 I mean, we've really taken things to a finish level
05:17 as an organization and not without some mishaps,
05:21 not without some miscues, not without some,
05:24 you know, difficulties, but we as an organization
05:27 now have taken and done something very cool.
05:30 And I think it's helped, it's helped not only,
05:32 you know, you talk about healing, individual healing
05:37 but I think there's healing within an organization as well,
05:41 because we bring all of our baggage to the table
05:44 and it comes with system no matter where we are at.
05:47 And so, you know I think as an organization not only have we,
05:51 you know, not only we have some ceiling together,
05:54 you know, as individuals but as an organization
05:57 and I think this is just an example
06:00 of what we're able to do now
06:02 because we've moved past some of those--
06:08 I don't know what you want to call them
06:09 but there were issues we have, I know.
06:11 Remember, you're being gracious to me, all right.
06:15 So you know what's really I guess,
06:16 I'm gonna hit it from a little bit of a different angle
06:19 because what I saw that you gifted us with your skills.
06:24 Because a lot of times that and I think that
06:27 for this program what I want people to hear
06:29 more than even a material is that once we decide to heal,
06:33 once we decide to get into recovery,
06:35 once we decide to really honestly get into that journey
06:38 regardless of who we are, we bring our giftings
06:42 and we put legs underneath an x person.
06:45 So when you-- as you heal,
06:47 you literally stepped into a ministry about life to us,
06:50 and not that we weren't doing things,
06:51 and not that we weren't been blessed,
06:53 and not that we weren't changing lives
06:54 because our lives are changing
06:55 and others people's lives have changing.
06:57 But with your healing, you really gifted us
07:01 and so when somebody says that doesn't matter that I heal.
07:05 Absolutely, the body of Christ matters to each other.
07:08 We matter to each other. I don't have your gifts;
07:11 I don't have your gifts. You don't have mine.
07:14 But if I never get well, it doesn't matter
07:17 how many gifts you have.
07:18 And so with this group we ended up
07:21 and for some of you, you know, we have a 14-week program
07:25 based on this television show,
07:27 video clips we took Steps to Christ,
07:29 we rewrote Steps to Christ and we put it in a program.
07:32 But as we're putting this program together,
07:35 I don't think you could have done it
07:38 unless you choose to heal some.
07:39 No, I agree. I agree.
07:41 So, can you talk a little bit about that
07:44 because, you know, we're looking at, you know, the--
07:47 even the course that outline step one is that,
07:49 you know, you're surrendering to God
07:50 and you're doing all that kind of stuff
07:52 and does that matter.
07:55 Does that matter who we are
07:57 and what we choose to do as we reach out to someone else?
08:01 Absolutely.
08:03 You know that, I think the thing over this is--
08:07 Once I came to that point where I was willing
08:10 to let God in and willing to owe up to Him.
08:16 What I saw here was something that,
08:20 you know, I think you learn to gain a heart for, right.
08:24 And either you do or you don't.
08:25 And I think if you don't have the heart and passion for this,
08:29 then it's very difficult to see things through.
08:32 It's very difficult to deal with difficult situations
08:35 that rise out to putting this together
08:36 because you have a lot of people
08:38 and everybody has an opinion,
08:40 and everybody wants to do something.
08:41 And everybody's right. And everybody's right.
08:44 Say I love that part.
08:46 And so, absolutely I had to heal in order
08:51 to at least to some extent in order
08:53 to be able to guide people and surround--
08:58 you know, surround us with people who could do the work.
09:01 And because I think that they have
09:03 to see that we're real as well.
09:05 So now it was really fun?
09:07 So we get a creative director which you'll meet on
09:10 this program which is friend, your wife, went to school,
09:12 works in the business field all that kind of stuff.
09:14 We're trying to take her from that field,
09:18 but she's making too much money
09:19 and we only have 20 bucks to give.
09:20 So, if you have any money, you know.
09:22 Now but anyhow, so now we end up
09:25 and I've got to say we end up during the program,
09:27 we get some graphics done.
09:29 Your son just got out of school for graphics. Yeah.
09:32 But he's drinking, he's out there,
09:34 he's angry, he's got all that stuff
09:37 and as he's putting the program together
09:39 decides to go to AA.
09:41 Yes. Decides to go to recovery.
09:43 So even in that I watch God just say
09:47 as we're putting something together that is very healing.
09:50 Let's-- you know everybody that was involved
09:54 including myself really stepped even further into our healing.
09:58 And that was so fun to watch and I've to say,
10:02 you know, there are times that I know
10:05 that you kind of set back and say, yeah,
10:08 I don't know if I want to keep doing this.
10:10 And yet you choose to keep doing it
10:11 and so I want to just say, I just have so much respect
10:14 for your, Bob, that you're doing that.
10:16 I have so much respect watching friend and James
10:20 and all that kind of stuff and standing up
10:22 watching your family stand up in their recovery stuff.
10:26 And Satan doesn't have the same hold.
10:28 No, he doesn't. And that's incredible.
10:30 So right now, you know, as we are looking at
10:34 what you did for organization, that's great.
10:37 But I want you to say to somebody that's watching
10:39 that says I don't know if I can step out and do that.
10:42 I don't know if I have it in me to turn around
10:45 and say to even my family, man, I'm sorry.
10:48 What would you say to them?
10:50 Is God trustworthy? Can they do it?
10:52 I would say absolutely yes. You know, God is trustworthy.
10:56 And, you know, I would guess I would just tell you
10:59 that if you're-- you know, if you're in that position
11:02 and you're in pain and you've got the anger
11:05 and you're-- you know and you know, we know,
11:08 we want to rip people's head off and split down their neck
11:11 and you know we're not treating our family
11:15 the way we should treat them and as far as I would just say
11:17 simply this, you know, like guardian, okay.
11:23 And I know that sounds so tribe,
11:25 but it really is just a dabbing and get a book,
11:28 you know, like may be even Cheri's book
11:31 or some book like that, that you can relate to and sit down
11:34 and let God speak to you and He will.
11:38 You know, He'll speak to you in a way
11:39 that you need to be spoke to and then be honest with Him.
11:43 He already knows anyway and so be honest with Him.
11:45 And He's crazy about you? And He is. And, so do that.
11:50 So, you know, what I got to say,
11:51 thanks for being on the program.
11:52 Yes. Thanks for working for us.
11:54 I don't know if we ever paid to you yet, have we?
11:57 Somewhat very little-- But I just want to say thanks.
12:01 And for somebody that's what, know that as you heal
12:04 whatever giftings you have,
12:06 whatever plan God has in your life, He can then unfold that.
12:10 And every single thing that you have
12:12 to offer someone else needs.
12:14 Everything that Bob has brought to the table
12:17 not only did we need that as an organization,
12:20 but we need that worldwide and people that we reach out to
12:23 and the ability to stand up and even to do a program like this
12:27 to have people around with giftings is important.
12:30 So heal reach out and give your gifts
12:32 to someone else and let God love on you.
12:34 Till then always remember that God is crazy about you, me too.


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