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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Brad Peters


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 I love, during the break Shedria was talking about
00:17 that she ended up her doctor said,
00:18 you know, you'd have a natural birth,
00:20 they're gonna deal with all that kind of stuff
00:22 and she had a natural birth, had a beautiful baby boy
00:25 and she's pregnant right now, hopefully with a girl,
00:27 'cause she has two boys at home.
00:29 So that's way cool. Way cool.
00:31 You know, Brad, we've talked about
00:35 you know, really kind of sucked in with your fear
00:38 and dealing with your identity crisis
00:40 and maybe I'm not a trumpet player
00:42 and if I was gone at least you can collect the insurance
00:45 but God brought you from that place to a place
00:48 where you have your identity in Him
00:49 and so talk about that for a minute
00:51 and then if you could pray for anybody
00:54 that's lost there I would love that.
00:57 Okay. I'd be honored.
00:59 You know, the journey and not the journey,
01:02 you know, let's say the journey is 100 mile hike
01:05 I think I'm at about mile five right now.
01:09 And it's crazy as that sounds 'cause you've been through.
01:11 Well, I'm getting some hiking shoes
01:12 I'm joining you, 'cause I love you.
01:13 Okay, well, thank you. Thank you.
01:15 I'd be honored to have you by my side.
01:18 That part is you know, it's real interesting
01:20 that sometimes I think we get
01:21 through a traumatic event or whatever
01:23 I think okay, well, I've really accomplished something
01:25 and in fact may be now you're just ready to get started
01:28 that you've been able to shed some baggage
01:30 or in this case really, truly to find my identity.
01:33 Is my identity is that oh, I can do these bike rides
01:36 or that I play the trumpet or all this stuff.
01:38 It's like God doesn't see me as any of that.
01:40 He sees me as His child and you know, is excited
01:44 when I chose to do the things that He would like me to do
01:48 and stand up and represent Him and sometimes its crazy this,
01:51 just the fact that you chose to be healthy
01:53 that you chose to not cause or do those kinds of things
01:56 is an incredible--
01:57 Love you wife. Love you wife, yes.
02:01 Is an incredible outreach
02:02 to those around you depending on environment
02:04 and as I've been surprised
02:07 when I first started teaching at Boise State University
02:09 and was doing the jazz band just to have
02:11 one of the students come up to me
02:13 and he's, oh, you're trumpet player
02:16 and you don't drink and you don't swear,
02:17 what's the matter with you?
02:19 You know, it's just simply sometimes
02:21 we don't know about that
02:22 but the main part I do believe
02:24 that the stuff I'm dealing with or something I will deal with
02:28 and then till I fall over and they throw dirt on me
02:31 and so I need you at this point,
02:33 chose to maintain the choices I'm making to exercise,
02:37 to try and stay in the word, to love my wife,
02:40 you know, and to emotionally
02:41 connect with my family to do those things.
02:43 And find your identity in Christ.
02:45 Oh, absolutely, absolutely.
02:47 I really love what again looking
02:50 at that idea of maintenance
02:51 and again Old Testament we talked about,
02:53 this is kind of God maintains us.
02:55 And New Testament where the word maintenance comes up
02:57 and it's really interesting but its much more about
02:59 how we are to maintain a healthy spirit towards God.
03:04 Towards others and to ourselves,
03:06 to those we love.
03:07 And so it's really interesting
03:08 that kind of see the things that have changed.
03:10 So, I see we have just a minute left shall we pray?
03:13 Pray, amen.
03:15 Heavenly Father, I so just want to thank You
03:18 for being the God that You are
03:20 and You're willing to maintain Your love for us.
03:24 Maintain, help us to maintain our cause,
03:27 help us to maintain our interest in seeking You.
03:32 I'm asking right now
03:33 Lord, that You send Your Holy Spirit out to all those
03:35 that may be wandering in a place of darkness,
03:37 all those who may be questioning one
03:40 who they are,
03:41 they may be having something happen,
03:42 its taken their natural ability way
03:45 that they've been able to do this forever
03:47 and suddenly its gone and at times
03:50 You know fall to their own
03:52 or they find themselves in a place
03:53 and that You put Your had on them,
03:55 You give them hope,
03:56 You give them peace and let them know
03:58 that there is a way out of their darkness
03:59 and that way is through You.
04:01 In the name of Your son Jesus, amen.
04:02 Amen, thank you for joining us.
04:04 Until next time, always remember
04:05 that God is crazy about you,
04:07 hold on find your identity in Christ, me, too.
04:11 Bye, God bless.


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