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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 Welcome back, I love for one introducing you
00:17 to Brad kind of bringing him in
00:19 and talking about his journey but this particular thing
00:23 that get you scared me 'cause not only did you get here
00:26 with this possible Parkinson's
00:29 where more than likely gonna be looking at that,
00:32 I've been called some friends and said you know,
00:35 Shelly Quinn called and said, you know,
00:38 here's some suffer Parkinson's that may take the tremors down
00:41 and we tried it and it work but you were talking,
00:44 well, you were scaring me,
00:46 go ahead and continue on the journey.
00:48 What was interesting is that
00:49 and yet again since we're talking about exercise
00:52 and we talked about the bike riding
00:53 and stuff like that you know and that was something
00:55 I was doing was bike riding, riding the bikes
00:57 but it was crazy
00:59 to have actually been on some bike rides
01:01 and had been so deep into the dark place of depression
01:04 and dealing with them, I ever gonna play the trumpet again
01:07 and manages the Parkinson's and you know
01:09 there's Focal Dystonia thing and all this stuff
01:12 where I would be riding alone,
01:13 going okay there's a truck right there you know,
01:15 it'd be easy enough to just make this look like an accident
01:18 and you could collect the insurance money
01:19 and you'd be better off.
01:21 I mean, I was too place in my life where that was,
01:25 how close it was and fortunately every time
01:28 that happened it was like, man, you better pull your bike over
01:30 and check yourself right now.
01:31 You better just stop.
01:32 You better just stop right in, right now
01:33 because you know, you don't really intend to do that
01:35 but I would have never had that thought ever.
01:38 I would have never had that thought.
01:39 The first time you told me that those are kind of the thoughts
01:43 that you were having is I just pleaded with God.
01:46 God, I don't know how to reach Him right now
01:49 because you had, it's really interesting
01:51 'cause your identity was tied up in that
01:54 and even to the point where the devil was telling you
01:56 that if you are not this,
01:58 not even your family's gonna love you,
01:59 they are not gonna need you, they're not gonna--
02:01 why you can't so-- you can't take care of them,
02:05 you can't even help with rent or mortgage or anything.
02:08 And so the devil was taking you out in every single way.
02:11 And as your wife I couldn't reach you anymore.
02:13 It was really a tough time.
02:15 Well, and from the ministry stand point
02:17 'cause I was like, oh, I'm gonna join you in ministry
02:20 and well, I had tried, I really wasn't functioning,
02:23 I almost couldn't function
02:25 and so I was bringing nothing to the table.
02:28 You know, and from that capacity so I was interesting
02:30 to be in a place or you ever feel like
02:32 you have nothing, hey, you're worthless.
02:35 What was, to me, fascinating was
02:37 we came to a camp meeting here at 3ABN
02:40 and I was starting to make some progress out of that,
02:44 we'll talk a little bit about that but it was interesting
02:46 to be talking when J.D. and Pastor Joe
02:49 and just saying, you know, I've never been in a place
02:51 where I've had nothing been reduced to absolutely nothing
02:54 and have them say good, now God can start working with you.
02:57 It was so-- so it was you're like,
02:59 what are you talking about God? It's hard.
03:02 It's hard, it's hard to speak practically,
03:04 the recovery side of it in sense it
03:06 is supposed to be about exercise.
03:08 And people maybe wondering what this is about
03:10 and there's a story behind this right here.
03:14 You know, when I finally kind of came to the place,
03:16 okay, I am depressed, I have these things going on
03:18 and the first thing I did was go get a physical.
03:20 I didn't had a physical and I don't know how long
03:22 so I wanted to make sure that,
03:24 there were no underlying other medical conditions
03:26 other than knowing that Parkinson's
03:28 is probably a part of that.
03:30 My colleague told me about a guy
03:32 who work with Focal Dystonia, he's a trumpet player
03:34 who had it and so I actually Skype
03:37 to a guy in Sweden and got some help.
03:40 And the things that he gave me were very, very beneficial.
03:44 And also there was somebody in ministry
03:47 that was working with Parkinson's
03:49 that took some Amantadine Sulphate
03:51 you got prescribed from Loma Linda.
03:53 So we got that.
03:54 We got that, you mention that and that tip came from Shelly
03:57 and started doing that and so my GP just looked at me
04:01 and he said, okay, you're 56-years-old
04:04 and if you're baseball player
04:06 what'd you be doing in the off season.
04:08 Preparing for the season coming.
04:10 If you are a football player.
04:11 If you were any kind of athlete what would you be doing?
04:13 You'd be preparing for what you're doing.
04:14 So what have you been physically to prepare
04:16 for your season of playing the trumpet,
04:18 'cause it's a physical thing.
04:20 And all of a sudden I'm going
04:21 well, I've had this natural talent wherever
04:24 we never had to do anything.
04:26 And so all the sudden it was like,
04:28 oh, well, oh, yeah, guys lose muscle after,
04:30 what about 20 years old,
04:31 it's starting to beat down for older guys, right.
04:34 You just shock somebody that's watching. 20?
04:38 It's earlier for guys than for girls,
04:40 I'm just letting you know.
04:42 And so I was interesting to get to that place
04:44 so part of my recovery was
04:46 I actually needed to start exercising physically.
04:51 And so to me this is kind of a funny thing is some time,
04:55 not too long after I kind of starting
04:57 to make some progress back as we done
04:59 a little bit of the playing
05:00 with the help and another things.
05:03 Starting to let God tell you
05:05 that your identity is not in your trumpet,
05:07 you're a man of God and your identity is in Me.
05:10 'Cause I watch God do that, it was amazing
05:12 to watch Him love on you and say, you know what
05:15 you're value for me as now you're trumpet playing.
05:18 Even though He likes that about you.
05:19 Exactly, exactly.
05:21 To me it was really interesting and another thing
05:24 in this came from Shelly and I can't remember
05:26 what her conversation was but she was talking about something
05:30 and mentioned Numbers Chapter 10.
05:34 And needless to say the trumpet has
05:36 just as tiny little role in the Bible, right.
05:38 It only shows up once or twice.
05:40 Oh, not true. Shows up for everywhere.
05:42 Oh, wait a minute. Oh, that's right.
05:43 Oh, that's right, at the end of the time
05:45 Gabriel's gonna be playing a violin.
05:48 Oh, sorry, wait the end plagues were announced by an Obo.
05:51 Oh, wait a minute, now that was a trumpet, too.
05:53 Okay. Wait a minute.
05:55 Early on the guys who went out
05:57 in front of the soldiers were the tambourine players.
06:00 Oh, wait now those are trumpet players, too.
06:02 So its amazing to look at the role of the trumpet
06:06 in the Bible and the significance that it has
06:09 and then start looking at, wait a minute, I play the trumpet
06:12 and so she did this thing with Numbers 10:10
06:15 where it was interesting to look at,
06:16 the first written record of trumpets kind of
06:20 modern day trumpets really or hammered metal trumpets
06:23 Moses was commanded to make two silver hammer trumpets.
06:26 This is not a show for, this is not a ram sound,
06:28 these are metal trumpets.
06:29 Then it goes on to say that
06:31 only priests can play the trumpets.
06:33 So I'm thinking, oh, I'm supposed to be in my journey,
06:36 oh, I'm called to be the priest of my household,
06:39 so I'm the trumpet player, I'm kind of looking all this stuff.
06:41 And then what was interesting too was to look at okay,
06:44 the trumpet definitely is for signaling and signaling,
06:46 warning to the things like that but at the end of chapter 10,
06:50 it starts to talk about play the trumpet in times of joy
06:54 and at your festivals to remind God of His covenant with you.
07:00 Isn't that amazing?
07:01 That He's covenant with you,
07:02 excuse me I would just, I like to remind you.
07:07 And you're doming. I'm just saying.
07:09 Exactly, exactly. How incredible is that?
07:12 It was amazing and what was really fun for me was--
07:14 After year do you believe the trumpets are played?
07:16 I mean, there's all, all of that is so huge.
07:20 Well, and then to start going into the idea of
07:24 I need to get fit, right, we need to exercise
07:26 and you talked about exercise being physical
07:28 and we will get to this but you know
07:30 we have to exercise our spirituality as well
07:33 and I think its easy to forget one of those
07:36 or both of those or you start doing one
07:37 you forget the other and you do this one
07:39 and you forget that one, you get tied up with this.
07:41 It's hard sometimes when you feel like you have nothing
07:44 to even get yourself to open up the Bible.
07:47 I mean, it's hard you know, I'm telling you
07:49 for those people who have been depressed you understand
07:51 and been in this place you know, you can't get out of bed.
07:53 You can sleep for 14 hours and you get up for half hour
07:56 and go get something to eat
07:57 and go right back to bed sleep for 12 hours.
07:59 You're just tired, you exhausted
08:00 all that stuff going on.
08:01 But was interesting is as I started to come out of this
08:05 and do it through exercise, trying to eat well,
08:09 I tried some antidepressant medication
08:11 and it made me feel horrible, I-- maybe heavy words
08:15 it was like times so not doing this because its terrible.
08:18 Yeah, it says depression on it maybe that means
08:20 if you take it you get depressed, I don't know.
08:23 You did, you were horrible on it.
08:25 I was horrible. So it went away and--
08:26 He forgot how to talk I mean, it was terrible.
08:28 And my mom had sent me something which is really cool,
08:30 I love how you get messages from different places
08:32 and God will talk to you through different people
08:35 and different things if you just have your eyes open.
08:36 She sent me a book about depression general overview
08:39 and at the end it says oh, 30 to 60 minutes of
08:42 vigorous exercise daily can be as effective as any medicine.
08:47 You know, and so I thought okay, I'm gonna do that.
08:50 And so what was interesting was to get my way worked
08:53 out of that and understand that
08:56 exercising now is part of my daily life
08:58 and the things I have to do regularly.
09:00 It's really curious to find out because I know maintenance
09:04 right, maintaining what we do is,
09:06 and so I have to maintain exercise,
09:08 I need to maintain my time in the word
09:10 and so that you know, God can be talking to me
09:13 and guiding me with all that.
09:15 It's really interesting with physical exercise
09:18 if I stop doing something
09:20 how quickly I can see it in my muscle.
09:22 And so you know, I wish we could do that spiritually
09:24 'cause we can't and you know, it's like all of a sudden
09:27 the devil kind of puts a little fear there, little doubt there
09:30 and little anger here or whatever
09:33 and God says daily you got to stay in touch with Me
09:35 'cause just like your physical exercise
09:37 there's daily changes that happen when you let this go.
09:41 Yeah, and so it was fun, it was fun was knowing
09:43 that maintenance was about what we're doing,
09:45 yes, of course, I was trying to be prepared for today
09:49 and so I had a chance to do little bit of study coming over
09:52 and stuff and it was really the fun to find out
09:54 and I found this generalities within
09:56 what God's asking for us, it's just kind of
09:58 an Old Testament concept about maintenance
10:00 and a New Testament concept about maintenance.
10:02 But I love this one in Solomon
10:04 He talks about asking God to maintain their coast
10:08 God is maintaining us in the Old Testament
10:10 and I love this one where it says
10:12 when they are battling their enemies, amen
10:14 our addictions or depressions or whatever it is, or fears,
10:18 whatever it may be to maintain their cause after their sin
10:22 and returning to Him, right, so we repent
10:25 and we say you know, I'm so good
10:27 and you know, its like maintain their cause
10:28 or maintain, just help maintain them.
10:30 And then God will maintain it.
10:32 I love when you said that the first time.
10:33 Yeah, and then give them each day
10:36 what they require for that day which again
10:38 with that daily maintenance is about that whole thing.
10:41 And so I just, when I read that I thought,
10:43 oh, how cool is that because that's what I need,
10:45 I need the daily thing in my darkest hour
10:48 You will maintain me when I stumble to stand backup
10:51 You are still there for me and then everyday
10:54 You'll give me what I need which is really cool.
10:56 And you're doing that and I love the fact
10:59 I'm watching you do that
11:00 with some pretty serious things coming down the pike.
11:04 You know, so you know, like, you were talking about
11:06 you know, what happens when we have cancer or Parkinson's
11:09 or all of the sudden something changes
11:11 I don't have control over this,
11:13 I may or may not have healing here
11:15 'cause only God knows that and I trust Him with that,
11:19 but as we head down those things who am I?
11:22 Where is my identity?
11:23 'Cause now it's so clear that your identity is in God.
11:27 Is in God. Yeah.
11:28 And standing next to you in ministry
11:29 and what does that called for, it's really pretty amazing.
11:32 So, so I don't know how many people
11:35 are familiar with this and what this is?
11:37 That was a funniest story ever.
11:38 This is it, this is it, so I, you know,
11:40 I'm doing little better in stuff
11:42 and I just called to see what you're doing
11:43 and I say, oh, hey, baby, what are you doing?
11:45 I'm traveling. No, you're not.
11:46 You said, oh, I'm at the store, shopping.
11:48 And my response was, oh, make sure
11:50 you buy your husband a lovely gift.
11:52 I mean, isn't that what you would say,
11:53 right, if your wife is shopping.
11:54 That's it and he's never said that. Its 25 years.
11:56 Twenty five years, I believe you don't say that.
11:57 And he said that this day.
11:58 And so she happens to be at a store
12:00 that features kitchen and bath items.
12:03 Yeah.
12:04 And so she's walking around, okay,
12:05 I'm supposed to buy him a lovely gift.
12:07 What in the world am I gonna get him here
12:09 and she's walking around
12:10 and there's a stack of shake weights--
12:12 Let me just tell this part and then I get back to you.
12:15 So I'm walking around and I see this stack of shake weight
12:18 and they are just ridiculous, when they first came out they,
12:21 people made jokes about them, they're so ridiculous.
12:23 And God says, get him that.
12:25 And I thought, oh, that's got to be a joke,
12:27 there's no way, you know.
12:29 So I walked away tried to find something else,
12:31 God brought me back and He said, no, no, get him that.
12:34 And finally I thought, okay, because I felt it was
12:36 so clearly from God, so I bought him that,
12:38 put it on the kitchen table when I got home.
12:41 Brad comes down--
12:42 I come downstairs in the morning and there's like,
12:44 there's like shake weight on a table and I'm like, what?
12:48 That is the most ridiculous thing, I mean, I can't, I can't
12:51 this was like the laughing stock of the exercise world.
12:54 I mean, what in--
12:55 Didn't so because people made fun of it so much.
12:56 Yeah, that's why you see them for you know,
12:58 three dollars on the discount table
13:00 you know, and all that kind of stuff.
13:01 What in the world would I possibly do with this?
13:03 Okay, I'm trying hard to connect emotionally
13:06 with my wife, she brought me this thing,
13:08 if I don't take it out of the box
13:11 I'm gonna be in big trouble.
13:14 So I take it out of the box and I grab it with my hands
13:18 and I put it like this
13:21 and what position are my hands in,
13:23 you could take the shake weight out and put what in my hands?
13:27 A trumpet. A trumpet.
13:28 And so I started going like this and I realized this thing
13:32 is working the entire skeletal muscular structure
13:36 that has been shaking like crazy
13:38 every time I pick up my trumpet.
13:40 And so if I start doing this everyday
13:42 I'm gonna be working all those muscles,
13:44 they're gonna get stronger, they're gonna get more powerful
13:46 they're not gonna shake because they're being used
13:47 and used in a proper way.
13:49 And it is the most amazing gift.
13:51 You do it everyday? I do it everyday.
13:53 And you know it's from God, I mean, both of us realized
13:55 when you picked it up and I saw that your hands
13:59 were in the form of trumpet, I wanted to say
14:02 can I grab God and kiss Him on the face.
14:03 How does He do that?
14:05 I know, it's amazing, it's amazing to try and figure out
14:07 how does He know those kinds of things.
14:09 And so that, you know that--
14:10 And it is His love for us so personal.
14:13 Oh, it's just, it's absolutely unbelievable.
14:16 And so that part really you know,
14:18 is looking at those steps about maintaining
14:20 what's it take and that maintenance
14:22 you know, to me it's like I start to understand
14:25 that the idea of one exercising and this is real care
14:29 and this has been coming to me a lot lately
14:31 so I have a chance to say it right now.
14:33 You know, we get so caught up,
14:35 oh, I have to spend time in worship
14:36 and I have to spend time on my job
14:37 and I have to spend time here.
14:40 We believe that our body is the temple,
14:43 you know, that we have this connection
14:45 that really our spirituality
14:48 and our physical being are completely intervolving.
14:52 And yet, somehow for many of us the physical side of our--
14:57 Journey.
14:58 Journey gets left really till,
15:00 way late till at the end of the day or whatever,
15:02 I don't really have time, I don't have this.
15:04 And I'm back to this in my mind
15:06 and its coming more clear all the time.
15:08 If we get ourselves physically fit
15:11 we can communicate with God better,
15:13 we can do whatever job it is
15:14 and whatever job that is you're gonna do it better,
15:17 you're gonna be able to relate to your spouse better,
15:19 your gonna be able to all this stuff better
15:21 and its just, its we've really lost sight of that
15:26 and if we believe that connection,
15:28 our spiritual connection really isn't tied
15:29 into what we do physically.
15:32 Well, you know, you even, as you say that
15:33 what's really interesting is for some people
15:36 they know that I just diagnosed with Celiacs disease
15:39 and they literally removed all of my guts
15:42 and then put them back in to tell me that--
15:43 I know, I was there. I know its so ridiculous.
15:46 But you know, so even now I don't realize
15:49 that even what we eat really effects our entire body
15:54 and as much as I've tried to resist that all my life,
15:57 because I just not that disciplined as that exercise
16:00 and what we eat and drinking water
16:02 and laughing out loud with our families,
16:04 like its important to do those things
16:06 as important as anything else we do.
16:09 And so if we're gonna maintain our recovery
16:11 and we start to let those things go we're in trouble.
16:14 We're in trouble. We really are in trouble.
16:15 Yeah, and it's interesting I think in our youth
16:19 were probably were able the resilient seed of our youth
16:23 allows us to get away with a lot of things.
16:25 But as we chronologically advance in life--
16:29 I like the way you say that, yes.
16:31 Nicely enough.
16:33 You know, that suddenly the significance
16:36 and the importance of the exercise side of it
16:40 and I, is much greater.
16:42 I mean, it's just, it's absolutely moving forward.
16:45 I'm convinced, you know, that we need
16:47 to continue her growth both in the word
16:50 but then that the idea of being physically fit
16:52 and choosing the right foods and all that stuff
16:55 and it's really interesting 'cause generally
16:57 we've had a pretty healthy diet
16:59 but now with the Celiacs all of a sudden
17:00 its taken to another level and you really can't cheat
17:04 'cause when you cheat you open a door--
17:06 Oh, you know what, I'm gonna open
17:07 that for questions but I'm mad at you. Are you?
17:09 And I'm gonna say it on television because I can.
17:12 Is that I have Celiacs
17:15 and I supposed to be really careful, right.
17:17 And we go into a restaurant and I'm thinking
17:18 I'm so cheating and cheating to me,
17:21 now that is meant I'm going to have a vegetarian burrito
17:25 with a flour tortilla.
17:27 I mean, that's like cheating.
17:28 And so everything is good except I have a flour tortilla,
17:31 Brad's like, you're so not gonna have that.
17:33 I'm gonna have that. He walks out of the restaurant.
17:36 And I'm thinking I'm still having it
17:38 and I was sicker than a dog for like a week.
17:40 So I shouldn't have had it but all of that matters
17:43 and so we don't get nailed with things like, we don't,
17:47 not do our devotions and then get sick for a week.
17:49 We don't, not exercising get sick for a week.
17:52 Some of us deal with our diseases
17:54 but man, God says you know what,
17:56 in a spiritual sense you do take yourself out for a while.
18:00 And so if we're gonna maintain a recovery,
18:01 let's maintain a recovery and be smart about it
18:04 'cause everything matters and it's so cool when you say,
18:07 you know, what, I'm gonna actually take care of myself.
18:11 I'm gonna help God along with this.
18:13 I mean, I open up for questions if they,
18:15 my client now, you had a question.
18:18 Yeah, I can really relate to what you're saying,
18:20 being a musician myself, I play the piano a little bit
18:23 and just wondering when you'd mention
18:26 the you were like 250 pounds or something,
18:29 at one time what kind of a program
18:31 did you use to help bring the weight down?
18:36 Well, this is I think it's funny
18:37 because when you ride a bicycle
18:39 and that kind of thing, you have to get the stuff
18:41 that goes with it, right.
18:42 And the first thing is Spandex bike shorts.
18:45 You do look really adorable.
18:47 Oh, yeah, but this is, you know, so we're walking
18:49 and we have a shop that we're getting our stuff
18:51 and you know, he gets me a pair and I go in the dressing room
18:53 when I put them on and all they could hear from outside
18:56 and the thing is I'm fat, really aloud.
19:01 And so I really, it's funny I mean,
19:05 calories in and calories out, right.
19:07 So if you start exercising and you get hungry
19:09 and you eat a bunch more food your weight may not go down.
19:12 So its really about, really trying to make good choices
19:14 about what I ate, how much I ate, when I ate it you know,
19:18 and then starting to increase the exercise side of it
19:21 and you know, I mean, its continued to come off
19:24 which has been great, it wasn't you know,
19:25 didn't like just boom all of a sudden.
19:27 It wasn't the speed weight loss but overtime its comedown
19:30 and its continuing to go down so--
19:32 And you're looking pretty adorable.
19:33 Oh, well, thank you.
19:35 You're welcome. Thank you.
19:36 What's really fun I think about all that is
19:38 that the exercise really changes everything
19:41 not so much just even the weight
19:43 but how hard you laugh
19:45 and the things that you want to do
19:48 and the energy that you have to do those things.
19:50 So there's so many changes
19:51 that happen that are beneficial.
19:53 On the things that I don't want to add to that too,
19:55 is generally speaking you're doing it with some other people
20:00 and they're laughing with you,
20:01 I mean that kind of stuff they're really,
20:03 it's hard to find people
20:05 who are trying to get healthy that generally are grumpy.
20:08 Yeah, there's a cool factor when you have
20:10 spend extra time on a bike though
20:12 you look really cool when the bike is right next to you
20:14 for every foot away from the bike you get
20:16 the less call you get, so you do have to watch that.
20:20 You got to watch it with this one.
20:21 Okay, any other questions? Yes, go ahead.
20:23 Hi, my name is Shedria and I had a bit of a health scare
20:27 when I was expecting my second child
20:30 with this blazer on my cervix and I was trying to figure out
20:36 you know, with husband having a health message,
20:40 you have the extreme over here and extreme over here
20:43 and this is kind of difficult to find the mystery
20:46 and one person is telling you, well, don't go to the doctors
20:50 just pray, just pray and God will deliver you.
20:52 And other people are telling you, well, you need to go
20:55 to the doctor you need to get all things prescribed
20:58 for whatever they're giving you
21:00 and I want to find a healthy medial in the mid.
21:02 I want to know how to have this fear to ask for
21:06 and still trust my doctor.
21:08 Absolutely.
21:09 So what would you suggest for me?
21:11 You know, I think that's a really excellent question
21:14 and I believe many of the modern medicines
21:19 and the skills that have been given to our surgeons
21:22 and our doctors are nothing less than a gift from God
21:25 because there's been very, very clearly documented cases
21:29 that without this particular treatment,
21:31 this person would not have survived.
21:32 For example the bike rides at the Leukemia Society,
21:36 okay, that research has funded medicines one
21:39 that get's called Tromoxasiler something like that,
21:42 that literally five years ago didn't exist
21:46 but this money that's been raised
21:48 and they raised over a billion dollars
21:50 but this money is raised as funded researchers
21:52 developed this particular drug for this kind of Leukemia
21:56 that people are alive, I've suddenly had people
21:58 stand in front of me say were not for the efforts
22:00 that these people made I would be dead.
22:02 However, now saying that is I would like to jump in
22:06 and say for a lot of us with our lifestyle diseases
22:10 that if we would have done the right thing over the years,
22:14 not in your case 'cause your case
22:15 you get here during the pregnancy and to me man,
22:18 I just want to say and I will probably
22:21 get calls is check with your doctor.
22:23 Make sure you know that you're okay.
22:25 There's a friend of mine who's an evangelistic
22:27 got Thyroid cancer
22:29 and they went in and did a innervation
22:31 and he's alive today because of that.
22:33 So I think that there's sometimes you just got to check
22:35 and sometimes you've got to say to yourself right now,
22:38 am I doing the things that I need to do
22:41 in order to avoid those lifestyle diseases.
22:44 And some of them are cancers, heart disease, diabetes
22:47 all that kind of stuff and like I found out
22:49 with the Celiacs disease if I would have been
22:52 eating properly I wouldn't have had the surgery
22:55 and they wouldn't have-- some gay wouldn't have been
22:56 holding my intestines in his hand.
22:58 You know what I mean?
22:59 Luckily when he went in there, there was nothing wrong
23:02 and they didn't have to remove anything
23:03 but its just like I, God had told me over the years,
23:07 Cheri, please take care of yourself
23:09 and I said, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I will.
23:12 And never did and that He said it gently again, get on a bike,
23:17 do some exercise, get outside, drink some water,
23:20 eat healthier all that kind of stuff
23:22 and I think that I would've avoided
23:24 some things down the pike.
23:27 But there are times that doctors,
23:29 medicine paying attention we have some of the most
23:32 incredible medical facilities on the planet.
23:36 Loma Linda University and Bangkok hospital
23:39 and Sydney Adventist hospital
23:41 we have some incredible facilities
23:43 and there are cancer units
23:45 at those facilities that are to die for.
23:49 Yeah, to take you right to heaven.
23:51 All right, Brad, we've just feeling I will say
23:53 there's two things and though you agree, Brad,
23:55 paying attention to what you're doing now--
23:57 Absolutely, absolutely
23:58 and I love the term of the lifestyle diseases
24:01 because we have some people that we care about very dearly
24:03 and we look at them
24:05 and its like you're eating yourself to death.
24:06 And why won't my body heal, why won't this infection go away?
24:10 Well, potato chips and diet soda, I mean,
24:12 technically that's vegetarian but you know,
24:14 that is not gonna help your body recover from many thing.
24:17 So there's a part to that I don't know if it's okay
24:19 to say the word common sense you know,
24:22 if you had a broken leg you would go to some one
24:24 and have them set it and so there's some things
24:27 and I really believe and now there's a fine line absolutely,
24:29 you don't want to take every last possible pill
24:32 or what can I take and you take all that's just silly.
24:34 But if it's really clear this is something
24:37 that makes a lot of sense.
24:38 Even there are people that we love
24:40 and then I have people from all different religions
24:44 and no religions or whatever they go to the doctor
24:46 and the doctor give them four more pills
24:48 to do the side effects from the two they've already taken
24:51 and so there are people that we love that you know,
24:53 and we've called them up and saying,
24:55 please don't take something else another thing
24:59 and yet but my doctor said.
25:01 So there's sometimes you got to be really careful with that
25:03 and for you know, I belong to a church
25:08 and we're health nuts I mean, we are health nuts
25:10 and I use to hate that but now I just absolutely love that
25:14 'cause I feel like my life is richer
25:18 because I take care of it
25:19 and its so it's like a matter of adding that exercise,
25:22 adding the proper foods, making sure that
25:25 you don't disregard the medical field
25:27 when you need it but man, pay attention
25:31 'cause there's some things that you can do
25:32 just by grabbing an apple.
25:34 Even within the bike riding the, I mean, these long rides
25:38 and during this there's gels and goose and supplements
25:40 and this and that and so there's a competitive cyclist
25:44 to use the contemporary of Lance Armstrong's
25:46 and so he's at that level of riding
25:48 that's decided can't we just eat food?
25:51 You know there's have to be this conclusion
25:52 or something somebody have made a goo or gel
25:54 or this or powder or you mix it with that.
25:56 And so he hired two chefs and these guys want
26:00 to developing a whole food program,
26:03 it's not Adventist I'm gonna say that
26:04 but it's just eating poor foods.
26:06 So I was able to take that and adopted to our choices
26:09 for eating on this 200 mile ride that I did
26:13 I was the second guy to cross the line
26:15 'cause I had food that fueled me.
26:16 Well, I didn't have to stop I had good energy,
26:19 I was the slowest guy in the team
26:20 and I was the second one to finish to the ride.
26:22 And you know-- He called me right away.
26:25 Yeah, guess what? Guess what? So exciting.
26:29 You know, Brad, you're talking about the different things
26:32 that you've been through lately,
26:35 I would like to come back, have you come back on the close
26:38 share with us not only how you got through there
26:43 but how you deal with the fact that you still probably
26:45 are gonna look at Parkinson's and different things?
26:47 How did you find your identity and can you pray with those
26:51 that are struggling with some really serious physical things
26:54 that may be lost right now.
26:55 Absolutely, I'd be honored to do so.
26:56 So you know what I'd like to just say stay tuned.
26:59 This part of it is really a cool thing
27:01 because sometimes the diseases are gonna be left
27:03 and we're still gonna look at that kind of stuff
27:05 that how do we do it with joy,
27:06 how do we do it and know that I'm okay.
27:10 My identity is in Christ and He is crazy about me.
27:14 We'll be right back.


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