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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Michael Carducci Jr.


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:15 You know I-- we're right before the break
00:17 I asked you a question and the reason I asked that is
00:20 that different people come into the church
00:22 and they're from twisted backgrounds.
00:23 I can't even imagine like Mary Magdalene coming in
00:27 and she walked with Christ.
00:28 Jesus said every single time they talk about me,
00:31 they're gonna talk about you.
00:32 I mean I can't even imagine what that felt like for her.
00:35 But as druggists stumble and or people they do with,
00:38 you know gay issues and all that kind of stuff.
00:40 We find Christ we walk in and I know that there is times
00:45 that nobody knows how to actually welcome us.
00:49 Did you experienced that or have you experienced that?
00:52 Yeah, I was in the church for 6 years
00:54 where I was considered a leper.
00:56 And finally I moved to another church
00:59 and I walked in and I said listen
01:01 You know I'm ex-homosexual
01:03 and I come from sexual addiction,
01:04 do you have a room in your church for me?
01:06 And head elder who had a history of damage himself,
01:09 he said, yeah, have a seat with all the other sinners
01:11 and can you preach now and then
01:12 'cause we don't have a regular preacher, so--
01:14 I love that.
01:16 Yes, and what was so amazing is,
01:17 I didn't realize the effect
01:20 of the men that were in the church,
01:21 they were moved by the Holy Spirit.
01:22 They didn't know what to do with someone
01:23 who is from the gay life or whatever,
01:25 but what they did do
01:27 is they were connected to the Holy Spirit
01:28 and they started to bath me in male love,
01:31 that wasn't sexual but it was intimate,
01:33 that's right, and as they--.
01:35 Because you know what's really interesting
01:36 is that we don't even know like I was so starved,
01:39 I was so starved,
01:40 I had a mother that didn't love me,
01:42 couldn't love me, I don't want to say the issue
01:44 but I had a mother that couldn't love me.
01:46 I had a father that was sexually inappropriate
01:48 and if somebody honestly safety--
01:50 safely just went like that,
01:52 I would want to cry because I needed it so bad
01:55 and you as a coming out of the--
01:59 you know, the gay thing.
02:00 For a male to do that,
02:01 you're not gonna take it sexually,
02:03 I need someone to touch me in a healthy way.
02:06 Cheri, the head elder,
02:08 I went and preached the sermon
02:09 and he put his arm around me,
02:10 and usually when I hug and release
02:12 so that they don't think that I'm hitting on 'em.
02:14 But this man held on to me and as he was holding on to me
02:17 and just giving the benediction,
02:19 I said Lord this is uncomfortable,
02:20 you see, you know, he would let go,
02:22 but he wasn't letting go,
02:23 I could feel his chest against my chest
02:25 and God said, Mike,
02:26 this isn't design to turn you on,
02:28 this is to confirm that you are part of the man.
02:31 Of the body of Christ. That's right.
02:33 Okay. And I was praising Him.
02:34 I wish we had so much more time we don't,
02:37 but until next time always remember that
02:38 God is crazy about you. Me too. Bye.


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