Celebrating Life in Recovery

Highlights of Season 9

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Participants: C.A. Murray (Host), Cheri Peters


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Program Code: CLR000110C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:04 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:16 Cheri, something occurs to me you know,
00:19 you can't miss any one of these,
00:21 they are all individual shows
00:23 and that they are sort of built on each other,
00:25 you know, they're sort of fit together
00:27 in a sort of framework for total recovery,
00:32 total health and I think that
00:34 the sub message here is that it's not compartmentalized,
00:38 it's all part of a big whole, physical health,
00:41 spiritual health, mental health all go together
00:44 and if you're not complete that recovery
00:46 all through had to be kind of firing on all cylinders.
00:49 You can't have one or you're gonna be out of balancing,
00:51 you're gonna fall back.
00:52 You know, I don't want to scare somebody on this next thing
00:54 but somebody said, imagine your life for a day
00:57 as a pie and there's eight areas
00:59 that need to be nurtured that day.
01:02 So work is one but then play
01:05 and then what you're eating in your body
01:07 and all that kind of stuff and somebody says,
01:08 oh, mine would be all work.
01:10 Well, if that's the truth
01:11 you're gonna find yourself in trouble somewhere
01:14 even if it's just a physical breakdown,
01:17 you're gonna find yourself in trouble.
01:18 If your's is all play,
01:20 you're gonna find yourself in trouble.
01:21 If you're not spending time connecting with God
01:24 and God is really the one
01:26 that's gonna equip you in recovery
01:27 then you're gonna be in trouble.
01:28 If your nutrition, if you're saying
01:30 I'm gonna just do a Big Mac and went to the fast food stuff
01:33 and your nutrition you're gonna be in trouble.
01:35 So that pie in a recovery is so, so important.
01:38 In this season we're gonna be look at that,
01:40 recovery is important these issues are huge
01:43 they're not tiny issues.
01:44 And if we truly breakout of our damage and look at that
01:47 is that we're gonna have to start paying attention
01:50 to the whole package, everything.
01:53 And you know what I just got to say that
01:54 God told me so clearly, the next time
01:56 somebody holds my intestines in their hands,
01:59 I'm gonna lose them.
02:00 Wow!
02:02 And I'm thinking, okay, give me an apple.
02:04 That's like it.
02:05 I get it, I finally get it.
02:07 Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
02:08 That's incredible.
02:10 You know, the balance is so crucial.
02:12 I got a story just today of a person
02:13 whose life was out of balance,
02:15 he was so heavenly to work, lost the job
02:18 and everything that, he falls in that train
02:19 and put a gun to the head and took his life.
02:22 So balance is so important to living well,
02:24 getting well, staying well.
02:26 Amen.
02:27 You know, it's when you talk about
02:28 the guy that took his life in the end
02:30 needed that balance is that we start to come into recovery
02:34 and every single thing is important,
02:36 what we know is important.
02:37 The Word of God and unfolding all that,
02:39 what are the promises,
02:40 what did He say for us to do physically,
02:42 what did He say for us to do as for as our nutrition.
02:45 Does it matter what I think?
02:47 The Bible says take every thought captive.
02:50 Yes. Stop, I mean that's huge.
02:52 Every thought and you know, as I close--
02:54 I just want to say that if the Bible is saying that,
02:57 if we are looking at every thought,
02:59 every thing that we do is important
03:01 and not just stress out about it but not to think that
03:04 it doesn't matter, it does matter.
03:06 You are a child of God,
03:08 you're fighting for this huge thing,
03:10 you're gonna be authentic and real
03:12 maybe for the first time in your life, and enjoy it.
03:14 Do the right thing and make sure
03:17 you get a glass of water and just say,
03:20 this is going in my body maybe for the first time.
03:23 We'll see you this season, well always remember that
03:25 God is crazy about you, me too.
03:27 And even if I sound like your mom,
03:29 this season pay attention to every word,
03:32 every single word
03:33 and they'll make me come find you.


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