Celebrating Life in Recovery

Coming Out of Hiding

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Joanie McCulloch


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00:14 Welcome back. You know Joanie, I'm glad you stayed with me
00:18 for the close of this program because throughout the entire
00:21 program we were talking about the things that you have
00:25 struggled with. And you said a number of times that people that
00:29 were intellectually superior. I don't know of many people in
00:34 my life that loved me in the way that you love me, as good of a
00:40 friend as you are, the way you love even my kids, my husband.
00:44 You know there's an emotional intelligence that you have that
00:48 I think that it's off the chart compared to a lot of people I
00:52 know. The fact that you stepped in. You know, you were talking
00:56 about doing the prayer in the church and stepped and knew that
00:59 you had to do it and let's do some fasting and let's put some
01:03 stuff together. I wish that you would let that just pour into
01:08 your heart that the intelligence you have is spiritual and
01:13 emotional and I love you for it. I want to know, when did you
01:17 start to just relax in Christ?
01:21 Just by reading Steps to Jesus. I love that book. I've been
01:24 through it a number of times and I think I need to start to
01:28 read it again. What I like the most is, what I didn't get for a
01:32 long time was believing. When you pray something, you've got
01:35 to believe it. When he says I love you, you've got to believe
01:38 he loves you. Because I used to think well not me.
01:40 I'm on the other side of the class.
01:43 Yeah. Like I'm on the dumb side over here. He only blesses the
01:47 academically strong and the medium people, but not us.
01:51 Just when I asked for his righteousness to cover me and
01:55 believed that he did. So I love that because now I know he has,
01:58 because people have said stuff to me and I know me and that
02:01 can't be right. It's got to be because his righteousness did
02:05 cover me. And I could ask him to give me victory over sin and
02:10 to believe that he does it. Just believing is huge for me. If I
02:14 ask it, he's going to do it no matter what it is.
02:17 Amen. What was really interesting to me is some of
02:20 those phone calls when I knew that you got it and you believed
02:23 it and there was a freedom in your voice that was like you
02:26 know what, I don't have to compare myself to anybody else
02:29 anymore. I can just relax in the fact that I am so loved, I'm so
02:34 forgiven, I'm so equipped. Whatever God is going to call me
02:37 to do I can do. Thank you so much. I want to just say there's
02:40 a lot of people watching the program and we're at different
02:43 levels, not only of intelligence, emotional
02:46 intelligence, spiritual intelligence, the stuff that
02:49 with the baggage that we carry with us, all that kind of stuff.
02:52 And we're all over the page with that. But I hope what you've
02:56 heard here more than anything else for one there's a God that
03:00 says, Man, I can do it for you. I can bless you, I can fill you
03:04 up. But please hear. It matters how we look at each other.
03:09 It matters how with somebody, taking the time with each other,
03:13 really seeing who that person is, what are their strengths,
03:17 what are their weaknesses. God give me a love for my brothers
03:21 and sisters that I can speak into their lives and not have
03:25 them walk away saying, you know what, I'm not enough. Because
03:29 for each of us, we definitely are enough and I just want
03:34 you to know that anytime, you know, anytime that you want to
03:39 go to God and say, Teach me to believe, help me with my
03:42 unbelief, help me with all of these lies that I've believed
03:44 all of my life and let me surrender them to you.
03:47 He'll do it in a second. And so until next time always remember
03:50 that God is crazy about you! Me too!


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