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Every Heart's Cry

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dannielle Synot


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00:14 Welcome Back. You know some of our journeys
00:16 are incredibly intense like what you're talking about, but Danni
00:21 I love, Dannielle, I love the fact that you know that moment
00:25 with God where he says you know what, I have you in my arms and
00:29 all of that pain that you've dealt with your whole life
00:33 we're going to get through that and you trusted him and
00:38 surrendered to him. I did. I know your mom and I know you
00:43 and your kids and Mark. Kind of update us and bring that to a
00:48 close. Okay, it's been really
00:50 incredible. I actually with my other kids dissociated from
00:54 them and had all that issue about being the perpetrator
00:58 that my mom had been with my kids. But God is so faithful and
01:01 actually has restored all of that relationship with my kids.
01:05 He allowed me to understand my mom and what she went through.
01:08 And because of the healing God's done in me, even though she
01:12 doesn't believe in God, our relationship is healed; we're
01:14 really close. We hang out all the time. She's a great grandma.
01:19 And I watch her with my kids and see that with my kids how
01:24 good a grandma she is. She would have been that with me had she
01:27 been able to. So that forgiveness comes. My dad and I
01:30 speak. He still has his issues but I have relationship with all
01:34 of them. And my stepdad. I've even forgiven him.
01:37 That's incredible. Thank you for being on the program and for
01:41 anybody watching know that as serious as all of our stuff is
01:45 that God is bigger. Danni and I are friends, Danielle and I
01:48 are friends and we really have supported each other even
01:51 through these journeys of how to stay present and how to do all
01:54 that kind of stuff. So we're talking about friendship and
01:58 today trust God first of all. Trust each other. Grab some
02:02 friends, nurture them and until next time always remember that
02:05 God is crazy about you. Me too.


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