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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Shelley Quinn


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:15 For anybody that is interested, you know,
00:17 the book that you're talking about,
00:19 the teaching you're talking about is
00:21 from your book "The Grace Pipeline."
00:24 It is amazing.
00:25 And if you really want to kind of walk through
00:27 how to tap into that there is, in this book,
00:31 a lot of direction on how to get into the scriptures,
00:34 how to really understand who God is
00:37 and what's grace is about and all those kind of things.
00:40 We have talked about your testimony
00:42 little bit about the teaching,
00:43 but you know I know there is
00:45 a lot to this teaching that you put together.
00:48 You wrote the book in like two months.
00:50 God just--I think that you got inspired
00:52 and just disappeared and came out with this book.
00:54 You know, He always does that for me.
00:56 I have to share this with you because
00:58 people used to tell me, oh, you ought to write a book,
01:00 you ought to write a book and I would always say
01:02 I will never write book unless it's for the glory of God.
01:05 And I remember when I wrote "Exalting His Word,"
01:07 which is first book and I thought, wow.
01:10 You know, he reminded me at the last chapter,
01:14 that book was written in 17 days
01:17 and that was just sitting down
01:18 but I was so much into the word all the time
01:20 I didn't have to look up the scriptures.
01:21 They were just all there. Yeah.
01:23 And so I just give God all the glory for that.
01:26 But with this book, I had a 12 page outline,
01:32 a teaching that I did and usually, you know,
01:35 when I'm doing teaching I don't read.
01:36 I've just got a list of scriptures.
01:39 And so God really, He sat me down
01:42 and I took time off.
01:43 I took a leave of absence from 3ABN.
01:45 He sat me down and in 6 weeks, 7 weeks,
01:50 I started and I came out at the end
01:53 with this marvelous teaching
01:55 from the Lord that really ministers to me.
01:58 He taught me so much and it ministers to me.
02:00 So we have few, we have like couple of minutes.
02:04 What can you say to the viewer about this book?
02:08 What is that kind of one thing
02:11 you'd like us to walk away with it?
02:12 I want to share, let me share something
02:13 with you real quick because
02:15 I think one of my favorite sections,
02:17 this is a favorite teaching of mine that the Lord--
02:20 I was trying to understand faith.
02:21 We use these words like righteousness and faith
02:24 and all those different words
02:25 that people are kind of like, what is it mean?
02:28 You know, surrender.
02:29 So I asked the Lord to teach me
02:33 how to have victorious faith.
02:36 And I'm just gonna give you the steps for a quick
02:38 and there is lots of scriptures to support it.
02:40 But step one is "trust."
02:42 We've got learn to trust the Lord.
02:43 That is the foundation and as we trust Him
02:46 with all of our heart
02:47 and not lean on our own understanding,
02:49 but on what the word says.
02:51 Step two is "hope."
02:53 And the Bible says that hope is the anchor of our soul.
02:56 And in the Greek the word hope isn't like, oh, I wish.
03:00 The word hope is eager expectation,
03:03 that you've got this. Amen.
03:04 Step three, is the title "deed"
03:06 knowing that when God promises
03:08 that faith is the assurance
03:10 it's the title deed that you can grab hold of.
03:13 Step four is that "speaking in the spirit of faith."
03:16 It's so important.
03:17 What you speak over your life is so important,
03:20 what you speak into your children's life.
03:22 If it doesn't line up in agreement with the word of God
03:25 you're speaking death into their life.
03:26 You're speaking spiritual death into their life.
03:29 Then step five is "actions of obedience."
03:32 And the Bible actually talks a lot about that
03:34 because faith without actions is what?
03:36 It's dead.
03:38 Step six is to have a "victorious attitude."
03:43 And in the Bible it says in Roman 5:17
03:45 "That those who receive abundance of grace
03:48 and righteousness of Jesus Christ will reign in life."
03:51 And the final thing is to "stand firm."
03:54 So the book is about learning
03:56 how to tap into God's grace pipeline.
03:58 I love that.
03:59 I just have to say it's been incredible having you on.
04:01 Thank you for jumping in.
04:03 Thank you for teaching us that
04:04 and for anybody that's going through recovery,
04:07 it's amazing to me what God as offered us.
04:10 I don't care if you're chemical or non-chemical
04:13 addiction, if you got pressure,
04:14 if you come through craziness
04:16 or drugs or alcohol,
04:18 God says I have the answer
04:19 and I will step in and change everything.
04:21 I will give you life and I love that.
04:25 I love that.
04:26 Until next week always remember
04:27 that God is crazy about you, me too.
04:30 And open the word, figure out what it says
04:32 and apply it to yourself.
04:34 Amen. Amen.


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