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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Shelley Quinn


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:15 We're interviewing-- I had a guest that cancelled.
00:17 And I am at 3ABN.
00:19 So I just walked the hallway and grabbed Shelley Quinn.
00:22 And said "Shelley, can you come?"
00:24 And you've been telling us your story.
00:26 And what--for those that have just tuned in,
00:29 you know, when we look at you
00:31 and we look at you on your set of "Exalting His Word"
00:33 or "On the live" or any of the "Today" programs
00:36 or any of that kind of stuff,
00:37 see you in women's retreats
00:39 going out there as an evangelist,
00:41 you're an author.
00:42 All of that kind of stuff,
00:44 we see this different side of you
00:45 than where you came from.
00:46 You came from some pretty hard places
00:48 with your mom dealing with bipolar,
00:50 sister jumping into drugs.
00:51 You leaving-- not leaving the church,
00:55 'cause you were in-- Oh, but, you know, I did.
00:56 I actually did once. Okay.
00:58 And I'll tell you this is when I said that
01:00 I went into the world for a while.
01:03 I had been taught so long
01:05 that I had to be perfect to be loved,
01:07 not only by my family but by God
01:09 that I finally got to the point that I said,
01:13 "God, I can't do it.
01:14 I'm not perfect. Enough is enough."
01:17 This is too much work. "This is too much work.
01:19 If this is what you require of me, I'll lose." Let me--
01:23 And I'll just leave the church.
01:24 Let me just talk about that for a minute
01:26 because we talk about addictions and we talk about change
01:29 and we talk about chemical and non-chemical addictions.
01:32 What really trashes us and nobody really looks at
01:36 or very few people look at pressure addictions,
01:39 you know, where I'm supposed to be perfect
01:42 or, you know, I've got to control everything.
01:44 All of that kind of stuff and, you know,
01:46 you can put somebody that was born
01:47 and all of that pressure next to an addict.
01:49 And you behave about the same.
01:51 Is there really a pressure addiction
01:53 because maybe that's why
01:54 I'm still kind of-- procrastination is something.
01:57 So we're gonna work on that today. Okay.
01:59 I schedule myself so closely
02:02 that there's always this pressure
02:04 and I really do excel under pressure.
02:07 But it's probably a pressure addiction.
02:09 Well, they say that, you know, that we literally get to a point
02:12 where we operate out of certain level.
02:14 And, you know, the pace is like this.
02:17 And there's something that happens
02:19 in healing from that pressure
02:21 that allows us to surrender and slow down.
02:25 And so I would say with you, Shelley, 'cause I know you
02:27 is that you and Jesus are so--
02:29 you and God are so close that you have
02:31 surrendered probably. Oh, absolutely.
02:33 Yeah, so-- but the pressure growing up,
02:35 a lot of people deal with that.
02:37 They don't look at as an addiction,
02:39 but if you start lining things up
02:42 they almost behaviorally look like an addict.
02:45 Their children tested out
02:47 even psychologically as the addict's child. Wow.
02:50 And so, you know, knowing that
02:52 our behaviors get a little bit skewed
02:55 and we start acting out in addictive ways.
02:58 And that's why recovery is such a good thing.
03:00 It's like how can you take that to God, all of that stuff.
03:04 I am tired.
03:05 And what you said is you said I'm tired and I'm out of here.
03:08 Yeah, with God I did.
03:09 I mean, but the Lord is so loving and so kind.
03:13 No matter how He turn you back on Him,
03:16 He will chase you down.
03:19 I mean His love will just chase you down.
03:21 And when I met J.D. and we married
03:25 and I'm just gonna jump forward because I know
03:27 that we've got such a short time.
03:29 Here I was ill to the point
03:31 that life was not normal at all for 8 months.
03:36 And I remember I went to bed one night
03:39 and I thought, hmm, now I know why you did it, momma.
03:42 And, boy, that thought--
03:44 and what I was referring to is why she tried to commit suicide.
03:47 I wasn't suicidal, but I'd gotten to that point
03:51 where I had that emotional identification with
03:54 why my mother had done that? I can understand.
03:56 And why-- I just want to
03:58 really encourage anyone out there
04:00 who may be feeling suicidal
04:03 or they know someone who's suicidal,
04:05 oh, boy don't do it.
04:07 It's that point of getting hopeless
04:09 and it was just that hopelessness
04:11 that was overwhelming me.
04:14 And a lot of times people who plan to jump
04:17 from a bridge or something, if someone will intervene,
04:21 all it takes is that one time and that one intervention
04:23 and then they'll not be suicidal again.
04:25 But, you know, if somebody talks about suicide
04:27 you definitely want to get them help. Exactly.
04:30 So I'm not thinking about suicide,
04:31 but I'm thinking, you know, I understand why she did it
04:35 because life's not worth living.
04:36 And that's when the Lord--
04:40 I'm not gonna say it was audible,
04:41 but it's the closest thing to audible
04:43 that God really spoke to me that His Word was life to me
04:47 and He set before me life and death choices.
04:49 Choose life, choose to believe His Word, His promises.
04:53 And so I got into the Word of God.
04:55 I began to pray the Word of God back to Him.
04:59 I was speaking the Word of God over my life and still
05:03 after 2 weeks nothing was happening faith-wise.
05:05 And it was like oh, Lord-- you know and I'm struggling.
05:08 You know remember, I can't read really.
05:10 I mean it's a struggle. I'm dizzy.
05:12 I'm so dizzy, I can't focus.
05:14 And then one day God led me to three Scriptures.
05:17 The first
05:20 "That His Word does not return to Him void,
05:22 but it accomplishes
05:23 every purpose for which He sent it."
05:25 And then the other was Jeremiah 1:12
05:28 where God tells Jeremiah, "You're right,
05:31 I'm watching over my Word to perform it."
05:33 And then Romans 4:17 where he says
05:36 "that God who gives life to the dead,
05:37 and He calls things that do not exist
05:39 as though they already do."
05:41 So see God knows--God knows the end from the beginning.
05:45 And so here I've got such an identity crisis,
05:47 but I get into the Word and all of a sudden
05:49 He's teaching me who I am in Christ.
05:52 He's teaching me what His promises are and God healed me.
05:56 It took 4 months, but God healed me.
05:59 And then He began me on this journey where His Word,
06:03 I mean I was like Jeremiah.
06:05 I just couldn't, you know--
06:06 your Word was found and I ate it.
06:08 And it was joy and rejoicing of my heart.
06:11 And so I'm on this journey for a few years.
06:14 Then I kind of started the little backsliding again.
06:16 Then God brings me back
06:18 and He teaches me to press into His presence in prayer.
06:20 Don't you think it's amazing
06:22 that you could-- that you really can get
06:24 that intimate with God
06:25 and then all the sudden you think what happened?
06:28 Where am I right now? Absolutely.
06:30 And I think a lot of us end up going on that journey,
06:32 where it's like where am I right now.
06:35 And I love the fact that you said He goes after us
06:37 and pulls us back. He pulled you back.
06:39 He pulled me back and so He teaches me
06:42 to present to His presence in prayer
06:45 and that's where He taught me how to surrender
06:49 and that's when I knew He was calling me
06:50 to full-time ministry.
06:52 Well, talk about-- what does surrender mean?
06:54 For somebody that doesn't know, how do you surrender?
06:57 You know this is what I always tell people
06:59 when I'm out talking is that if a man--
07:02 you ask a man what surrender means.
07:04 And it's like, oh, boy, you know--
07:06 You give up. It's give up and the war's over.
07:08 And a woman usually it's kind of like,
07:10 ooh, somebody is gonna control me.
07:12 But what God showed me and it is so powerful.
07:15 As He was teaching me this He told me "Child,
07:18 when I call you to surrender,
07:20 I'm not asking you just to do things in your own power.
07:25 It's to rely on Me."
07:26 And He showed me this little bitty sugar ant.
07:28 Next to the sugar ant was this huge elephant.
07:31 And He said "Your limited strength,
07:34 you know, your greatest ability
07:37 could be compared to this little ant,
07:38 whereas My ability is like the elephant's
07:42 and I'm asking you to draw on my power."
07:44 'Cause see God's--
07:46 Offering you all of this. All of this.
07:48 And what we--He'd started teaching me about grace
07:52 and the fact that God's plan is for us
07:57 to be totally dependent upon Him.
07:59 Here I was trying to earn my salvation.
08:01 For joy and for strength and for health and for a life.
08:05 So I think that when somebody says
08:07 to totally rely on God sometimes
08:09 they even just say and do what? Do everything.
08:13 But here's--I was praying and asking the Lord,
08:16 how do I walk in surrender? How do I walk in Jesus' steps?
08:20 And He said you've got to follow the path of His passion.
08:24 Well, think about Christ's passion.
08:25 This was, you know, His crucifixion experience.
08:31 He started in the Garden of Gethsemane.
08:33 Luke 22:42, "Lord, not My will but Yours be done."
08:37 So that's what I pray each morning.
08:39 It's Lord not My will, but Yours be done today.
08:42 Psalm 143:10, "Teach me Your will, Lord,
08:45 lead me by Your good Spirit."
08:47 You know, I want to delight to do Your will, Father.
08:52 But the Bible tells us that it's God who works in us to will
08:55 and do His good pleasure.
08:57 See and we're trying-- we're out here trying
08:59 to lead the Christian life by our own power.
09:02 You got to be kidding.
09:04 You know, we're so easily discouraged,
09:07 dissuaded from doing the right thing.
09:09 So after that Christ went from the garden,
09:12 the next great place was the crucifixion.
09:14 In Luke 9:23, He says,
09:17 "Pick up your cross daily and follow Me."
09:22 And so, you know, in Jesus' day they knew exactly what it meant
09:25 when He said pick up the cross.
09:27 You know, we use it like,
09:28 oh, we've all got our cross to bear.
09:30 Bless their hearts.
09:32 But not--that's a bad illustration of that Scripture
09:36 because in Luke 9:23 when Jesus said
09:39 "if anyone would follow Me pick up his cross daily,"
09:42 they knew that to pick up your cross meant
09:44 you're gonna be crucified.
09:45 So, you know, Paul writes so much about it in Galatians,
09:49 you know, that I've been crucified to the world
09:51 and the world to me and my boast
09:53 is in the cross of Christ.
09:54 And he says that it's Jesus who's living in him now.
09:58 And Paul said I die daily.
09:59 So it's that matter of choosing daily
10:02 whom you're gonna serve.
10:03 It's not the choice between Satan and Jesus.
10:07 It's a choice between self and Jesus.
10:11 So every day we've got to get up and say,
10:12 "Lord, I'm ready to die to self."
10:14 But Romans 8:13 says
10:17 "that it is by the power of the Holy Spirit
10:20 that we put to death the misdeeds of our flesh."
10:23 It takes the two working in tandem.
10:26 I can't put the misdeeds of my flesh to death
10:29 without the Holy Spirit. Right.
10:31 And the Holy Spirit can't do it for me
10:33 if I'm not gonna cooperate.
10:35 So it's this idea of surrendering control
10:38 and saying, "Okay, Lord, not my will."
10:40 But you know what, I still wanna go back
10:41 to this little girl.
10:43 Well, wait, I got-- before you do that,
10:44 'cause the most important step in surrender
10:47 is Jesus didn't stay on the cross.
10:49 He was buried and He came up on resurrection morning.
10:52 And our most important point in surrender
10:55 is every day before we leave the house
10:57 and sometimes it takes more than once a day,
11:00 but like Bryan every day you've got to say
11:02 "Lord, fill me afresh with your Holy Spirit.
11:05 Jesus said in Luke 11:9 "Ask and keep on asking,
11:09 seek and keep on seeking, knock and keep on knocking."
11:12 And then He says in verse 13
11:14 "How much more will the heavenly Father
11:17 give the Holy Spirit to those who ask
11:19 and seek and keep on asking."
11:22 So it's this whole idea
11:24 that if we're trying to do it in our own power.
11:27 Paul said to in Galatians,
11:30 he said "You foolish, Galatians."
11:32 Galatians 3:3, he said "Having begun in the spirit
11:35 are you now trying to perfect your walk in the flesh?"
11:37 Yes, I had been trying. And I am tired again.
11:39 But He taught me to surrender
11:41 and then He started teaching me about His grace. Amen.
11:44 And the Lord just changed my life so much. Amen.
11:47 So your healing happened, it changed your life
11:49 and you start using the Word of God
11:51 in such a powerful way. Yeah. Powerful way.
11:54 And so before we-- I'm gonna open it up for questions,
11:57 'cause I know everybody has questions.
11:59 But you know what I think is the most
12:00 amazing thing about God, 'cause I see that you--
12:04 when you came to God
12:05 you lived under this pressure for years and years and years.
12:09 And there is a part of the promise
12:12 it's from Christ that says "Yoke up with me."
12:14 Literally yoke up with me.
12:16 I want to take that pressure off of you.I
12:17 I have a whole chapter in my new book on that.
12:19 Good. Good. 'Cause it's huge. It is.
12:21 And to me that even though
12:22 God took you into the carrying the cross
12:25 and dying to self and all of that kind of stuff
12:27 is I think sometimes we think dying to self
12:29 as if somehow I'm gonna put myself over here
12:33 and He says you don't even know yourself.
12:35 You've been damaged and living under pressure,
12:37 living in dysfunction. I'm gonna yoke up with you.
12:40 You are gonna walk in this direction,
12:42 but you when you fully see me
12:44 you'll fully see yourself right behind me.
12:46 And can I say something? Yeah. I just want to say one thing.
12:49 What God taught me about grace,
12:51 'cause I had gone from being so legalistic
12:54 and had this devil's snare around my foot on that,
12:58 that then I went to the point of being a little too liberal
13:02 and thinking that grace was just loosey-goosey- do- what-you-want
13:05 type of thing.
13:06 But when God called me to full-time ministry,
13:08 He told me to forget what I think I know
13:10 and come sit at His feet and He would teach me.
13:13 I could just hear Him so sweetly say that, you know. Yeah.
13:17 The amazing thing was that a lot--
13:19 and I had been in part-time ministry
13:21 for 14 years at that time. And I thought I knew God.
13:23 I thought I knew the Bible.
13:25 And He really took me through deep studies.
13:27 And I guess the one thing that I want to make sure
13:30 I say is that as He took me through these deep studies,
13:34 He began opening my eyes to His love.
13:37 And divine love has no equal. I can't explain it.
13:40 But I started seeing
13:43 that God teaches that He in His grace,
13:48 He is going to sanctify us by His grace.
13:52 And the first day that I really understood that
13:54 and it was a day of worship for me
13:56 and I was worshipping the Lord and it was just like,
14:01 you're the one that's gonna do this.
14:03 Amen, all of the pressure is off.
14:04 All the pressure is off me for the first time.
14:07 In your life-- I know
14:08 I had to perform for God. Amen.
14:10 And He taught me. I just want to--
14:14 I would love to kiss Him on the face
14:15 for that moment for you. Amen.
14:16 You have carried everything your life
14:19 and God says "Hon, I'm gonna carry you."
14:21 You know once He told me "Shelley, all these years
14:23 you've cried out for a father and someone's lap
14:26 that you could come to."
14:28 And He said "I've always been here for you.
14:30 Come to me now," you know. Amen.
14:31 So what He taught me
14:33 though was that this love that is so unfathomable,
14:38 if we could only understand the length
14:41 and the width and the height and the depth of God's love,
14:43 everybody's life would be changed. Exactly.
14:45 There wouldn't be anyone
14:47 who didn't come to Christ if they understood this love.
14:51 And it's from God's heart of love,
14:54 it just wells up and it overflows
14:56 and it comes to us through His grace pipeline.
14:59 Grace is behind everything.
15:02 And the Lord showed me that faith is the faucet.
15:06 This is how we tap into the grace pipeline.
15:09 Prayer is how we open the faith faucet.
15:13 Trust is the foundation for prayer.
15:17 Relationship is the foundation for trust.
15:20 So the more we begin to see and understand God's love,
15:24 the more we can respond to Him.
15:25 Because John said we love Him because He first loved us.
15:29 And the more we respond in that love,
15:31 this relationship begins
15:34 and then we begin to really trust
15:36 in the Lord with all of our heart,
15:37 not lean on our own understanding,
15:39 then the prayer of faith grows.
15:42 And as that prayer of faith grows
15:43 we begin to tap in to His grace pipeline.
15:46 But I just have to tell you.
15:48 Do you know what His three greatest gifts of grace are?
15:51 For God so loved the world
15:53 that He gave His only begotten son,
15:56 that whosoever would believe in Him would not perish,
15:58 but have eternal life. Whoever.
16:00 Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of God's grace.
16:04 The Holy Spirit is the second greatest gift of God's grace.
16:09 You know this is the gift.
16:11 He comes and indwells us
16:14 and He has a major role in our sanctification process
16:18 which just merely means setting us apart from sin.
16:21 But then the Word of God
16:25 is His third greatest gift of grace.
16:28 And the Bible tells us in II Peter 1:3, 4
16:32 it says that God has given us everything
16:35 that we need for a good life and godliness.
16:37 And that it is because of His goodness
16:41 that He has given us exceedingly great
16:43 and precious promises so that through these promises
16:47 we partake of His divine nature.
16:49 And we escape the corruption
16:51 that's in the world through lust.
16:53 And to me the first time I read that is that I understood
16:56 why is it that I need to know what this says.
17:00 But if I'm gonna escape that lust, that addiction,
17:03 that craziness, that dysfunction,
17:06 if I'm gonna escape that,
17:07 I really do need to know how I'm gonna do that.
17:10 And like you said I'm gonna do that through the Word,
17:12 through the Holy Spirit.
17:13 I can't do it in my own strength.
17:15 And God wants to pour that into my life.
17:17 You know and what God taught me is if you hunger and thirst,
17:20 I mean if you don't hunger and thirst
17:22 for righteousness, pray.
17:23 Ask him, "Lord give me a hunger and thirst for righteousness."
17:26 So what is righteousness for an addict?
17:28 I mean, you know, we use that term.
17:30 Some people have never heard that term.
17:31 What does that mean? Am I gonna be a priest?
17:34 What are you talking about?
17:35 Okay, righteousness is just
17:38 being in right standing with God.
17:40 It's doing things God's way.
17:42 So the only kind of-- people will say,
17:45 "Do you believe in righteousness by faith?"
17:46 And I'll say "Are you kidding?
17:48 That's the only kind of righteousness there is."
17:50 So what God did through Christ,
17:54 it is Christ's righteousness credited to our account.
17:57 His perfect record of obedience,
17:59 His perfect example, His dying on the cross for us,
18:04 this is what secures for us justification
18:09 which is just a pardon from all of our sins.
18:12 And so that's Christ's righteousness
18:15 and they call that the imputed righteousness.
18:18 I love that stuff.
18:20 We are going to open it up for questions,
18:21 'cause I know if we don't get the questions
18:23 we are going to run out of time.
18:25 And so I'm want to-- I love that. But I love that.
18:29 That's good.
18:30 And, you know, for on a dime for you to come and join us,
18:33 I think you're amazing to be able to that.
18:35 Oh, that is so good. And this has been good.
18:37 I know that Buddy, you had a question. Go ahead.
18:39 Yes, my name is Buddy
18:41 and I had a question for you, Shelley.
18:42 First of all, I spend a lot of time in prison
18:45 and while I was there after a few years,
18:47 I did give my heart to the Lord,
18:49 and I realized I didn't know exactly
18:51 what I was to do, you know.
18:53 It's all about a relationship
18:54 and I kept trying to be in legalism, you know.
18:57 I was--do this, do that, do this.
18:59 And I thought I had to do all these things.
19:01 But then I too was broke to
19:03 where I realized it's a relationship.
19:05 God can do it all. I just follow Him.
19:07 And I want to do the right thing and be right with Him.
19:10 And I heard you say something about
19:11 imputed righteousness. Imputed righteousness.
19:14 Forget the word imputed for right now.
19:16 Just let me say this.
19:17 First, I want to tell you
19:19 grace is the unearned, undeserved gifts of God
19:24 bestowed by God of infinite love.
19:27 But these gifts if it's Jesus Christ,
19:29 the Holy Spirit and the Word, these gifts have divine power
19:34 and supernatural assistance for salvation.
19:37 And righteousness is a term we all need to know
19:40 because Christ is our righteousness.
19:42 The Bible teaches a lot about this.
19:44 Two types of righteousness,
19:45 the first one just means that Christ led a perfect life.
19:50 He obeyed perfectly.
19:52 He died the death we deserve because the Bible teaches
19:57 that the wages of sin is death.
19:59 And Christ came and died for us
20:02 that His perfect record could be credited to our account.
20:06 We were overdrawn.
20:08 There's no way we could ever pay the debt that we owed.
20:12 So Christ's righteousness,
20:15 His right standing with God was deposited to our account.
20:19 But on the other hand-- I like that. Good.
20:22 On the other hand, the second type of righteousness
20:28 is Christ didn't just come to deliver us
20:30 from the penalty of sin.
20:32 He came to deliver us from the power of sin.
20:35 So what He does is He sends the Holy Spirit into us
20:39 and He lives in our hearts by faith.
20:43 And when He lives,
20:44 you know, Ephesians 3:16-20 talks about
20:47 "If only you could know the length
20:50 and the width and the height and the depth of God's love
20:53 and how Christ will live in your heart by faith,"
20:56 and then it says "When you know that God can do exceedingly
21:00 abundantly beyond you could ever ask or imagine."
21:04 And so this whole idea like you said of just saying,
21:08 hey, it's not about me being legalistic.
21:11 Galatians 5:4 Paul says that if we try to earn our salvation
21:16 or if we try to earn our pardon,
21:19 we have become estranged from Christ.
21:22 We're separated from Christ and we've fallen from grace.
21:26 So you can't earn salvation. It's all by grace.
21:28 I love, Buddy, what you were saying is that,
21:31 you know, I'm trying to figure this in--out in jail.
21:34 And when you quoted that Scripture it's beyond
21:38 what I can even hope or imagine
21:39 that God is gonna come in and change our life.
21:41 And when you really have gone to that extreme,
21:44 you've hit rock bottom like that
21:46 and God has to come in and stand up this man of God,
21:49 'cause that's what you are now,
21:51 man of Go stepping out in ministry
21:53 that is really beyond
21:55 what we could hope or dream of or imagine.
21:57 And when you talked earlier about
21:58 He even calls saints as if they are
22:02 and they're not even that yet.
22:03 And so we're looking at all that righteousness.
22:05 All that being of God
22:07 and we are the receivers of that grace. Amen.
22:09 That's amazing.
22:11 I know that, Bryan,
22:12 you were waiting to ask a question.
22:14 Yes, my name is Bryan.
22:16 I've done a great deal of my adult life
22:18 and prison and jail, too.
22:20 And I came to a point that--
22:22 in my last day that I came to a point
22:25 where I tried to do it by my own, you know.
22:27 I went back and forth a little bit
22:29 and then I came to a point where--
22:30 When you say tried to do it by your own,
22:32 you mean living a Christian life?
22:33 Trying to solve my problem by myself without Christ
22:37 and I came to a point where I knew
22:39 that I just couldn't do it by myself.
22:41 I just want to ask you,
22:42 what point in your life did you come to that?
22:44 I mean what made you-- I remember you said earlier
22:46 that you went back
22:48 and forth a couple of times with the--
22:49 See I guess my addiction was perfection
22:51 because I thought that
22:52 that's what would get me acceptance so.
22:56 You finally get to that point
22:57 where you realize I can't be perfect.
22:58 And, you know, you just get weary.
23:00 You just get weary.
23:02 And I realized that I had this relationship with the Lord
23:07 where sometimes I'd feel that I was so close,
23:11 I could feel His heartbeat
23:12 and then other times it would be like
23:14 I'm still trying to do it on my own.
23:16 So when it became real for me was
23:19 I think as I started understanding God's love.
23:22 I realized how much I was hurting Him
23:26 when I wouldn't receive His promises.
23:29 And as I got into the Word,
23:31 James 1:21, I love that Scripture,
23:32 'cause James says that "The word of God
23:36 when it's implanted in our hearts
23:38 has the power to save our soul."
23:40 And so here I realize that God's giving me everything.
23:44 All I've got to do is receive.
23:46 Instead of trying to do it on my own,
23:48 all I've got to do is open up and even in surrender,
23:51 Oh, Lord take my heart, 'cause I can't give it.
23:54 You know I can't do anything on my own.
23:56 But just like an addict,
23:58 somebody that has been a perfectionist her whole life,
24:01 that is so--it takes grace even to be able to do that.
24:06 Oh, ask J.D., 'cause I'm still a perfectionist
24:08 about house cleaning, you know--
24:10 I'm calling him as soon as we're done.
24:12 You know the one thing I try to do is I try never to put
24:15 my perfectionism on somebody else.
24:16 But like it's to me,
24:18 if there's anything out of order in my house,
24:20 it's almost this compulsive thing that,
24:22 you know, I clean my house up really good before we go to bed.
24:24 We get up in the morning and I make a mess
24:26 and I clean it up really good and wash the toilet
24:29 and everything before we go to work
24:30 so we can come home to a clean house.
24:32 And I tell him sometimes, 'cause I try not to make him--
24:37 I try not to control him but he comes in
24:40 and he puts his little messes here and there.
24:42 And I just go behind him
24:43 and put them all up in there proper place
24:45 so that everything is neat. I'm inviting you to my house.
24:48 And, you know-- My house so needs to be clean.
24:51 But I'm thinking like what would happen if I'd had children.
24:54 Would I really let them be children in my home?
24:57 I hope I would have.
24:58 We couldn't have children, which is a whole another program
25:01 I would love to do with you some day.
25:03 But this compulsiveness that a perfectionist has,
25:07 I guess you could say that's an addiction.
25:10 You know an addiction to perfection.
25:12 And what's really, for anybody that's watching
25:13 that is a perfectionist that has lived
25:15 under that pressure has tried to put that pressure on someone.
25:20 God is really calling us to recovery,
25:22 calling us to heal. Amen.
25:24 And so to me I love the way He worked with you,
25:27 especially with that teaching on grace.
25:29 And said, you know,
25:30 "Baby, just relax in my arms, relax in my love."
25:36 And that is powerful.
25:38 And it doesn't mean-- I mean grace doesn't mean
25:40 that we do sit back and do nothing.
25:42 It's that He empowers us to do what He--
25:44 anything that God calls us to be, He will cause us to be.
25:49 You know that's the bottom line.
25:51 He is such--I mean if we could just understand His love.
25:56 Divine love has no equal.
25:59 And it casts out all fear. Yes.
26:01 That all that insecurity, all of that,
26:04 you know-- am I good enough?
26:05 You know when you think about it,
26:07 if divine love casts out all fear,
26:09 what's the opposite of fear? Faith.
26:12 So divine love, the more you know about God,
26:15 Romans 10:17 says, "Faith comes by hearing."
26:18 The more we begin to understand God's love,
26:20 receive God's love and that divine love
26:24 will cast out the fear. Amen.
26:28 Faith will cast out fear. Amen.
26:30 And divine love and faith are just so--
26:33 they are so entwined that you cannot separate them.
26:35 There are so many times, and I know that's true for you,
26:38 where you come to the Word,
26:40 you've got all of this stuff kind of going in your head
26:44 and things are chaotic
26:45 and you come to the Word and you say,
26:47 "I don't even know what I'm gonna study today."
26:49 And God's settles you with His Word.
26:51 And so I think that what most people don't realize,
26:54 especially if they haven't really understood
26:56 God at that level is this is the living Word of God.
27:00 That the Holy Spirit and God literally will speak to us
27:03 through the passages of this book.
27:06 Can I tell you--share something real quick? Yeah.
27:07 Open up to--I'm just gonna chose a book and we'll do Ephesians,
27:10 'cause I just want to show you something,
27:11 because it's not enough just to read the Word of God.
27:14 I think the way we get God's Word into our hearts
27:17 is by really accepting what He's saying
27:22 as a promise to us whether it's a command or a promise.
27:25 Personally. Personally.
27:26 So and, you know, Paul says
27:28 that if we're gonna speak in the spirit of faith
27:31 and there's power of life and death in the tongue.
27:35 So he says "As it is written we also believe
27:38 and therefore we speak in that same spirit of faith."
27:42 We've got to believe what God says in His Word.
27:45 I just want to show you, we'll start with verse 3.
27:48 Every time I hit a promise of God, say "promise."
27:50 Where are we at chapter one?
27:52 We're Ephesians 1, chapter 3. Okay.
27:55 Listen to this "Blessed be the God and Father
27:57 of our Lord Jesus Christ
27:59 who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing
28:01 in the heavenly places in Christ."
28:03 See a promise there?
28:05 Amen. All right.
28:06 When you're reading this, don't just read and keep going.
28:09 Stop and say, "Lord, thank you that,
28:13 you know, I don't see it, but you've already blessed me
28:16 with every spiritual blessing"
28:19 and then you pray it back and tell Him thank you.
28:22 But then you can just say to yourself
28:24 "I am blessed with every
28:26 spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus."
28:28 Sometimes I even stick my name in there.
28:30 Yeah, but, you know, now we'll see,
28:32 now I teach just the opposite.
28:33 And I'll tell you why because we don't go around saying,
28:36 Oh, Shelley looks good in this skirt today.
28:39 When we're talking to our-self we think,
28:41 hey, I look okay, you know.
28:43 So I teach people just to say it's the power of the I am
28:47 that you're saying I am this.
28:50 It says verse 7 "In Him we have redemption through His blood
28:53 the forgiveness of sins
28:54 according to the riches of His grace." Amen.
28:57 Don't just read and keep reading.
28:58 Stop and say "Father"--oh, it's all of them are promises.
29:01 But stop and say "Father, thank you,
29:03 that in Christ I have redemption.
29:06 You've bought me back from the devil.
29:09 I'm redeemed by the blood of Jesus.
29:11 You loved me and I am worth nothing less than
29:15 the price You paid for me."
29:17 And that's true of every person out there.
29:19 You're worth nothing less than the price that Jesus paid for--
29:23 God paid for you with the precious blood
29:25 of His Son, Jesus Christ.
29:27 And He's given us the forgiveness of sins
29:30 according to His riches and grace.
29:33 And you say, "Father, thank you for this,"
29:35 but then speak it and say "I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus.
29:40 I have forgiveness of sins
29:42 according to the riches of His grace."
29:43 It says so. It says so right here.
29:45 It is written and so as you go through the Word of God
29:49 and you're reading, if you're just reading a chapter
29:53 and stopping it's not gonna get into your heart.
29:55 But as you pray it back to the Lord,
29:57 you speak it over your life,
29:58 speaking that spirit of faith that says,
30:01 you know, I may not see that I'm a new creation in Christ,
30:04 but He says I am so.
30:05 Amen. I believe it.
30:06 I'm gonna go ahead and take a break.
30:08 Would you come back and join me for the close?
30:11 Yes, I'd love to.
30:12 We'll be right back and you know what,
30:13 I think this is so important to actually look at the promises
30:17 and know that they are for you and they are huge
30:20 and all of heaven is waiting to pour them into your life.
30:22 We're gonna come back and talk about that.


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