Celebrating Life in Recovery

Smuggling, Selling And Doing Drugs In Prison

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Buddy Williams, Bryan Myers, Lemuel Vega


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:15 Over the years, when I've worked on this program
00:18 with addicts and watching people struggle from lifestyles
00:22 that are like we heard today with Buddy and Bryan
00:26 with their coming out of prison and they really know
00:28 the hustle and they know how to do all that kind stuff.
00:31 But how do you be a Christian?
00:32 How do you be normal?
00:34 How do I get in recovery?
00:35 And years ago, God gave me an idea
00:38 of doing a program for the churches
00:41 or for jails or for the prisons, wherever where you can literally
00:45 walk through kind of that foundational Christianity.
00:48 You know, somebody would say we'll just pray about that.
00:51 When I first came into a relationship with God,
00:55 I'm trying to be normal, I'm thinking what is that mean?
00:58 Just pray about that.
00:59 And I'm thinking, do I just talk to myself?
01:03 Do I just whatever, I didn't even know any of that?
01:05 You know, what is prayer?
01:07 What is all that kind stuff?
01:08 And so through the years, God kept impressing me.
01:11 Put a program together, a program
01:13 that has like I said basic stuff.
01:17 What is repentance mean?
01:18 What is forgiveness mean?
01:20 What is prayer mean? Who is God?
01:22 I mean all that kind of thing and so when we first at
01:24 "Celebrating Life in Recovery,"
01:26 I don't know if you remember the first season
01:28 as we went through "Steps to Christ."
01:29 And "Steps to Christ" was a book that I had gotten
01:32 in the early stages of my work
01:35 that just walk me through that. Who is God?
01:37 How incredible, but that the creative of the universe
01:41 cares about me and my recovery?
01:43 Who is Jesus?
01:44 What is His death mean to me?
01:47 What is repentance?
01:48 What is it actually mean to be sorry enough
01:51 not only to quit, but to turn my life around?
01:53 So we put a program together and it was really interesting
01:56 as I use "Steps to Christ."
01:58 I use the whole 13 chapters of "Steps to Christ"
02:02 and all of that kind of stuff and I went
02:05 and did a week-to-week teaching using all of the testimonies
02:11 that we have on this program because
02:13 we have incredible testimonies on this program.
02:15 We have met folks that have really done some,
02:18 I think, some things that are just mind-boggling
02:21 as far as stepping out of their addiction,
02:23 out of their junk, into a powerful relationship with God
02:27 and they're changing the world around them.
02:28 I mean it literally is amazing.
02:30 So we took parts of those testimonies
02:33 at every week of this program,
02:36 did video clips with that, got them on DVDs.
02:39 So that you can in your groups
02:41 show the DVD 10-15 minute clip of a testimony,
02:44 go through the chapter of "Steps to Christ."
02:48 We actually have "Steps to Christ"
02:49 rewritten in a recovery of language still as anointed
02:53 as it's ever been by talking about like I said, who is God?
02:58 Who is Christ? What is repentance?
03:01 What is prayer? What is forgiveness mean?
03:04 What is that, you know, what about,
03:05 I know that God forgives me.
03:07 And I know I also have to forgive someone else.
03:09 And so we covered all of that kind stuff in 13 weeks.
03:13 On the 14th week, celebrate your recovery.
03:16 Then jump into another class
03:18 doing Bible study whatever you need.
03:20 But right know, if you are in a place
03:22 where you need recovery, if you have somebody
03:24 that's coming into your church, that they're just coming out
03:27 of jail or they're just coming off the streets
03:29 or they're coming out of a crazy lifestyle, have a group.
03:32 Put a thing together for them to literally learn basic stuff,
03:38 stuff that you already know.
03:39 We don't know.
03:41 When we first walk into door we don't know anything.
03:43 And so put a group together.
03:44 If you're interested in this program,
03:47 man, call us, email us.
03:49 Go to our website truestep.org and really bring us in.
03:56 We'll teach you how to run it.
03:57 We'll teach you how to do this.
03:58 And when you put a program like this together in a church
04:02 you'll give somebody a foundation
04:04 that can't be rocked.
04:05 It just can't be rocked.
04:07 And that's what my hope is for this program
04:09 for you and your recovery, is getting the word,
04:12 getting a group, get around people that adore you
04:16 and can support you.
04:17 Learn what God wants to teach you about
04:20 who you actually are because you're not a druggie,
04:22 you're a child of God.
04:24 You know, He wants you to love
04:26 that and be okay in your own skin.
04:29 So man, I want to thank you for joining us.
04:31 Thanks for listening to the testimonies today
04:33 and until next time always remember
04:35 that God is crazy about you, me too.


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