Celebrating Life in Recovery

Smuggling, Selling And Doing Drugs In Prison

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Buddy Williams, Bryan Myers, Lemuel Vega


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:16 We're talking about, you know,
00:17 I'm supposed to be out of prison.
00:19 You know how do we do that in a psychological sense.
00:22 And God finds us in the darkest places
00:25 and nothing scares Him.
00:27 He's bigger than all of that
00:29 and that's my favorite part of recovery
00:31 and recovery stories and testimony.
00:33 So we were talking to Buddy.
00:34 Buddy's bringing his friend Bryan up.
00:36 But I'm looking at the cafe
00:37 and I want to just say hi to everybody.
00:39 My friend from Australia is here.
00:41 We've got Abigail here with us.
00:43 And we got Lemuel.
00:44 Lemuel, you do prison ministries
00:46 and you know these guys.
00:48 So I want to make sure that I say hi to you.
00:50 And what do you think about what we're talking about?
00:52 You know what, it's so cool to be here.
00:54 I really appreciate the opportunity.
00:55 You know when I was in prison, Cheri,
00:58 I wanted to reach out
00:59 and share with the people in the world
01:01 to not come the way I came.
01:03 You know and that desire of what these brothers are doing,
01:06 they've been locked up, they've been there
01:08 and so now they're bringing true freedom.
01:10 They're bringing it full circle.
01:11 They're come full circle from being a convict and an inmate,
01:14 like you were a heroin addict.
01:16 Now you're sharing hope with the world.
01:17 These brothers go consistently back to the county jail
01:20 where they started their journey to prison
01:23 to share hope with all those young people.
01:25 And they don't get discouraged
01:26 when they see the same guy coming back again.
01:28 You know they don't say, "Hey, I told you,
01:30 you know, you didn't get it right."
01:31 And so they're sharing the love of God in real terms.
01:34 So it's just really huge. It's a blessing.
01:37 It's absolutely incredible.
01:38 And thank you for joining us in the cafe.
01:40 It's a blessing to be here.
01:42 So, Buddy, you were talking about,
01:43 you know, that moment where you knew
01:46 that God had stepped in and that you had surrendered.
01:50 But you-- you're still in solitary.
01:53 You know what I mean? I'm still there.
01:55 And so I want you to tell us how--
01:57 what God--how God got you from there to here
02:00 and then introduce Bryan, 'cause you guys have a ministry
02:03 and I would love to hear Bryan's--
02:04 a little bit about Bryan's story
02:06 and definitely about what you're doing now
02:08 and the passion of your heart.
02:09 All right.
02:10 Yeah, when I was at the Supermax
02:13 like I said I surrendered my all
02:15 and I knew I couldn't do it myself.
02:18 And I had to just give in and I did.
02:21 I thank God that I did because I--
02:25 where else could I go like I said.
02:27 But you never let anyone have control in your life.
02:30 I mean, you know, I'm thinking about this kid,
02:31 that says I am actually in control and I'm gonna do it
02:34 and I'm gonna run the program
02:35 and I'm gonna play the system
02:37 and I'm gonna come in and do all those kind of stuff.
02:39 And now you have a God that says
02:41 I want you to surrender that to me.
02:44 That could not have been an easy step or was it?
02:48 Were you that broken?
02:49 I was so broken that I had no peace.
02:52 I mean I was so miserable that I knew
02:54 that my next step was death.
02:56 So I had to turn to Him.
02:58 And I thank God for the people that were praying for me.
03:01 So I gave it all to Him and I just said,
03:04 "Lord, here, I'm a mess, clean me up."
03:07 And when I did that it was just a burden left me.
03:11 I mean I knew that He was in control.
03:13 I was no longer in control and I knew it.
03:15 Did you feel, when you turned it over to God
03:18 did you feel any sort of condemnation?
03:21 I have to say that I knew the Word enough to know
03:26 that no matter what I've done that He had forgiven me.
03:29 And I knew that and He will.
03:31 No matter what we've done, He forgives us.
03:32 So I knew, 'cause I was raised in a church.
03:35 So I knew that He had forgiven me
03:38 no matter what I've done once I give it to Him.
03:41 So condemnation, no.
03:42 The devil would try to get me into condemnation
03:44 but I knew I was free.
03:46 I was--my sins were wiped away and I knew it.
03:49 So I thank God that He is a loving God
03:52 and He put that love in my heart and I started loving others
03:55 that I despised and everything, my desires started changing.
03:59 And then I ended up-- they moved me from there
04:01 to different maximum security prisons there in Virginia.
04:04 I went to three more--two more and then they moved me back.
04:09 Finally I was there 5 years, moved me back to Indiana.
04:12 The Lord knew what was gonna happen.
04:15 See, so I went back
04:17 and it was just so much of a coincidence I guess.
04:21 I go there to this prison, they move me back to Indiana
04:24 and there all the main people that I'd dealt with,
04:27 there they all started coming.
04:28 So it was like a setup. Exactly, they know you.
04:30 We're gonna hustle again. Right.
04:31 And they're there at this exact prison.
04:34 I mean the main people and here I am
04:36 and yeah, they're coming to me.
04:37 And, you know, hey, Buddy, what's up?
04:39 And, you know, and I'm--
04:40 but I had to let him know right off, here is what's up.
04:43 I'm a changed man. That's no longer--
04:45 But they say. It's like that's no longer who I am.
04:47 Right, and then a lot of people say that,
04:50 you know, but you got--
04:51 they got to see it themselves
04:52 and then they seen it and they realized
04:54 hey, he's for real and they respected that.
04:56 So the Lord knew I had to get rooted and grounded which I did.
05:00 I stayed in the Word and I had some guys
05:03 that really helped me out a lot
05:04 and while I was there in Virginia.
05:06 And so I got rooted and grounded.
05:08 I didn't go and stand those temptations,
05:11 'cause I had--I was rooted, I was grounded, you know,
05:14 'cause, man, the devil comes,
05:16 he comes to try to take that Word out of you
05:18 before it gets too deep.
05:19 'Cause he knows once it gets so deep he's lost it, right?
05:23 Somebody says to me,
05:24 why in recovery do I need to get into the Bible?
05:27 And I tell them, 'cause that's where the promises are.
05:30 That's where your strength's gonna come from.
05:32 When the--when God says, "I will lift your head.
05:35 I will sing over you while you sleep.
05:38 I forgive your sins. Confess to me.
05:40 Ask me anything," all that kind of stuff
05:42 as if we don't know-- it says it in there
05:44 if we don't know what Christ did,
05:46 what His blood covers, the sacrifice He made for us
05:48 then we don't know to hold on to it when we're struggling.
05:52 And so what you said I think
05:53 is one of the most important things in recovery is
05:56 I got to know what it says, not what somebody tells me.
05:59 It says open the book, read it myself.
06:02 And then I can stand against anything
06:04 that the devil's gonna throw at me,
06:06 anything that my own addictive thinking
06:09 and addictive head is gonna throw at me,
06:11 'cause I can go to the Word
06:12 and just recite it as I'm being changed.
06:14 Yeah, that's what it's about, is renew your mind
06:18 and that's what I had to do and so I was in the Word deep
06:22 and I was ready to withstand any temptation that come my way.
06:26 So while I'm there in Indiana I ended up getting out,
06:30 I stayed about another year and a half,
06:32 so a total of about 22 years in institutions.
06:35 I got out on parole. I get out off parole.
06:39 I did 2 years parole and then while I'm on parole
06:43 the miracle is I ended up going to the jail
06:46 and they allowed me to go down there to do jail ministry
06:48 and I was in my own parole. No way.
06:50 Because usually on parole they don't let you.
06:51 Right. Yeah, so that's a miracle in itself.
06:54 So I go down there.
06:55 They knew, you know,
06:57 the Lord let them know that I was a changed man
06:59 and that they knew that I can give hope to the others
07:03 there because they knew how I was.
07:04 And those same guys, you know,
07:07 they're going through the same things I was and there is hope.
07:10 So they allowed me. And you speak that language.
07:12 I mean you speak their language.
07:13 They know that you're from the same place.
07:15 And is that where you met Bryan?
07:16 Yes, I knew Bryan from before
07:18 when I was out in '89
07:20 for the 5 1/2 months, I explained to him.
07:22 I had met him then.
07:24 Yeah, he was down in the jail
07:25 when I started doing jail ministry
07:27 and I got to see him down there and speak to him.
07:30 And he was coming to church services
07:31 and that's where I ran into Bryan again.
07:34 So, Bryan, what's your story?
07:35 My name is Bryan. I had a good childhood.
07:40 I mean both parents, you know,
07:42 wealthy parents I mean a great childhood.
07:44 I started drinking about 15 and got let into just
07:49 drinking more and more and more and then--
07:52 'Cause when you started it was just,
07:53 I'm just gonna party. Right.
07:54 Yeah, I didn't even do any drugs to start off.
07:57 I just drank. I hated drugs.
07:59 And then I started experimenting little bit
08:03 with some drugs here and there,
08:04 some weed and then I got end up to weeding
08:08 and doing coke and stuff like that.
08:10 And then I had something happen in my life.
08:12 My girlfriend died in a fire
08:15 and it changed my life, you know.
08:18 I mean then I started really getting into deep drugs
08:22 and it just went haywire, you know.
08:25 I started shooting drugs, you know, anything,
08:27 I can get coke mostly on it, just out of control with it.
08:31 There's a point in our addictions
08:33 that sometimes we're out there partying,
08:36 we're out there using but when we're trying to mask pain,
08:39 we have to kick up the level
08:41 of what we put in our body way high.
08:44 And so it sounds like after her death,
08:46 you just--it's like I just need to escape.
08:48 I'll just take whatever. Right, right.
08:50 It just kept getting more and more,
08:51 but you know how that goes.
08:53 I mean you do a little bit to kill the pain
08:54 or kill the thoughts of your mind.
08:56 And then it has to become more and more and more.
08:58 Then I started going to prison.
09:01 I got arrested and jailed a few times.
09:03 Then I went to prison. I got out.
09:06 Then my--I got my younger brother into it, you know,
09:11 and then he ends up dying OD'ing in 2002.
09:16 Then I'm in and out of prison,
09:18 you know, 12 years old.
09:19 Is there a point in your life that you just thought,
09:22 you know, if I hadn't lead him in there,
09:24 into this lifestyle would he still be alive?
09:27 Did you deal with any of that stuff?
09:29 Up until the day I understood what Jesus--
09:31 how Jesus is, you know,
09:32 up until that day, 4 years, 5 years,
09:35 6 years ago, you know,
09:37 up until then I carried the guilt, you know.
09:39 I mean, you know how the devil is.
09:41 He weighs you down with it. Right.
09:44 And I'm in and out of prison, you know, in and out.
09:47 And then I get out and I am sitting there
09:53 and I decide to give up with the shooting the drugs
09:58 and the drinking but I'm still eating a bunch of pills.
10:00 Well, then I'm working 7 days a week and I get back in.
10:06 Alas, I made a mistake and I let somebody come over
10:10 and I used to make a lot of drugs, you know, meth
10:13 and he wanted to make some
10:14 and I wanted to get some of the product,
10:16 the meth to trade for pills, you know.
10:18 And it all went haywire.
10:21 And I ended up in jail and I was sitting there
10:24 and I'm facing 50 years, you know, and--
10:28 Wow, 50 years. Yeah.
10:30 You're gonna--you're thinking you're gonna die in there.
10:33 Right, and the way that I was, you know,
10:36 I thought, man, this can't go on like this.
10:41 So I decide--I was raised in church as a 14 year--
10:47 like 14 years in church
10:49 so the seed was in there, you know.
10:50 Thank God, thank God my parents did that for me
10:53 because, you know, when we go to do ministry
10:55 we're in together, you know,
10:57 people are like "are you doing any good, you know?"
10:59 Nobody is--it's not really any affects.
11:02 It's like--but it is because we're planting seeds,
11:04 you know, and those seeds will prosper
11:06 and they will come forth someday.
11:07 You know the Bible says that, you know.
11:10 And you knew that because of your own life.
11:13 Because my life was like that
11:14 and Buddy's life was like that, you know.
11:15 It was planted in there and when we hit rock bottom
11:18 then the seed came forth, you know.
11:21 We knew where to go. We knew where to turn.
11:22 We turned to the Lord.
11:24 When you hit rock bottom and you've been there you know
11:27 that there's nowhere to go.
11:30 You can't run anymore.
11:32 So you're sitting there and decide--did you pray?
11:35 Did you just say, "God, you know, I'm done?"
11:38 Yeah, I prayed to Him and I thought, you know,
11:42 man, whatever-- 'cause I had so much anger,
11:46 so much hostility, so much animosity
11:49 built up inside of me, you know,
11:50 that I just wanted something different, you know.
11:54 And I thought, you know what,
11:55 even if I don't get out I don't care.
11:56 You know, I mean I just want to be free.
11:59 I want to get free on the inside.
12:00 And I just prayed, you know, and I thought, man,
12:03 if I can just keep these Ten Commandments in my life,
12:07 you know, 'cause I didn't know anything
12:08 about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
12:10 I just knew that--
12:12 He started with me with the Ten Commandments.
12:14 He said pay attention to these.
12:15 These will set you free.
12:17 Don't lie, don't steal,
12:19 don't sleep around, put Me first.
12:21 And it was like all of a sudden--
12:22 I think that He starts with us
12:24 some times with that kind of stuff,
12:27 'cause we don't know about relationships.
12:28 Who taught you about relationships?
12:30 You know anything about, you know, I just thought,
12:32 man, if I could just--
12:33 if I just keep these Ten Commandments,
12:35 you know, I'll never come back.
12:36 When I do get out some day, I'll never come back.
12:39 And then as I started reading the Bible, you know,
12:42 I found out that it's not just a book.
12:45 If you look at it like that it is a book
12:46 but if you've realized that there's--it's a life.
12:49 You know what I mean?
12:50 If you realize that the Jesus Christ is the Word--
12:52 The living Word of God. Amen.
12:54 Then you start to realize hey, there's hope in here, you know.
12:59 There's more to it than just a book.
13:01 It's actually living Word, you know.
13:03 And we just start-- I started praying,
13:07 reading and reading and then--
13:10 I love--I was doing Proverbs one time.
13:13 And it said beware of the person that wants to,
13:16 like wants to invite you into their house to party
13:19 or to be loose or do whatever and I'm thinking, you know,
13:23 I was surprised that how many things in the Bible--
13:26 beware of the person that winks their eye at you.
13:28 Don't go over here, there's somebody that's actually
13:31 hustling or planning evil.
13:32 But there is a lot of stuff that was in there
13:34 that I didn't know as an addict
13:37 that I thought how cool was that, you know.
13:39 So even Old, New Testament
13:40 you will find things in there to live your life by.
13:43 So you literally turn it over, start changing in jail.
13:49 You come in and you're meeting with him.
13:52 Did you meet with him while he was still in jail?
13:54 Yes, I was going with the chaplain there
13:58 doing jail services with him at first
14:00 and then I ended up getting my own services after that,
14:04 but yeah, I was there seeing him.
14:05 He was coming to the church services.
14:07 So, you know, I'm gonna guess that you didn't get 50 years.
14:12 No, I didn't. You're here.
14:13 Do you know what that means?
14:15 That's another part of the testimony
14:17 that how good God is, really is, you know,
14:20 because when I go to court the first day
14:22 and it's called an arraignment.
14:23 They're reading off my charges and the prosecutor says
14:26 up to 20 years this charge carries.
14:28 The judge says. "I'm gonna give you 50 years."
14:30 Oh, no, he said, and the judge said,
14:32 "The only plea I'll accept from you Mr. Myers
14:35 is if you plead to 20 years,
14:36 I'll take no other plea bargains."
14:38 And the prosecutor is like,
14:39 "No I won't file. I bet you. I'll give you 50."
14:42 So I'm like okay, you know.
14:45 Because they know-- they know you.
14:47 They know your history, they know your record.
14:49 It's not this is not the first time you've been in court.
14:52 There had been one and it was for meth.
14:54 So I mean and they've been wanting to give me
14:56 for a lot of years for they just couldn't, you know.
14:58 And so when they got me there were--it was gonna be over
15:02 and I fought it for like a year, almost two years.
15:06 But see how good God is that He works it out,
15:08 that the same prosecutor and the same judge,
15:11 almost 2 years later the Lord touches the prosecutor's heart
15:16 and he just hands me 5 1/2 year plea bargain.
15:20 Because he knows the changes that happened.
15:22 He can see them.
15:24 And it's amazing to me, 'cause I've worked with people
15:26 in the court systems since I've been in recovery
15:28 and they said, sometimes when somebody
15:30 surrenders to God and that change happens
15:32 you could see it in every, every cell.
15:35 You could just see it. You know it's real.
15:37 And they know that you were changed.
15:39 Yeah.
15:41 Well, mostly the Lord, you know, I just--
15:44 I think He touches, softened his heart,
15:46 you know, because He hadn't seen the change yet.
15:49 I mean and he thought I was just saying that,
15:51 you know, that I had changed my life.
15:53 And I go on to prison and I get out--
15:58 well, when I'm in prison
16:00 and I'm getting ready to get out I meet this guy, Jay.
16:02 He's a pastor in West Fulham.
16:04 He was like "What do you want to do when you get out?"
16:06 I said "I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
16:08 I'm gonna go back down in the jail
16:09 and I'm gonna be part of the ministry."
16:10 He's like "Well, that's awesome.
16:12 I hope you can, you know, but, you know,
16:14 you have to wait 2 years before you can go back
16:16 into an institution after release."
16:18 And I said, "No,
16:20 the Lord really put on my heart that's what I'm gonna do."
16:22 He's like "All right, all right."
16:24 I think that God has a plan. Yes.
16:26 And it's weird when you feel that,
16:28 from your bottom of your heart you think, you know,
16:30 I know that that's the way it's supposed to be,
16:31 but I believe that God is gonna call me to stand here.
16:35 That's what I said.
16:37 I said I believe
16:38 the Lord's gonna open up the door
16:39 because that's what He's telling me.
16:41 And a week after I am out I'm going back down to the jail.
16:44 And how did that happen because that's unheard of?
16:46 It really is unheard of,
16:48 because they don't want you sneaking drugs in.
16:49 They don't want you playing all that kind of stuff.
16:51 They know that that's really common.
16:53 So they really have those timelines
16:55 to avoid people doing that kind of hustle.
16:58 And yet they said, "Go ahead,"
17:01 because they bought the fact that you have changed.
17:04 Yeah.
17:06 The jail commander, you know, and the chaplain,
17:10 they're like man, this guy has changed.
17:13 So in the--we have like 5 minutes left.
17:17 So and I would love to just stay on
17:19 everybody's story because I-- my favorite thing,
17:22 most favorite thing is God's grace.
17:24 The fact that He looks at us, we are guilty as sin.
17:28 We deserve all of the punishments
17:30 that come our way.
17:31 We should not be welcome back into the society
17:34 and God says, "I want you to leave all of that behind.
17:36 I want to cover everything that you've done
17:38 with the blood of Christ and I want to show you
17:41 who I created you to be originally
17:42 and you are going to stand
17:44 in the presence of a holy God full of joy."
17:47 And I just think how does he do that.
17:49 I would love to stay on that
17:50 but I want to cover your ministry,
17:52 Buddy, and even your shirt that you wore,
17:55 "I seek the Most High," you know,
17:57 instead of "I seek to get high."
17:59 You know I love that and you designed that
18:03 because that's your heart right now.
18:04 Yes. So what is your ministry?
18:08 How did you form it? Tell us a little bit about it.
18:12 Educate us on what you're doing. All right.
18:14 I started--I was with chaplain for about a year.
18:19 Then I asked him could I do my own and they said yes.
18:22 So I just started going every week
18:24 down to the jail on Sunday to do services
18:28 and then there in a week's time
18:30 I get to go and talk to the guys,
18:31 call him out and get with them personally.
18:34 And then Bryan, he started coming with me,
18:39 probably about 3, 3 1/2 years ago.
18:42 Did you think they were gonna okay him when he just got out?
18:46 Well, here's another miracle, I mean,
18:48 because I was thinking, you know,
18:50 you always think, ain't no way.
18:51 That's against the rules, that's against--but,
18:53 you know, God worked it out.
18:55 He knew it's for real
18:56 and He knew that he could be a help there
18:58 and me and Bryan's good teammates together.
19:00 We can relate to a lot of guys
19:03 and the Lord's really used us down there.
19:05 He turned our misery into our ministry.
19:08 That's the way I look at it.
19:10 All of our past, so no matter what we've done,
19:12 you know, God can turn that around
19:14 and make good out of it
19:15 and that's what He's doing in our life,
19:16 'cause we can reach those.
19:18 And for people that are watching
19:19 you have had times of remorse.
19:22 So I mean if you could have changed that
19:23 you would change all that.
19:25 So it's not that you're saying it's no big deal.
19:27 God is just saying, "I have carried it for you.
19:30 I died to take that weight for you."
19:32 And it's not fair, it's not--
19:34 you know I don't understand it myself
19:36 but He said it's not that that stuff didn't matter.
19:39 But the penalty went to Christ
19:42 and you were given the righteousness of Christ.
19:44 And He said, stand in that righteousness
19:47 regardless of what anyone says,
19:48 regardless of what the devil himself says.
19:50 I need you to stand. And that's powerful, powerful.
19:54 Now you're going and taking that message into someone else.
19:57 You are-- you're even non-profit,
20:00 I mean all of that kind of stuff
20:02 or you-- did you do all that?
20:04 No, we just--it's just that we go down there
20:07 and do church volunteer, you know.
20:09 We go and then I ran into Lemuel and he's really blessed us.
20:14 The Lord has used him and us to get together.
20:17 He's let us come and go with him to prison
20:20 and we're possibly going to be going to some other prisons.
20:25 And it's just a blessing to be able to go back where you were
20:28 and to go in and say "Hey, you can make it, too.
20:31 If I can do it, if Bryan can do it,
20:32 you can do it." Exactly.
20:34 When you go in, Bryan, and you look at somebody,
20:38 how do you convince them that you know them?
20:41 Well, I mean because the language that you talk,
20:44 you know, that I talk and Buddy talks and he talks,
20:47 you know, it's different, you know.
20:49 And so they can feel what we're saying
20:52 and they know we can feel what they're saying.
20:54 So when we tell them, you know,
20:55 there is hope, man, we were there.
20:56 You know I was once in that hole, you know.
20:58 Someone showed me how to get out.
21:00 And I now feel joy.
21:02 And now I'm full of peace
21:03 instead of hate, animosity, anger.
21:06 Now it's peace and nothing beats that, you know.
21:08 There's nothing you can own everything in the world
21:11 but if you don't have peace it's meaningless.
21:13 You know to me because I've done prison ministries too
21:17 and being able to look at you
21:19 and say good on you for doing that.
21:22 God bless you for doing that.
21:23 You know 'cause there are people from their very birth
21:27 that have struggled with all kinds of things,
21:30 struggled with all kinds of dysfunctions at home.
21:33 And, Buddy, you were talking about
21:34 my dad's in and out of prison, escaping,
21:37 all of that kind of stuff
21:38 and we were set up almost, some of us from birth,
21:42 to live out the very lives that we lived out.
21:44 And yet somebody is saying right in front of you
21:48 that you don't have to. You don't have to.
21:51 There is a escape hatch.
21:53 There is a God that cares
21:54 and literally can restore you to sanity
21:56 and you're saying you got to trust that.
21:59 And it sounds like you wouldn't do anything else right now.
22:04 Right. I feel content.
22:06 God's got a plan and I want to follow it,
22:08 'cause I've been off track and I want to get back on track
22:11 and do His will and have fun doing it, you know.
22:15 Live a life and be excited about it.
22:18 That's what it's about.
22:19 I want to say thank you for coming on.
22:22 Is there anything if I ask you to just look at the camera
22:25 and say something to somebody watching,
22:27 'cause they show this program in prison,
22:29 what would you say to them?
22:31 I would say, no matter what you've done,
22:34 no matter what you've got yourself into,
22:36 there is hope, no matter where you're at today.
22:39 Man, I tell you, I've been there
22:41 and the Lord Jesus Christ can help you through anything.
22:44 Yeah, you may not be able to get up out of where you're at
22:47 but spiritually you can.
22:50 You can still have joy in a Supermax prison.
22:52 No matter where you're at, no matter what you've done,
22:55 the Lord Jesus Christ, He will forgive you
22:57 and you will have joy and peace and you can make it.
23:00 No matter what, the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way,
23:03 the only escape that I've found.
23:05 And I tell you I will not regret it for nothing.
23:08 I wish I'd started sooner, but I tell you, man,
23:12 that is the way. God is good.
23:14 And how long have you been out?
23:16 I've been out 6-- a little over 6 years,
23:19 almost 6 1/2 years.
23:20 That's different than 5 months. Yes.
23:23 This is the word record here. Yeah, amazing.
23:25 We're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back
23:27 and I'm gonna show you a program that we wrote
23:29 for this very person coming in the building
23:32 that needs to know everything.
23:34 Stay with us.


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