Celebrating Life in Recovery

This Hood Of Ours Ministry, Part 2

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Jasahn Larsosa, Johanahn Larsosa


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Program Code: CLR000105C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:04 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:16 You know, this whole hour has been
00:19 talking about testimonies that are pretty intense.
00:22 Stories that are pretty,
00:24 you guys have been through as kids,
00:25 you've been through the fire.
00:27 You literally have gone in and out of areas
00:31 that most of us will never even understand.
00:34 But I know that there is somebody watching right now
00:36 that does understand and does know
00:39 what it feels like to be that kid.
00:41 Does know what he feels like to be in that community
00:43 where they're looking around and they're only out,
00:45 it's their only option is to jump in
00:48 and learn how to survey there.
00:49 To get the weapon into school all that kind stuff.
00:52 If you could talk to that kid about who you are today,
00:55 about what you know today,
00:57 what would you say to him or her?
00:58 I'd say probably even at the young age
01:03 that they may be figure out
01:05 what it is that you really care about,
01:07 you know, what's inside you that really moves you?
01:12 Well, what are the issues that really concern you?
01:15 Whatever that is, no matter what the grown ups tell you,
01:17 no matter what you teachers tell you,
01:19 commit your energies to that.
01:21 Devote your energies to that, and trust God,
01:24 and your life will mean something.
01:27 You know, I love this testimony
01:29 and I love the fact of starting the organization,
01:31 which could make a difference in the community
01:34 and I think that what makes me proud of God is fact
01:38 that He gets us to from such dark places and, you know,
01:42 a lot of the viewers know I was homeless
01:45 and all that kind of stuff and strung out.
01:47 And He gets us from these dark places
01:49 and literally cleans us up.
01:52 Shows us who we were created to be,
01:54 what our gifts are, how we can use the very things
01:57 that used to get us into all of that mess
02:00 and actually come in as a ministry and reach out
02:05 into the life of someone else.
02:06 Going into communities and changing communities
02:09 for the next kid has either a garden
02:11 to go to or a basketball court or he doesn't have to look
02:14 at burned out houses every time he turns around.
02:16 That is absolutely the coolest thing I have ever heard.
02:20 And for me in my recovery it's not enough
02:24 just to quit because a lot of us will do that.
02:27 Quitting the drugs, quitting the substances,
02:29 quitting, dealing quitting,
02:30 all that kind stuff is the first step
02:32 and we've talked about this before.
02:34 It's like buying a ticket to a movie,
02:36 it's not the movie it's a ticket.
02:39 You know, so, you know,
02:40 you step into that and then you look up
02:42 and you just literally ask God what next?
02:46 What you gonna do with all these?
02:48 And I am telling you He will wow you with
02:50 what's next because He as plan for all our lives.
02:54 Every single one of us.
02:55 And nobody is His favorite kid.
02:57 Nobody has more gifts than the next person.
03:00 All of us are different and He just says
03:02 you ask me that question what's next.
03:05 You bring all of this stuff to the table and start to surrender
03:08 this to me and I will wow you.
03:12 I have in Jeremiah it says,
03:13 "I have future and a plan for you to give you hope.
03:16 Not to bring evil into your life,
03:18 not to trash you, but to stand you up,
03:21 and one of these days you're gonna be standing in the middle
03:24 of your own life in your own skin saying, "shut up.
03:29 How cool is this?"
03:31 And you're gonna be the person that is going to be doing
03:34 the right thing and a good thing.
03:37 Until next week, always remember
03:39 the God is crazy about you, me too.


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