Celebrating Life in Recovery

This Hood Of Ours Ministry, Part 1

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Johanahn Larsosa, Krystal Robinson


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Program Code: CLR000104C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:16 You know, this whole program we're talking about
00:17 how God just steps into our lives
00:19 and takes us from one place to the next.
00:22 And literally, some times that is a huge jump.
00:26 Like, Po, I loved the fact that you were talking about,
00:31 you know, that God steps in, changes your life.
00:33 You're even baptized but it's almost shamed,
00:37 ashamed to come back to your family
00:39 and say this is who I am.
00:40 I am not listening to the same music,
00:42 I'm not doing the same thing, I don't want to celebrate
00:45 weekly birthdays at the bar and, you know,
00:49 and she's coming to you now with this whole change.
00:54 You're starting to get it and I love the fact that
00:56 before the break you were talking about
00:58 even little things she would do,
01:00 little Bible studies or handy stuff.
01:02 But you were still trying to do the Sabbath
01:05 but going to clubs, what did God do?
01:08 How did He get you to the place where you are now,
01:10 because now I know that you're not selling drugs
01:12 and that you're not that guy.
01:14 Right, well, I just think that the Lord
01:17 continued to just work on my heart and, you know,
01:20 not that I'm thinking about it, I think He used to say
01:24 to show me that it is possible because,
01:27 you know, she wasn't selling the drugs
01:29 but she was living the exact same lifestyle I was.
01:32 So when he took her out of it, you know,
01:34 it just showed me that it is possible,
01:36 there's nothing wrong with it.
01:38 You know, people might laugh and,
01:39 you know, that's just like today.
01:41 But, you know, the Lord has made her strong enough
01:43 to go through it and, you know,
01:45 at the same time when I was-- when she was teaching me
01:48 and showing me stuff in the Bible, you know,
01:50 He was strengthening me the same way.
01:54 So He was just giving me the strength
01:55 to be able to go through everything that I need to go
01:57 through to make that decision that I made.
02:00 And I--you know, you talked about
02:02 even in the first segment about not, you know,
02:07 having someone not recognize you or know you,
02:09 you're not the guy any more
02:11 you don't have the same kind of money,
02:12 all of that kind of stuff
02:14 and so what did God tell you about that?
02:16 Well, you know, God told me that
02:18 I didn't have to be that man that I was striving to be,
02:20 I can still be respected as a child of God,
02:22 I didn't have to reach for negative things,
02:25 I can still be positive and still be respected
02:27 just by making the right decision.
02:30 God is amazing, and I love the fact that
02:33 God has to-- first of all I want to say
02:35 thank you for being on the program.
02:36 That's amazing you got to come back.
02:38 For anybody watching, you know,
02:41 we don't just come off drugs, we don't just come off alcohol,
02:43 there's whole lifestyle changes, personality changes.
02:46 God has to reach in and make us new
02:49 and He promises that in Corinthians.
02:51 You are new in Christ, new heart, new mind,
02:54 all of that stuff and I am so proud of Him
02:56 when He does that and I see it time and time again.
02:59 Know that if you are going through
03:01 any kind of changes like that,
03:02 that you have Christ who is your advocate.
03:04 He knows exactly who you are, He knows where you came from
03:07 and He can change every single thing about you.
03:11 Thank you for joining us.
03:13 And till next time, always remember
03:14 that God is crazy about you, me too, God bless, bye.


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