Celebrating Life in Recovery

This Hood Of Ours Ministry, Part 1

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Johanahn Larsosa, Krystal Robinson


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back, for those of you who are just joining us,
00:17 we're talking to a friend of mine Han.
00:19 And I am hoping that you are in my life forever.
00:25 I met you in Detroit.
00:26 It was an amazing time, but the first half
00:28 we were talking about your life, what it was like growing up,
00:31 that there was in your neighborhood
00:34 a lot of gang activity.
00:36 Even though, you're home with your Mamma
00:37 that wasn't her intention.
00:39 She really worked at raising you guys.
00:41 Krystal, you're joining in us.
00:43 But I keep hearing everybody call you Po.
00:45 So what is that about?
00:48 Okay, Po is just a nick name from Chrissie Po,
00:52 my twin brother say it.
00:54 I don't know, I mean, they always had this debate
00:56 about who named me, you know, so, you know, it just came,
00:59 you know, Po at the end-- So Johanahn is your brother?
01:01 Yes, and he has a twin.
01:03 Okay and they named you--
01:05 Yes, so they had a debate about who calls me Chrissie Po--
01:06 You know, I named her. So you did.
01:10 So and, you know what, I'm so used to hearing that.
01:14 Well, I'm just gonna Krystal or Po,
01:15 what shall we call you? Yes, you can call me, Po.
01:17 It's fine. Okay.
01:18 So, Po, when he's talking about the background
01:21 and where you guys grew up what's your take on it?
01:26 I guess, my take on it would be just,
01:28 I think it was just a typical young family to me
01:32 like just everyday he sold drugs
01:36 and Jasan did as well but he left.
01:41 You know, like he wasn't here as much. So--
01:43 So he left earlier, but, you know,
01:44 when you say that it was just a typical family.
01:46 Yeah, that's just how I looked at it then.
01:48 You know, now I'm like,
01:49 yeah, it was kind of like dysfunctional,
01:50 but, you know, then, I mean, everybody was doing it,
01:52 in the neighborhood, so that was just
01:54 what we thought as a black male,
01:56 which, you know, you did, so--
01:58 So let me, 'cause you guys were young, right?
02:01 When all that kind of stuff was brought into your life,
02:04 you're pretty young running drugs,
02:05 doing all that kind of stuff. And that's normal?
02:09 Yeah, at the time we thought it was normal, yeah.
02:12 Yeah, and I think that's true for a lot of people.
02:15 You know, coming from-- and what I want to say
02:17 when I do a program like this is I want to just shout out
02:20 to everybody is that it should never be normal,
02:22 that should never be the way it is. Right.
02:23 And I know that we're gonna get into--
02:26 a little bit into your testimony
02:27 of what you're trying to do to change that.
02:29 But right now, we're just kind of--
02:31 I'm getting a feel of where you guys grow up.
02:35 I know that at one point you get shot.
02:40 I want to--what happened? Tell me about that.
02:44 Well, that night it was a, it was just a regular night.
02:49 We used to go to a local bar, every single night, so--
02:57 And this is doing business,
02:58 partying, and hanging out all that kind of stuff?
03:00 Yeah, like when the business slowed up,
03:02 we always go out to the local bar and--
03:05 Were you with him? Yes, I was.
03:07 And usually, you know, I mean, he had--
03:08 he didn't add this on, but, you know, he always had
03:11 about three or four girlfriends.
03:12 So, you know, he just kind of--
03:15 So when he says he was the guy, he was the guy?
03:19 Yeah, yeah, he was.
03:20 Women hanging on him, walking in,
03:23 being the one with the money or selling drugs.
03:27 So I mean, I guess just him, just getting sort to the top.
03:31 You know, it's funny because,
03:32 you know, just before he got shot,
03:36 his clientele actually, you know, was on a rise.
03:39 So, you know, I don't know,
03:40 you know, what was the plan next or,
03:43 you know, what was gonna go on.
03:44 But, you know, it just a typical, you know, day.
03:47 You know, we'd just say, okay, let's run into a bar and...
03:50 And so you were doing well, doing good?
03:52 I was doing well.
03:53 So and so it was like we had to,
03:56 we had to do this like, it was like a ritual.
03:58 Every night we'd go to the local bar and,
04:01 you know, just to get their attention
04:03 that I want it, so-- Explain that?
04:06 Because you can't be absent and hold that much power.
04:10 You have to be around people and you have to be playing them
04:14 and you have to make sure that you are given that respect.
04:18 It is not--and that's why I think it's not a position
04:21 that's easy to maintain.
04:24 You have to really work at that.
04:25 Right, so it was-- and I'm glad you said that
04:27 'cause it was like I needed to be
04:30 in that atmosphere every single night.
04:33 So I used to thrive for it.
04:34 So it was like, you know, like I said it was a ritual.
04:37 We used to go to every night,
04:39 'cause I wanted that same attention
04:40 that everybody knew me
04:42 and, you know, everybody knew what I was doing.
04:44 So it just happened to--
04:46 it was one of our friends had invited me
04:48 to go somewhere else with him.
04:50 I told him that I was gonna go with him,
04:51 but I didn't, you know, it was just a lie.
04:54 I just needed to be in a same atmosphere that I was always in.
04:56 So actually we was-- we were going up to the bar
05:02 and I thought I saw my friend coming to get me.
05:05 He wanted to, you know, meet with some women
05:08 and so he was coming to pick me up.
05:10 So I saw a car,
05:13 it was at the corner of my-- of our old street.
05:15 So I saw a car coming up,
05:17 I thought it was him trying to pick me up.
05:18 So I was like, come on, pull this, hurry up and run in.
05:20 So I can get that, you know, that high.
05:22 You know, that high that I wanted that attention,
05:25 so we can walk in and everybody, you know, saying our names
05:28 and stuff like that, so we were kind of in a rush.
05:31 So at the time we were walking in,
05:35 you know, some people were coming out,
05:36 it was two guys coming out, coming out the bar.
05:38 And we kind of looked like we was in a rush
05:40 and I guess I don't know the guy probably he might have been,
05:43 you know, drunk or whatever, whatever it was.
05:46 He was coming out and he made it seem like,
05:49 it looked like we was going to do something wrong to him
05:50 like rob them or something.
05:52 So on the way in, on the way in the bar,
05:55 you know, he pulled his gun out like "You all trying to rob me."
05:59 So I'm like, you know, me being me,
06:02 I couldn't, you know, smart mouth
06:04 and I'm thinking who this guy think
06:05 he is talking to even though he had his weapon on him--
06:08 So you're gonna jump in his face,
06:10 even though he has got a gun. Right.
06:11 I'm gonna be right in your face and who are you talking to.
06:14 Mm-hmm, that's exactly and that who,
06:16 that's the type of person I was.
06:17 So, you know, but I'm telling my little sister
06:19 I'm like go in the bar 'cause just in case
06:21 it might be something might get out of hand.
06:23 So what did you think, when this was happening?
06:25 'Cause you see the guy,
06:26 you see all of that happen and it shouldn't happen.
06:28 You guys were just gonna run in, run out.
06:30 And now all the sudden everything is change.
06:32 Yeah, I mean, we were just running in,
06:34 you know, not thinking about anything.
06:36 So, you know, when the guy actually comes out
06:40 and he just pull his gun out,
06:42 you know, not a gun, it's just pointed at us.
06:44 So, you know, we both stop,
06:46 but Johanahn was a little closer than I was.
06:50 So, you know, when he pulled it out.
06:53 I mean, you know, when he pulled his gun out,
06:54 you know, we just stood there,
06:56 but, you know, Johanahn got mad and upset because he did,
06:59 you know, he was just like me.
07:00 You know, he started to argue with the guy.
07:02 And I could imagine not only did you have to hold your position,
07:08 'cause that's a big deal
07:09 and not only you have to hold your own,
07:12 but he's pulling the gun on you with your sister there
07:15 and that's just not gonna happen.
07:17 I could imagine what you were feeling.
07:19 I'm not even thinking that this fool has a gun.
07:22 Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
07:23 So, you know, it was always--
07:24 I was always a little overprotective
07:26 with Po, anyways, so it was like protecting thing,
07:29 but it was kind of like a form of disrespect as well.
07:31 So I was real angry, so, you know, like we said
07:34 he, he pulled the gun out.
07:37 You know, we had some words and, you know,
07:39 that--if I could remember correctly
07:41 that he was with his friend and this,
07:43 you know, his friend was telling him to come on.
07:45 And you know, I just wouldn't stop talking,
07:47 I was so angry, you know, I was just, you know,
07:49 just continued to say, you know, nasty stuff to him--
07:54 Yeah, you are right in his face. Right so--
07:56 So even if you wanted to back off,
07:58 he's almost not being able to
08:00 'cause you've ratted it up?
08:02 Yes. Wow.
08:03 So you know, and I went on and went on
08:06 and, you know, he might have said some more things.
08:09 And his friend actually turned him around
08:12 and, you know, I continued to talk, talk down to him
08:16 and then he just turned around.
08:17 He might have said some words, I'm not sure. Yeah.
08:21 I mean, well, he just, you know, he was ready to go.
08:24 The guy actually was going not to shoot him,
08:26 you know, he just was kind of like,
08:29 you know, walking and then his friend was like
08:31 "Why are you standing there?
08:32 You know, you're just talking.
08:33 He ain't gonna do nothing." And then...
08:35 So everybody kind of pushed out everyone.
08:38 What were you thinking? I was terrified.
08:41 'Cause I just didn't know,
08:43 you know, what was about to happen--
08:45 No, no, I was literally froze. Okay.
08:48 And what's really interesting to me
08:50 about that is that when it gets that intense,
08:55 you don't know whether to say something
08:57 it's gonna make it worst
08:58 or be quiet that is gonna make it worst
09:00 and so it is frightening, it is. Very.
09:03 So he ends up pulling the trigger.
09:07 Where did you get shot?
09:09 I got shot right in my side. Okay.
09:13 Right in my side and he shot me one time with a 44
09:18 and after he shot me,
09:22 you know, 'cause I was telling Po to go in the bar,
09:24 she never went in a bar.
09:25 So after he shot me-- You just stood there?
09:27 Yeah, I never went, 'cause I didn't want to leave him,
09:28 so I never went.
09:30 Is it's your brother? Yeah.
09:31 And I just didn't know what was gonna happen,
09:33 so I never left. Okay.
09:34 So after he shot me, shot me one time, bam!
09:40 She actually, you know, started screaming
09:41 and went inside the bar.
09:43 And he actually went in after her.
09:46 Yeah, 'cause I stood there after when he shot him,
09:49 you know, I saw him, you know, like hit up against the wall
09:53 and he slid down.
09:54 So I stood there and I started screaming
09:56 and crying and then,
09:58 I guess, since I was causing so much attention.
10:00 He looked back at me and he was coming toward me, but I ran.
10:04 And, you know, but at the same time I have in my like,
10:06 you know, my brother's still out there.
10:08 Yeah, so, you know, at the same time I'm just going crazy,
10:10 'cause I'm like I can't leave,
10:12 but why is he following me, you know, so--
10:15 At that point was he, 'cause now he has already shot one person
10:19 and now has to shut you up.
10:21 And so you know,
10:23 it could turn uglier than it has, it is right now.
10:28 But I just still had on my mind that he was still there,
10:30 so I was just I ran.
10:32 So everybody can hear basically almost what's going on but.
10:37 So as I was running inside of the bar
10:39 everybody else started running through the back door,
10:41 so as everybody still running through the back door,
10:43 I'm in the back door, but I'm trying to hide somewhere,
10:47 so my attention is still to go back to the front,
10:50 because I know he's still up there shot
10:52 and I don't if he dead or what. So--
10:54 I can't even imagine what that what it felt like.
10:56 Yeah, I just, it was crazy, so when I hear for a minute,
11:02 but, you know, everybody kept running out,
11:05 so I kept running and then I ran around.
11:08 I jumped the fence, so I have my purse,
11:10 heels everything and so I jumped the fence
11:12 I run through a alley,
11:14 jumped a fence run all the way around the corner,
11:16 out of breath and then I run back to the bar
11:20 and by the time I get back there,
11:23 the police were actually there and then--
11:25 So somebody had called. Yes, yes.
11:27 Because everybody knew what was going on, but. Right.
11:30 And so were you still conscious or you were unconscious?
11:34 I was conscious, I was conscious.
11:36 Well, I don't really remember like detail like what happened.
11:39 I just remember like hearing people screaming and,
11:42 you know, just laying there.
11:44 Not being able to move and I remember
11:46 I kind of lift my head up a couple of times,
11:48 trying to stay woke, 'cause I was kind of,
11:50 I was real exhausted, like I just wanted to go to sleep.
11:53 'Cause you lost blood.
11:54 Yeah, I was out there for a minute,
11:56 I was out there for a minute, waiting for the EMS.
11:58 Actually the police said when they got I was out there so long
12:01 and they was just gonna through me in a squad car
12:04 and take me to the hospital,
12:05 but, you know, ambulance actually ended up coming,
12:09 I think somebody else was in it,
12:10 for like a black-eye or something.
12:12 So they put him out the ambulance.
12:14 And I had to wait for another one had me take this ambulance.
12:16 Exactly, 'cause that you were priority at that point. Right.
12:19 So now you get to the hospital.
12:22 What happens at the hospital?
12:23 Well, on the way to the hospital I'm like I'm just so exhausted,
12:25 'cause, you know, I got shot one time.
12:27 But, you know, I got-- broke my spine in half,
12:33 damaged my lungs, loss of kidney,
12:36 damaged my liver, so you know,
12:38 I was really, you know,
12:39 fighting for my life, you know, I can just--
12:41 Did you know, at what point
12:42 did you know that hey this is serious,
12:45 this is serious I think I may die here?
12:49 In the ambulance. Okay.
12:51 In the ambulance, 'cause I'm like--
12:52 Were you with him?
12:54 No. Okay.
12:55 I'm like in the ambulance,
12:56 you know, it comes natural for us to breath,
12:58 but I was I remember myself fighting for breath.
13:01 And I'm like I just want to go to--
13:02 I just want to, you know, nod off and take a nap
13:05 and I'm saying to myself like,
13:07 you know, I didn't know God at all,
13:09 I didn't, so I'm like,
13:10 I guess it's time to meet Christ,
13:14 I guess it's time to meet God--
13:15 It's time to make things right whatever.
13:16 No, so I'm like I'm just ready to just go to sleep
13:19 for like half a second and I thought about it,
13:21 and I'm like, no, I just, so I just kept fighting,
13:24 kept fighting for them breathes, you know.
13:28 Made it down to the hospital
13:29 and, you know, when everybody arrested me,
13:31 that's when I, I just finally just like,
13:33 you know, gave up at the end.
13:35 Grace of God, you know, I woke up
13:38 probably a couple of days later that I can remember.
13:42 And so in the time that he is at the ambulance,
13:45 you, come back around.
13:47 Do you see him go and--
13:48 Yes, I see him.
13:50 Yeah, I just see the puddle of blood that's on the ground.
13:53 He was gone?
13:55 Yeah, he was gone and the police officers,
14:00 I guess, somehow somebody told him that I was there.
14:03 So they took me into a squad car and they questioned me.
14:07 And I can just remember being so angry,
14:09 because I was there and I didn't want to talk at all,
14:11 because I just wanted to get to where he was,
14:13 'cause I didn't know if he were dead--
14:14 You needed to go to the hospital. Yeah.
14:16 And they want to know what happen? Right.
14:17 Who shot him?
14:18 So I was just trying to give them a story,
14:20 so that I could be let me go and I was angry,
14:24 'cause I had been drinking too so--
14:25 Yeah, and even in that lifestyle what's really interesting,
14:29 'cause it's a whole different lifestyle
14:30 as I'm not talking to anybody, I'm not giving up anybody.
14:34 I just want to get to my brother.
14:35 And so it's not even that that--
14:39 don't ask me anything, you know.
14:42 So I was just in the back of the car
14:45 and then they finally let me go,
14:48 but they still wanted me there to--
14:51 I don't know, it was just crazy,
14:53 'cause there was so much going on,
14:54 you know, it just didn't question--
14:56 How long did it take you to get to the hospital?
14:57 I didn't make it to the hospital that night. Okay.
15:01 They just, they kept questioning me in the after that
15:03 I guess everybody say that
15:05 I was just out of my mind and I tried to go home.
15:08 You know, they're like "No, you know, you can't go."
15:11 And it was just a lot going on.
15:13 So when you finally get that
15:15 you realize that is pretty serious?
15:17 When I got there that's when I was really scared
15:21 and sad because, man, I guess
15:23 it was so many people going out to the hospital,
15:25 so they were just trying to get his correct name,
15:27 his correct information, and his birthday and everything.
15:30 So when I came in it was,
15:31 you know, I finally, you know told the doctor--
15:34 This is who he is.
15:36 Yes, 'cause they said they had no idea
15:38 who he was and no ID on him.
15:39 There were so many people come in and out,
15:41 but everybody was given them
15:42 every kind of information that was.
15:44 At what point--and did he talk-- who talked to who about,
15:47 you know, he may not walk again,
15:50 he may not come up to out of this bed the same guy?
15:53 Yes, now I asked one of the doctors
15:56 who was going on.
15:57 And they say that--
15:58 and I was just thinking to myself like,
16:00 "Oh, my goodness did they even tell him that yet."
16:02 So I walked in the room and he was,
16:06 you know, they had him all kind of medications.
16:07 So he is happy, he is fine.
16:09 Yeah, but he was like going crazy a little bit
16:12 like he was asking me to open windows
16:14 that wasn't in there and just, I'm like what is going on.
16:18 So it was just weird and I was just, I just wasn't for sure
16:22 if they told him what was going on and that.
16:23 So do you remember coming out of all that?
16:25 I remember coming out of--
16:27 I remember it like the first day of knowing that
16:31 I was in the hospital.
16:32 And the doctors--and you ask the doctor I remember
16:35 you told me when we met is that I ask the doctor,
16:37 you know, when am I going to be able to get up and leave.
16:40 Yeah, they had to be like a couple of days after,
16:43 you know, everybody else that knew
16:45 and I don't know if they assumed that I knew.
16:48 But I remember it was me and my older brother in there
16:50 and there was a young doctor.
16:52 And so I'm like I just remember being in pain from the surgery
16:56 and just not being able to move my legs,
16:58 but yeah, I still didn't get it.
17:01 So it was a young doctor he was leave out the room
17:04 and I ask him like so how long it might gonna,
17:06 you know, how long am I gonna-- be in this situation?
17:09 When am I going to be able get up and walk up out of here?
17:11 And then he just looked me right in my eye
17:13 and "Oh, no you'll never walk again."
17:15 So I'm like--just like that. Just like that.
17:17 You know, you'll never walk again.
17:19 So I was like, you know, it didn't hit me.
17:21 I'm just like, okay, 'cause, you know, the days that,
17:24 you know, when I finally came back to it
17:27 I just remember nurses coming in,
17:30 you know, with tears in their eyes looking like
17:32 "Oh, my goodness you didn't you almost didn't make it."
17:34 And they were telling me like
17:36 how I wasn't supposed to make it.
17:37 So I was just happy to be there.
17:39 So when everybody told me
17:40 that I really I was just still I'm like okay.
17:42 You're still in shock.
17:44 Right, I'm not even, you know,
17:45 I've really never sat back in thought like it felt bad
17:48 that I wouldn't gonna walk
17:50 I was just always happy to be alive, so--
17:52 Do you know, what I'd like to ask
17:55 and, you know, 'cause unfortunately
17:57 we always limited to that time of the program,
17:59 but how did God get a hold of you in that situation?
18:03 You know, all you really know is that lifestyle.
18:06 Now you looking at an incredible change,
18:09 because I am never gonna walk again
18:12 and I am kind of coming to, coming out of shock
18:17 with all of those new facts and where is God?
18:20 You know, God still was, I was still far away from God,
18:25 because when I came home,
18:26 you know, I was praying God for saving my life,
18:29 but when as soon as, you know they let me go out back to,
18:34 back to the same thing for years after it.
18:37 No way, still dealing, still running,
18:39 but from a chair? From a chair.
18:42 Stop. It was like, it was like--
18:44 You just want to say there is no way,
18:46 you know, and what I want to say is
18:48 that how crazy are we
18:50 that, you know, you can give me a thousand chances
18:52 and I am still gonna be running.
18:55 Yeah, it was just like that. Still fighting.
18:57 And God says, "I'm still coming after you."
19:00 Yeah, that's how good God is. Which is crazy.
19:02 So when he got out and he is going back to the lifestyle
19:04 what did you think, I mean, was there--
19:06 You know, I was just scared
19:08 and I was just like I hope we never go in that bar again
19:11 that's really the same thing like I just I couldn't wild pass
19:14 and I didn't want to look that way, but, you know,
19:17 well, everything was still the same, we was just like--
19:18 So everybody is just in denial
19:20 and we're just gonna live our life the same?
19:21 Yeah, we're just going to forgot about that part
19:24 and try to get past and like as long as he okay
19:26 and, you know, everything is to get on me.
19:28 We were still drinking, party and fighting and everything.
19:31 Even with that, even with that,
19:33 I come home and we like we just not gonna go to the bar again,
19:35 forget that bar and then after the time pass,
19:38 you know, we was right back in the bar,
19:40 we was right back in the same place.
19:41 So how does God get through to somebody like that?
19:44 So, you know, but I always like I said
19:46 I always knew something was missing.
19:48 So actually the Lord grabbed her.
19:51 You first? How?
19:55 Through actually my husband now, but boyfriend at the time.
20:02 He wanted me to meet his mother.
20:05 So his mom said, bring her to an Evangelistic series.
20:13 You know, when you're saying that
20:15 I'm thinking how funny is that,
20:18 you know, that's so far remove from anything
20:21 you know, but you like this guy. Right.
20:24 So, you know, he wanted me to meet her.
20:26 So I was like, okay, you know, my thing was,
20:29 you know, just with guys, you know, I always,
20:32 you know, like my brother say, you know, he always,
20:34 you know, felt the power, selling drugs things like.
20:37 That so my thing was always, you know, I'm not going,
20:40 you know, I'll never fall in love with a guy
20:42 and never, you know, allow a guy to like take control of me.
20:47 So you know, I would talk to different guys
20:48 and I do, you know, things like that around the time
20:51 you know he was doing drugs, 'cause I never got caught up
20:53 in the drugs thing or whatever.
20:55 So, you know, I was like oh, yeah sure,
20:57 you know, so I went and I enjoyed it.
21:01 I mean, it was just a lot of truth
21:04 and I was like wow, you know, this is really making sense.
21:07 I've never been to a church
21:08 that's like actually talking about the Bible.
21:11 So after that I got invited again.
21:16 So we went and then I just told my brother and his girlfriend
21:23 and this was how the Holy Spirit worked.
21:26 You surrendered, I feel the presence of God,
21:30 I know it's real, I can't explain that,
21:32 but and to me when somebody says,
21:35 you know, that--
21:37 when somebody tries to judge somebody's lifestyle
21:39 I say, don't you dare,
21:41 'cause I watched the Holy Spirit reaching into places
21:43 that you just think there is no way
21:45 they're gonna come out of that.
21:46 And God says, "Just wait, I love her, I love him,
21:51 these are My children."
21:53 And you don't even know,
21:54 you don't even know what they've seen in their life,
21:56 what set them up for those kind of things
21:59 and I think that God is just so faithful with us.
22:02 And so it won your heart?
22:03 Yes. Won your heart.
22:05 Now you have to go into your family, I love that.
22:08 Go into your family where people are acting the fool,
22:11 they're shooting each other, they are getting shot,
22:13 they are running everything
22:14 and you have to go in your family
22:15 and say, you know...
22:17 Yeah, so I--but, you know,
22:19 yeah and it didn't happen that fast.
22:21 You know, it was like, our brother would,
22:23 'cause I guess doing this time it was around my birthday,
22:27 so every week we just did this thing
22:29 where we was like it's my birthday,
22:31 so every week we was going to that same bar
22:34 and we was like, you know, every week
22:36 this is just a tradition that we was gonna start doing.
22:39 So he was calling my phone,
22:41 my brother is call my phone at the time,
22:43 saying come on it's your birthday
22:44 we got to see you at the bar.
22:46 So I was like, okay.
22:48 But, you know, I'd never went.
22:50 It was just, he kept calling for weeks
22:52 like "What is you doing?"
22:53 Like come up to-- Absolutely, yeah.
22:55 And I just really didn't know how to say like,
22:58 I think that the Lord is working or you know,
23:00 I just really didn't know what to say
23:01 I was puzzled, I was scared.
23:05 You know, Krystal, I think that's the funniest thing,
23:07 because, you know, my family are a lot of addicts,
23:11 you know, and, you know, my dad dies in a crack,
23:15 so to walk in with something normal
23:17 it's like you're ashamed. Right.
23:20 And it just it's so reverse.
23:22 It's so, it so odd for a lot of people to hear.
23:25 It's a shame that you actually wanted to do good.
23:29 But it is it's a really different.
23:31 So you started seeing a change in her?
23:34 Yeah, and she was just kind of hiding it.
23:35 So every--I think it was the Tuesday or Wednesday
23:39 I'm calling her, 'cause I'm like it's her birthday
23:42 every Tuesday in the bar,
23:43 so I'm like she missed this birthday.
23:46 And then I'm like she missed another birthday again
23:48 again when, you know, I get in the car with her
23:51 I'm like, you know, take me here
23:54 or wherever I'm like where are your rap CDs at?
23:56 and then, you know, she just went terribly--
23:58 So literally everything starts changing?
23:59 Everything disappeared she wasn't telling me
24:01 nothing at first. Yeah.
24:02 And then, you know, she was telling she is going to church
24:04 and then, you know, she just came out and told me,
24:07 that she was giving her life to Christ.
24:08 She got baptized and even when I--
24:10 What were you thinking? I'm like, what?
24:12 Yeah, it was crazy to me.
24:14 I'm like, you know, it was weird to me even when,
24:17 even--I remember the day she got baptized.
24:20 Me and one of her friend came
24:22 and, you know, I didn't really look at it--
24:25 like it was a big deal.
24:27 You know, I was still hustling and I remember
24:29 that day like it was yesterday, I didn't, you know,
24:32 you don't get no type of-- you can't really trust nobody,
24:38 you know, when you living that lifestyle.
24:39 So she had invited me to the baptism.
24:42 And you know, I had heroin on me
24:46 and weed and marijuana and all type of drugs--
24:49 And with no weapons, right?
24:51 Yeah, no weapons, all type of drugs
24:52 and I'm like I can't leave it here.
24:54 I brought it to the church with me--
24:56 You can't leave it behind
24:57 somebody is going to steal it.
24:59 And she got baptized and you know, all list up from in
25:01 and you know, we're in the church
25:02 we cracking up looking at her in the baptism pool.
25:05 Me and her friend we just-- They laughing and--
25:07 We're laughing so hard and, you know, but that's I was--
25:10 And you knew this was the right thing for you.
25:13 You knew that I'm following God in here.
25:16 'Cause yeah the Lord had just,
25:18 you know, helped us in so many ways
25:20 and I was just feeling the Holy Spirit
25:22 and I felt it was time. It was time that--
25:25 And they're all laughing at you. Yes.
25:28 So now what made you,
25:31 'cause I know that that started at least--
25:33 planted a seed in your life.
25:35 That, you know, what's up and what is she doing?
25:40 So, you know, we looking at baptism pool
25:42 and we laughing, but, you know, me and her friend
25:45 we actually had a conversation like that's gonna be us
25:47 in a minute, you know what I'm saying.
25:48 So I kind of knew even though it was still funny
25:50 I didn't know what I had to, you know, sacrifice or whatever,
25:53 but I knew a change is gonna have to come.
25:56 So we laughed and then,
25:57 you know, we saw her get baptized
25:59 and, you know, it was back to the same life.
26:02 But, you know, she'd come around
26:03 and she would be giving me these small Bible studies just,
26:06 you know, just sneaking to me.
26:08 She would be sneaking to me and coming over to my house--
26:09 And I love when you say she'd be sneaking to me.
26:11 And that's like and I could see you as
26:13 at any opportunity you could just kind of
26:15 put a few words in, have this, take this--
26:18 Any little thing and I'm like every little thing
26:20 she used say I used to soak it up,
26:22 I didn't too much understand it, but I use to take it in.
26:26 Well, I got remember she came over to my house one time
26:28 and she was talking about she was hungry.
26:30 So I'm like, I didn't have no food in the house.
26:32 So I'm like okay, just wait a minute
26:33 I'm sell these couple of packs
26:34 and I'm gonna make some-- get us someting to eat.
26:36 I know, you know what, that's all right,
26:37 if you got to do that don't do that.
26:40 I'm like, is it that serious?
26:41 I'm gonna sell some drugs, I'm gonna do all this.
26:43 And she's like no, no hold on, hold on, hold on--
26:45 Well, she is like, if you got to do that don't worry about it
26:47 I'll just eat later on.
26:48 I'm like, is it that serious
26:50 that she don't even want to take my drug money?
26:51 That's how I'm looking at it.
26:52 So she just give me Bible study and--
26:54 I just want to kiss you on the face for that,
26:55 'cause, you know, I just got to say for a lot of us,
26:57 when we do those changes
26:59 everybody around does thinks we're crazy.
27:01 Everybody around is gonna judge us
27:03 especially when you're in those kind of environments
27:06 and for someone to stand up anyway
27:08 and say, I can't even take your money anymore,
27:10 'cause I really feel
27:12 that God is just saying don't do it, eat later.
27:15 You know, and it's such a risk,
27:18 but it's so important to go with your heart on that,
27:21 go with the Holy Spirit on that.
27:23 Man, Po, I am proud of you.
27:25 It was funny I try to stand by myself
27:27 she would trying to tell me about the Sabbath
27:29 and I remember trying--
27:30 I remember trying to keep the Sabbath
27:32 at my house by myself and nobody knew what the Sabbath was.
27:35 So I call her and I say, I'm number one,
27:38 it was Saturday night and I'm like, man I'm in house
27:41 and its like it's a Sabbath right.
27:42 She like, no, you know, the Sabbath has ended.
27:44 I was like, it did.
27:45 She was like yeah, from Friday, Sunday, Saturday, Sunday.
27:47 Then I'm like, okay, then I was like I'm going to the bar,
27:49 so I went to the bar I'm like the Sabbath--
27:52 you know what I'm saying.
27:53 So I was in the bar
27:55 and I was trying not to drink in the bar and...
27:57 You know, it's really-- I wish we had more time,
27:59 because I'd love the way God moves us from even,
28:03 you know, going and selling and doing drugs
28:05 and looking at people baptized and trying to do the Sabbath
28:08 and not do the Sabbath and all that kind of stuff.
28:10 We're gonna have you back,
28:12 but I'm gonna take a break right now.
28:14 We're gonna come back for the close of the program.
28:17 Will, you guys, join me for the close?
28:18 Yeah. Awesome.
28:19 So we'll be right back, stay with us.


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