Celebrating Life in Recovery

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Dave Casey


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back. What a journey.
00:16 You know, Casey, I am amazed that you survived.
00:21 I'm amazed that you are alive.
00:23 That you didn't get just trashed on every part of that journey.
00:28 But I want you to talk about
00:30 what are some of the main things that God has shown you
00:33 over the years to help you change?
00:36 Well, about surviving, and I do want to witness
00:40 about the grace of God because I have been in--
00:42 ran over on motor cycles, while I was on a motor cycle,
00:45 I've been shot at, I've been beat down.
00:47 I mean, I've been through it.
00:49 And so God's grace, I did survive that.
00:54 A lot of the things through-- through studying
00:58 and coming to an understanding and having the Holy Spirit
01:00 be able to work in me, I didn't understand things
01:04 that I had done how it can affect other people.
01:08 An example, let's say,
01:09 if I was robbing a store or mugging some guy
01:12 and you assault him, you hit him in the head with a pistol,
01:15 they got stitches in their head, they have to go back home hurt
01:20 and they have a child or son in the home or family
01:24 that instills insecurity within that whole family.
01:28 And I never understood that.
01:30 Before I was just committing these crimes
01:31 with relatively no conscious of what I was doing.
01:36 I didn't have no fear or understanding
01:38 that I was hurting this person and I would just--I did it.
01:43 But through the Holy Spirit working with me, looking back,
01:47 I've come to an understanding that these acts
01:51 that I was committing affected the whole family.
01:54 You know, if you throw a rock in a pond
01:56 and it has a ripple effect going out,
01:58 it affects everybody in that house hold. So the--
02:02 And you know what I-- we are so out of time.
02:04 I want to just say, I am so grateful
02:07 now that you're on this side.
02:08 That if you're gonna have a battle at all,
02:10 it's gonna be a battle for God and for somebody
02:12 to be in recovery and that's amazing.
02:15 You know, even towards what Casey just talked about
02:18 is the Holy Spirit that'll start showing us about repentance,
02:21 about who we were, who we are,
02:23 what--how our actions affected everybody around us.
02:26 And that is such a gift,
02:27 people try to run from that, don't run from that.
02:30 The more you understand about your behavior,
02:32 the more you understand
02:34 how ugly it is and all the affects of that.
02:36 God shows us that only so that we could choose something else,
02:40 because He really does want to protect us
02:42 and those that are around us. It's amazing.
02:45 I would love to ask Casey, "What did you do
02:46 when you heard the text, 'turn the other cheek?'"
02:49 You know, those are huge ones
02:51 for somebody in recovery, but God says, you know,
02:54 it's not just that you stopped the drug.
02:57 You're gonna have to learn how to act,
02:59 how to deal with your anger, all of those things.
03:01 And God doesn't get tired of teaching us, it's amazing.
03:05 In your recovery, trust God,
03:07 get some people around you.
03:09 And know that you're gonna be
03:10 on a little tricycle at first.
03:12 You're not gonna know anything, but He's faithful.
03:14 So until next time, always remember that
03:16 God is crazy about you, me too, God bless.
03:19 I will see you next week.


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