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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Annette Washington, Pam Talley


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00:01 The following program discusses
00:02 sensitive issues related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:15 This whole segment is about grandparent as parents
00:18 and we've talked with Pamela from the Gap Organization.
00:22 We've talked to her and know about the way
00:23 of raising her five grandchildren
00:25 and what was amazing to me is just about everybody
00:28 in the cafe had a connection.
00:30 Is they were raised by a grandparent
00:32 or they were raising some one
00:33 like what I've said right before the break.
00:35 And so you know, Pamela,
00:37 what else do we need to know about this situation.
00:40 Well, this situation is widespread.
00:44 Last year the Pew Foundation
00:45 said that about 2 million children were being raised
00:48 by grandparents who were the primary care takers.
00:51 When I went online and found that stat.
00:53 I knew for sure, we had to do this program.
00:55 Two million children and they think that's a low estimate.
00:58 And that's a low estimate
00:59 because as we talked about before
01:02 many don't talk about the fact
01:03 that they're raising their grandchildren.
01:05 Many of these children are in and out of their life,
01:09 so it's many more at any given time, absolutely.
01:13 I also want you to know that as Ronald said earlier,
01:17 he was raised by grandparents.
01:19 But even the president of United States
01:21 was raised by his grandparents, so. All right.
01:23 So-- and they were not poor.
01:25 They were not poor, absolutely.
01:27 So this is not an economic issue.
01:28 It's not an economic issue at all, absolutely.
01:32 But the issue surrounding grandparents,
01:34 they are complex and they're very emotional
01:39 for the grandparents and the grandchildren.
01:42 The grandparents at any given time
01:44 just make the decision to do it,
01:46 because it's the right thing to do.
01:48 But what I want to say is that,
01:50 we as a community need to understand
01:54 the issues of these families and provide more support.
01:59 Every state is different in terms of the support
02:03 they provide and at what point they intervene.
02:07 I would just encourage people
02:08 to be aware of what their state is doing.
02:11 We're in a State of Missouri
02:13 that only if the kids have gone through the court system
02:18 or have been in DYS or Divisional View Services
02:22 or Department of Mental Health can the grandparents get help?
02:26 Even if the kids are placed
02:28 in the grandparent's home by the state,
02:32 if they don't go through court
02:33 there is really not very much assistance.
02:35 You know I've heard some people
02:37 talk about the assistance was maybe
02:39 a couple of hundred dollars a month. Yes, yes.
02:40 And I am thinking really a couple of hundred a month?
02:43 Yes. It's a couple of hundred a month.
02:45 It's less than what a foster parent would get.
02:49 And I know our big advocacy is that we're saying,
02:53 to give them the same level of support
02:56 and help that you give to foster families.
02:59 Exactly.
03:00 I want to say to you,
03:02 thank you so much for being on the program.
03:06 And I know that, if anybody is out there
03:10 that needs help, needs education,
03:12 needs some kind of encouragement
03:14 that they can call an organization like yours.
03:16 Yes.
03:17 And so how would they get a hold of you online?
03:20 I know that-- that's how I found you. Right.
03:22 Grandparent As Parents online. Support project.
03:24 And so what is really important is that you say something,
03:29 reach out to somebody,
03:30 don't do this on your own and there is lot of times
03:34 that families are gonna be exhausted.
03:37 So if you know of anybody,
03:39 if a family member is trying to do this,
03:41 make sure you take some time and step in.
03:45 Can I have the kids for dinner?
03:46 Can I take them to the beach?
03:48 Can I do anything?
03:50 Can I drop off and bring them to church,
03:52 any of that kind of stuff.
03:53 Know that these are not gonna be easy, kids,
03:55 and don't expect them to be easy, kids,
03:57 you are the answer.
04:00 You know, some times on this program we can--
04:03 we can put a topic out there and just be a voice for someone.
04:07 But you got to be the hands and the heart of this.
04:08 And so pay attention to who's around you.
04:11 If there's grandparent raising their grandchildren, help out.
04:13 And if you're out their, God bless you.
04:17 I just want to say, thank you for joining us.
04:19 Always remember that God is crazy about you, me too
04:22 and especially if you're out there raising your grandkids.
04:26 We see you and God bless you.


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