Celebrating Life in Recovery

I'm Not That Stupid - The Devil Is?

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Asheley Woodruff


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to additive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:14 Welcome back.
00:16 You know, I've got to just say
00:17 that the things that we cover during this program,
00:20 the dysfunction that happens in the family.
00:23 Nobody's fault-- nobody start out to say,
00:25 I'm gonna be dysfunctional around my kids or I'm gonna,
00:28 you know, have everybody kind of not know how to act
00:31 or not really know what normal is
00:33 or not know the rules
00:34 or send them here to-- here or there to live.
00:37 Nobody start out that way,
00:38 but for a lot of us that's our reality.
00:40 And I wanted to say Asheley that it was amazing to me
00:44 that you stepped in and shared so much,
00:47 but looked at how God has now directed you
00:49 to step into the life of someone else.
00:52 Is there anything that you want to make sure,
00:54 like, I want to say this before we close,
00:56 I think this is important.
00:58 Yeah, I want to ex--point out that my journey started
01:01 when I was 11, and that point
01:04 where I was about ready to jump off the bridge.
01:06 I was about 19 or 20 then,
01:08 and I just turned 30 back in November.
01:12 And so this has not been an overnight process.
01:16 This has been something where I've really been growing
01:19 by inches type of thing.
01:21 And God has been working and working and working
01:23 for about 19 years to change the world
01:25 that I've known and the life that I lived.
01:28 And so saying that, you know,
01:31 I want to just say for anybody that's listening.
01:33 As when you hear Asheley say that
01:36 that it has been a process
01:37 and it's--wasn't an overnight thing?
01:39 One of the things that I think is incredible in recovery
01:42 is just saying at one point I'm gonna trust God
01:45 and I know that tomorrow
01:47 I may not feel like any things changing,
01:50 but I'm gonna trust Him with the change.
01:51 And it's amazing, two or three years down the road
01:53 you'll look back and say,
01:55 "Wow, I love that 'cause today I feel a little bit normal."
01:58 And I may not feel normal tomorrow,
02:00 but that's not my business.
02:01 I'm gonna trust that there is a God
02:03 that can restore me to sanity,
02:05 He can really take all of this junk and turn it around.
02:10 And I know that He can do that for me.
02:12 I heard, you know, Asheley's story
02:14 and how He's done that for her.
02:16 And I am telling you, He can do that for you.
02:18 The biggest thing is, is to say at one point
02:21 is I choose to live, I choose to turn it over.
02:25 And I know that I can't do it anymore.
02:27 Everything that I've tried is not working,
02:29 but I know that there is a God
02:31 and I know that He's bigger than all my junk.
02:33 And, man, it's such a cool place to be. Don't rush it.
02:37 When you get there just say I'm taking it all off,
02:41 I'm giving it to You, and I know that You love me.
02:45 We'll see you next time.
02:46 Celebrating Life in Recovery. God bless.


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