Celebrating Life in Recovery

One Hundredth Program

Three Angels Broadcasting Network

Program transcript

Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Brad Peters


Series Code: CLR

Program Code: CLR000100C

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:15 Welcome back.
00:16 You know, what I want to say
00:17 that this has been an incredible,
00:19 I mean 100 episodes.
00:20 I wanted to bring a lot of people out there
00:23 really make this program possible
00:25 because it takes the team and this team is amazing.
00:28 And C.A., you and I work together
00:30 every single time at the beginning of the program.
00:33 But you also keep things going when there is a crises
00:36 or when somebody needs to compliant about something.
00:39 Yeah I actually do very, very little
00:41 and you don't have many crises, that yourself cannot solve.
00:45 So I just kind of make sure it doesn't fall part.
00:47 I just have to you know-- when you and I dreamed about
00:51 when this whole things started
00:52 is that people would choose recovery,
00:54 get in recovery, be blessed
00:56 and all of that has happened, it's exciting.
00:59 We've talked about it and we're seeing lives change
01:01 and this is, we use a term popular
01:04 but it is one of the most popular shows
01:06 because it touches so many lives,
01:07 it changes so many lives and impact so many people.
01:10 I love that, I hope we just have another 100 episodes.
01:13 I have to just say, Jim Gilley, I love you Mollie.
01:18 You know, even can you remember the time
01:20 that we just kind of started this
01:21 and had it just in our heads and putting it together.
01:24 Well I do remember the first time
01:26 I met you that was little over 15 years-ago
01:28 and I thought my goodness what we have here.
01:32 That's what I thought. Yeah.
01:33 We're still asking that question actually.
01:35 And the truth is, I have seen you grow and mature
01:38 and just evolve into an incredible woman of God
01:42 that is able to use what God has given you to reach so many.
01:45 And we are so blessed to have you
01:47 as part of this ministry here at 3ABN.
01:49 Thank you, Mollie.
01:51 And, you know, I have to say to you is that
01:53 when I walked into 3ABN my knees were shaking,
01:57 I had no idea, you know, who--
01:59 how God is gonna do any of this.
02:00 I just had a passion.
02:02 It was so unfocused and you guys have loved me
02:05 every step of the way.
02:07 And Jim, that hasn't stopped at all over the year.
02:10 Well, you know, Cheri, everywhere we go,
02:13 we find people who watch this program
02:17 and whose lives have been changed by this program.
02:20 You know, it's amazing how many people have struggles.
02:23 They don't always, they don't always show that all of,
02:25 they don't all end up on skid row.
02:27 But there're people that have addiction problems
02:30 and they may be members of the church.
02:32 I've had people who told me
02:34 I was in the church for years but I'm an alcoholic
02:37 and I've been an alcoholic all those years.
02:39 But by watching "Celebrating in Recovery"
02:42 I began to realize there could be hope,
02:45 there could be a release, there could be victory.
02:48 God is bigger.
02:50 Yes and so they it help them to seek the help
02:53 that they really needed because sometimes
02:55 they really needed professional help.
02:58 I just have to say, what I thought was so hysterical
03:01 when I first came in and said you know what?
03:04 We got to do this and so somebody's like
03:07 what we'll talk about?
03:08 We'll talk about sex and drugs
03:10 and everybody's looking at me like what, we're gonna what?
03:14 And the reaction was pretty like I don't know
03:18 and it was amazing to me like you said,
03:21 that how many people really came out
03:23 from pastors to people sitting in the pews to somebody
03:27 that has been sitting there suffering for 30 years
03:30 that needed someone to say God is bigger. Right.
03:32 And He delights in us.
03:33 And somehow they think
03:35 the problem is originated with them.
03:36 Nobody else ever had a problem with any of these struggles.
03:40 So when they find out others do, it does help.
03:45 That's incredible.
03:46 I just want to say that I'm proud to be here, I'm so,
03:51 you know, the staff and the crew
03:54 and everybody that kind of puts us together.
03:56 There is like 20 to 40 people at any given time
04:01 that really kind of are behind the seats
04:03 and they hate to be up here,
04:04 like I would point out some camera people
04:06 and our producer back there, wave, Brad.
04:09 He hates that, he's really behind the scenes
04:11 but they make this happen.
04:13 And I want you to know that we will put this on
04:15 as long as you're watching and I just want you to know,
04:19 to always remember that God is crazy about you, we are too.
04:23 God bless.


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