Celebrating Life in Recovery

One Hundredth Program

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Brad Peters


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Program Code: CLR000100A

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:10 Welcome to "Celebrating Life in Recovery,"
00:12 I'm Cheri your host.
00:13 And today we're gonna be talking about forgiveness.
00:15 I get to interview my husband which is really fun.
00:18 But more than that we're gonna be celebrating
00:21 our 100th episode on "Celebrating Life in Recovery."
00:24 It is gonna be a blast you got to join us.
00:55 Welcome back. We are celebrating our 100th program.
00:59 You can see the balloons and you see all of us here.
01:02 We are so grateful to be here on our eighth season.
01:05 We have--I knew when I first presented this program,
01:10 I knew that there was a need.
01:12 I knew that people needed recovery, they needed support.
01:14 We need to be-- have a voice out there saying
01:17 that God is crazy about us
01:19 and He's bigger than all our issues.
01:21 But you know what, I had no idea how successful it would be.
01:25 I had not idea that people watching would literally
01:30 step into recovery from drug addiction and sexual addiction
01:33 and from domestic violence and from all kinds of stuff.
01:36 And I want to say, our celebration is,
01:39 we're celebrating you, we're celebrating your recovery.
01:42 We're celebrating the fact
01:44 that people are watching and they're learning
01:47 and they're stepping into healthier lives.
01:49 And I just think that's awesome. That is so awesome.
01:52 I want to say hi to my friends in Australia.
01:54 I have people in Australia that have called and email.
01:59 I've flown out there and met them.
02:02 One girl in particular that was suicidal,
02:04 trying to kill herself, turned the channel
02:07 and someone on the program
02:08 was giving their testimony and it got her to say,
02:12 "You know what, if they can get
02:13 through this I can get through this."
02:15 And she stood up and decided to live.
02:18 How cool is that? I think that is so cool.
02:21 I've had people from Canada, you know.
02:23 Ashley, if you're watching.
02:25 I've had people from Canada that,
02:26 you know, they were so lost.
02:28 "I don't know where I'm at.
02:29 I don't even know with the sexual abuse in my life
02:33 and the relationship addictions in my life
02:36 and the things that I have struggled with,
02:38 I don't think I'm gonna survive."
02:40 And again, somehow
02:42 they were flipping through the channel and found us.
02:45 And so we were celebrating all of you guys.
02:47 We were celebrating all of that.
02:49 We've had people emailing and calling and fly over even
02:54 to hang out at our home and deal with some issues.
02:57 And so I just want to say, a 100 episodes, how cool?
03:02 All right, I want to let this go so I can use my hands
03:05 because I cannot do this without my hands.
03:07 And so even though we are celebrating,
03:09 we are gonna do a program today.
03:10 The program is gonna be on forgiveness.
03:14 And what's interesting about that
03:17 is we cannot step into recovery,
03:20 we cannot do any of that kind of stuff
03:21 until we start to look at what our resentments are,
03:25 what our junk is, how do we get out
03:27 from underneath all of that stuff.
03:29 And so today we're gonna cover that.
03:32 We also are going to, at the end of program
03:35 bring everybody on set that has had anything to do
03:39 with putting this program together.
03:41 So I want you to know
03:42 that when we come to the end of the program.
03:44 When we do the close like we typically do,
03:46 I'm gonna invite camera people,
03:48 I'm gonna invite the administration,
03:50 I'm gonna invite C.A., who is our producer.
03:52 I'm gonna invite everybody up
03:53 and we are really gonna close this program with a celebration.
03:57 But right now I just want to say, thank you.
04:00 Thank you. Thank you.
04:01 Thank you. And keep watching.
04:04 We're gonna break, I'm gonna come back with our guest,
04:06 our guest today is my husband and I love that.
04:10 Because, you know, when we first got married,
04:12 I thought I had all the issues and I thought
04:14 I was gonna be dealing with a lot of stuff.
04:16 But he's had his own journey and he's gonna share
04:18 some of that with you today.
04:20 He's also a musician. He plays in the philharmonic.
04:23 And I asked him for this program where we are celebrating,
04:28 if he would play something for us.
04:29 And he chooses a song, "To God Be the Glory."
04:33 I'm like how cool is that?
04:34 Because that's exactly the truth in recovery,
04:36 is I can't take any glory,
04:38 I'm not smart enough to take the next step.
04:40 But God is faithful and every step I had to take.
04:43 And so I hope you enjoy it. Brad's gonna play.
04:46 We're gonna dim the lights a little bit.
04:48 We're going to kind of set the cafe up in a way that,
04:52 we're gonna feature him, I love that. Stay with us.
07:59 Then sings my soul my savior God to Thee
08:13 How great Thou art
08:19 How great Thou art
08:23 Then sings my soul my savior God to Thee
08:39 How great Thou art
09:09 We're gonna continue celebrating our 100th program.
09:12 Stay with us, we'll be right back.


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