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Food vs. God - Who Wins?

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Melody Prettyman


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:13 You know, it's really interesting
00:14 is when I first heard Melody's story
00:17 and thought, you know,
00:18 I want to cover this not 'cause, you know,
00:21 we need another cooking program
00:23 but because I wanted people to look at we have to detox.
00:26 We have to look at doing the first step.
00:29 And the first step for anything
00:30 like what you were talking about,
00:32 Melody, in your own life is,
00:33 you had to get off the couch and walk around the block
00:35 or not even all the way around the block at first.
00:37 You had to learn how to bring
00:39 other things in your diet and all that.
00:42 But I think for a lot of us,
00:43 we don't realize that green drink
00:44 that you put together detoxes the liver, cleans us out,
00:48 does all that kind of stuff and we are such a mess.
00:52 We are. We are.
00:54 And so I want to say, thank you for your demonstrations.
00:56 I know we have questions
00:57 and we were gonna start out with Delina.
01:00 You had a question first?
01:02 Well, first I just want to say, can I get those recipes?
01:04 'Cause they're really good.
01:06 When I think of greens, I think, ill,
01:09 but those are incredible so I love to get the recipes.
01:12 And I actually have a question in reference to,
01:16 you know, the addictions right.
01:18 I had an eating disorder when I was younger.
01:21 It was bulimia, right.
01:22 And it started off with all, you know, the magazines and,
01:27 you know, looking myself in the mirror and,
01:29 you know, just comparing myself to others.
01:31 Does the whole, like, the recipes and the foods,
01:37 could that also help you get out of that kind of thing?
01:40 Oh, I believe it can.
01:42 You know, at least, it's gonna give you
01:44 the nutrition your body needs.
01:45 And especially for somebody who has bulimia, you know,
01:48 they lost a lot of nutrients in their body.
01:51 So we need to put them back in there.
01:52 Absolutely, I mean, it cannot hurt.
01:56 That's the most important thing.
01:58 And I think what's really interesting to me
02:00 when you talk about, you know,
02:02 looking at the magazines and trying to live out,
02:04 you know, those, everybody is so airbrushed
02:07 and neck stretched and, I mean,
02:09 the photography and the models are fixed up a lot.
02:12 And nobody looks like that
02:14 and we're all trying to compare ourselves to somebody
02:16 that looks just fabulous and we want to look like that.
02:19 And I think, it's really tough to figure out who you are,
02:22 and I'm okay with who I am.
02:25 I think my whole life I tried to be someone else.
02:28 And when I really, when I stopped doing that
02:32 and laughed out loud and liked being on my own skin,
02:34 I was real surprised that I'm actually okay.
02:38 And I think so the biggest thing is to really get healthy
02:41 and how you eat but then realize
02:43 that you're gonna have to at one point figure out,
02:46 let God at least show you
02:48 who you are and like that person.
02:50 Sure. And enjoy that person.
02:51 Absolutely, and--
02:52 Do you like yourself now? You know, I do.
02:55 I like myself a lot better
02:57 because I've learned more about me.
03:00 You know, I stood back.
03:01 It's almost like you're standing outside your skin
03:03 and you're looking at who you are.
03:05 And, you know, looking at all these things
03:09 that have come into my life
03:10 and I didn't realize how they bothered me.
03:12 And I always thought, you know,
03:14 when I looked in the mirror 255 pounds or 230 or 200,
03:18 "Oh, I am not that bad."
03:19 You know, who is I kidding?
03:21 I was that bad.
03:22 But it's easier to see yourself as something else
03:25 but now I look in the mirror.
03:27 You know, I still haven't got that focusing yet
03:29 because I still see me as a large woman.
03:31 You know, people come out to me say,
03:33 "Oh, you're getting so thin." "I'm, like, really, really?"
03:35 You know, and I look and I figure, "You sure?"
03:37 And I know because of the size clothes
03:38 I'm buying is amazing in comparison to what I had.
03:41 'Cause you wore at a size 24?
03:43 24 is the largest size that I have bought before.
03:46 And right now, I'm between a 12 petite and a 10.
03:49 So, I mean, you think of the size in between there.
03:53 And a lot of women don't give their dress size
03:54 but I'm real proud of that.
03:56 Yeah, I want it on the outside, I'm A-size.
03:59 And it's not all about that at my age and I'm pushing 60.
04:03 I am in my late 50s.
04:05 For me, am I gonna have that pencil figure?
04:08 Am I gonna be able to do that?
04:09 Probably not.
04:11 But I want to feel healthy and nothing,
04:12 nothing tastes as good as healthy fits.
04:15 Nothing, nothing. Amen.
04:17 And so it's really, there's so many people
04:19 that are trying to live up to somebody else's
04:22 image of what we should look like
04:23 and being able to put that aside.
04:25 And I'm talking about men and women now.
04:27 It's not only that women are trying to live up?
04:30 Is that now men-- Men too.
04:32 So I know that, Jill, you had a question.
04:36 Okay, I struggle with my weight.
04:38 And I was wondering, like,
04:40 what are the best foods to take out of your diet?
04:42 Like, what really makes a difference in your health?
04:45 'Cause I'm starting to have health problems, too,
04:47 my cholesterol and everything.
04:48 And what are like the best foods to lower your cholesterol
04:51 and everything else that can cause a problem,
04:53 like, later on in life?
04:55 Oh, absolutely.
04:56 You know, your problem was my problem
04:59 because I wanted to get my cholesterol better
05:02 and I wanted to lose weight.
05:04 And for me it was getting back to basic.
05:08 Eating food the way God intended for us to eat,
05:10 not with all the sugar, not with all the oil,
05:13 the butter, the cheese, the milk,
05:16 the cream, the things I lived for.
05:18 I eat potatoes and I love potatoes.
05:20 I'm an Irish girl.
05:21 So I love my potatoes any way I can get them.
05:24 But now instead of having French fries, I put them in the oven.
05:27 I have oven fries with no oil whatsoever.
05:30 They are so delicious.
05:32 I use a bake potato and I put lemon.
05:35 I put broccoli, sauce on there.
05:37 I don't use cheese and butter.
05:39 It's not the food that God gave us it's a problem
05:43 and it's not really the amount of food sometimes that you eat.
05:46 It's the type of food that you're eating.
05:47 It's so over processed.
05:49 And so you are saying to stay away from the processed--
05:51 Stay away from the processed food.
05:53 Stay way from the oil.
05:55 Stay away from the dairies and the things that, you know,
05:58 your fruits, your vegetables, whole grains, and, I mean,
06:02 brown rice, your quinoa, your oatmeal,
06:04 your weed, you know, you can tolerate that,
06:07 your legumes which are your beans
06:09 and your potato sweet, white potatoes.
06:12 And then fat you want to minimize that
06:14 and make sure it is a fat that's essential to your body
06:18 and what I mean by essential is it's the way God gave it to us,
06:21 like, coconut instead of, you know,
06:23 raw coconut or avocados or handful of nuts.
06:27 And nuts, a serving of nuts needs to be
06:29 what you can fold in your hand.
06:31 And if you limit those fats and eat that,
06:33 those kinds of food the way God intended and you can cook them.
06:37 I eat raw food but I eat my food cooked.
06:39 You can't eat greens unless they are cooked
06:42 the way it just pours off.
06:44 I weigh or measure nothing.
06:45 I eat what I want.
06:47 You know, Jill, what's really exciting to me is I decided
06:49 that I was gonna try to eat better
06:52 and I found out that I went out to eat with friends a lot.
06:55 I went out to do things and we always ate
06:57 or when we went to movies we always grab something to eat.
07:00 So I started to do things that didn't,
07:03 like, food wasn't involved.
07:05 And so like this Valentine's Day,
07:07 my husband says, "Well, what do you want to do?"
07:08 'Cause we always go to dinner.
07:10 And then that's our valentine's thing.
07:13 And so instead I took a glassblowing class
07:16 and we learnt how to blow some glass
07:18 and make something for each other a gift
07:20 but food wasn't involved at all.
07:23 And so sometimes you start to take away
07:26 how many times you just go out and just kind of eat.
07:31 I'm gonna grab some fries.
07:32 I'm gonna grab some Doritos chips.
07:34 I'm gonna grab some whatever
07:35 and start to do other things that food's not involved in.
07:40 One of the things that we're gonna do is I'm gonna learn
07:42 how to do paintball, you know.
07:45 And I've never done that. Some people have done that.
07:47 They say, it's a blast.
07:48 And, you know, you can't be eating hamburger
07:51 and shooting somebody with paint.
07:52 You know, so it's just like take food out of your entertainment.
07:57 And for somebody there might be a food that you love.
07:59 I don't know. You might have a favorite food.
08:01 It could be apple pie.
08:02 You know, take apples, put them in the oven
08:05 with a little cinnamon on top of them and just bake them
08:08 and you'd be shocked at how that.
08:09 That way your brain will think, "Oh, there is my apple pie."
08:12 Instead of having, you know, all the fats and that sugar
08:16 and those are empty calories.
08:18 So you want more, you want more food
08:20 with less calories and less food with more calories.
08:23 So whole foods? Whole foods, yes.
08:26 And once you start getting healthy,
08:28 you'll start feeling the difference.
08:30 I don't, I still have battles, you know,
08:31 potato chips are my demon.
08:34 And but I--you know, it's okay now.
08:36 I eat potatoes and every now and then
08:38 I might still have potato chips.
08:39 But my cravings for those types of foods have almost diminished.
08:43 It just doesn't seem to bother me like it used to at all.
08:46 That's cool. Any, any other questions?
08:49 Aaron, do you have a question?
08:51 Yeah, I was just wondering 'cause I've been struggling
08:54 to lose a couple of extra pounds for a while.
08:57 How fast did you lose your weight
08:58 and what do you do besides exercising?
09:02 Well, exercising is a key part in it, you know.
09:06 The weight when it comes off especially at my age
09:09 when you're younger, the skin seems to do wonderful
09:12 when the fat goes off but you have to exercise.
09:15 I think walking is the perfect exercise.
09:18 It's aerobic. It's good for the bones.
09:20 It's good for the muscles. I would say start out walking.
09:23 You know, if people can jog, I think that's wonderful too.
09:28 Swimming is also a great exercise.
09:30 For me I was so overweight,
09:32 it was hard for me to do much of anything.
09:34 It has taken me probably close to 5 years, you know,
09:38 'cause I lost a little bit of weight.
09:41 I made changes in my diet subtly.
09:43 Then I made more changes and more changes.
09:45 And I think God knew my personality
09:48 and knew that I just can't overwhelm over it too much
09:51 because sometimes we set goals.
09:53 If I thought back then it was gonna take 125 pounds,
09:57 I don't think I'd be where I am at today.
09:59 So that long of a goal I couldn't do.
10:03 And I realized people who set goals
10:06 usually accomplish what they set.
10:08 People who don't set goals,
10:10 don't accomplish whatever they want.
10:12 So I thought I've got to start setting goals.
10:14 So I started setting little goals.
10:17 One of them was to change my diet to get the salt out.
10:19 For me, when I eat salt in my diet,
10:21 it makes me crave other foods.
10:23 So I leave it out so I don't crave it.
10:25 And getting rid of the oils, I love butter.
10:28 You know, I grew up with butter on everything.
10:30 So I had to eliminate that. That was empty calories for me.
10:34 So as I got rid of the junk and introduced
10:37 all this wonderful food that God gave me,
10:39 I realized I can eat so much food here.
10:42 Sometimes I feel like, "Oh, I'm eating too much
10:44 but yet I'm still losing weight.
10:45 Because your body starts to adjust to that
10:48 and then you'll start to eat differently even beyond that.
10:52 So for me it took a while
10:53 and it might not for other people
10:55 but I set little goals now.
10:57 And I don't look at myself as,
10:59 "Oh, I have 100 pounds to lose when I had to."
11:03 I have 20 pounds left to lose, I have 5 pound goals.
11:07 Because for me that's what's gonna help me
11:09 to make those goals.
11:10 You know, exercise, eating properly,
11:12 sleep, lots of water.
11:14 When I get hungry and I think I'm hungry when I really,
11:17 I think, "Well, it's been not that long ago I ate."
11:19 I will grab water and start drinking my water.
11:21 I'm really thirsty. And for most people they are.
11:24 And I love when you say that
11:26 'cause you start adding water into your daily routine.
11:30 Then you'll find that you eat less, too.
11:32 And I love the fact that, you know,
11:34 just pick one thing, pick something
11:37 like I'd love Good & Plenty.
11:39 I don't know if anybody else does, but you know,
11:41 certain things that I just love and so I said
11:43 I'm just gonna leave that out.
11:45 Mm-hmm. And I was surprised.
11:46 I didn't think I bought them that much.
11:48 But I always had some in my purse or somewhere.
11:51 So it's just those little candies.
11:53 Or somebody else says, "You know, I drink, you know,
11:57 cappuccino every day" or whatever,
12:00 "I like snickers" or "I like pizza" or whatever
12:02 but just pick one thing that kind of is in your,
12:06 at least, every week that you're doing 2 or 3 times,
12:08 leave that out, and it's amazing
12:10 how much you get that 1/8 pound a week or whatever.
12:15 You know, popcorn, I love popcorn.
12:17 And I used to eat popcorn with, you know, using oil to pop it
12:21 and then putting butter on it and then lots of salt.
12:24 Well, now I air pop it.
12:26 I put yeast flakes, a little bit of lemon on there,
12:28 and maybe some other kind of seasonings and guess what,
12:30 my popcorn is totally great.
12:32 I can eat what I want of it.
12:34 I will actually get full before I've had too many calories.
12:36 That's true. And I can eat pizza.
12:39 But I use a specific grain because I'm Celiac
12:42 which I'm allergic to wheat products.
12:44 And I will put-- make my own sauce
12:46 and put all these veggies on it
12:48 and put it in the oven with no cheese.
12:50 And guess what I don't have fat in my pizza
12:51 but I still get my pizza.
12:53 So it satisfies that for you. It satisfies it.
12:56 Now beans that I cook and what I know about food,
13:00 it's a little bit easier for me.
13:02 But use your imagination with food.
13:04 If you like a particular vegetable and you like pizza,
13:06 put those vegetables on there and create a pizza
13:09 that you'll enjoy but it won't have the calories.
13:12 It's really interesting to me when you talk about exercising
13:14 and, Aaron, you mentioned that.
13:16 But you talk about--I try to run
13:19 and I can't 'cause I have a new hip.
13:20 And so running was out of the question
13:22 but I got a bike and started to cycle and I'd love it.
13:26 You know, I got on the bike for the first time
13:28 and it was, like, I remembered
13:29 when I was a kid, I rode a bike everywhere.
13:31 I mean, I just rode bikes everywhere.
13:33 So it took me a while
13:36 but I probably in a week ride anywhere
13:39 from 30 to 70 miles in a week just 'cause we, you know,
13:42 we train for what's called a century ride every year.
13:45 So we ride 100 miles around Lake Tahoe.
13:47 It's called America's most beautiful bike ride.
13:50 But when I started that,
13:51 I couldn't go around the block, you know.
13:54 And now I can do 100 miles and not that I do 100 miles
13:57 every week but, I mean,
13:58 I do something every other day.
14:00 And so it's like being able to say is that
14:02 if I don't pay attention in all that, I'm gonna be in trouble.
14:06 And it's not just diet and it's not just exercise,
14:09 it's that, you know, you made a decision, Melody,
14:14 to grab hold of your life.
14:16 Do you know what I mean? Right.
14:18 You wanted your life back-- Satan took my life away from me.
14:20 You know, He took many precious years and stole them away
14:24 because and I gave them to him because that's all the junk.
14:28 Satan carries all this junk.
14:30 And he wants us to, you know, he gives us the junk to carry.
14:33 And I let him do that and I thought,
14:35 "No, I'm not gonna do this anymore.
14:37 I didn't like that person.
14:39 I was uncomfortable in her skin.
14:40 And I say her because
14:42 I've loved 100 pound woman somewhere out there.
14:44 She is floating around and I hope nobody ever takes her
14:46 because I don't want anybody to gain that weight.
14:49 But I have to say to anybody that is battling the battle
14:54 that you did is that there's something that I want to say
14:58 to that 100-pound woman that you left behind
15:00 is she really helped you to survive--
15:02 Sure, she did.
15:03 And so, you know, for a lot of us
15:05 we have to learn to survive.
15:06 We have those survival skills, like,
15:08 if things are not going well,
15:09 if relationships are not going well,
15:11 if I'm disconnecting from people
15:13 that all of that has to be looked at, at the same time.
15:16 And little things in that area too for socially.
15:20 One of the first things that God had me do
15:22 and I really believe it was God.
15:24 I just heard this small voice say,
15:26 "You need to connect with people."
15:27 I didn't know how to do that well until He says,
15:29 "You know, take a crochet class."
15:31 And I laughed.
15:33 I'm thinking,
15:34 "You know, I am a heroin addict from the streets.
15:36 What do you mean a crochet class?"
15:37 You know, but it's in all of those areas, not just eating,
15:42 not just exercise but socialize again and get back out there,
15:45 grab hold of your life.
15:47 I had become kind of reclusive in some areas, you know,
15:51 even though I am a social bug.
15:53 If people would've known me even 6, 7 years ago,
15:56 I could not even get up in church to read scripture.
16:00 I had such stage fright and to be up in front of people
16:02 because my thought was, "Okay, is my skirt long enough?
16:06 Do I look okay? Do I look fat?
16:08 Is my make-up okay? What's my hair look like?"
16:10 I was so conscious of myself. And they didn't care.
16:14 They were just listening to a scripture
16:16 and that was some of my battle
16:17 whenever I felt God calling me to come
16:19 and do this health message, like,
16:21 "God, I can't get up in front of people."
16:22 How did you conquer some of that kind of stuff?
16:25 'Cause all of us have that stuff when we,
16:27 as we head into recovery.
16:28 Well, I didn't conquer it at all but I just kept praying.
16:32 When I took that step in my living room
16:34 and submitted to God
16:35 and I have to tell you real quick, you know,
16:38 I've put out fleeces all the time.
16:40 And I said, "Okay, God, if my husband,
16:42 You've got to convince him.
16:44 I'm convinced I need to do it.
16:45 So it's up to You to do that now.
16:47 You convince him."
16:49 And he comes in 'cause he didn't want me to go get a job,
16:51 a real job, you know.
16:52 He says, "You are crazy doing this, ministry."
16:54 And he walked, and I was in the kitchen that day
16:57 that I put that fleece out to the Lord.
16:59 And I'm, like, "Okay, You got do your job."
17:01 You know, I'm testing God, "You never do that."
17:04 So I'm in the kitchen doing my thing and I listen to these
17:07 ministry tapes during the day when I'm cooking.
17:10 And he usually comes in the house and, you know,
17:13 puts whatever, he takes his boots off and everything
17:16 and goes to the restroom and comes out
17:17 and I get dinner on the table
17:19 and then he usually says something.
17:21 And he walked in the door that day and he said,
17:23 "You know I've been thinking about it all day.
17:24 If you want to do this stuff, then you just need to do it."
17:28 And I looked up thinking that was way too fast.
17:32 You know, 'cause-- Now I got to move.
17:34 For like any recovery program really trust there is a God
17:37 and He's involved in the whole process.
17:40 Every step of the way. Every step.
17:41 And then I went as far as to, some people
17:44 who had been to some seminars that I helped with, Cheri, said,
17:48 "Come and do one for ours.
17:49 You've always been such a great cook.
17:51 You just got to come and do it."
17:52 I called them and scheduled one.
17:54 Scared to death, I went into the bathroom
17:58 just before I went up there to speak, just shaking.
18:02 You could see the bottom of my skirt shaking
18:04 and I knelt down in that stall, in that bathroom and I said,
18:07 "Lord, you've got to take this from me. I can't do it."
18:09 Yeah, I'm scared to death. I was scared to death.
18:11 I mean, I tear up just thinking about it. I was terrified.
18:15 And I went up there
18:16 and I got out from the bathroom,
18:18 went out there and I just, you know,
18:20 it was like the Israelites, you know.
18:22 "God, we can't walk across this.
18:23 Where are we gonna go? Behind this, on this side?
18:25 We can't go anywhere. They are surrounding us."
18:27 And God just parted the sea but what happened
18:29 He tested their faith first.
18:31 I had to get up there in front
18:33 and as soon as I got out in front, Cheri, it went away.
18:37 You know, I have to say that what's really amazing
18:39 to me is how faithful God can be.
18:41 And, you know, bringing this program to a close,
18:45 I feel like, you know, I wanted to just say
18:48 congratulations and everything
18:50 that you've gone through and everything that you've done.
18:51 And I know that because God is faithful,
18:55 this is just a beginning.
18:56 You're gonna have to learn a lot about yourself. Who you are?
18:59 What happens if you had not been robbed in this area,
19:03 your growth would've happened,
19:04 now it's gonna happen now instead of 20 years ago.
19:07 I just praise the Lord that He's using me.
19:08 You know, I did not,
19:10 for most of my life I did what Melody wanted
19:12 and I hope I can continue to do
19:14 what God wants me to do because He deserves that.
19:17 He is so wonderful.
19:19 You know, I'd like to be careful with that 'cause you didn't do
19:21 what Melody wanted, you were hijacked.
19:23 I was hijacked.
19:24 You know, we're talking on this season about being hijacked,
19:27 what hijacks our pleasure centers, what hijacks us?
19:30 And I think that our fear and our depression and,
19:34 you know, all of the sudden you're in a marriage
19:36 that wasn't working,
19:37 not that wasn't working but you were so young
19:39 and all that kind of stuff that you were hijacked.
19:41 And what you allowed to bring pleasure into your life was food
19:45 and usually the wrong kinds of foods.
19:47 And so for somebody that's alcoholic we do with alcohol,
19:50 somebody that's a drug addict, we do with drug,
19:52 sex addict we get online porn and we do the sexual stuff.
19:56 And I think that we get hijacked
19:58 and it takes years to kind of get ourselves back.
20:01 And finally God says, you know what,
20:03 "You've been lost for so long, I just want to find you again."
20:07 And so if I want to bring this to a close,
20:10 if you find that you've been hijacked in any area,
20:12 know that you got to do one thing at a time,
20:15 set tiny goals and get your life back.
20:18 See you next time, until then,
20:20 always remember that God is crazy about you.
20:22 Me too.


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