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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Melody Prettyman


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00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material may be
00:07 too candid for younger children.
00:15 Welcome back.
00:16 We were talking with Melody about her incredible journey.
00:20 From 250 something pounds, she's lost a 100 of those.
00:26 God called her to then do ministry and teach people
00:29 how to get healthy.
00:30 And I think that was funny, Melody,
00:32 that you said that in the middle of all that,
00:34 you're screaming, you still haven't lost your weight,
00:37 you're not even healthy yourself and you're saying,
00:39 "How can I stand up and teach anybody anything?"
00:42 And I can't imagine what those first programs look like
00:45 but you've been doing it... Three years.
00:47 Three years now? Full time.
00:49 That's awesome. Three years.
00:50 And two years, I was fat,
00:52 you know, now I'm not as fat. Yeah.
00:55 So... So, tell us.
00:58 We're here and you're gonna show us
00:59 a little bit about how to eat healthy,
01:01 what kinds of things can somebody do
01:04 when they first get started. Sure.
01:06 For me, my taste buds and I tell people, the palate.
01:09 We have just inundated it for all these flavors
01:13 and the seasonings and salt, salt, salt, salt. Yeah.
01:16 And so I had to re-educate my palate basically.
01:20 And I went off of sugar, salt and oil, totally out of my diet.
01:24 No I do have sodium but,
01:26 you know, but not like I did before at all.
01:28 At first, it's crazy to eat something healthy.
01:31 I would much rather have a piece of pie than a carrot.
01:35 I'd much rather have a pizza than,
01:37 you know, something that's healthier
01:39 and so it's like it is retraining.
01:41 And what's really incredible to me about
01:43 that kind of stuff is that we actually,
01:44 not only we train our body but our brain is just starved,
01:50 I mean, we really are starved for all of these.
01:51 We are. We definitely are.
01:53 So what are you gonna show us?
01:54 Well, I want to make us a power drink. All right.
01:57 And you know, for breakfast and getting up in the morning
01:59 or sometimes we get out bed, "I need a cup of coffee."
02:01 Uh, no, you don't need a cup of coffee.
02:03 Stay away from the coffee.
02:05 I want you to have something that's so powerful for the body,
02:08 for the brain, to give you that fuel
02:10 that you need for the day to get started
02:11 and you still need a big breakfast with it. Exactly.
02:13 But if you want to grab some of those, Cheri,
02:15 I just want you to get some of that.
02:19 You can use kale, any green. So just drop them in here.
02:21 I want you to start taking
02:23 a handful of that spinach for me.
02:24 And so this is a nice healthy spinach.
02:27 Oh, yes. I love my spinach.
02:28 Okay, we put that in there. Right.
02:30 And grab a... I feel like a cook.
02:34 I feel like Martha Stewart. Yeah.
02:36 Ok. So grab what?
02:37 Grab some lettuce. Ok. Got that.
02:39 Let's get some lettuce in there.
02:41 Now in there somewhere is some parsley,
02:43 some fresh parsley.
02:44 Ok. Let me see if I can find that.
02:46 Kale, anything that you can find in there green,
02:47 I am gonna chop up some of those. Ok.
02:50 That's celery. Ok.
02:52 Got some celery, got some parsley.
02:53 Right. Ok, now apple.
02:56 What's apple gonna do to this drink?
02:57 I would think it's gonna sweeten it.
02:59 It is gonna sweeten it. Which is good.
03:00 And the cucumber also, there's a lot of water in cucumber.
03:05 So it's gonna give me some liquid in there.
03:07 I am gonna take some of that just so it doesn't come back up
03:10 and hit you. Very good, I like that.
03:11 Now if you do have a vita-mix at home,
03:14 you know people call me and say, "I don't have a vita-mix."
03:16 That's ok, just let it blend a little longer.
03:18 It's fine, whatever blender you have.
03:21 Let's see what else, did you get parsley? Yes. Ok.
03:23 And you know what's really incredible
03:25 about this kind of stuff is
03:26 when you're doing a lifestyle change,
03:28 whether it's drugs, alcohol, food, that as I replace
03:32 the unhealthy stuff for healthier things,
03:34 my body not only gets a little bit better
03:36 but I--I start to really get some strength from this stuff.
03:41 Oh, it's incredible.
03:43 And the thing of it is, for the 2 weeks I was like,
03:45 "Lord, you are kidding me." Yeah.
03:47 I am not supposed to eat this stuff. I know.
03:49 And I'm sitting at the table very mad
03:52 and I don't want to eat my food like a little child,
03:54 you know, pouting like, "Lord, I am not touching this stuff.
03:56 This is..." Yeah, this is not... "This is junk."
03:58 You know what's really funny?
04:00 And I got to say the first time
04:01 somebody tried to get me to drink like a green drink,
04:04 I thought I could slam tequila.
04:07 You could give me a whole bottle of tequila
04:09 and I could drink it straight pretty much
04:11 but I'm not drinking this stuff.
04:12 So it really is a training, we have really-- It is.
04:14 We've perverted our taste buds. That's exactly what's happened.
04:17 And we really have to come back around and say,
04:20 it's gonna take a while but I want to really find out
04:24 how to like this stuff again.
04:26 And that's what it is. And God will do it.
04:29 It takes time. Yes. It takes 2 weeks.
04:31 You know there's a few addicts out there saying,
04:33 "I don't know about that."
04:35 It really will take time. Exactly.
04:36 And you'll like it, it will be good.
04:38 Now I am gonna turn this on, it's gonna be noisy.
04:40 Okay? Okay.
04:53 That's what happens when you put too much lettuce in the bottom
04:57 but it's amazing how this is actually gonna taste.
05:00 I think you will even like the taste, even now.
05:03 Okay, good. I mean, really. Let's get some liquid out there.
05:07 Well, you know, and I have re-trained myself a lot,
05:09 so I know that I really like this stuff
05:11 but initially I could not. Okay. Yeah.
05:14 How long did it take your taste-buds?
05:17 I would say it took a good five years.
05:48 Super drink. All right.
05:51 You want to taste it? I want to taste it.
05:53 But I also want to say that
05:55 if you are looking to recover from anything, smoking, drugs,
06:00 even some of our behavioral addictions,
06:02 sexual addictions or whatever,
06:03 your body gets really kind of clogged up
06:06 this stuff is gonna be great.
06:08 And it's really tough because it doesn't look all that great.
06:11 Oh, well... It doesn't look bad. I don't mind green. Yeah.
06:14 You know, but when you get into some of the other colors,
06:16 you know, I can have a problem with that
06:17 because we eat with our eyes.
06:19 Okay, I'm gonna have the kids try it.
06:21 Can you pass it out, Caroline, to everybody?
06:24 There is everything the body needs in nutrients, right here.
06:26 So are you guys ready?
06:36 It is really good.
06:38 Isn't it? It's really good. I know.
06:41 It's even more than tolerable.
06:43 Okay, now know this is like just...
06:47 A smoothie, a green smoothie. Like a green smoothie.
06:49 It is gonna be healing in every single way.
06:51 So this is one thing
06:52 you can throw anything in here.
06:54 Just get it-- You can. Yes.
06:55 If you are really concerned about
06:58 pesticides and stuff, get organic.
07:00 It's a little more expensive but it's better for you
07:03 and it will help your body to do recovery.
07:05 I mean, it's amazing, amazing.
07:07 Some people try to do recovery without thinking
07:09 what they put in their body, they're still eating junk,
07:12 they're still smoking, drinking,
07:15 you know, tons of like coffee and sodas
07:18 and all that kind of stuff.
07:19 I'm telling you, you're fighting against the current
07:21 when you do it that way.
07:23 If you start to do things healthier for yourself,
07:25 you're gonna feel better, look better
07:27 and your life will turn around a lot easier.
07:29 So as much as you can, start with some healthy things.
07:32 You know, it's been proven for somebody
07:33 that smokes cigarettes,
07:35 if they would add Vitamin-C, lots of vitamin-C
07:39 and the fresh fruits and vegetables
07:41 and grains to their diet,
07:42 their--it lessens their requirement for the cigarette
07:46 or their addiction to the cigarette by 50%.
07:48 Wow, that's huge.
07:49 And all of this is detoxifying the body. So we're gonna detox.
07:53 And at the same time,
07:55 what's really cool is the weight just kind of comes off. It does.
07:59 And there're is no way for the weight not to come off.
08:01 Absolutely. All right.
08:02 You know a lot of--I'm down to that last 20 pounds,
08:05 that hard weight to get off,
08:07 I know it's coming off. Yeah, awesome.
08:09 Yeah, because of the way I am eating.
08:10 If you'll grab those chickpeas-- The green drink is fun.
08:11 Yes. This is a green drink.
08:13 Any time of day, but in the morning's a great time.
08:16 What I have here, and fresh is best, in my book. Okay.
08:19 And if you buy chickpeas and you don't cook them fresh
08:24 and they're in the can,
08:25 rinse them off and make sure you get the salt.
08:26 They're just loaded with sodium. Okay.
08:28 So I always rinse my peas.
08:30 And here we have the fresh asparagus,
08:32 fresh red bell pepper.
08:34 Look at that, isn't that beautiful?
08:35 It's awesome. It's beautiful.
08:37 What I'm gonna have you do is,
08:38 I'm gonna have you take some of this vegenaise
08:40 and put in here. All right.
08:42 Should I mix it up?
08:43 Yeah, I'm gonna let you stir that up.
08:45 I'm gonna add the cilantro.
08:48 You know, in my house, my husband's the cook.
08:50 So he's gonna laugh at this.
08:52 You know, I think men cook really well.
08:55 That is nice, men don't think
08:56 they can go in the kitchen, oh, that's so untrue.
08:58 Oh, he loves it. Now this is curry. Uh-huh.
09:02 This is a Moroccan chickpea salad.
09:05 That looks good, it smells really good.
09:06 And you can put onion, I love onion. Celery.
09:09 You know, anything fresh, any vegetable you want in here.
09:12 I always say, cooking is like a road map,
09:14 there's so many different directions,
09:16 just however you get there doesn't matter
09:17 as long as you get there.
09:18 And what's really interesting about recovery too,
09:20 is that the more-- the more
09:22 you can actually get in your body
09:24 that's raw and whole... Yes.
09:25 Uh, the better it's gonna be for you.
09:27 And I know for a lot of us
09:29 who are so used to pizza and chips
09:30 and all that kind of stuff, and I love that.
09:32 I mean, you know, I really did love that
09:34 but I knew that at a certain point,
09:36 I had to pay attention.
09:38 I had to take care of myself and physically.
09:42 Okay so, that was easy. Wasn't that easy?
09:45 And this is a potluck favorite.
09:48 I take this and the people at potluck are like,
09:49 "Oh, we just love this." Let me try that.
09:52 Yeah, you try it, see what you think.
09:55 Could need a little more curry.
10:01 It's good. You like that?
10:03 So pass it out to the group
10:05 but let's do one more thing first. Okay.
10:07 This is--you know, when I travel, I'm on the road
10:10 10 months out of the year most of the time, sometimes more.
10:13 And I'm in my SUV and of course I allow for my clothes
10:18 and I allow for my supplies that I use for my seminars.
10:21 I never leave without my rice cooker.
10:23 It's a very inexpensive item you can find in garage sales.
10:26 You know, these young kids get married,
10:27 they've never cooked but the microwave.
10:28 Go buy it used or buy it brand new,
10:30 they just don't use it.
10:32 But I use this rice cooker for beans, I use it for grains.
10:35 What I put in here is a grain called quinoa.
10:38 It's Q-U-I-N-O-A
10:39 but it's pronounced quinoa. Wonderful grain.
10:43 Has lots of proteins, people are always worried,
10:45 "Well, if I don't eat animal proteins,
10:47 how am I gonna get protein?"
10:48 There's plenty of plant proteins and they're a complete protein.
10:52 Carbohydrates which are the complex carbohydrates
10:54 and very low in fat.
10:56 A lot of magnesium, zinc, copper,
10:58 manganese is in this grain.
11:00 So we need that, we need those nutrients.
11:02 And this for somebody like me, it's easy to cook.
11:06 You know what I do here?
11:07 I took--on this particular grain,
11:10 I actually--it's two part water to one part grain,
11:14 I cut up an apple, skin and all,
11:16 that's where lot of the vitamins are, in the skin.
11:18 I cut up a banana, put it in there, a few dates,
11:20 I put some nuts in there, I put some cinnamon,
11:24 you can put nutmeg, you can put vanilla,
11:26 I shut the lid it, cooks, you open it, you eat it.
11:29 And I mean, you will be shocked
11:31 at the flavor in here because I added no salt.
11:33 I really liked this chickpea salad.
11:35 That was really good. I know.
11:38 Try this. See what you think about this.
11:40 I have no milk in there, I have no salt in there,
11:43 I have no oil in there,
11:44 and there's no refined sugar in there. Yum.
11:48 You know, so if you are looking like
11:51 you've got weight to lose,
11:53 you got your health to get back,
11:54 for whatever reason... For what ever reason.
11:56 These are some great suggestions.
11:58 Yes. Suggestions.
11:59 There's many of them, I mean,
12:01 I could go on for hours and hours,
12:02 we don't have enough time. My recipes are unlimited.
12:05 You know, a lot of people say,
12:06 "Well, if it's plant food, I'm limited."
12:08 That's--that's incorrect.
12:09 There's over 102 varieties of beans alone.
12:13 So now, the reason I wanted to have you
12:17 show us some things was, for one, I think it's amazing.
12:20 I mean, you lost 100 pounds and every day,
12:23 I mean, we walk together, I see you out walking,
12:26 your physical activity has increased,
12:27 you're healthier towards
12:29 what you're putting in your body,
12:30 you're a joy for life. I love.
12:32 You know, I am so happy now.
12:35 I know I'm supposed to--people say,
12:36 "Well for your age, for your age..."
12:38 I just had my cholesterol checked.
12:40 What do you think my cholesterol was?
12:42 What? 138. Wow. 138.
12:46 And so it's dropped a lot. A lot.
12:48 My HDL's come up, my LDL's gone down.
12:50 My triglycerides, everything is great. Right.
12:53 And so know that any change,
12:56 any change--so you want to start putting healthier things in.
12:59 The studies are saying that we're gonna eat
13:01 the same amount of food every day.
13:03 And so put some good stuff in.
13:05 Don't worry about what you're gonna leave out,
13:06 just put some good stuff in and slowly
13:09 that'll kind of turn itself around.
13:10 And definitely get out and walk,
13:11 laugh with friends, volunteer somewhere, join a church
13:16 or knitting group, something so that you start
13:19 connecting with people 'cause you'll be surprised
13:21 when it feels good to be in your own skin.
13:23 You're gonna thank everybody around you
13:25 that's giving you any of these suggestions.
13:27 We're gonna break, we're gonna back up
13:29 at the table and some of the kids
13:30 have some questions because you know what?
13:32 It's surprising that eating disorders
13:34 and all this kind of stuff start really, really early.
13:38 So we're gonna talk to them about
13:40 what's happening in their life. Stay with us.


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