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Food vs. God - Who Wins?

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Melody Prettyman


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00:01 The following program discusses
00:02 sensitive issues related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:10 Today, I'm gonna introduce you to Melody. She lost 125 pounds.
00:44 Welcome back. And, you know, what's really amazing to me?
00:47 We are on our eighth season.
00:49 And this season, we are really looking
00:51 at not only the drugs and alcohol,
00:54 and the addictions that we have,
00:55 but how does our body actually function and what hijacks us.
00:59 And today, we're gonna be talking to a friend of mine
01:02 that lost like a 100 pounds. It's amazing to me her journey.
01:06 And I want to get right into that
01:07 because we're gonna talk about her story
01:10 and where she came from.
01:11 But then she's gonna teach us to cook a little bit
01:13 and what's good for our body and what kind of things
01:15 we can do in order to help us not only get healthy,
01:18 but think healthy, be healthy, all of that stuff.
01:22 And I'm such a baby.
01:24 Melody, I wanna just say welcome to the program.
01:26 I am really a baby because I even coming into my recovery,
01:30 like I stopped doing drugs, but you know, give me pizza
01:33 and 15 cups of coffee and some ice cream,
01:35 and I'm happy. Do you know what I mean?
01:37 And I don't think we put those things together
01:39 and you had to with your journey. Right, right.
01:43 You know, I didn't have a drug or alcohol addiction,
01:47 but I still have an addictive personality.
01:49 So, you know, I smoked for 10 years,
01:52 and food addiction is what I had.
01:55 You know, a lot of people look at me and think,
01:57 "Oh, you're not that bad."
01:58 I didn't even think I was that bad at one time. Right.
02:01 But I did have a food addiction and I can't say I did, I do.
02:05 I have to everyday watch,
02:06 you know, in my choices and what I eat.
02:08 And I think a lot of people when they think about addiction,
02:10 they think about the chemical stuff.
02:12 You think about drugs or,
02:14 you know, heroin or alcohol or even sexual addictions,
02:18 but a few-- not many of us think about
02:21 food as an-- as an addiction. It can be types of food. Yeah.
02:25 I mean, just certain types of food
02:26 that that causes the addiction, you know, the emotion.
02:30 You know, I feel like my addiction to food
02:32 was emotional. Yeah.
02:34 We're gonna-- so I wanna hear your whole story,
02:37 but I want you to know that this--
02:39 this season we're talking about
02:41 kind of what hijacks your pleasure center.
02:43 You know, we really do seek after pleasure.
02:47 And sometimes what hijacks that is the comfort and like,
02:51 you said, that you know, food was your comfort,
02:53 mine was heroin, drugs, party and all that kind of stuff.
02:56 And so I want you to start
03:00 from even the very kind of the-- the beginning,
03:02 were you always--was food always an addiction for you,
03:05 and how did that start,
03:06 and does that make sense that
03:08 that you got hijacked along the way.
03:11 It does, but no, it was not a problem in the beginning.
03:14 You know, as a child grow-- growing up
03:16 I was more underweight than I was overweight.
03:19 So I was a very thin child.
03:21 Actually my mother took me to the doctor once
03:23 and he said, "Don't worry about her weight,
03:24 she'll get to liken food someday." And I did.
03:27 But, you know, I didn't have that problem
03:29 where they talk about it lot now,
03:31 if you're an obese child,
03:32 you're gonna be an obese adult.
03:34 I did not have a weight problem as a kid.
03:36 I actually did not start to gain weight
03:40 until I was pregnant with my first child.
03:43 That's when I actually started gaining the weight.
03:45 But gaining the weight
03:46 with the pregnancy is pretty normal, so--
03:48 Well, it is, but not 75 pounds normal.
03:50 I gained an immense amount of weight
03:52 and the doctor never said anything to me about it.
03:55 And I have to say I married at 17 years old,
03:58 so I was a very, very young girl, very active,
04:01 I loved to run and play tennis and swim,
04:04 you know, I just didn't know how to stop.
04:06 And I never had a problem with eating too much food.
04:09 I ate when I was hungry. Right.
04:10 So then I get married at 17 years old,
04:13 and that's when everything started to change.
04:15 You know, your body is changing, here I am.
04:17 You know, I got married and I got pregnant
04:19 right away after I was married
04:21 and I went to this totally different life.
04:24 And, you know, I'm looking back on it.
04:25 Now I didn't see it then, Cherri.
04:28 But here I am, 17 years old I marry.
04:31 I didn't have access to my friends,
04:34 the people I went to school with.
04:35 Everything changed for you. Everything changed for me.
04:38 I became a woman who sat at home, watch TV,
04:41 had nothing to do till my husband got home. And ate.
04:45 And--what else was there to do? Yeah.
04:48 And what was really interesting
04:49 'cause I know that your dad was a chef,
04:51 so you grew up with some,
04:53 you know, with your dad cooking
04:55 and some good foods and all that kind of stuff,
04:56 so you've somewhat had food as a comfort thing growing up.
05:00 Always in a hospital. Drug abuse.
05:02 Right, my mother was a great cook too.
05:04 You know, my dad had restaurants,
05:06 he cooked in the navy for the officers.
05:08 So my father loved cooking
05:10 and I take a lot of my love of cooking after my dad.
05:14 But you know, I have three brothers and a sister.
05:19 And my older sister was the only one who struggled with weight,
05:22 but for most of us as kids, you know, we didn't know
05:24 I have a weight problem, so there was not,
05:27 you know, even though we had popcorn night,
05:30 like any another family, it was not the focus of our home,
05:33 but it was nice to sat around the table and talk, you know.
05:36 So now you're married, you're 17,
05:39 starting to-- Did you think there were some--
05:41 was there a depression with all that change,
05:43 I mean, did you feel like-- I know what it is now. Okay.
05:46 I see that now because looking back into my life,
05:48 like, what happened to me? Right.
05:51 Where did Melody really go?
05:52 What happened to Melody over that time?
05:54 I--my husband--I went from my father raising me
05:56 to my husband raising me,
05:58 and so I grew up with my children,
06:00 I was a very young mother and I had to adapt that. Right.
06:05 And I do believe I was depressed.
06:07 Looking back on it, now absolutely I had to eat.
06:09 And I don't wanna--
06:11 I don't wanna say this kind of disrespectfully,
06:14 but you know, I can't even imagine
06:17 'cause my addiction was heroin,
06:18 my addiction was drugs, and if I wanted to feel better
06:22 I would have to go find someone to buy some drugs from,
06:25 I would have to cook it up, I'd have to shoot up whatever,
06:29 I can't imagine if I all I had to do is go to my refrigerator.
06:32 Well, but it's not that simple. Okay.
06:34 Going to the refrigerator, you know, here's this emotion,
06:37 you don't know what's wrong with you,
06:38 you're just not happy. Right.
06:40 So when you start to eat food you just begin,
06:42 become eating it, and that could be pizza,
06:44 it could be potato chips, it could be anything,
06:46 you just go in there to put your hands on. Right.
06:48 Because it's almost like a nervousness.
06:50 You're not really hungry. Right.
06:51 Your stomach's not growling, you're not really saying.
06:54 Okay, I need to eat now.
06:56 I need this nutrition in my body. Right.
06:58 You're eating first another reason
07:01 and then you go to bed at night,
07:02 Cherri, I cannot tie you the nights,
07:04 I have called in my bed at night and literally beat myself up
07:07 because I was so fool,
07:08 I think I don't ever want to do this again. Right.
07:10 And you do it over. Right.
07:12 And over and over--
07:13 Because like any addiction it works for maybe an hour,
07:17 maybe minutes even-- Shopping. Yeah.
07:19 Whatever it is. Right.
07:21 You know, these addictions
07:22 and we--and people don't think they are addictions.
07:24 You know, they don't see it as a problem, but it is.
07:27 Not everybody who is overweight has that problem,
07:31 but I think if he was to look into
07:32 some of what's going on in their life
07:34 without they even have a knowledge of it.
07:36 There is something hidden there.
07:38 Right. So you ended up.
07:40 When did you started to gain weight,
07:42 75 pounds during the pregnancy?
07:44 And I lost quite a bit after my first child.
07:47 And then I started putting the weight back on
07:49 and it just continued and it continued,
07:51 and up and down, up and down.
07:53 You know, this is my 40th anniversary
07:57 this year for years. Yeah.
07:59 And I cannot tell you, 2 years of the 40 years
08:03 that I have been at a good weight. Wow.
08:06 And my husband never complained about it.
08:08 So you were constantly battling?
08:09 Constantly battling my weight. Right.
08:11 And what I think for a lot of people.
08:14 Can you talk about the-- the cycle
08:17 'cause you did a little bit, you'd go to bed and feel like,
08:20 I can't believe I did this again,
08:21 I felt horrible, you know that that kind of anger at yourself
08:25 and then the next day you get up and grab-
08:28 Food starting again. Go to bed that night so full.
08:32 And you don't wanna go to bed full in.
08:33 And, you know, I right now,
08:35 you know, with the 100 pounds I've lost so far
08:37 and I still-- How much?
08:39 100. See, I love that.
08:41 100 pounds. That is so cool.
08:42 20 to go. Yeah.
08:44 And, you know, I could not even pictured myself that way.
08:48 All those years I wanted to be that way
08:50 and I still look at myself.
08:51 And today, I can go to the mirror, look at myself
08:54 and I see a fat woman. I still struggle.
08:57 You know, people say, oh, you--
08:59 'Cause you really do have to change your mindset.
09:00 You have to change your mindset.
09:02 I don't see me the way you see me at all.
09:04 You know, and I used to struggle with that
09:05 when I see somebody who is like, 5 pounds overweight.
09:08 They're like, "Oh, I'm so fat. I've got to lose weight.
09:11 And I just wanted to--
09:13 I just want to kill them, choke them, you know."
09:14 It's like, "What do you mean 5 pounds?"
09:16 So that's been hard.
09:18 But, you know, where I started out,
09:20 you know, I'm a second generation
09:21 Seventh-day Adventist. Yeah.
09:22 My mother and father raised five children
09:25 in the Adventist Church and I was very rebellious.
09:28 You know, I have that personality
09:29 that if I wanted to do something,
09:30 Melody just wants to do. You can see that.
09:33 So it got me into trouble, you know.
09:35 I just kept wanted to do my own thing
09:37 and I look back now as an adult and I think why in the world
09:40 would my mother and daddy
09:41 ever let me marry at 17 years old. Right.
09:44 And they probably didn't. They probably thought we better.
09:47 You know, 'cause I-- If she would runaway,
09:48 you should take-- Something, something.
09:50 And I look back and I didn't want an Adventist husband.
09:55 I did not want a Christian man. I wanted a well boy. Right.
09:59 You know, I wanted-- I wanted
10:00 a rebellious person along with that.
10:03 So I went into a marriage with a man
10:05 who struggled with alcohol. Yeah.
10:07 Smoking, had never been in an Adventist Church in his life.
10:10 He's not from a Christian home, not from the Christian family.
10:12 Not from a Christian home,
10:13 his father would drink quite a bit too.
10:15 So there was quite a bit turmoil and things going on
10:17 in his family that I wasn't aware,
10:19 but at 17 years,
10:20 that's the last thing on your mind. Right.
10:22 You know, I didn't care at that time.
10:25 So then I get into a marriage. And I told-- I told my husband.
10:28 I said, "I will never marry a man who drinks."
10:30 So he quit until after we got married. Yeah.
10:34 So then I also had this kind of baggage
10:36 into the relationship of the alcohol
10:40 and the partying, be staying in a home,
10:43 where he wasn't there. Now, that was kind of hard.
10:45 So again where did I go? To the refrigerator. Right.
10:49 'Cause a lot of times where people don't realize
10:51 when you marry somebody that's partying and using,
10:54 is they're not coming home some nights,
10:55 they're out at the bar,
10:57 they're doing all that kind of stuff,
10:58 so you emotionally have all this chaos.
11:00 And your answer was food to eat. Food.
11:03 Well, there weren't whole lot else for me to do. Yeah.
11:06 You know, my husband worked in the oilfield at that time,
11:09 so we traveled around.
11:10 So I might have been into the city
11:12 where I knew nobody. Yeah.
11:14 And my husband has the type of personality
11:17 to where he likes to, you know, dictate or,
11:20 you know, wants me to do what he wants me to do.
11:23 So that was good for him.
11:25 You know, kept me where he needed me to be. Right.
11:28 So to explain what it's like and unless you've been there,
11:33 it's really hard to know this, but what it's like
11:36 year after year after year to know that
11:39 it's just continuously getting worse,
11:41 I'm gaining more weight,
11:43 I'm out of control, I'm not happy.
11:45 This is not how I wanted to be
11:47 and yet I'm still going to bed for, right?
11:51 So what's that like year after year?
11:53 Well, you--you go into a shell, but people can't see it.
11:58 You're always happy on the outside.
12:01 It should be noticed by people, you would notice it
12:05 who struggles with type of addiction yourself
12:09 because you're always wanting to fix people,
12:11 you're always wanting to do something,
12:12 you don't think of yourself,
12:14 you're always trying to help other people
12:15 because you're trying to take focus of your own self. Right.
12:19 'Cause I'm out of control. I'm out of control.
12:21 But I wanted--inside, I'm screaming.
12:24 And I'm like, "Does anybody see this?
12:25 Can anybody help me?"
12:27 But you don't wanna admit it on the outsides.
12:29 You have to paint this beautiful picture to everybody outwardly.
12:32 And so in that situation-- could you had another child to--
12:37 Well, I had-- actually had three babies.
12:39 I miscarried a last one
12:40 when I was almost-- almost 6 months pregnant. Okay.
12:43 So I lost him. I'm sorry.
12:45 So, what--what happen, you know, 'cause it's like,
12:49 you know, with any addiction is after while
12:51 you almost give up even trying
12:53 'cause I know for, you know, you look at the statistics
12:57 on eating disorders on obesity
12:59 and people are spending a ton of money,
13:02 I mean, they really are buying every product
13:05 and taking everything and doing every kind of fat diet,
13:08 but after a few--after years of that you almost slow down
13:12 and stop trying without what kicked in for you finally,
13:14 what--what happened that you finally said okay. I'm done.
13:19 Well, I tried all those diets.
13:20 I have done weight watch-- I have done weight watchers.
13:23 I can't--I can't even remember all of them,
13:26 the carbohydrate diet, I mean I tried everything. Yeah.
13:29 And--some of that would work for a little while,
13:32 but then it, you know, then I go back,
13:34 I just revert back to my old habits. Yeah.
13:36 And I had-- there was a transition there.
13:40 I left the church, did not go to church anymore,
13:43 I was not, you know, reading my Bible,
13:47 living my own life, doing what Melody wanted to do.
13:49 And I was so empty.
13:51 I'd shopped and I couldn't fill it,
13:52 I'd eat and I couldn't fill it.
13:54 You know, why there is an emptiness there because
13:56 God instills all of us to worship
13:58 and just to worship Him.
14:00 And if we don't then we try to worship something else.
14:03 And I just kept trying to find out
14:06 what it was I really wanted and I couldn't.
14:08 But I woke--
14:09 That emptiness is pretty intense.
14:12 And I'm not talking about just food additions
14:14 'cause most addictions have the sense of emptiness
14:17 that somehow-- somehow I'm not enough,
14:19 somehow I have to do something,
14:22 I have to either get involved, sexual addiction, drug addiction
14:25 whatever, something has to fill me up.
14:27 Shopping, you mentioned-- Shopping, I used to shop a lot.
14:30 When I worked on Corporate America,
14:32 I wouldn't work 40 hours a week, it is 50-60. Yeah.
14:35 You know, I always had to do more.
14:36 But I come to the-- to the place in my life
14:39 where I wanted to know about God.
14:43 I had been raised as an Adventist Christian
14:46 and I knew what those values were.
14:48 And I had never had a personal relationship with the Lord,
14:51 and this was in my early 50s.
14:53 And I thought, "Lord, how--what can I do?
14:55 How can I get to know You?"
14:57 So I started kind of secretly reading my Bible and praying,
15:02 you know, with nobody knowing about it
15:04 and I just started feeling, "God, take over me
15:07 and I wanted to do something for Him."
15:09 And my sister had just lost her husband recently
15:12 and moved back to Ohio,
15:14 that's where I live at. How did he die?
15:16 He died of cancer. Okay.
15:17 And she said, "If I come back, will you go to church with me?"
15:21 And I said, "Sure.
15:22 Anything that get around my hair."
15:24 Actually on our way to church that Sabbath,
15:26 I had to stop by stores, so we could lay on a mattress
15:28 like one of those little animals.
15:31 That's how, you know, I mean, I was so far away from it.
15:34 And we went to that church
15:35 and I thought, "No, I don't like this church.
15:37 There was nothing there."
15:38 And we left that church at Sabbath and I said,
15:41 "Hey, I had a friend that kept coming by my office
15:43 and we should come back to church and come over here--
15:46 come to this church, we have a great pastor."
15:48 And I went the next Sabbath.
15:50 And when I went to church that Sabbath, it was like,
15:52 God said, "This is your home. This is where you need to be."
15:55 And I asked Him to transfer my membership.
15:58 And I started going back. And I started praying.
16:01 So for you, this what--
16:04 the step you took to take care of yourself,
16:07 the first step was to connect.
16:09 I had to connect. Yeah, so--
16:11 And I knew my disconnect was God. Okay.
16:13 I knew that was my disconnect. Okay.
16:15 And I had to connect with Him
16:16 'cause how could I connect with my husband,
16:18 my children, myself. I had no way of doing that.
16:21 I had to connect with God first 'cause
16:23 He's the only one that can fix me. Okay.
16:25 And I knew I had to do that.
16:26 Well, you know, for any to watch the program that's also,
16:28 you know, step one.
16:30 First, I have to admit, I am powerless. Yes.
16:31 And then I have to admit,
16:32 there is a God that can restore me to sanity.
16:34 And then I have to admit, there is a problem.
16:36 Yeah. And there is a problem there.
16:38 And I knew, it took me all this time
16:40 to just within the last year that I realized,
16:44 there is a deeper problem in Melody.
16:46 And I--they had a cooking program
16:49 that was at this church and I went.
16:51 And that's what started me
16:53 into what I call the health message
16:54 that I do now.
16:56 So what was the-- the cooking program?
16:59 Because you've seen a lot of stuff up in at that time,
17:01 you tried a lot of things. I mean, why then--
17:03 It was all plant-based. It was all plant-based.
17:06 And I was so addicted to cheese.
17:08 I had this addiction to cheese
17:09 that I just couldn't get it out of my diet.
17:11 And when I went and I heard this information,
17:14 again God just told me,
17:16 "Melody, this is what you've got to do."
17:18 And with my personality, I don't go in and start slow.
17:22 I go in and I do it 100%.
17:25 So--so I've got to just picture this.
17:27 You're at least a 100 pounds heavier than you are now.
17:30 I was 255 pounds and I weigh 155 now.
17:33 So 255 pounds, you decide that I'm gonna end up
17:39 allowing God back in my life.
17:41 I'm gonna finally admit to Him,
17:43 I'm powerless, I can't do this.
17:46 And you just slowly start to allow information to get in.
17:51 I did 'cause God knew how much I could handle.
17:54 And then when I through-- this whole time
17:58 I was working at the Corporate America, and God--
18:01 I got to stop you for a second.
18:02 'Cause my head is just screaming a couple of things. Okay.
18:06 I am 30 pounds overweight
18:09 and when I first started to even look at like,
18:11 you know, all year I've been working too much
18:13 and I'm not paying attention and all that kind of stuff.
18:15 Just to get up and take a walk with a lot of work.
18:18 And you're talking about 250 plus pounds.
18:22 And so there's got to be something that I'm not hearing
18:24 'cause just to get up saying that,
18:26 "I'm gonna get up and go do this."
18:28 It is not the easiest thing. It's not--
18:31 I have to show you pictures I forgot to bring in 'cause
18:34 I stayed away from the camera. I still do.
18:36 You know, that was one thing I thought of.
18:38 If I don't see myself-- I wanted all you do.
18:41 If I see myself in that camera, there is no way,
18:43 so I avoided them, but I do have a few of those pictures
18:46 and when I see them now, I just want to bowl.
18:49 You know, I just think, "oh, who is that woman"? Yeah.
18:52 You know, but you probably didn't to tell
18:54 I weighed that much 'cause I've people now say,
18:56 "you don't weigh that much."
18:58 You know, when I- 'Cause you learn to dress
18:59 and you learn to do all that kind of style.
19:01 Yeah, you do learn to do that,
19:02 but, you know, I can only walk a block
19:04 when I did that and I've a Golden Retriever
19:06 and he had pulled me. Oh. That's how I had energy to do.
19:09 What got you there first
19:10 for somebody that's watching right now?
19:12 What got you to get up and even walk that block?
19:14 My health. Okay. So you knew, I've to get apart.
19:16 With heart disease, and I was taking heart medication,
19:19 then diagnosed with hypertension and they said,
19:21 there's two medications you've to take.
19:24 I just learned that nutrition
19:25 and diet had everything in the world to do
19:28 with what was going on in my body
19:29 and I knew that was the only thing
19:30 that's gonna get me out of it.
19:32 So I had to--you know, eating got me there,
19:34 eating takes me out.
19:36 Okay. It was that simple.
19:37 So you push up to move. Yes.
19:40 You take your dog out to pull you.
19:42 And you get your first mile down.
19:45 No, block. Block.
19:46 I walked up the block in there.
19:48 I love that. And you come home--
19:49 But I've to just say that sometimes,
19:52 you know, with most of our addictions,
19:53 we really do wanted to happen right away,
19:55 but sometimes it's just a matter of doing
19:57 that first little thing. That's it.
19:59 You know, and even with somebody is just like,
20:03 you know, eat a carrot a day,
20:05 grab an apple, do something to work,
20:07 you know, today I'm actually going to do one little thing,
20:10 I'm not going to do everything today,
20:12 but one thing. So you started there.
20:14 Yeah, started there.
20:15 Should with a church you preach,
20:17 you know, lot of people discount that.
20:19 But sometimes just connecting with other people
20:21 is going to help you more than anything else
20:23 'cause we isolate and we tend to in all of our addictions,
20:26 we tend to like stop connecting.
20:29 And the only people that we connect
20:30 where there's somebody that's gonna feed my addiction,
20:32 like I'll hang out without other heron addicts,
20:34 but I won't hang out with something that is,
20:36 is--not choosing to use drugs
20:38 or you know, like when you eat,
20:40 that's a very-- you can do that by yourself.
20:43 Very personal. Yeah.
20:45 And so you connected with people.
20:47 Got up and started doing little things.
20:49 And how did it open that from there.
20:52 Well, from there I thought God calling me to do ministry
20:56 to help teach other people I thought me.
20:58 How funny is that 'cause you're like-
21:00 I'm sick God, and I was still. Look at me.
21:03 You know, I had lost some weight,
21:04 but I hadn't lost all my weight. Yeah.
21:06 Who's going to listen to me? Is that way you have feel that.
21:09 I was sitting in my living room audibly arguing with God. Yeah.
21:12 To the point that my animals
21:13 were looking at me like she-- we've lost her. Yes.
21:16 And I was screaming at Him
21:17 and saying, you cannot use me,
21:19 I have to be thin first 'cause they won't listen to me.
21:22 And God said, "no I need you right now."
21:24 And I argued and argued and He won the battle
21:27 'cause my heart was softening, you know.
21:29 And I said, I told God right then fine,
21:31 if you want me to make a fool out of myself,
21:33 then I'll just do that.
21:34 I'll go out and make a fool out of myself.
21:36 But that it felt like that to you
21:38 that for you to even say anything about
21:40 positive living or healthful living,
21:41 it would be like, they would laugh at me.
21:44 Oh, please me. Yeah. Yeah.
21:46 And I got to tell Mel, the first time I heard you,
21:50 I didn't laughed at you.
21:52 You know, I wanted to taste
21:54 what you were getting together
21:55 where you were cooking and so, know that its really interesting
21:58 is that as you stood up and got more confident in that
22:02 or did you get confidence at first.
22:03 It took, I did seminars on,
22:07 you know, these diseases for two years.
22:10 And I was at a standstill with my weight.
22:15 Nothing come off.
22:16 Well, for two years
22:18 in two language you were teaching--
22:19 And I'm teaching. I love that.
22:21 You know, I'm gonna-- we're gonna break here
22:23 and we're gonna come back on the second half.
22:25 I'm gonna hear--we're gonna hear little bit more of Melody
22:28 and how she stood up.
22:30 But I think its funny that,
22:31 you know, God didn't wait for her to get it all together
22:34 for her to loose all the weight, for everything to come off
22:36 and He's not waiting for you either to do all that,
22:39 He says, stand up now, do the little things,
22:41 teach somebody else
22:43 and you will be surprised that how cool
22:44 that is for your own recovery.
22:46 When we come back, Melody is gonna show us
22:49 some healthy things as she finishes the story.
22:51 And I love the fact a 100 pounds, that is amazing.
22:56 We'll be right back, stay with us.


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