Celebrating Life in Recovery

Highlights of Season 8

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Participants: Cheri Peters & C. A. Murray (Host)


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Program Code: CLR000097B

00:01 The following program discusses sensitive issues
00:03 related to addictive behavior.
00:05 Parents are cautioned that some material
00:06 may be too candid for younger children.
00:15 I had such a blast with this season.
00:18 And I think I had a blast because I knew that,
00:20 you know, we are talking
00:22 about some serious stuff, core issues,
00:24 but one of the overriding themes was that you really need
00:29 to start to open up your life to the people around you.
00:32 And you had talked about the sermon on Sabbath,
00:35 and what God gave me for that sermon
00:37 is I'm not my brother's keeper.
00:39 And, you know, and that's what Kane
00:41 said to God when he had killed Abel.
00:44 But, you know what?
00:45 When God took me to that, He said, you know,
00:47 "In a sense, we are each other's keepers
00:51 that psychologically I could speak
00:53 life or death into you just by how I respond to your journey."
00:58 Yeah. And I could walk away and say to God,
01:01 "You know, I'm not my brother's keeper,
01:02 and that's his problem." Right.
01:04 When in this journey of recovery,
01:08 I'm just begging people, don't do that, don't think that.
01:11 Yeah, you know, I love that.
01:13 The term used to respond to someone eles's journey.
01:16 Don't be put off by what you may see
01:18 as initial rejection because sometimes it takes a little time
01:22 to pull that patina, that facade, to strip that down,
01:26 but under that hard-shell is usually a soft heart
01:30 that has been wounded and made tough
01:32 so that they can deal with life.
01:34 Just to survive. Just to survive.
01:35 You know, I had people in recovery that beat up my pastor.
01:38 Because, you know, they just didn't like
01:40 what he said during a Bible study,
01:42 but you know, you have to get past a storm.
01:44 You know, but you know, in part of even this season,
01:48 I had a couple of my good friends here,
01:50 one from Australia, one from California
01:52 and even encouraging people is fine at least 3 people
01:56 that you could actually be real with.
01:58 And I'm not talking about a sponsor.
01:59 I'm just talking about friendships.
02:01 Somebody that you could call, somebody that knows you,
02:03 somebody that you can hang out with,
02:05 somebody you can have lunch with, those kind of things.
02:07 And so for this season, we're covering a lot of things,
02:10 core issues, who our friends are,
02:13 making friends, being real with God
02:16 and with each other.
02:17 And I just got to say that it was a blast to realize
02:20 that because of you we've been here for 100 episodes.
02:24 How cool is that?
02:26 I am hoping that we have 100 more.
02:28 And I'm hoping that it's all because you're in recovery
02:31 and you're enjoying your life and the joy
02:34 and that that sense of being in my own skin
02:38 and feeling good about that.
02:39 That sense is what you get to have.
02:41 And so, until next time always remember that God is crazy
02:45 about you and know that we're going into season 8,
02:48 enjoy every episode and we enjoyed
02:50 putting it together especially for you.


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