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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), CMA Bike Crew


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 It's amazing to me what we have seen on this program,
00:17 what we have heard on this program.
00:18 I want to say that I knew you had some other things that
00:22 you wanted to say, and I also know that you know people
00:25 in the Café.
00:26 There are some people we haven't met yet.
00:27 So can you tell us who they are?
00:30 Well Dale and Bill have been awfully quiet today and that is
00:33 unusual for either one of them.
00:35 When you know it is really funny because Bill walked in and
00:38 I said to Bill, Bill are you going to talk today
00:41 and he said, nope!
00:42 Well he had that planned, didn't he?
00:44 And then Dale said, I caught him when he was walking,
00:47 and he can't walk and talk at the same time.
00:49 And Dave he won't let Darlene talk, so.
00:52 But everyone here is part of the CMA?
00:59 Everyone here are part of some kind of outreach.
01:01 Some kind, yeah some kind.
01:02 We are all different yet we are all the same.
01:05 I was thinking that I remember out in Colorado once,
01:12 when I was sitting and looking out over a couple mountain
01:14 ranges, and I just thought of it is some of you were talking
01:17 because we were addressing the church.
01:20 How church's view strange things that come in the back
01:26 door once in awhile, and what ever label that happens to be.
01:29 I was sitting there and said Lord, Your creation is beautiful
01:33 He said, that is not My creation.
01:35 It was just like we are talking and it caught me off guard
01:39 where I just sat down and hid.
01:42 I thought then who's is it, but He finished the sentence and
01:46 He said is, what you see is who I am.
01:47 Had there not been mountains, and oceans, and blue skies
01:53 within Me, I couldn't have spoken let there be oceans.
01:55 But He finished it with saying, and every face you ever saw,
02:01 was within Me first, and then He nailed me.
02:05 And the face that you liked the least was within me first.
02:09 - because you liked the least your own face.
02:11 And He said don't do that.
02:13 So sometimes you are the hardest one to forgive, is yourself.
02:17 Because you are still living in the memory when you look in
02:21 the mirror, and the hardest one to get past is
02:24 the guy in the mirror.
02:25 - How do you get past that?
02:27 - Time and realizing eventually that God is exactly
02:32 who He said He was.
02:33 And forgiveness is exactly what it is,
02:35 and grace is exactly what it is.
02:37 Undeserving, you are not going to earn it.
02:41 It will never happen, it is just a gift.
02:45 So finally you decide to accept the gift, - Amen!
02:49 And you know I'm going to say thanks for being on the program?
02:51 My pleasure - and you know when you do accept it,
02:53 it washes you.
02:55 I mean there is something that happens that you just feel
02:58 that cleanness, that I am new.
03:03 All of this is real.
03:04 That God is telling the truth.
03:05 It is amazing to me when you see God worked in these kind of
03:09 situations where it looks hopeless, and you get a whole
03:12 other view on God.
03:14 At one point it was interesting to me because someone said,
03:17 how do you find God?
03:19 Do you find God by giving a great Bible study?
03:22 Do you find God by learning to pray or memorizing scripture?
03:25 Or being in the body of Christ that is incredible?
03:27 Or do you find God, by finding a body of Christ,
03:30 by joining a church, and all those things.
03:32 A friend of mine said, no you find God by reaching out and
03:35 doing Ministry and to find Him any other way is like taking
03:38 swimming lessons through correspondence course.
03:40 There is no way you can do it.
03:41 Somebody can write to you how to swim, but you don't know
03:44 and you cannot figure it out until you jump in the water.
03:47 Until you actually do ministry,
03:48 you cannot figure out who God is.
03:50 Do ministry, accept God, go out and tell someone.
03:54 Until next time I just want you to know,
03:56 always remember that God is crazy about you, us too.
04:00 Bye, and God bless!


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