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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), CMA Bike Crew


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 Dennielle road off with her mom to do some Ministry,
00:17 not really, we just realize that some of the testimony
00:20 that you may hear on this part of the program
00:23 may be pretty intense.
00:25 So you know she is young so we decided she probably,
00:28 that it wouldn't be a good idea for her stay with us.
00:31 But aren't you blessed by her?
00:33 You know even when she said when I worked with Bo I was
00:35 blessed and she said even today that some people
00:38 need to know that God loves you.
00:40 You're smoking is not going to keep God from loving you.
00:44 You're being trashed, your twisted stuff, your lifestyle,
00:49 God says I will not stop pursuing you until
00:53 your last breath.
00:54 I will pursue you at every opportunity I can,
00:57 because My delight, and this is God speaking to you,
01:01 My delight is your recovery.
01:02 I just want to make that really clear, and not that He
01:06 likes the smoking, because it trashes our lungs.
01:08 Drinking like a fish our liver is going to shut down.
01:11 You know all those things are so destructive to us,
01:13 but God says I'm not afraid of those things.
01:16 In fact you are My son and you are My daughter
01:18 and I love you.
01:20 I just think that the heart of this little girl,
01:22 does that, it's amazing.
01:23 Now I would like to introduce Roger.
01:25 Roger is a baby Christian, and Roger before we get into
01:30 the fact that you have met Christ, your life has changed
01:34 there is a lot of things that are new in your life right now.
01:37 I want to know who are you?
01:38 Where did you come from?
01:39 Why is this important to you now?
01:41 Well, I can say that I have been living on the streets
01:47 for many years and have been a lot of bad places.
01:52 Places where I lot of people will never be.
01:57 - And even when you say that, because a lot of people
02:01 that watch this program know that I lived on the streets
02:04 for ten years and so I have been to some of those places.
02:07 When you talk about bad places, they can get pretty
02:10 twisted out there, and you are saying I have been there
02:13 and I know what that looks like.
02:14 It is not very pretty.
02:19 About five years ago I started realizing this wasn't for me.
02:28 I started changing little by little and then I started
02:32 seeing these big yellow patches at some of our parties.
02:35 I didn't know what they was I just knew they was people
02:38 that wasn't supposed to be there where I was supposed to be.
02:41 - So you are hanging and partying with people that are
02:44 a little intent, as far as the biker lifestyle and all that,
02:49 and so patches start showing up.
02:51 Right! - that cracks me up.
02:53 Before we go, how long were you out there?
02:58 How long were you doing clubs?
02:59 I mean in bike clubs, at what age?
03:01 I was probably in my twenties, twenty five.
03:08 Sixteen years I rode with them.
03:11 - I know that, and we are not going to get into that,
03:17 but I know what you are saying is you know what,
03:18 I don't want to get into all that.
03:19 I don't want to talk about all that other than to say,
03:22 it was a dark part of my life?
03:24 - Yes - and so now you are partying, all of a sudden
03:28 you see people around you that are - different - different!
03:32 To me they were different because I was on drugs, and
03:36 drunk, all the time, and I saw these people looking
03:40 over at them and they are laughing and having a good time.
03:42 I wanted some of it. - Amen!
03:46 But I didn't know how to get, so I went up to them and
03:49 finally a few of them, some of the secular rallies,
03:53 which was us.
03:56 They went to all of them, I used to see them everywhere.
04:00 - So you're like were just trying to do our thing,
04:04 what are you doing here again?
04:05 Right! - So all the sudden they are everywhere?
04:07 - Right and it was my job to go up there and harass them
04:11 and make them feel uncomfortable - so they would leave?
04:14 - So they would leave, so they would get away from us
04:17 and wouldn't see us doing our thing.
04:19 You know, get them away and that went on for about two
04:25 or three years and about three years ago...
04:28 - Can I just say what is really interesting to me,
04:30 because I've been to some places where all of a sudden
04:33 we're around people are using drugs and smoking weed,
04:36 doing things that would not happen in a typical church
04:39 function, but we are there.
04:41 There are people there so that if anybody ever even wanted to
04:46 say what's up, what are you doing here?
04:48 That we would have the opportunity to tell them
04:51 there is a different way.
04:52 You know somebody can say we don't want you here,
04:55 I know, but we want to be here. - right!
04:59 And they didn't leave, they stayed as much stuff as
05:04 I've done to these people, they stayed.
05:07 - Embarrassing them!
05:08 - They stuck with me one hundred percent,
05:09 they did not leave me, they came up to me and I started
05:14 going to their tents and harassing them.
05:17 Well finally I asked one of them to pray for me, that
05:21 was about three years ago, his name was Ron Samples.
05:25 And Rick Wiley - Pray what? Do you remember
05:29 what the prayer was?
05:30 - Just to make it through the night, - Just help me.
05:34 Oh yeah, I wasn't smart enough to know that's
05:38 what I wanted, I wanted the lifestyle these guys had.
05:44 Deep down inside, but the other side of me was saying,
05:49 I was not going to get it because I belong
05:55 to these people.
05:56 - Did you think you are too far gone?
05:58 I'm too far gone I'm too far out there?
06:00 You don't know what I have seen - pretty well!
06:02 That's a whole thing right there.
06:05 I am ashamed of most things I have done, but I will tell
06:09 you what, three years ago, after I started talking to
06:14 these bike guys, they started praying and finally my Aunt
06:19 asked me to go to church with her.
06:21 Out of the blue you know and I am there saying what is this?
06:25 People don't ask me to go to church, but she did.
06:28 This man here goes to that church too.
06:31 I didn't know that he did but we got to meet each other
06:35 and he invited me to CMA.
06:37 - That's a Christian Motorcycle Association?
06:40 - Yes he didn't know I already knew all these guys.
06:43 - Because you kept harassing them - I harass them bad.
06:46 Drunk, drunk, I never hurt physically or nothing - exactly!
06:49 - But just drunk and trying to get them out of there.
06:52 What are you doing bugging us?
06:54 - When I went to church I was nervous,
06:59 just like I am right now, but these guys stuck with me
07:04 through whatever I went up with.
07:07 I was also hooked on cocaine for many years.
07:10 - And alcohol to, hey? - I'm an alcoholic and a drug addict.
07:13 I'm recovered, with Jesus Christ I'm recovered.
07:17 He is my Lord and Savior and I love Him,
07:21 and I know He loves me now, but I will tell you what,
07:26 there was times, after I was saved, that it was very
07:30 hard to stay away from the crowds I was with because
07:35 they kept bugging me and calling me.
07:36 - Let me ask you because I want to know for someone
07:40 that is so locked in, so in bondage to all that stuff,
07:45 at what point did you say, I want God in my life?
07:50 I wanted it to change?
07:51 - A long time ago, I wanted to say it, I wanted to do it,
07:57 but like I say I was drunk.
08:00 I couldn't get off the stuff.
08:03 - So you are saying through the years, even before this
08:06 happened periodically, you knew?
08:09 Deep down inside of me I knew that I wanted Jesus
08:11 Christ in my life, to be my Savior.
08:13 I just couldn't get the nerve to ask Him about it.
08:17 I met these guys, and the Christian Fellowship church
08:22 I go to, but it is wonderful that these people stuck with me.
08:26 They took me in... - I bet you could be obnoxious?
08:30 My mouth says things that I have no idea what I am
08:34 saying sometimes until later.
08:37 I met Ron Samples, first time I ever I met Ron samples, he is
08:41 the president in our chapter.
08:42 He walked up to me and try to talk to me and I told him
08:45 I could reach in the ground and pull Satan
08:47 out of the ground.
08:48 I don't remember saying that, but he came up to me and
08:50 asked me if I remember saying that?
08:51 I said yeah, I remember that.
08:53 I felt about two foot tall, and right then I knew I had
09:00 a getaway from the guys - Amen!
09:02 You got to be done with it.
09:04 - I had to be done with it, but it was hard to get away
09:06 from these guys because you can't just get
09:07 out of these clubs.
09:09 - At times they would just kill you, but it's not just
09:12 I'm done and walking away, I'm not coming back.
09:15 I don't want to call any one out, but it is intense.
09:19 - It took me three times to turn it in, I took my colors
09:23 and handed... - What are colors because people won't
09:26 know what you are talking about.
09:27 - Colors is what you respect and we wear on our back
09:31 as a brotherhood - So it is like patches you
09:36 wear on your back?
09:37 - Right! It is the patches you where on your back and
09:39 it shows who you are and what you are.
09:42 - Who you belong to
09:43 - Who you belong to.
09:45 When I first started with them I thought it was the
09:48 greatest thing in the world.
09:49 I mean I did, I have a thirty year old son,
09:52 who was seventeen years old when I brought him
09:55 into the club with me.
09:56 Deep down inside of me I am dying,
09:59 after I brought him in here.
10:01 I am praying and everything I can to get him out.
10:04 - Amen because he is still lost in all that stuff!
10:07 - He is still there and he is wanting to do it.
10:10 I can't get him, his heart is where mine was back then.
10:17 He goes and tells them what I am saying, because that is
10:23 where his heart is, and that's where mine was.
10:25 I was one hundred percent, I was one hundred percent
10:29 with these guys and I loved them.
10:31 Now he does, he can't figure out how you...
10:34 - This is my family, these are my brothers.
10:36 Yes, but I am trying hard to get him out of there and
10:41 praying that with these Christian riders, I tell you the
10:46 best thing that ever happened to me in my life is
10:47 when I started going
10:49 to church and accepted Jesus Christ three years ago.
10:51 And it is a whole different life for me and like I say last year
10:58 I was baptized in a little muddy pond.
11:02 I couldn't hardly get my feet wet because there was mud.
11:06 But it was wonderful, when I came up that water
11:09 I was - clean - clean, all my sins was washed away and
11:17 there is no more out there, they are gone.
11:21 - Did you, can you just let us know what that feels
11:25 like to know that everything idea has been forgiven.
11:28 - It is wonderful, it really is.
11:31 - Because you know... - It was hard for me to admit
11:35 they was gone, I had to go back twice.
11:38 As a matter of fact, last Saturday we was at a rally
11:41 and I had to see who I was.
11:45 I was the first one up to the altar to ask Jesus Christ
11:49 to forgive me for my sins the last four months and it
11:53 was wonderful, and I mean.
11:55 - For a lot of people they think that once you
11:58 accept Christ, once you change lifestyles that
12:00 it happens overnight and it doesn't.
12:02 What is incredible is that God is faithful and He says,
12:05 you know what, I will walk right with you,
12:08 or I will ride right with you.
12:10 You know Satan has been working on the hard for the last
12:14 two years, he does not want me to be happy. - Right!
12:18 - He hates it, he wants me right back in that pit.
12:22 That hellhole I was in for the last
12:24 fifteen, twenty years, and I am not going back there,
12:27 and God is not going to let me go.
12:30 - Amen! - I mean He is not.
12:32 Is it important that when you walked in the church
12:36 building, just like Daniel did with Bo, is it important
12:39 that you saw in the eyes of someone acceptance?
12:43 - Yes, because I have never been accepted before, until now.
12:47 Now I know what it feels like and it's great.
12:51 I do not know how else to explain it, it is the most
12:53 wonderful thing that has ever happened to me in my life
12:55 is when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.
12:59 - So when you, because now you go on the same runs that
13:03 they used to go on, when somebody was harassing...
13:07 - I went on a ride with the club I was in last year.
13:11 Half of them thought I was still wearing my colors.
13:15 Well I am sitting there talking to these guys,
13:17 that were badmouthing us, the CMA, and I walked up
13:21 to them and had this shirt on and said you mean
13:24 these guys here? - The Christian motorcyclists
13:27 - and they just went, their their mouth went,
13:29 when did you put that patch on?
13:30 I said I ride for Jesus now and their whole
13:35 attitude just changed, I mean.
13:36 - Right because now it is one of their own.
13:39 - Yeah and I'm still allowed to go in there and harass
13:43 yeah these guys now and it is wonderful.
13:46 - I want to say I am proud of God for what He has done in
13:49 your life, but I am also proud of you that you allowed that.
13:53 Because we do have a choice, and you know that your
13:56 whole life you've had a choice.
13:57 Now the choice is, God, whatever it takes, I want to change.
14:01 I want to be different.
14:02 I want to be, to stand in Christ forgiven.
14:06 And you have accepted that into your life,
14:10 that is amazing to me - one hundred percent!
14:14 - One hundred percent.
14:15 I would like to introduce you to another person here at
14:19 the Café that I think is amazing.
14:20 I just wanted to say thank you for sharing that part
14:23 of your story with us.
14:24 I want to introduce you to Larry,
14:26 why don't you go ahead and come up.
14:28 And Larry what is really going to be interesting is
14:33 I know that you are excited to even come up
14:37 and tell your story.
14:38 I can feel it in you when I said to you, do you mind
14:41 saying something, and you were absolutely, I so am.
14:44 I'm real excited.
14:47 I was a Christian boy and went into the Army in 1967.
14:52 In 1968 it was the fall and I just learned about dope.
14:58 As I was getting off the smoke, I walked into the bathroom
15:03 and looked into the mirror and the glory of the Lord
15:07 just dissipated from me.
15:09 - You felt that leave - it left, I seen a visual thing
15:13 that there was no more light of Christ in me anymore.
15:16 All those years until about two and a half years ago,
15:22 I drank, I smoked dope, I did everything other than
15:27 what I knew was right.
15:28 A good Christian man came to me, I had three insect bites
15:33 that were infected, I am a diabetic.
15:37 - Were you taking care of your diabetes in all that time?
15:41 - Trying to - but drinking like crazy,
15:43 which is horrible for diabetic's.
15:45 - yeah - and those three insect bites?
15:50 They were infected and being a diabetic it was a
15:55 proposition of looking at amputation,
15:58 or just folding up and dying with it.
16:01 But a good Christian man came to me and he said,
16:05 would you like for me to pray for you?
16:07 I said sure, but he said you have to return to Christ
16:10 and accept Christ again.
16:12 I repented right there, and praise the Lord since then
16:15 everything... - but when he said that Larry, I have just
16:19 say because it is amazing to me when somebody says that to you,
16:23 you really are confronted to the very heart of hearts.
16:27 The truth of what he has just said, and what did you feel?
16:31 I felt a burden leave me unlike anything else that can
16:35 be described, I went home and told my mom and sister.
16:39 They said you have an a glow about you.
16:42 It came back, it was there again.
16:45 - Amen, so all these years you were waiting for someone
16:48 to re-open that door that you had closed?
16:49 - Yes and I kept trying to fill that empty void with
16:53 everything and anything I could find,
16:55 mostly the wrong things.
16:57 Well absolutely the wrong things - drugs and alcohol.
17:01 Drugs, alcohol, relationships, three bad marriages,
17:05 untold relationships that never went anywhere,
17:09 that wasn't sanctified by God.
17:11 - So he prays for you and you come back into a
17:17 relationship with God, and that is fairly new for you too?
17:20 - Yes - and so how is it going?
17:23 - It is fantastic, I've since started going to the little
17:27 chapel church which is a misnomer,
17:29 it is the biggest thing I've ever seen.
17:30 The people there are wonderful, the praise and worship
17:35 service during their songs is like going to a concert.
17:39 The power of the Lord...
17:41 - Because you want to so sing to God.
17:42 I me when you get save don't you want to just say,
17:44 I have to rejoice - yes absolutely.
17:47 What did you think of Danielle's story?
17:51 What a testimony for such a young child, you know she is
17:57 amazing, if we would all start at a tender age like that
18:02 the world would be a better place.
18:04 - Letting people come back in - Sure - Letting them sit down.
18:07 - And be not judgmental and saying well look at him.
18:11 Because we can still say that for all of us - Sure.
18:15 Look at the tattoos, or the smoking, or you just
18:20 don't quite look like us or whatever and God says let Me
18:22 deal with that stuff, because you don't know this boy's heart.
18:26 - Christ went into the worst places that He could go to,
18:29 they said you sit and drink and eat with the sinners.
18:32 He ain't there to look at the righteous ones, the sinners
18:35 are the ones that Christ was looking for.
18:37 - He was here today about your house I think,
18:39 wouldn't that be the coolest thing?
18:42 That would outstanding, - To be at our house.
18:45 When it is funny is when you start thinking about that,
18:49 that why would He hang out with the worst of us,
18:53 it is because we are so lost, we are so lost and He said
18:57 I can't even tell you that I love that boy,
19:01 I love that girl and I just want to bring them home.
19:04 You not only got into drugs and alcohol but you went
19:07 through the whole Vietnam thing,
19:08 through the whole war stuff.
19:09 I just feel like when you started talking that you were
19:14 wounded in so many different ways?
19:17 - Yes ma'am, you may leave the war but the war never
19:21 leaves you, it is a difficult thing, but with Jesus
19:24 in my life, I can do anything.
19:27 - Healing happens - yes it does.
19:29 - It's amazing - it sure is.
19:30 Now I want to say thank you for sharing.
19:32 I want to bring up, go ahead and have a seat again,
19:35 and thank you for sharing.
19:37 I want to bring up Dave.
19:38 Because people are talking Dave, about the Christian
19:43 Motorcycle Association, so they are talking about you
19:47 guys showing up and the fact that they walk into a body
19:50 of Christ and see your eyes.
19:53 You are welcoming them, so tell me who are you,
19:57 is it just here, who is this group?
20:00 The CMA - yeah!
20:02 Actually our national headquarters is in
20:04 Hatfield Arkansas.
20:05 The last I heard there was over 200,000 of us scattered
20:08 throughout the United States - I love that.
20:10 And overseas and actually our main goal is to reach the
20:16 secular bikers, that is the number one thing to get them
20:21 in and get them to knowing Jesus.
20:23 Like myself it is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
20:27 - So where did you come from, where you in a bike club?
20:30 - No, I just heard of it and started.
20:35 Actually a friend of mine in Arkansas has a present
20:38 motorcycle ministry and he said, I hadn't ridden in years,
20:43 he said you need to get you a motorcycle and I said,
20:45 you're kidding?
20:46 He said you need to get a Harley, I said whoa.
20:51 I said in 1963 I sold a 1954 model, fully dressed,
20:56 Harley Davidson for $250.
20:59 Guess what they want for one of them today?
21:01 - What do they want for one?
21:02 For that particular one, that was a first year for a
21:05 hand front clutched shift for Harley, it's a collector's
21:07 item and they are worth
21:08 20 or 30 thousand dollars, but anyway I guess you didn't
21:13 know me well enough, but to ask me to come up here.
21:15 When I accepted Jesus I lost 80 percent of my
21:19 vocabulary, I had to learn to speak all over again. - ouch!
21:25 I was an alcoholic - and when you say that, I think
21:31 people think that is a joke, but it is probably real serious.
21:36 - I'm serious - so alcoholic, cussing and all that stuff.
21:41 My sweet wife prayed for me for twenty three years.
21:44 She said, Lord change him,
21:46 and finally she said Lord help him.
21:49 Two nights later she got the call, I was in jail,
21:53 I had shot a man in a bar.
21:54 She stayed with me and that is what it took.
22:00 God finally said okay, now I am going to get your attention.
22:04 You see I was twenty three years telling her I don't
22:06 have a problem with alcohol, I can quit anytime I want to.
22:09 When I am standing in front of that judge with my hands
22:11 cuffed behind me, "we charge you with attempted murder".
22:14 I said, I think I've got a problem.
22:16 - finally gets through our heads.
22:18 - That's what it took, God had to slap me down to get
22:20 my attention and then I said, what do You want, I'm listening.
22:23 - we start promising Him anything, You get me out of
22:28 this one and I promise You - I mean I told people even then
22:32 in 1974, I said if I can't have more fun being a Christian then
22:37 I did being in the bars, then I would go back to the bars.
22:40 And guess what, the only time I've been in a bar is on
22:43 a poker run to get a Coke or something - you are funny.
22:46 I actually have a ball being a Christian.
22:49 I just love it and this guy will tell you what,
22:53 I love this guy.
22:54 When he came into your church what did you think,
22:57 and what were your prayers like for him?
23:00 For Roger? - Yeah! - When Roger came in?
23:04 Well Lord, just like me, you know where he is and You
23:11 can change him, it is just that simple.
23:13 So you didn't just walk up and start pointing out all the
23:16 things that need to be changed?
23:17 No! God knew what they was, He didn't need my help.
23:21 Well you know we think we need to do that.
23:23 I have to speed things along.
23:26 - No! I just asked, Lord you take care of it, there it is.
23:30 And that is what it was with me, as my buddy said,
23:33 he was an enforcer for the Mafia.
23:36 Now he has a Prison Motorcycle Ministry.
23:38 He said, Lord, I'm just a pile of trash here,
23:41 if You really want it, I'm Yours.
23:43 That is kind of the way I felt, we know where we were.
23:47 Every one of us knows where we came from and what a
23:51 blessing it is to be where we are - Amen!
23:53 How incredible is it to really know who you are?
23:57 I know who I am, and I know that I brought nothing to
24:00 Christ and yet He said, the I'm going to re-create and
24:03 restore in you everything because I love you.
24:06 Well I know I have a home in heaven.
24:10 I know my friends are all going to be there.
24:12 I know my soul-mate over here, that I love very much,
24:14 is going to be there.
24:15 - Because your wife, you ride with your wife...
24:17 - That little gal prayed for me all those years
24:19 and she still does.
24:20 She rides with me and I am blessed with a motorcycle it
24:23 has two cruise controls, one is on the handlebars,
24:26 and one sits behind me and says, your getting too fast.
24:28 - That is too funny!
24:31 But actually the greatest thing that God threw all my
24:34 sins into the sea of forgetfulness.
24:36 I don't have any because they're all gone - Incredible.
24:39 All of the things that I have done, He doesn't remember,
24:42 and I don't remember, I try not to.
24:44 It is just a fantastic walk and having all these
24:49 Christian Brothers to ride with.
24:51 If you have a problem call Roger up and say, man,
24:53 I got a problem, and are you busy?
24:55 I haven't had heard him yet to say, no, what do you need.
24:58 That is what it is all about.
25:01 We just want the secular bikers to know how great it is,
25:05 for us, how much fun we really have, how much love
25:09 we really share for each other.
25:11 - I know that there are some secular bikers watching
25:14 this program, so could you talk to them, could you say,
25:17 I want to tell you something, what would it be?
25:21 I can tell them that regardless of how much fun you think
25:25 you are having, come ride with us for a month and we'll
25:28 change your mind completely.
25:30 We will turn you around, and not just us but you will see
25:34 the peace and the love that God has given through us.
25:38 - The restoration of your families.
25:39 - the restoration of our families, our kin.
25:42 It is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.
25:46 I didn't know the Lord till I was 46 years old,
25:50 and I regret that I lost all those years in there,
25:53 when I could have been serving Him.
25:54 But now I hope I have the opportunity to make up for a
25:58 lot of that when I get a chance to witness to people.
26:06 Again I just, your family is closer, my granddaughter is
26:14 coming up to me and says, Pa Pa, I love you.
26:17 Now that is one of the greatest things that
26:20 any man can have. - Right!
26:21 I have thirteen grandchildren, I have twelve great
26:24 grandchildren, and I am one blessed person.
26:27 - For most of us what is really that a lot of people don't
26:30 realize, for most of us with our drinking and all of
26:32 our junk, we literally destroy our bodies and half the time
26:35 don't live long enough to see grandchildren.
26:37 When Larry was talking about being diabetic and having
26:41 parts of his body, they were thinking of amputating parts
26:45 of his body because of the diabetes.
26:46 But God saves us from all that stuff and says,
26:50 let Me just walk you into health.
26:52 Some of us still have to live our consequences,
26:55 but most the time He puts His hand on us
26:57 and restores all that.
26:58 He gives us our health back.
27:00 He gives us our families back.
27:01 He gives us our mind back, somewhat!
27:03 Well like I said, He took the alcohol away,
27:07 He took the nicotine away and 80 percent of my vocabulary.
27:13 It has just been great for me, I am enjoying it.
27:18 I really enjoy it, I enjoy going to church and I enjoy
27:22 going to CMA, and just telling people about Jesus.
27:26 Of course I am always telling jokes, I spend half my
27:30 time doing that, but I enjoy that too.
27:32 - You can tell some good ones!
27:33 I like seeing people laugh, I think that is part of it.
27:36 Like I said if you can't have a little fun being a Christian,
27:40 go back to whatever you was doing.
27:42 When Christ got a hold of you, when you realize,
27:46 you know what I'm done, what was Darleen's response?
27:50 What was your children's response because,
27:51 where they home at that time?
27:52 Were they still home or were they off and married?
27:55 - Some of them were, yes.
27:56 We had one daughter married and actually one of the best
27:59 testimonies I really can half, I had a real good friend
28:02 that I used to drink with.
28:03 He came through, I live in Tuscola, Illinois and he came
28:08 through and got a motel when he called me.
28:10 I said I will be down there in a little bit.
28:12 So I walked in and he is expecting me to come in with
28:14 a fifth a whiskey or a case of beer.
28:16 I walk in with a thermos of coffee.
28:17 He said, what are you doing?
28:19 I said, I need to tell you something.
28:20 He said, what's that?
28:21 I said, well I met Jesus Christ and my life has changed.
28:24 You're kidding?
28:25 No, one other thing, I'm going to prison Monday. - Ouch!
28:30 - Were you sentenced to prison, did you actually go?
28:33 Oh, I went to prison as a spirit-filled Christian.
28:37 - Ministering to everybody
28:41 - They didn't know what to do with me because
28:42 everything they said to me,
28:43 all they could get out of me was praise the Lord!
28:45 They wasn't expecting that.
28:46 But anyway I shared with this man about three hours,
28:50 her and I did, and he said,
28:52 when you get out of prison call me.
28:53 So he lives in Louisiana, so I called him and we went
28:58 He is singing with the gospel singing group.
29:01 So the next time I go down he has a church at the
29:04 trailer court that he owns.
29:06 Now he has a big church that he is building,
29:08 and I said man what brought all of this on.
29:10 He said, well I told my wife if God can change that man,
29:13 He can change anybody.
29:15 - Woo Hoo, alright!
29:16 Give me five on that!
29:17 For some of us that is a witness to every single person
29:22 around us. - Yep!
29:24 Yeah, he has a big church now and I just praise God for
29:27 that, but if that is what it took, just one person to
29:31 come around and now he is reaching people. - Exactly!
29:34 Everybody is reaching people, Roger is reaching people.
29:39 And they can see the change in us, if they can't see,
29:44 actually all these bikers here, we are the only Jesus that
29:49 a lot of people is going to see.
29:51 They are not going to church
29:54 - People are afraid of them.
29:56 We are the only Jesus they are actually going to see.
29:59 If we don't live our lives to the point where they can
30:02 see something that we have, that they would like to have,
30:05 then we are not doing it right.
30:06 Exactly! You know to me, a lot of times when you say
30:09 you take a ride to Sturgis or some place like that,
30:12 and you are amongst everybody kind of partying and just
30:16 being crazy, is that most of us are afraid of that.
30:19 We see 15 or 20 bikes ride down the street and people
30:23 are locking their doors,
30:24 it's like what is happening here?
30:26 That is the very place you want to be - yes!
30:29 Well actually the Blessing of the Bikes at Bald Knob
30:33 every year, our local chapter.
30:35 - What is that, I've heard that, the Blessing of the Bikes?
30:38 It is a sticker that we put on the bike, we pray for the
30:41 bike, we pray for the rider, for safety for them.
30:44 We have outlaw bikers, we have secular bikers,
30:48 we have all kinds to show up for this.
30:50 I suspect they come up for the Road Kill Stew,
30:53 but they also get a sticker.
30:55 - I don't even want to ask what Road Kill Stew is.
30:59 That scares me, I'm not trying to be vegetarian.
31:03 I'm bringing my own meal if I come.
31:06 Well it's just, actually it's very good chili stew,
31:11 but we call it Road Kill Stew and that gets them up there.
31:13 You know you are talking, how many people come up,
31:17 because I was surprised by the numbers?
31:18 This year I think we had 3,400 bikes up there, and last
31:24 year we had over 5,000 and had all kinds of them turn
31:30 around because they couldn't get up there.
31:32 The whole mountain was full, the road was full, and the
31:35 bikes were getting hot so they had to turn around.
31:37 - For people, it was interesting to me and you guys know
31:40 this because you have been there, is that for people
31:43 that come up and say, I don't know anything
31:47 about anything, but I need a blessing.
31:49 I think that may be the first time for some of these
31:52 folks that someone has prayed, because you gather around
31:55 them and pray for them, pray for their bikes, pray for
31:57 their riding, pray for their safety.
31:59 I think it is interesting their heart is drawn towards that.
32:03 It is fun because I think how many lives are changed,
32:06 we don't get to know most of the time - we don't.
32:09 The thing with me as if I can reach a biker, and he can
32:16 go to my church, I'd love it, but to get him in a church
32:22 where there is people that is going to help him,
32:25 not just say well now that you have met Jesus,
32:28 you are on your own.
32:29 I think they need the fellowship and they need to be led
32:33 for a while until they can really get into it.
32:36 You know my heart breaks when I hear that because for one,
32:41 for a lot of these guys, Roger kind of said the same thing,
32:46 is that from a little kid I am acting out.
32:50 I'm in these clubs, I'm doing drugs and all that stuff.
32:52 I don't know how to act, you say 80 percent of my
32:55 language is this, so if I am not mentored, and not being
32:59 walked along, I'm in trouble.
33:01 I have to have somebody say, this is how you deal with anger.
33:05 This is how you deal with your language.
33:07 You know what, that joke is funny but you might want to
33:10 hold off on telling that because, because if you like
33:14 telling jokes, the jokes from the bar are not
33:16 good for potluck at church.
33:18 Well the guy down in Louisiana that has a church, he
33:23 used to say he didn't have to come into a bar
33:25 to see if I was there.
33:26 He could open the door and hear me cussing, so they
33:28 didn't have to walk in. - That is too funny!
33:32 I had a bad mouth and I didn't realize it.
33:35 - So it is like you been able to say that you are going
33:38 to go out, your heart says I am not going to stop doing
33:41 this until I stop breathing, but now I have to have
33:44 a body of Christ that lets them come in the door.
33:46 And not writing notes to the Pastor saying,
33:49 look what that guy is wearing in the back.
33:51 Let them come in the door.
33:53 Oh yeah, invite them in and of course I think Roger will
33:58 have to agree when I ask him to go to CMA with me.
34:02 First off he doesn't want to - really?
34:04 But then Ron and our riders grabbed him and hugged him
34:10 and said welcome, and I think that blew you away, didn't it?
34:13 And they were serious, they were very serious and glad to
34:17 see him there. - Right!
34:18 So once you said that, and once he did come realizing
34:21 that you belong here, you belong here.
34:25 You are our brother in Christ.
34:27 You are our friend in Ministry.
34:30 We want to stand and affirm you and stand you up.
34:33 Teach you how to literally go out and rescue the very
34:37 people that are putting us down, trying to get us out of there.
34:42 So we are going to teach you to do that because that's
34:45 what are gig is, we are going to disciple you here.
34:49 That's right, I had my very best friend was an enforcer
34:54 for the Mafia 16 years.
34:55 He has a Motorcycle Prison Ministry, this man was tough.
35:00 But it does me good to stand him up and put my arms around
35:04 him and say, man, we love you.
35:07 Now that to me, being a man, that's being a Christian,
35:11 because we really do, anyone of us would do anything,
35:15 and I think a lot of people would think, men are crazy,
35:19 but that is the way we feel.
35:20 Same way with Roger, man I love you
35:23 - Call me if you need me.
35:25 If you are having a struggle I don't care what time it is.
35:28 - We are here if you need us, that is our motto.
35:30 So it does not make any difference what the problem is.
35:34 If you're bike is broke down, if you need me call me.
35:37 Don't you want the whole Church to do that?
35:40 - I'd like everybody to do that, this would be
35:42 a lot better world for us. - Exactly!
35:44 You know if they are starting as young as Danielle,
35:46 maybe someday the whole Church will be that, will do that.
35:51 That's right you know the children - they are going to
35:56 lead us, that is what Christ says.
35:57 I want to say thanks for sharing with us.
36:02 Thanks for doing what you do.
36:03 Thanks for responding to the heart of God.
36:05 It was my pleasure and I loved every minute of it.
36:09 Amen! We are going to go ahead and be right back.
36:12 It is amazing to me when I look at God is comfortable in
36:18 places where we wouldn't even know how to be.
36:20 Don't even know how to stand and God says I am so
36:22 comfortable there, I am so comfortable drawing them.
36:26 God says I delight in that, I do back flips in that.
36:30 So once I sit with them, once I draw them, once they accept
36:35 My forgiveness, they just have to come in the building
36:39 because that is the next step.
36:40 We just have to let them in.
36:41 We will be right back, stay with us!


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