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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), CMA Bike Crew


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00:10 Welcome to Celebrating Life In Recovery!
00:12 If Jesus came today, do you think you would be
00:15 hanging with bikers?
00:16 I think you would any it makes my heart just full of joy.
00:20 He would hang out with us, He would love us.
00:21 Come in and meet everybody at the Café.
00:23 You will be blessed.
00:51 Welcome back!
00:52 You know what the set looks a little bit different than
00:53 it usually does, and I think we are going to laugh
00:59 out loud on this program.
01:01 I love it when God comes into the lives of the very least
01:06 likely that He would even be there.
01:08 Someone says I was smoking some weed, sitting in a bar
01:14 and drinking some beer and God showed up.
01:16 I like love Him for that, I love Him for that.
01:19 I want to start before I introduce you to everybody on
01:21 the set, before I tell you why it is different,
01:23 why we are doing a program like this,
01:25 I want to introduce you to a friend of mine Denielle.
01:27 Danielle, thank you for being on the program.
01:29 And I want to tell a story about what happened with you and me.
01:34 Okay - okay!
01:36 Okay, one time, and somebody has heard this story before
01:39 on this program, but not with you on it.
01:41 One time I brought somebody in from California and
01:45 they drove thirty-six hours to get here.
01:47 They came with a bunch of foster kids and you know
01:52 he didn't want to come.
01:53 He's seventeen years old and he said Cheri I don't want to
01:55 come because I like still smoking weed and
01:58 I'm not doing that good.
01:59 I said please come, and he's like okay I'll come,
02:03 but I don't know because I'm not doing that good.
02:07 He said if I come I'm going to stay in the very back of
02:09 the church and I don't even want anyone to talk to me.
02:12 So when he came I was busy because the concert
02:16 was happening, right?
02:17 And he walked in and you saw him, what did you think?
02:20 - I knew in my heart that he didn't know Jesus,
02:25 so I started drawing.
02:28 You even asked your mom, do you think he knows Jesus?
02:31 She said I think so, and your like, oh I don't think so.
02:35 - I knew in my heart that he didn't.
02:39 What did he say? Because he tell me he was going to
02:41 sit in the very back of the church.
02:43 - Well he sat right there, right where I can see him.
02:47 - Right behind you?
02:48 - Yes, and it was like mom, I think I, I think I...
02:58 - I want to draw him a picture.
03:01 Yeah - he said it was so funny because he sat behind
03:05 you and said that she turned around and looked at me and
03:09 he said my heart started beating and I don't know why,
03:13 it started beating hard.
03:14 I started to sweat in my palms started to get sweaty.
03:17 And she just kept looking at me and drawing and every once
03:21 in while I would try not to pay attention to her and
03:23 I would look at the concert.
03:24 Then all the sudden I would realize that she is looking
03:27 at me again and I don't know why but I didn't want her
03:29 to look at me and she kept looking at me and drawing.
03:33 Pretty soon he said you dropped the paper on the ground
03:37 and what did you do with it?
03:38 I slid it under him - all the way to his foot - Yep!
03:42 Then you looked up at him.
03:44 - And I looked up and then I looked at the paper.
03:48 And he's like oh no she wants me to pick up the paper.
03:51 - I didn't want him to look at me because I was kind of shy
03:57 and I didn't want to start talking to him like right then.
04:02 Then your hand was right by the foot.
04:03 Paper was right on his foot,
04:06 and she's like you have to pick it up.
04:10 And he's like in his heart, do you know what he was saying?
04:12 He said, I was almost screaming inside.
04:14 I don't want to pick it up.
04:15 I'm not going to pick it up, what is she doing?
04:17 What is she doing?
04:18 He finally picks it up, and what was the picture?
04:20 - It was of him and it said, that God loves you no matter
04:25 what, and I just kept sliding it until it reached his foot
04:29 and I couldn't go no more.
04:30 - when he finally picked it up and saw a picture
04:33 of him sitting there, and that is what you drew,
04:36 and when he read God loves you no matter what,
04:39 he said everything changed for him.
04:42 He said you know what I thought immediately?
04:44 Is that God loves me no matter what.
04:46 He said in his heart, he saw himself as saved and not lost.
04:52 He wanted to quit smoking weed, quit smoking cigarettes.
04:57 He wanted to change his whole life.
04:59 He said that after you drew that picture of him,
05:01 he didn't even want to go back to his home in California
05:04 because he was afraid that maybe his friends would
05:06 influence him in a bad way, and his parents were drug addicts.
05:09 So do you know what he did?
05:11 He called an Aunt and Uncle in Texas and said, can I come
05:14 stay with you, because he knew that they were Christians.
05:17 He left 3ABN, he left here and went to Texas so that
05:22 he would be safe.
05:23 - God doesn't care if you smoke or anything, God loves you
05:31 so much that He doesn't care what you do.
05:35 He wants you to come to Him and He will work on the
05:38 smoking later, He will work on all that stuff later, right?
05:41 He said you know what you are safer coming to Me.
05:43 You know what is amazing to me, Denielle?
05:46 Is that I think you have such a heart for God that you
05:49 know that, it's amazing I want to say thank you for,
05:52 we are going to put a picture up of Bo so that they can see him.
05:55 His name is Bo, he is seventeen and is now turning
05:59 eighteen and he loves God and he loves you.
06:02 - I can't wait to see him again.
06:05 You'll be drawing us some more pictures, give me five.
06:08 Well I'm going to introduce you to the rest of the folks
06:12 on the program and Dave I want you to come up first.
06:17 I have got to just say that when Denielle came and drew
06:20 that picture for Bo and put on there that God loves you
06:24 no matter what, when that changed his life
06:27 he really made me start
06:28 to think that even there are times that somebody will walk
06:33 in and everybody knows they're a mess.
06:35 Everybody knows they're trashed, their smoking weed,
06:38 their smoking cigarettes, they don't know how to talk
06:42 yet, walked yet, they definitely are twisted in their
06:45 thinking, they have rage issues,
06:47 they may say and do the wrong thing.
06:48 Sometimes the only one in the church that sees them as a
06:52 child of God lost and trying to find their way in the
06:56 building, it's the kids.
06:58 They will say, you know mom I don't think
07:02 that guy knows Jesus.
07:03 And in it is hard for them not to even just point,
07:06 and I want to say God bless the kids.
07:08 I want to say too, is that if we all became like little
07:11 kids, Denielle if we all had your heart, I think that
07:14 we would bless anybody that walked in the door.
07:17 Dave I just wanted to say, it cracks me up,
07:20 today we had a cancellation on this particular hour
07:24 and we didn't know what to do.
07:25 Yesterday I'm thinking we have a cancellation and I thought,
07:29 I love your Ministry so I called.
07:32 I said let's call Dave and see if he can get somebody
07:36 that is, I know there is some biker clubs here that are
07:39 riding for Jesus that really have changed their lives.
07:42 Let's see if we can get something together and I want
07:45 you to say what happened from the time I called you,
07:47 because you know I'm looking around and this place
07:50 is packed with bikers.
07:51 - Well we are just friends that ride together.
07:54 Some of the riders are from our own church,
07:57 some are from America Motorcycle Association.
08:01 We do a lot of the same rides together.
08:03 They do rides we don't do, but it's all about
08:06 the same thing though.
08:07 - They are, some of them are just baby Christians.
08:09 - Oh, really aren't we all but, yes, yes!
08:14 - so when you talk about some, they do rides you don't do,
08:16 what does that mean because some people don't even know
08:19 there is Christian biker groups that have come
08:23 into the relationship with God and actually go out
08:26 and do things.
08:27 - My, many associations all over the United States.
08:31 Even the American Motorcycle Association, that is close
08:35 here, is just a chapter of a large Association.
08:39 There are so many things that bikers get involved in all
08:43 over the United States for good causes of all kinds.
08:47 - and there is some, you can tell on some patches, you
08:51 can see on their jackets that they will be riding for Christ.
08:54 These are definitely Christian clubs and you may look at
08:57 them and say, Christian are you kidding me?
09:00 You talk to them and the only thing you can say is
09:02 absolutely their heart is one for God.
09:05 There is all stages I guess,
09:07 as there is all stages of Christians.
09:08 Some of us would be a sissy in a bike group compared to
09:15 some that take it very seriously.
09:17 They ride in a way and witness in a way that a lot of
09:23 bike associations don't go that far, so it is according
09:27 to personalities and calls that God has put on your life.
09:31 They are just like a Paul, they go into places that may be
09:35 a lot of us will never see, so there is all kinds of
09:39 associations and clubs as there is all kinds of calls.
09:43 - you know I want to say to say to folks that are
09:46 listening, if you want to pray for a group this is a
09:50 good group to pray for because some places we can't go
09:53 as a normal Christian, just walking in and we can't go,
09:57 but somebody that has been
09:58 there can walk right back and rescue somebody right from
10:01 the Gates of... you know!
10:04 You know they just walk right in and say I've been right where
10:09 you've been - yeah the greatest understatement ever
10:13 made was the one that, God You can't use me.
10:15 Like He told me one time you can't lead someone someplace
10:19 you haven't been, so there goes that verse,
10:21 for all things work together for good.
10:23 - everything - yes, so everyone has a testimony.
10:26 Why would God put the two together, you are over comers
10:30 by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.
10:33 What power your testimony must have - Amen!
10:35 - Everyone has one - you know sometimes, even reading
10:39 different stories in the Bible of David it when he went
10:42 out and murdered somebody, had this adulterous affair
10:45 and came back and say God, when he realized,
10:48 he said he was so sorry.
10:49 But also there was a guy in the New Testament, crazy,
10:52 filled with demons, cutting on himself,
10:54 beating people up and all that kind of stuff.
10:56 First time I heard that story I think I dated that guy,
10:59 you know what I mean?
11:00 When Christ cleaned him up, I thought it was really
11:03 interesting is that Christ cleaned him up and he is in
11:06 his right mind for the first time ever and He said,
11:08 go back and tell someone.
11:09 When God first stood me up to tell my testimony,
11:13 I said how much do You want me to tell?
11:16 You know what I mean because I'm thinking who wants to
11:18 tell that stuff, and then He reminded me that the
11:21 demoniac, half crazy, filled with a thousand demons went
11:24 back to town and said you know what,
11:27 I had a little problem with anger and
11:29 God just worked on me.
11:30 Then instead of saying I was filled with a thousand demons,
11:33 I was out of control, crazy that they wouldn't even
11:36 let me in town.
11:37 Some of the folks that are riding and doing the ministry
11:39 now, were that crazy - Sure! Sure!
11:42 - But that is what makes them useful.
11:45 Well just like some of the guys here that have
11:50 testimonies that I can't even identify, so what would I
11:53 have business going into a place where they can go?
11:56 Like the Lord said make your calling and election sure,
11:59 well if He is in your calling there is no place you
12:02 can't go, but He uses you in your calling,
12:05 those things in your past makes you very useful,
12:09 because of what is in your past.
12:11 It creates the character you are.
12:13 - As you watch God change the lives of some of the folks
12:16 you see in these hard-core clubs,
12:19 what does it do to your heart?
12:21 It always gives you hope, that is what changed my life
12:26 was realizing that, what you mentioned one, David.
12:30 If he could do what he did and God turned right around and
12:34 called him a man after God's own heart, I thought wow,
12:38 I have a chance - exactly Amen - so here we all are.
12:41 I'm going to start introducing you to a number of folks
12:45 here because you really did start the ball rolling and
12:49 those that responded I think God had in mind
12:53 from the very beginning. - that's right, that's right!
12:56 - So I want to introduce you to some folks,
12:57 I want to say Denielle,
12:58 I want you to stay and hang out with us if you want.
13:01 If you want to take off you have your bike,
13:04 do you want to stay or take off?
13:07 - I'll stay, I'm glad you'll stay.
13:09 I'm proud of you, and you know we are going to come
13:12 back and be talking to different folks that are around
13:15 here, on their bikes.
13:17 Different people that God has called for this program and
13:20 at the end of this program you are going to be proud of
13:24 them and definitely a proud of God because I so am.
13:27 Stay with us it's a blast, I can't even wait!


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