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Hiv With Love Behind It

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Barb Wise, Rick Wise


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 You know this whole program has actually gotten to my heart.
00:21 You guys have won my heart again and every time I see
00:27 your presentation, every time somebody
00:29 someone gives me a DVD, every time I
00:31 talked to you on the phone, Rick, you win my heart.
00:34 But I know that there are some questions that I want to
00:40 ask and then I also want you if you have anything you
00:43 want to say to folks at the Café or the viewers.
00:46 But one of questions is that somebody that hears that you
00:50 have been diagnosed with AIDS where do you find your hope?
00:54 What I would say is to place your hope, if you find
00:58 that you have HIV and AIDS, to not look at what is seen,
01:01 but to place your hope in what is unseen.
01:03 I would just picture myself as this giant spotlight the
01:08 kind you see a car dealerships, and I would just turn it on
01:10 turn it on like a beam and beam it up to God in Heaven and
01:14 just say, you are my God and I would just look to Him.
01:16 I would just get this peace and know who I was in
01:21 relationship with Him and all this around could melt away.
01:24 - so we talk about that self talk, the way you tell
01:27 yourself that I am a woman God, a child of God, and we
01:30 talked about HIV because that is what you are sharing.
01:32 But we talked about cancer, your spouse left you, stop
01:36 looking at what you are telling yourself.
01:37 All the fearful thoughts and really just when you need
01:40 that spotlight, is just you and I God right now,
01:43 or anybody that is going to reinforce, like Rick,
01:45 what you did as far as bringing in the Scripture.
01:48 Anybody that is going to reinforce the fact that God is
01:51 in control and He knows where I'm at.
01:53 He knows who I am.
01:55 - and when you surround yourself with people, when I
01:58 told Rick in the car about HIV, he didn't push me away
02:02 and all my pain.
02:03 When I had all the crazy emotions, he didn't push me away
02:05 When I had all these things I thought were shameful,
02:07 Rick didn't push me away.
02:09 He just kept let me press into him.
02:12 If I were to walk away from that kind of love,
02:15 what would you say to me?
02:16 How crazy are you.
02:18 That's just what I say, nuts and crazy, right?
02:20 Well the only reason our story really has power, it is because
02:23 of Rick's love for me, is that picture of His love.
02:26 So if I can just tell you that God is big enough for any
02:31 pain, He's big enough for any emotion, and He's big
02:34 enough for anything you think is too shameful.
02:36 He walked into the pain on the cross just because He
02:39 loves you and He wants to be in a relationship with you.
02:41 - Thanks for being on the program and if you were
02:43 watching this program I just have to say I don't even care,
02:47 I don't care what you're dealing with,
02:48 and I don't mean that I don't care.
02:50 It's just that nothing is bigger than God's love and
02:52 whatever is on your plate, whatever you have to deal with,
02:55 take it to Him.
02:56 Surrender to Him, let Him change your self-talk.
03:00 Let Him change what you're telling yourself about the
03:02 situation and be at rest in His love.
03:04 See you next time and until then always remember that
03:07 God is crazy about you and me too!
03:09 Bye-bye and God bless!


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