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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Ken Blundell, Sherry Blundell


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Program Code: CLR000054C

00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 One of the things that just my heart cry is that
00:19 we will learn to love each other.
00:22 I know that when I first came into my recovery,
00:26 when I first decided that I was going to give God
00:28 a chance, that I was going to take every single thing
00:31 that was broken about me and say God step in.
00:34 And I stepped into a body of Christ, and I don't
00:38 know how to act anymore.
00:40 Some people aren't as easy as God,
00:43 do you know what I mean?
00:45 Because God loves us.
00:46 And even in the pastoral thing, in ministry as
00:49 I watch ministers that literally step from the
00:51 lifestyle they I came in, step in front of the pulpit
00:55 are called by God.
00:56 God has His hand on them, He has anointed them
01:01 as men and women of God.
01:02 You guys, you know Ken and Sherry, God has anointed
01:05 you in that position and stood you up.
01:08 You know what, sometimes you are going to do it
01:10 incredible, sometimes you are going to say and do
01:13 exactly the right thing.
01:14 And sometimes you are going to be standing,
01:15 shaking your knees, knowing who you are as an addict
01:18 in having a clouded vision of who God is,
01:21 and what God is doing in your life.
01:23 And God says, you know what, stand anyway.
01:24 And as the body of Christ, as people around them
01:28 as their friends, we should be on our
01:30 knees during that time.
01:31 When I see his knees shake, I want to be on my knees
01:33 and say, God give him strength.
01:35 And sometimes instead of that we think,
01:38 you know what, should he be up there?
01:40 It's not ours, we didn't anoint this guy,
01:42 God anointed him.
01:43 You know it is like being able to say can I come
01:46 alongside of him, can a lift his arms up along with
01:50 Sherry, along with his mother and say God today
01:54 he can't put his arms up, but we are going to help him.
01:56 Today I'm going to walk alongside of him.
01:59 Today I'm going to be a part of his accountability team.
02:02 Today I'm going to call on Heaven to step in and say,
02:06 help him today, because he can't even say it today.
02:10 And part of who we are as Christians is that.
02:13 Part of it is to look at our own stuff.
02:15 Part of it is just figuring out who we are and to
02:18 stand up, but once we figure that out, we trust God with
02:21 that, let's look around and see who else needs prayer.
02:24 Who else needs affirmation.
02:26 Who else needs us to say you know what,
02:28 you'll make it today, you will be okay today.
02:30 And once we get to that point, we will be so safe.
02:34 I love that to be safe with ourselves
02:37 and we will be safe with each other.
02:38 If you are barely standing, I want to say to you
02:42 God is faithful, get a hold of somebody that actually can
02:47 affirm and stand beside you, edify you, hold you up,
02:51 pray for you and really get a hold of them.
02:54 I want to say thank you for joining us and
02:57 until next time always remember that
02:59 God is crazy about you, and me too.
03:02 God bless!


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