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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Ken Blundell, Sherry Blundell


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 You know I'm hoping what this testimony does,
00:17 what this story does, what this journey does,
00:19 is help you to not ever look at the Pastor or
00:21 somebody in ministry.
00:22 Somebody that you put up on a pedestal and think
00:25 you know who they are.
00:26 Because God is helping everyone of us to stand,
00:29 to walk through this journey, to get over our junk,
00:31 to get out of, like Pastor Ken, his addiction.
00:35 It's amazing that we get to have these incredible men
00:39 and women of God sitting in front of us,
00:41 but sometimes I'm saying, if you can, pray for them.
00:45 I wanted to find out by Ken's wife did she know all this?
00:49 Did you know all this?
00:50 - no I didn't
00:51 - none
00:52 - no.
00:54 I knew that Ken had been in trouble before, but when we
00:57 got together he was 19 and I was 27 and had 4 children.
01:03 My oldest was 13, so there wasn't quite a bit of
01:07 difference between them, but there was between us.
01:10 I had not done the drug scene, I was too busy having
01:14 babies- right!
01:16 So you're busy telling him, you know what you have
01:18 to be done with this
01:19 - right, that's right.
01:20 - the story you told me on the break about his parents,
01:25 when his mom met you, I think that is hysterical
01:28 because you were not without your own issues,
01:31 you just hadn't done the Meth.
01:33 Yep, I smoked, I drank, I cussed and here was this
01:37 Christian lady that I volunteered her to stay at my
01:40 house and I must've terrified her at the time because
01:45 years later she told me that she had the whole Church
01:48 praying that we wouldn't make it.
01:49 - because now he's with this older woman who is not
01:53 a Christian, or were you a Christian?
01:56 No - oh man, and so your mom was hoping that you would
02:01 find your way back.
02:02 And it is funny because when you said Sherry, that you
02:05 come in with all this stuff I bet they were just dying.
02:08 You know I went to California to work for logger when
02:14 I met Sherry, and I brought her actually back to meet my
02:20 mother, but I was with Sherry's sister.
02:24 So there is a more confusing thing then that, when it
02:28 switched around and turned the other way, her sister
02:31 was younger than me and Sherry is older than me.
02:34 I think my mom thinks wow, which way is her son going?
02:38 She is wanting me to get back with God in my life and
02:41 she thought I was going way the wrong direction.
02:44 So you know to me how did you guys, and only because
02:51 of time, how did you guys get married?
02:53 Get into Ministry, how did God lead?
02:57 It just seems right now real crazy, real mixed up and
03:01 yet I know you stepped into Ministry because every
03:03 time I have met you that is where you have been.
03:05 - well you know the thing was every time I would
03:08 be around Ken's mother, she was an awesome lady and
03:11 still is an awesome lady, a Christian lady.
03:14 I would think wow, I would like to be like her.
03:17 Then that led us back to church and we would be in
03:22 and out of church constantly.
03:24 Then the drug issue started again
03:30 - because he would relapse
03:31 - he would relapse and he would disappear sometimes, well a
03:36 couple times you were gone for 3 months at a time.
03:39 Our daughter got killed in a car wreck.
03:45 We was going back to church then.
03:46 Ken had left home, we were separated for 3 months
03:54 and he came home and she was killed in a matter of a
03:57 couple months after that.
03:59 I think God led him back home because He knew I couldn't
04:03 handle all that without Ken.
04:05 - I can't imagine having to go through that, even with
04:11 all the support, being right in the lap of God, but you
04:15 went through that in the middle of all this chaos.
04:17 - there was a lot of partying, and drinking
04:20 - and your daughter was using when she was killed.
04:23 Yeah, she was using too.
04:26 We moved from California to Arkansas because we thought
04:30 that would be Ken away from the drugs, well it is worse
04:33 in Arkansas, and then he disappeared again.
04:37 At that point I had had enough.
04:41 I was going back to California and
04:43 I didn't want anymore.
04:45 Ken called me from a motel in town and asked if
04:52 he could come home, and I said I really don't care.
04:55 - I'm done, I can't do this again.
04:57 He came home.
04:58 You know I came home and I remember when I called you
05:04 that night, how I knew my life is over.
05:08 This wasn't the first time that this it happened multiple times.
05:12 I hadn't been faithful to you on more than one occasion.
05:16 I thought well Lord, I've hit the bottom.
05:18 What am I going to do?
05:19 In a motel room I prayed and asked God to help me.
05:23 Of course I was coming down from being on Meth for
05:25 several days and I got home and said hello to you.
05:31 We had hardly said anything, she had nothing to say
05:34 to me, and I walked back into the bedroom and
05:36 I picked up this Bible and I opened it up.
05:38 It just opened up to right where I am right now.
05:41 I said God help me what do I need?
05:43 Then I went to of all places the Chronicles,
05:46 some people say, wow, what can you find there?
05:49 I found so much there, my Bible is just marked up there.
05:52 It is the place that my life changed.
05:55 When I really came to the conclusion of where
05:58 I needed to be with God.
05:59 That He was my friend and He would help me.
06:01 And I read this line in chapter 15, and it says, in
06:05 verse 2, and I'm not going to read the whole thing.
06:08 Is talking about King Asa, but it says,
06:10 "The Lord is with you, while would you be with him" and
06:14 it goes on to say, "if you seek him, he will be found
06:19 of you; but if you forsake him, he will forsake you. "
06:22 You see I hadn't had God in my life, not in a serious
06:26 way - right!
06:27 Not in a serious way.
06:28 I thought back to when I was 18 and I wanted to be a
06:31 minister and here now my life I knew my marriage was finished.
06:35 I knew it was going to be over.
06:36 In the previous chapter it talks how it is nothing
06:41 for God to help those with no power.
06:43 I had no power over this drug, over this addiction,
06:46 over the alcohol, over all the different things.
06:48 I didn't have any power...
06:50 - in lie of your whole life was this drug it was going to give
06:53 you power, and you're at the place saying it was a lie
06:56 the whole time because I'm losing everything.
06:58 I've lost everything.
06:59 - well you know Ken came out of the bedroom and
07:03 he told me he had read that and said, will you stay
07:09 if I get counseling?
07:10 I said I don't know if I can.
07:13 I have been hurt too many times, and he asked me if
07:18 I would make the appointment.
07:20 I said no - you have got to do it,
07:23 I can't keep doing this for you.
07:24 I said if you want it, you do it yourself.
07:26 He did and we went to some counseling sessions a couple
07:31 times, but it's been an awesome ride ever since.
07:34 - because you know what he was serious then.
07:38 Yes, you know I look Cheri, and I know how much
07:44 I hurt my wife because of an addiction I had.
07:47 But when I really realized if I would take the time
07:51 to keep you know God, get to know Jesus.
07:54 It took me back to where I mention Morris Venden,
07:57 that was his message.
07:58 Jesus can be your best friend, but it is going to
08:00 take your time, it is going to take something of an
08:03 effort for that to happen.
08:05 I have found since then, there is no high like the
08:10 high that comes from knowing Jesus.
08:12 From spending time in the Bible.
08:14 He said, if you seek Me, you will find Me and I took
08:19 Him up on that and we started going back to church.
08:21 - in the high, even for people that don't know too.
08:26 The high in the restoration of your family,
08:29 the high in all the sudden really being there as a
08:32 parent to your children, all of a sudden life becomes,
08:35 instead of an illusion that I am happy and everything
08:38 is in control, I literally am given my life by Christ.
08:41 I get to see the love relationship of my spouse grow.
08:47 The trust in my children grow.
08:49 The trust and my parents again come back.
08:51 All that kind of stuff that God says let Me give you
08:53 something that is real to hold onto now.
08:56 - Will it takes a while for that trust to come back.
08:58 There is many times when he was a little bit late from
09:02 work I would get that sick feeling again.
09:05 Here we go again.
09:08 Even my kids, our kids would go how long is it
09:12 going to last this time mom?
09:14 Because they had no faith in Ken either, because
09:17 he had hurt them too so many times by falling.
09:20 But now, they are so proud of him.
09:24 So, so then, God is restoring your family,
09:30 restoring all that and then He is literally pushing
09:33 you out to step into Ministry.
09:35 What did that look like you guys?
09:37 You know the Pastor that was at the church, when I got
09:40 into Ministry, was a man named Jerry Mays.
09:42 He had a belief that God can use anybody.
09:46 God can use lay people and part of that I think he,
09:52 how do I say it, when I get into doing something
09:58 I want to do it.
09:59 He saw that drive and an opportunity came for me to
10:02 Pastor, actually Jim Gilley was the president of the conference.
10:06 When I say conference some people wouldn't know,
10:08 he was in charge of who would be Pastor,
10:11 and he gave me that opportunity to be a Pastor.
10:16 I was a Bible Vocational Pastor for almost
10:20 4 years in Arkansas.
10:21 It was a lot of challenges.
10:24 You give a 100% no matter what side you are on.
10:26 You know I lived here at my church was 50 miles this way
10:30 and the work I did was 50 miles the other way.
10:33 I got into it and wanted to work for the Lord.
10:37 I have to stress this one point, I began to have
10:42 relationship on a daily basis.
10:45 When I say relationship I mean I spent time
10:47 in the Bible.
10:48 I spent time by just reading it and saying,
10:50 God what are you trying to say to me?
10:52 Speak to me.
10:54 Open my eyes.
10:56 And prayer is part of that.
10:58 Letting Him speak to me, and you are in
11:02 prayer talking to Him.
11:03 He just changed my life.
11:04 The minute I stepped into the water and wanted to
11:07 follow Him, and was faithful to Him, just like He says,
11:11 here seek Him and I will find Him and if I forsake Him,
11:14 and I think that means if I don't seek Him.
11:16 If I don't make that decision that I want Him as a
11:19 friend, you see I knew I needed Him.
11:21 Morris Venden would say, one of the things you asked,
11:23 how do you get to know God, by spending time with Him.
11:30 Well what else, that's it.
11:33 By spending time with Him.
11:34 By getting to know Him just like anybody else.
11:37 You get to know your spouse by spending time with them.
11:39 Same thing with Christ, as a result of that
11:43 He can shine through you.
11:44 In my ministry, my desire is to reach out to people
11:48 with addictions, and people with problems.
11:50 In my church anybody is welcome.
11:53 Greatest words I heard, there is a girl who stood up
11:56 in church last week and she said, I'm in recovery from
12:00 crack cocaine and I haven't had it for year.
12:02 I haven't done it, Praise God!
12:04 - I met that girl - you met her.
12:07 I will tell you we had just met her and wrapped our
12:10 arms around her, because that is what Jesus does.
12:13 He says I can help you and He pulls you in and He wraps
12:16 His arms, I don't care if you're in the gutter.
12:17 In fact one person in a church we Pastored says,
12:21 I want somebody to Pastor that's been in the gutter.
12:23 And Sherry says, well that's us because we have.
12:26 We know these problems.
12:28 She was talking to somebody else from off the street
12:31 there, when we was feeding the hungry, we met her.
12:33 Bad area of town, shootings and stuff all the time, and
12:37 she was telling another person I belong to this church.
12:41 Now she's not a member or anything, but her attitude
12:44 and feeling is, I am were I've belong.
12:47 You see that is what God has called me into Ministry,
12:50 because of my recovery, because of me knowing Christ,
12:54 because of the importance of the Bible and now my job.
12:58 Remember what I said about the trees, my job of an
13:00 apple tree is to reproduce apple trees so that I can
13:04 wrap my arms around other people like Jesus wrapped
13:07 His arms around me.
13:08 - and let somebody else wrap around.
13:10 Yeah, and take them and except them where they
13:13 are at and say hey we are going to help you even
13:15 if you fall down.
13:16 I have to say this, I don't know how to say this.
13:20 The same girl, in one of the church lesson studies
13:23 where it is interactive, here she is in a group like
13:26 this and she says, she talks about she's turning tricks.
13:30 - you know what I think it gets funny because somebody
13:34 that she was in that same study said to me, you know I
13:37 think she was saying that she still has Johns.
13:40 She still has clients.
13:42 They are trying to wrap their minds around that.
13:44 What is she doing in Sabbath school?
13:46 Yeah, but God forgave Mary Magdalene 7 times and
13:51 we told them, you have to forgive her too.
13:54 What is really interesting to me is because I think you
13:56 have been there, and know what it feels like to fall,
13:58 is that you are literally saying, fall this direction.
14:02 Because there is going to be a day you will walk away
14:05 from all this.
14:06 She is one of the greatest helps we have in
14:09 that church, she loves God.
14:11 - she's still not turning tricks today?
14:14 - well I threaten her, if you need money come see me.
14:19 I feel as a Pastor my job is to protect people.
14:23 The Bible talks about the wheat and the tares and
14:29 how they grow together in the church.
14:31 And the dragnet, it talks about bringing all the fish in,
14:34 my responsibility is to bring people in, let them see
14:39 the love of God, hopefully through me, hopefully through
14:42 my wife and our Ministry.
14:43 To nurture them, and to hold onto them, and to
14:48 pick them up, you see I can't change anybody.
14:51 There were so many people the church that wanted to
14:53 change me, if we had the time I could talk of people
14:57 who were, Ron Halverson Sr, from Gangs to God, he came from
15:01 the gangs of Brooklyn he's my best friend, because he has
15:04 been there for me to help me.
15:06 You talk Pastors need prayer and stuff, oh yeah they do.
15:09 The struggles and stuff we go through,
15:11 we are constantly helping others in their addictions
15:15 and different things, but what about us?
15:17 I got people to pray for me - to mentor you - yes.
15:22 - That's incredible.
15:25 It has been an awesome ride.
15:27 - you know it's not over yet which is fun.
15:29 I'm going to open it up for questions.
15:31 Because I know that there are people that want
15:33 to ask you guys some questions.
15:35 I want to start right here with Carolina.
15:38 Yes I have a question.
15:41 When I was 15 years old I had a cousin and
15:46 he died of a drug addiction.
15:47 He died of an overdose and that really touched me
15:52 so I understand how painful it is for relatives
15:55 who have family who is going through an addiction.
16:00 So my question is, how can you support or help
16:04 someone that is struggling with a drug addiction?
16:07 What attitude should you present to the person?
16:10 You know in my addiction, I think my example
16:19 is probably one of the best things I could do
16:21 and hopefully they can see Jesus through me.
16:24 The young man that was going to one of our Christian
16:29 schools, and I didn't know he was really watching me.
16:32 He saw how I was before I found Jesus in my life.
16:38 Later on in talking with him, I heard him actually
16:43 giving, sharing his testimony how Christ had changed
16:49 him, and he had brought my name up.
16:50 And I thought wow, I had no idea that I had been
16:54 any kind of influence to him.
16:56 So even what Sherry was talking about when she met
17:00 your mom, I want to be like her.
17:02 The fact of just being who we are in
17:05 Christ around the addict.
17:06 It's tough you know when people are heavy into drugs,
17:10 sometimes it is not the time you can give them advice,
17:13 they are not looking for advice,
17:14 they want to see something real.
17:16 They want to see if you are saying you are something,
17:20 they want to see that in you.
17:21 They want to see Jesus with the skin on,
17:23 not just a story.
17:25 I think of another one, there was a young man and
17:29 I was talking to someone else about this earlier.
17:32 How he looked up to me, when I was younger, when I was
17:36 really getting out on the wrong path.
17:39 As he grew up, he started going on that same path.
17:45 The same thing happened to him, what you said,
17:48 I saw him at a wedding and he wanted me to come drink
17:51 beer with him, now I had never done anything with him.
17:56 Drugs or anything like that, but he knew that was stuff
18:00 I had did from my example.
18:02 I said no, no way because I knew his parents.
18:06 I wouldn't do that even when he was growing up.
18:11 What happened, the next thing I heard about him
18:14 is that he had OD'd at a hotel in town.
18:18 He had done a speedball with heroin and
18:21 cocaine and he died.
18:22 I think the greatest influence we can be on people
18:25 is that they can see Jesus in us.
18:27 Not just what we say, who we are.
18:30 - Besides I believe that I am standing here today
18:35 because I had an aunt, I was 10 years old and got sent
18:38 to Canada to live with a Christian aunt.
18:39 From 10 I was homeless, a heroine addict and all that
18:43 stuff, but she prayed for me every day of her life.
18:46 I came to Christ before she died and went back and thank
18:50 her for that, but I think that we sometimes are helpless
18:54 and the addict is going to make choices that they are
18:56 going to make and we are going to feel helpless
18:57 as family members.
18:59 Sometimes we are going to feel like, is there anything
19:01 I can do, I just want to beg people not to forget
19:04 about prayer, don't forget that we literally can cover them.
19:08 God forgive them for their rebellion, forgive them for
19:11 their acting out, I love him and I'm asking you to not
19:14 let anything work for them.
19:16 I'm asking you to not even let them get high anymore.
19:18 When they take the drug let it not even be non-effective in
19:21 their body, let them go to jail.
19:23 Get them busted, I want them safe.
19:25 And as somebody that loves them, cover them every
19:30 time you think about it in prayer.
19:31 I believe we get to heaven God is going to open the
19:35 books and let us see how powerful that was.
19:38 In a time we feel powerless, you are watching somebody
19:41 make choices that are horrible.
19:43 Your mom watched you over the years, I am sure that not
19:46 a day went by that she didn't say, God do not forget my
19:49 baby, because I love him.
19:51 So there are times we can't make them make sense,
19:55 it's like talking to schizophrenic sometimes.
19:57 Talking to an addict, but God says don't forget to pray.
20:01 I really believe that when my aunt was dying and I said,
20:04 man whose going to pray for me now?
20:07 Who is to pray for our family now?
20:09 She looked at me, standing as a Christian in front of
20:11 her, she says it looks like you're going to pray
20:13 for our family now.
20:14 And just handed the baton to me.
20:16 You are going to cover them and if there is anybody
20:18 that is watching, anybody here that has family members
20:21 that you know it is hard when you see somebody die
20:24 in their addiction, but I know it is harder on God
20:27 then it is on us.
20:28 The grief that we feel, and I think it's billions fold
20:33 to God that says, I tried every single thing I could.
20:36 Every single thing I could, but right now as
20:39 we need to remember them in prayer.
20:44 And on top of the example, the example is incredible.
20:49 But sometimes they are too crazy in their addiction.
20:52 Ken in his diction, he was crazy and I'm sure, sometimes
20:58 the only thing you could do for him was pray.
21:00 God protect us and protect him.
21:03 - everybody I knew I called, his family they were all
21:07 praying for him when he would disappear.
21:09 Exactly and I know Joanie that you had a question too.
21:14 Yes, I was raised in a home where I had parents that
21:19 stayed together and my mother was a stay-at-home mom.
21:22 Which I know even today I have the sense of security
21:26 that my mom was home and I knew always where she was.
21:29 So when I got married I had two sons and I wanted to
21:33 be a stay-at-home mom too.
21:35 That was the plan, although when my sons were 2 and 4,
21:38 I became a single parent and had to go to work.
21:41 I don't how to be a single parent and didn't then,
21:44 I still don't now.
21:45 My sons don't follow the Lord now, but it did raise
21:50 them in the church, but they had 2 households,
21:51 a household at their father's, and one with me.
21:54 When you said the Scripture to raise your child
21:57 in the way they will go, they won't depart from it.
22:00 Well they don't follow God and the subject of prayer,
22:04 I have never stopped praying for them and have been
22:09 very persistent and it maybe think of your mom.
22:11 Did you ever tell her that you realize it was probably
22:16 her prayers that brought you back around to the Lord?
22:20 Then if you told her, and thanked her, how did she react?
22:26 Well my mom is the happiest person that can possibly be,
22:30 because she watches, by the way, way 3ABN all the time.
22:35 Yes I have told her, but my wife along with her at this
22:43 time in the prayers that I would get my life together.
22:46 I could remember my little brother told me one day,
22:51 when are you going to grow up?
22:53 Really people that are messed up on drugs,
22:57 they just haven't grown-up really.
22:59 God wants us to grow up close to Him.
23:02 That prayer thing, I mean it's the main thing.
23:07 - it's the main thing you know what Pastor Ken,
23:10 I just wanted to say, I wish I could say thank you
23:14 to your mom right here, but I'm going to say to you.
23:16 Thank you for coming and I would just for you and your
23:19 family, I just want to say thanks.
23:21 For sharing your testimony and all that stuff.
23:24 Well thank you for having me and my wife here,
23:26 it's a blessing.
23:28 I have made a commitment with a loud voice tell
23:34 people about Jesus.
23:35 You know as you are out there the only time we can make
23:39 that commitment is to leaning fully on God.
23:42 I can't even lean on my own understanding, and I can't lean
23:45 on my own stuff, I had to so trust the fact that God
23:48 is going to lead me to the next step, to the next step,
23:50 to the next, but as, we have been real clear about it.
23:54 If you have family members that are addicts pray for them.
23:57 But you know what more than family members, the
24:00 body of Christ, when you step into a church
24:02 pray for each other.
24:03 We are going to be right back, please stay with us.


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