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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Ken Blundell, Sherry Blundell


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00:10 Welcome to Celebrating Life in Recovery!
00:12 I'm Cheri Your host.
00:13 Sometimes in our recovery we start focusing so much on
00:16 ourselves that we forget there are people all around us that
00:20 need our support and today we are going to cover some of that.
00:22 So come in and join as you'll be blessed.
00:52 Welcome back!
00:53 You know it's funny because I meet a ton of people when
00:57 we travel all over the world not just in this country.
01:00 Every time I meet somebody in Ministry, somebody that is
01:04 doing Pastoral work, or something that is blessing other
01:08 folks when everything gets quiet and we are just sitting
01:10 and hanging out and hear their stories.
01:12 I think, oh man, we should tell that!
01:15 So this program we are going to tell that.
01:18 We are owing to look at one person's journey with
01:21 Christ and how God stood them up from all this junk
01:25 and now they are blessing and setting other people up.
01:28 I'm just blessed by the stories.
01:31 So going to introduce you to my friend Pastor Ken and
01:33 Sherry, want to say first of all thank you for
01:36 being on the program.
01:37 Cheri thank you for letting us come, I know it's a
01:40 privilege, my wife didn't realize she was going to part
01:42 of this thing so, but I know she will do well.
01:45 As being a Pastor I look back at the beginning
01:49 of my life in think wow how did end up here from
01:52 where I use to be? - Exactly!
01:54 My mother when I was little divorced my father just
01:58 within a couple weeks after I was born.
02:00 I had an older brother 2 years older
02:02 than me and I guess that he just didn't want the
02:05 responsibility of us.
02:07 As I was growing up, not long after that my mother
02:11 became a Christian.
02:12 Someone came knocking on the door of the house
02:15 selling books and she started doing Bible studies.
02:19 As a result of those Bible studies she fell in love
02:22 with God and wanted me to have a Christian education.
02:26 And as I was growing up she made a point,
02:29 a single mom most of the time, she had a couple
02:33 of the marriages, I say that, but most of the time,
02:35 she was single and worked hard.
02:37 And she wanted me to have an opportunity to learn about
02:41 the Lord and go to school.
02:42 So she worked hard in that aspect of things and I know
02:46 the Bible says, to train up a child in the way he
02:48 should go, or she should go, and when that child gets
02:51 older they will go back to their roots.
02:53 I look at myself, my older brother started to get
02:58 in trouble and get messed up, and I always
03:01 looked up to him.
03:02 And I think my testimony is really big on forgiveness,
03:05 on prayer, and on influences, because my brother.
03:08 Well you know we all have influences,
03:10 whether it's a big sister or big brother or a friend that
03:12 just makes a big impact and we want to be like them.
03:15 My brother always seemed to start getting into trouble.
03:19 I remember, I was told by one of my aunt's that
03:22 I had met my father once, because I never had
03:24 any kind of relationship...
03:25 - how old were you?
03:27 How old was I when I met him the first time?
03:29 I don't remember the story and that is odd how in recovery
03:32 we forget a lot of things.
03:34 But my aunt told me that, I believe I was 6 years
03:40 old at the time that at a funeral I was told
03:43 there is your dad.
03:44 And I walked over to the car to talk to him and he
03:47 rolled up the window and turned his face from me,
03:49 he wouldn't talk to me.
03:50 I think I must've blocked that out.
03:52 There's things in our life and our past, I really
03:56 can't say that I grew up in an abusive home.
03:59 - but I can't even imagine that as a little boy saying
04:02 you know what, knowing full well that you don't want me.
04:08 That kind of turning away from you and rolling up the
04:10 window the pain that that must have caused you as a
04:14 little boy even though you don't remember it,
04:16 I bet was significant.
04:17 You know I met my father later, I think my son
04:21 was 8 and I was 30-something then, or about 30.
04:27 We never became close, he was a nice guy, nice to know
04:34 and visit but we never had a father - son relationship.
04:38 We had our grandparents and they were big in my life.
04:42 But my brother, I have to get back to him, he was the
04:46 big influence and I watched him and he got in trouble.
04:49 I remember in the church school that we went to, they
04:51 couldn't handle him so they sent him to a dude ranch.
04:54 He was gone all most 2 years I think to that and it
05:00 really hurt me.
05:01 But when he came back, in his being gone he picked up
05:04 all these bad habits and things.
05:06 As he went the wrong direction, into the path of drugs
05:12 and everything - drinking and partying.
05:14 Yes, you know I grew up in a very conservative home and
05:19 everything in this my church life was you can't do this,
05:22 you can't eat this, you can't do this, listen to this,
05:26 and it was a rebellion thing.
05:27 He rebelled and as a result of that I rebelled.
05:30 In his getting into trouble he got hit really heavy into
05:36 Meth, not so much Meth back then, it was more the form
05:41 of a pharmaceutical drug.
05:42 It was a drug called, the Disoxin that was
05:45 easily burglarized in the drugstores and
05:48 he got into doing that.
05:50 - that's so funny because a normal person, it is easy to
05:53 get it, he just had to break in and steal.
05:55 And you said it was so easy because that's how we do it.
06:00 Whenever I hear somebody say it like that I just, it
06:06 just cracks me up we don't even realize how abnormal it
06:09 is, yea just break into the store.
06:12 My brother had left Utah where I grew up and I was
06:17 already rebellion from my mom and went to the 8th grade.
06:21 I have been sent away to some schools, a boarding school
06:26 and I would run away from those.
06:27 I ended up run away, I was 15 years old, and I ran
06:32 away from home and I was going to head to San Francisco
06:35 this was in the late 60's early 70 time.
06:38 My brother had been there back in Haight Ashbury and
06:43 Woodstock days, and the flower child days.
06:44 It ended up me and a friend of mine were hitchhiking.
06:47 We got to Ely Nevada, if you've never been to Ely
06:52 it's a crossroad that is out in the middle of nowhere.
06:53 We were hitchhiking trying to get a ride and it got
06:58 to the point we said I don't care where we go,
07:00 if they're going towards Vegas will go that way,
07:02 if they are going the other way, we'll go that way because
07:04 we just wanted to go somewhere.
07:05 I ended up, me and my friend, we went on a ride
07:10 through Vegas and ended up Hollywood California.
07:13 Here I am 15, and at that time was one of the cesspools
07:17 of the country, even then.
07:19 All the strip clubs and everything around.
07:22 I remember meeting some street preachers there,
07:25 I say this in my testimony early on, because God protects us.
07:30 I had a mother praying for me,
07:32 I had a church praying for me.
07:33 He was called up Tony and Susan Alamo Christian
07:37 Foundation, they were on Crescent Heights Blvd,
07:40 right off of Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood.
07:42 I no sooner got there and they were preaching this
07:46 hellfire, and everything that was going to happen,
07:48 and scared people into heaven, and they got me
07:49 into their church.
07:50 In fact this Bible I have right here today,
07:54 they purchased for me, somehow they had got all my
07:56 money in the offerings and I ended up with this Bible.
07:59 I was kind of brainwashed, and I was out preaching to
08:04 people you're going to go to hellfire
08:05 if you don't get the Lord.
08:07 I believe that someday that may happen,
08:10 but I don't believe that happens when people die now,
08:14 that you go to hell.
08:15 In that time God protected me there,
08:19 a very Pentecostal place.
08:20 I left, and made a phone call back to Utah to my mom,
08:26 and that was a mistake.
08:27 The next thing I knew police was everywhere,
08:29 they raided this place and took me back to Utah.
08:33 I had to go in the youth home for while and I was
08:37 preaching about Jesus and hellfire and everything to
08:41 people, but it didn't take long for that to go away.
08:43 It was after this and I got really serious
08:46 into the drug thing.
08:47 We talk about smoking marijuana and things
08:51 are really the entry level into drugs.
08:55 I got right into burglarizing the drugstores.
09:01 My brother talked me into going into this drugstore
09:06 and hiding in the basement.
09:07 He opened the door and I went downstairs and hid in the
09:10 basement and waited for the pharmacists to leave,
09:14 and then break out after a steal everything I needed.
09:17 Well as I was hiding down there I found my escape route.
09:20 I looked around and saw these bar door, and took
09:23 the bars off, look and go in there and there is these
09:25 gates on the sidewalk.
09:27 It was like the perfect crime.
09:30 I went in there and got the drugs after he had left and
09:35 just came out the escape through the doors on the
09:38 sidewalk and I was gone.
09:40 But in those days this Disoxin stuff, this pure
09:44 methamphetamine hydrochloride, it was pharmaceutical.
09:49 We would soak that stuff down until was a yellow syrup
09:52 and take it in a needle and shoot it in your arm and the
09:56 rush would like hammer you against the wall.
09:59 2 weeks later I was tweaking out on this, I was gone.
10:03 We had done the drugs and so this time going to break
10:07 into the drug store again.
10:08 Well I'll tell you that Meth does something to you.
10:13 It makes you feel like nothing can hurt you,
10:16 I mean that you can do anything.
10:18 I look at it in my testimony as the Antichrist.
10:23 And I say Antichrist is anything the word anti means anything
10:27 you put in the place of Christ.
10:29 It was a power that nothing can hurt me.
10:34 So I came in there and instead of sneaking in,
10:38 now you are so far gone that I had my cowboy boots
10:41 and jacket and I just kicked in a plate glass window
10:44 and go through it.
10:45 And you're going like this looking for everything.
10:48 Because you are gone, if you know anything about Meth
10:50 you have been up you've then and awake.
10:52 At first it may intensify your feelings and your
10:56 thoughts, that you could even think better,
10:58 but it just drains you, it just destroys your body.
11:01 I came out of there and I remember they were waiting.
11:05 I think because, there's kind of a way things happen
11:10 once something gets broken into.
11:12 They know it's going to get broken into again,
11:14 because we know where the drugs are.
11:16 I broke in 2 weeks later.
11:18 I broke in and came out and the K-9 dogs
11:22 chasing me down and they catch me.
11:24 So this is my first felony.
11:26 So let's move things on, they put me in a State Mental
11:31 Hospital for a 90 day observation.
11:32 I liked it there, it wasn't a bad, there was
11:37 a lot worse places I could be.
11:38 In that period they said, by the way, in the recovery
11:45 there, they want to give you drugs.
11:46 Thorazine and all this stuff was available.
11:50 I was to the point just the shooting up was an addiction.
11:53 One of my best friends Adam Gardner, I remember him
11:57 shooting up and he abscessed and he is whole arm.
12:00 I mean it just went like that, it was like
12:02 a mind blowing thing.
12:03 You didn't care whether the needle was clean...
12:07 - we have to talk about the addiction.
12:10 What is real interesting, what you said was 2 things,
12:12 just shooting up is the addiction.
12:14 Sometimes people don't realize when you talk about
12:17 addictions is the whole process, is the power of it.
12:20 It's a setting up, like for a gambler,
12:25 it's not just the gambling.
12:26 It's walking in and be the big shot and all that
12:29 stuff so it really is everything around the addiction.
12:32 It becomes that you are strung out on all of it.
12:35 Not just the needle.
12:38 I had a friend that shot up, try to shoot up peanut butter.
12:41 I have crushed up Thorazine and shot it.
12:44 PCP and I looked today, and the mind that I have,
12:48 even though I'm bad at remembering names,
12:50 I just thank God that He saved something up here,
12:54 because I shouldn't be alive.
12:56 I did that, time in the State Mental Hospital and
13:00 long after that, a druggie is still a druggie.
13:02 If we don't have something, once you been addicted to
13:08 something you are looking for something to replace it.
13:10 There is a high about it, in the drugs that is
13:14 enjoyable, but there is a greater high.
13:17 Somewhere along the line I needed to find
13:20 that in Jesus Christ.
13:21 I remember the same thing happened again Cheri,
13:24 I did a drugstore in Mt. Pleasant, Utah.
13:28 My brother was involved in that one again too.
13:32 - I got to jump in, because you said something that I
13:34 really feel like I want to just jump in and correct.
13:36 Not correct your testimony not correct your story but
13:39 when somebody says there is a part of the addiction that
13:44 is enjoyable, I just want to take that back.
13:46 An addict can be enjoying something when they are taking
13:49 their last breath and they don't even know that they
13:52 have trashed their body to the point that their teeth
13:54 are rotting out.
13:55 They are taking their last breath, they are psychotic,
13:57 they are doing things like kicking in windows at a
14:01 pharmaceutical company and going in.
14:03 In their mind their thinking everything is fun,
14:06 everything is normal.
14:07 So even though you're talking about your brain chemistry
14:10 is pumping out dopamine and serotonins to where you feel
14:13 euphoric, don't think that this is a normal enjoyment.
14:19 This is not like what you feel when you're running with
14:21 your family at the beach.
14:22 This is the not what you feel when you are learning to ski
14:25 for the first time, or when you're laughing out
14:27 loud with friends.
14:29 So the enjoyment for an addict is that you have
14:31 artificially kicked everything up to where everything
14:34 feels fine even though your kidneys are shutting down.
14:37 The reason I want to say it is because I don't want
14:39 somebody out there to think I got to find some drugs,
14:42 because I want to have some fun, is I promise you that
14:46 it may be fun for a bit, but it will take your life.
14:49 I've seen so many people were they are at their last
14:53 breath and still saying aren't we having a good time.
14:55 I'm thinking I just buried my father, laid in bed with
14:59 him at 85 pounds and they just tell him he can have as
15:02 much morphine as he wants.
15:04 He's like Yahoo how fun is that!
15:06 I just wanted to weep for him.
15:08 He had no idea he was dying, he just knows he can get
15:10 high some more.
15:11 I'm sorry but I have to say that because most
15:15 people don't realize it is such a lie,
15:18 that we deceive ourselves.
15:20 I think as you say that it's the biggest deception that
15:23 I see today.
15:24 The Meth thing is such a powerful, and I know you look
15:30 at the cocaine and everything else, but the high of
15:32 methamphetamine is such a long high.
15:34 It's such an intense high.
15:35 It is the devil trying to deceive us into thinking that
15:40 it is something good for us.
15:42 - as my teeth fall out of my face,
15:45 I think I'm having fun.
15:46 - you know right now as we talk, you talk about the
15:50 teeth thing, in mine I've got a partial here, and I was
15:53 just talking to Sherry that I think I'll have them pulled out.
15:55 Every time I get something fixed the other one rots out.
15:59 I think that might happen anyway because
16:02 of a long abuse.
16:04 I did that in another drugstore in 2 weeks and the same
16:07 thing got away the first time and here I am
16:09 busted again and I can remember the police when they
16:11 pulled us over.
16:12 It was snowing and everything, they came from both ways
16:15 on us, we was on our way down a country road.
16:17 They had this set up to roadblock us, but they asked me
16:21 the question have you ever been arrested before and
16:23 it's like what do you say?
16:24 Yeah course I have, well what for?
16:26 Well for burglarizing drugstore's you know.
16:29 And the pattern we go with this time they sent me to
16:32 State Industrial School and I ran away from there even.
16:36 - you are still underage at this point?
16:38 I'm underage throughout all of this, this is happen from
16:41 when I was 15 until I'm 17.
16:45 I was in State Industrial School there, I got released
16:49 and it was just a matter of another month or 2 and
16:52 I was back again.
16:53 I been arrested burglarizing a drugstore in Salt Lake City.
16:56 In fact, I look at that and can still remember what the
17:00 police officer said, the one in the store that got me.
17:03 He said, I had you in the sights of my gun and was
17:06 ready to pull the trigger, and I look today and maybe not then
17:09 but today the trigger might have been pulled.
17:11 We are in a whole different world today.
17:14 When I was in the drug scene I had to look for it Cheri,
17:17 I was a small group of people back in the early 70's.
17:22 The drugs weren't down in the elementary schools,
17:25 and we all knew who we were.
17:27 It messed me up so bad, but God was always with me.
17:35 I remember that second time at the State Industrial
17:37 School - I have to ask you so when you broke into the
17:40 drugstore where was God?
17:42 When you said that God was always with you,
17:45 I just thought wait a minute.
17:46 - He's protecting me, I mean the prayers, we talked
17:50 about this prayer thing.
17:52 I know that I have a mother praying for me,
17:55 and I have a church praying for me.
17:56 - and God is continuously trying to turn you around.
17:59 All the time, I had people back when I was rebelling
18:04 and going away to school, that would have paid my education
18:08 all through the University because they believed in me.
18:11 I've always had people believing in me, my problem is
18:14 when I go to do something I do with all my heart.
18:18 If I'm going to get into trouble, in my work,
18:22 I'm going to be the best that I can be.
18:24 In ministry that is some of our challenges with me,
18:28 and my wife says you got to slow down.
18:30 But I have always been on this thing to go, go, go,
18:33 and do it, so when I got in trouble I did it really good.
18:38 Here I am in industrial school and 1 of 2 people in
18:42 Utah, that goes to regular school off campus.
18:45 I don't know why that worked out for me, but there was
18:48 me and 1 other.
18:49 And you have several hundred kids there.
18:50 I was going to stay there, I was going to turn 18
18:53 during the summer and they were going to let me out.
18:56 I was going to come back and go to school in Ogdan Utah,
19:01 at the high school, and play football.
19:03 But it is interesting, God still had a different plan
19:07 in my life and that was that when I went home that
19:10 summer a Dr, it was Dr. Charles Smith, in Utah.
19:14 He invited me to go along with him to Long Beach,
19:17 it was called Institutes in Basic Youth Conflict Seminar.
19:21 Bill Gothard was his name.
19:22 I mean Long Beach Arena was just filled with people
19:26 who listen to this guy talk about God and how the
19:29 Bible would change your life, and how Christ
19:30 will change your life.
19:31 I went to that and I had a conversion experience,
19:35 were invited Christ into my life.
19:37 As a result of that, here I came from a reform school,
19:42 here I am 2 years a 3- time felon, breaking in
19:46 and stealing dope, shooting it up in my arm and
19:49 I make a choice to go to Castle Valley, which is the
19:55 very ultra conservative Seventh-day Adventist
19:58 school up in the mountains of Moab, Utah.
20:01 It's like wow, what in the world happened, what's on my mind?
20:05 I went there and if I saw you there, I would have to
20:08 call you sister Cheri, you know what I mean,
20:10 that was the vocabulary.
20:11 You couldn't talk to the girls, and it was
20:14 a very, very strict school.
20:16 It was one of the best things that happened to me going there.
20:19 - because we need those boundaries.
20:22 We haven't had any boundaries, we haven't had anyone
20:24 keep us accountable and so God just said to you
20:26 I'm sure as this boy, you have got to have somebody
20:29 to teach you and keep you in line right now.
20:33 I stuck out the year, it was hard.
20:37 - boy I would like to interview some of those teachers.
20:41 You think it was hard for you.
20:44 Well here I am and after that I graduate,
20:48 that was my senior year.
20:49 So I come from being a drug addict juvenile delinquent
20:54 and felon, to Castle Valley.
20:56 It's a Daystar academy now.
20:58 - were you in the choir?
21:00 Yeah I was - I knew it - Dave Siebert was the
21:03 choir director there back then.
21:06 And it was just some experience.
21:08 When I left there, in my graduation I wanted to be a
21:12 minister and I don't want to take this lightly in
21:14 my testimony because I had a desire back then at
21:19 18 years old to give my life in service
21:22 to the Lord and helping other people.
21:24 But my life just seemed like a roller coaster
21:28 and up-and-down thing.
21:29 Here I would have Jesus close in my life and
21:34 that I would get away from it.
21:36 When I was there a Castle Valley I got a hold of
21:38 some tapes of a man named Morris Venden.
21:40 As I listened to him talk about Jesus,
21:43 and talk about how Jesus can change your life,
21:47 and how it is not hard to be a Christian,
21:49 how it is something He wants us to spend time with Him.
21:54 - do you remember some of the things that he said,
21:57 when he said it wasn't hard to be a Christian and
22:00 made it so cool for you, easy for you, do you remember
22:04 anything that was on those tapes?
22:06 Morris Venden said something, he would talk about trees.
22:10 I know the Bible talks about people is like trees.
22:14 He asked a question, what is the main purpose
22:19 of an apple tree?
22:20 Most people say well the main purpose of
22:23 an apple tree is to bear fruit.
22:26 He say, well now that is a good answer,
22:32 but the real main purpose of an apple tree is to
22:34 reproduce apple trees.
22:35 And when I would hear things like that, the job
22:39 of a Christian when you come to Christ it's not
22:44 to just be perfect.
22:45 I mean some people think I have to be so good,
22:48 but I have to quit doing this, I got to quit
22:50 to quit doing that.
22:51 You know the whole thing with Christianity is to grow.
22:56 And that is a personal level with you and me too,
22:59 we grow to know Jesus better.
23:01 - to me I call it recovery, which is a lot of
23:04 people to step into recovery and have a life.
23:08 To walk away for all that stuff.
23:10 Sometimes I just put it in recovery language,
23:14 just because that is the kind of people I run with,
23:18 but the purpose is to recover and teach somebody
23:21 else how to recover.
23:22 Right, he would say other things.
23:26 The time that you spend in your Bible and that
23:29 you spend to get to know Jesus as your best friend.
23:32 He made, the big thing about Morris Venden is,
23:35 he made Jesus to be real.
23:37 If Jesus isn't real then I don't want nothing to
23:41 do with it, and don't take that wrong is what I say.
23:45 I need something real, I need something
23:47 I can grasp onto.
23:48 I need something that can change my life,
23:50 because I am a mess.
23:52 So here I leave Castle Valley going back with the
23:56 desire to be a minister and I'm good at selling
23:59 stuff by the way.
24:00 I'm just good talker I guess in convincing you
24:06 of something maybe...
24:07 - your wife is like, he so is.
24:09 So you are totally agree with him on this one?
24:11 They offered me a job to go out, because of my past to
24:16 go out and sell books, War against Drugs books.
24:21 - can I ask you, had you and Sherry met yet?
24:23 - no, we haven't!
24:24 So we are going to hear your whole story too?
24:27 And so I say yeah, that's sounds good because you know
24:32 I have had a problem, and one of the other things
24:34 to I have really been away at Castle Valley and there's
24:38 no drugs at Castle Valley.
24:39 Here I get out of that atmosphere, and one of the fears
24:43 too is if I am not strong in Christ, if I'm not spending
24:47 time with Him.
24:48 I guess as I say that I don't want to be a cliché,
24:50 but if this book doesn't mean something to me,
24:54 and He's not real to me, I'm going to fall.
24:56 So I get back out of this element of a very conservative
25:02 school and they are going to put me selling these War
25:05 against Drugs books.
25:07 Well you know what happened, where the money was going
25:10 to go, they said would go to place that it wasn't going.
25:14 So I decided I would get the books and sell them myself.
25:18 Here I am on going out selling these War on Drugs books,
25:23 trying to help people, and I'm taking the money and
25:25 buying drugs - so you have relapsed now?
25:28 I relapsed and as I look at this in my whole life the
25:34 biggest and most important thing as a Pastor is the
25:38 importance of having a close relationship with Jesus.
25:42 When I say that, in a close relationship, is spending
25:46 time with Him.
25:47 It's like if I don't have a relationship with my wife,
25:50 if I don't spend time with her, and she gets on me
25:52 sometimes because I neglect that.
25:55 In my work I get caught up as a Pastor and she said
25:59 where's my time, where is my time?
26:00 And God is saying that, He is saying that to me though too.
26:05 Where's my time in a personal time, not with all the
26:10 other people that I worked with in the Ministry, but the
26:13 time that we really spend together so that
26:15 I can talk to you.
26:16 I know we have talked in this about talking with God,
26:19 and understand, having that hooking back and forth
26:22 for it to really mean something.
26:24 I look at my past and see all the drugs and that and
26:29 I relapsed back, I relapsed back.
26:32 - for people who do not know about relapsed, this is
26:34 for the café people and for the folks listening,
26:37 is that a typical person in recovery from anything.
26:41 From spending, from lying, from drugs, from alcohol,
26:45 from sexual addiction, from what ever is that the
26:49 average relapses about 7 times before we are done.
26:53 I don't know why that is,
26:54 but most studies will show that.
26:55 So to me God is real faithful and patient with us,
26:59 which I think is amazing.
27:00 But I just wanted to say that for people to be
27:03 patient with each other.
27:04 I don't know, I hope the people in your life were coming
27:08 alongside of you and helping you through that relapse.
27:10 You know sometimes they were and sometimes they weren't.
27:15 You know, big disappointment!
27:16 - because they don't expect it and that is why I want to say
27:20 out loud, because I think we expect someone to get it
27:24 and never have a struggle with it again.
27:25 And I think God wishes that for us.
27:28 God desires that for us, but we are idiots.
27:35 No, we are not real bright in that, that we will keep
27:38 going back, the Bible says, like a dog goes
27:40 back to its vomit.
27:41 To have somebody that literally comes alongside of us
27:46 and says let me pull you back up again.
27:49 Let me show you how you got on the slippery slope.
27:52 Let me show you that you weren't taking care of
27:54 yourself, that you weren't in the word, that you weren't
27:56 eating right, you were staying up all night again and
27:58 all those things.
27:59 So to have somebody alongside of you that says,
28:02 you said sometimes that happens and sometimes it didn't.
28:05 But you're relapsed did not surprise God.
28:08 When I think of the relapsed, and as you saying 7 times,
28:13 for me I think it took way more than that.
28:16 As I look at it I can see, but each time it happened
28:21 and when I would get back with my sight on Christ,
28:25 I would see were I messed up in the past and as
28:31 I looked at that and I saw over and over and over again,
28:34 even though I was messing up I'm learning something.
28:37 By the way this is only the first part.
28:40 I got away somewhat from the drugs as far as the Meth
28:45 using it all the time where was just really tearing me
28:48 up, after this time I got busted burglarizing the
28:51 drugstore, not a drugstore, a leather store.
28:54 You see in that instance I was already 18 and so here I
28:58 get sentenced 1 to 10, suspended and that was the best word
29:02 I ever heard my life.
29:03 My brother had already been to prison and would be going
29:08 back to prison again, but nobody likes being locked up.
29:12 I hear this word and as a result of that we do this
29:18 geographic change we talked about.
29:20 I'm going to get away from Utah to California and that
29:23 moves us forward to were I met Sherry.
29:26 - okay lets have a break and come back and find out how
29:28 you guys met!
29:30 How God ends up moving you into a Ministry,
29:33 what does that look like, and you had to know his
29:39 background before you married him, right?
29:41 - not all of it - you didn't,
29:43 you have to stay with us.
29:44 So were going to go ahead and take a break.
29:46 We are going to find out how God steps
29:47 into all this stuff.
29:48 How does He work with the relapses.
29:51 How does He get us to trust Him to the point where
29:53 we say we are done.
29:55 I am done, I'm done stumbling around.
29:56 I'm done going back to jail.
29:58 I'm done being hooked and twisted with this addiction.
30:00 I actually want freedom.
30:02 We will be right back to talk about that.
30:04 So stay with us!


Revised 2014-12-17