Celebrating Life in Recovery

Facing The Facts And Seeing The Truth

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), David Parnell


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 You know I work with people, even before I got into
00:17 Ministry, I did 15 years of psych, and psych nursing.
00:20 I saw incredibly, horrendous devastation
00:26 in people's lives.
00:27 When David was talking about he had 6 children,
00:30 now 7, and they were born in these situations
00:34 where he is using, and his wife is using,
00:36 just horrendous things.
00:38 God steps in that situation,
00:40 not only with the addict,
00:41 but with the child, with the community,
00:44 with the parents, with sisters and brothers.
00:47 He says, I'm going to step in and
00:50 speak life into everyone, into everyone.
00:54 The children need to know okay now is dad safe,
00:59 is mom safe, am I safe?
01:01 God says, through the changes that will happen in
01:05 the lives of the parents, those children have
01:07 to learn those things.
01:08 Through the changes that happened with David,
01:10 learning to forgive himself, learning to socialize,
01:14 learning how to be a dad, and how to be a husband,
01:16 learning how to be a man.
01:19 Learning all that stuff, God says, I will stay with you
01:22 through all that kind of thing.
01:24 But now I want to stop all that, because God
01:25 is really good at that.
01:27 I don't even know how He does it,
01:29 sometimes He does it in an instant.
01:31 We get it and we feel loved and we can move
01:34 into those relationships.
01:35 And sometimes He doesn't, and that is where
01:37 I think the body of Christ comes in,
01:38 the church comes in.
01:39 That person then walks into the building,
01:42 and they are like little babies.
01:44 They don't know how to do anything.
01:46 They have to be mentored, they have to be loved on,
01:51 taught and all those things.
01:53 I think for churches, I just want to say out loud,
01:56 if you can hear this, it matters who we are.
01:58 It matters what the person sees
02:01 when they walk in the building.
02:02 It matters the first smile they see.
02:03 It matters the first time somebody shakes your hand
02:06 and says welcome, welcome.
02:08 If that person says, you know what, I've never been
02:11 in a church before.
02:12 I think you should just hug them right away,
02:14 hug them and say sit next to me.
02:16 Because more than likely what they are saying to you
02:19 is, I don't know anything, I feel so out of place.
02:22 I'm afraid and all those kinds of things.
02:24 I sat in a church for 10 years scared to death that if
02:27 somebody new about my life they would ask me to leave.
02:29 I'm just saying, educate yourself, be a Christian.
02:33 Find out what is your gift and how you are going to
02:36 bring people into the building,
02:38 and make them feel comfortable.
02:39 What are you going to teach in your churches and
02:41 different programs to teach an addict about anger and
02:45 forgiveness and all that kind of stuff.
02:46 And once you get it, DO IT!
02:48 Thank you for joining us and I just pray that you will
02:52 always remember that God is crazy about you and me too.
02:55 See you next time, bye!


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