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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), David Parnell


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00:13 On the last segment we left and David we were talking
00:16 about you grabbed a gun and put it up to your chin,
00:19 everybody is screaming, they think you are dead,
00:22 your son called 911, your mom came over.
00:28 In all that chaos take us to what happened next.
00:33 Well the sheriff's department showed up,
00:35 of course and the paramedics.
00:36 They called Nashville, to a trauma center to try to get
00:40 a helicopter to come out and get me, but they couldn't
00:45 get a helicopter to get me because he was picking
00:46 somebody else up.
00:47 The other guy couldn't fly in bad weather.
00:49 They decided to take me to a local hospital.
00:52 My sheriff, and some of the deputies there,
00:54 said they had wrote me off for being dead.
00:56 We didn't think you could make it because of the
00:59 injuries were so severe.
01:00 So everything was broken in-your-face and
01:03 half your face was...
01:04 My right side of my face was actually touching the
01:07 middle of my right shoulder.
01:09 Cheri: nose was gone and all that was gone.
01:11 My nose was gone, and I can't see out of this eye
01:13 anymore, or hardly anything.
01:15 The paramedics said my eye ball was actually moved,
01:19 it wasn't in the same spot.
01:20 It really freaked all of them out and most of them
01:23 hadn't seen, and I live in a little area.
01:25 I have seen the pictures and they freaked me out.
01:28 Yeah so you can imagine them guys that day.
01:30 One of the officers told me he actually had a panic
01:33 attack, he said, I had to leave the room.
01:35 They don't see that many gunshot victims were I live.
01:38 So they took me to that local hospital,
01:42 my family was holding out hope,
01:43 the doctors told my wife we have to get him to
01:46 Nashville, to a trauma center.
01:48 We are afraid he is going to die, we are not equipped
01:49 for this kind of injury.
01:50 So they decide to take me 2 and 1/2 hours in an ambulance.
01:53 When they told Amy that she was in so much shock
01:57 she don't remember seeing any blood and
01:59 she was covered in it.
02:00 She said what you mean he's going to die,
02:01 he was just talking to me at home?
02:03 And the doctor just told her, the sheriff's department,
02:06 there is no way that he talked to you.
02:07 They said the tip of his tongue is blown off,
02:09 the rest of my tongue was split in 2,
02:11 and the roof of my mouth was disintegrated.
02:14 Cheri: and every bone in your face was broken.
02:16 David: right and they said how could he talk,
02:18 but I did.
02:20 I talked to the paramedics, the police,
02:22 I talked to my wife, my mother.
02:24 The only way I can explain that, in my own mind,
02:26 was God gave me the ability that day to tell those
02:28 2 women I was sorry.
02:29 When I woke up 3 days later in Nashville,
02:31 it took me 2 months to learn how to start speaking again.
02:34 And about a year before you could understand
02:36 everything that I say.
02:37 It was the ambulance ride that was the greatest
02:40 ride of my life.
02:41 It was in that ambulance that 2 and 1/2 hours because,
02:46 I didn't know it at the time, that was my Damascus Road
02:50 to where I met our Savior in that ambulance.
02:53 Cheri: I wish I would be, you know when somebody says,
02:56 a fly on the wall, I wish I was in that ambulance
02:58 because I bet God just loved on you.
03:01 David: oh yeah He did and that is what changed my life.
03:06 I haven't been the same man since
03:07 I came home from that hospital.
03:09 They actually woke me up 13 hours later after I
03:13 finally made it to Nashville, and told my wife they
03:16 had worked on me a number of hours, they would lose me
03:19 and bring me back.
03:20 But 13 hours later is when they woke me up, I don't remember
03:23 that, I don't remember nothing for 3 days.
03:25 My wife, my sister and my cousin Debbie, 3 women around
03:29 the bed and they give me a notebook and a pen.
03:32 Fox news, out of Minneapolis, wanted to do a special
03:34 on the things I wrote, which surprised me that the
03:37 secular media, they would want to do that but I let them
03:39 do the story on it.
03:40 The first thing I wrote in big letters was
03:42 Jesus loves you all.
03:43 Then I wrote, Peter, Paul, and John and upside down cross,
03:46 and a regular cross and I wrote some people's names.
03:48 I cannot explain why I wrote them, I don't remember
03:52 nothing, but I wrote EV Hill.
03:54 What really amazed me was I asked my wife,
03:57 who is EV Hill?
03:58 She said that is a black preacher that use to come
04:00 on TV that she would watch.
04:01 I would come in and be cursing the guy.
04:04 Anything that had to do with God, I wanted to reject and
04:08 would say why are you watching this junk?
04:10 Cheri: but it stayed in your head,
04:12 David: No! I did not remember him, but it stayed in
04:16 my wife's head, so I didn't remember, I had no idea.
04:19 I asked her who is EV Hill and
04:21 she explained it to me later.
04:23 But what amazed me, EV Hill died 3 days after
04:26 I shot myself, the day I came back to my senses,
04:30 EV Hill passed away.
04:33 That has always fascinated me, why I would write
04:36 his name, why it would be on my mind at that
04:40 particular time, I can't explain it.
04:41 Cheri: you know what is amazing about all that is that
04:44 as people talk about, or when say they want to minister to
04:48 somebody that is completely out to lunch.
04:50 Frying on drugs, lost in their addictions,
04:53 and it is amazing to me what stays in.
04:56 Those seeds that we think really find no ground at all,
04:59 and you say you know what don't even try to guess,
05:03 God will use that in the middle of a coma.
05:06 You know what I thought was funny the first time
05:09 I heard your testimony, or you speak, is that at one
05:12 point you decide, laying there, face blown off
05:14 and they are trying to reconstruct everything,
05:16 I think I'm not going to do drugs anymore.
05:18 I'm like Amen!
05:21 Medically right now you are.
05:24 Yeah I'm pretty slick aren't I?
05:27 But all of heaven must think, you think!
05:31 Well hey, I was in the hospital with a guy that was
05:35 paralyzed from his neck down going after Meth.
05:38 And me and him was both at the crossroads,
05:40 my face blown off, and him paralyzed,
05:42 but yet I decided to ask God into my heart and ask
05:46 Him please help change my heart,
05:48 forgive me for what I've done.
05:51 I would cry and cry, the guilt of my kids would flash
05:54 over me, but he, we was both at the crossroads.
05:57 I've prayed to God that he finally seen the light,
05:59 because his wife was going to get him Meth and bring it
06:02 to the rehab center and put it in his stomach tube.
06:05 He had told her there was no way he could stop.
06:07 What has to happen to a man to change him,
06:12 what has to happen?
06:13 I had hung myself, I've been shot once before because
06:17 of drugs and alcohol, years earlier in my right shoulder
06:21 with a 38, it didn't change me.
06:22 Cheri: as you speak we are going to show a graphic of
06:26 you in the hospital and them reconstructing your face.
06:30 Because they literally had to reconstruct your face,
06:33 build you a nose, talk about some of that kind of stuff.
06:37 Well over the last 5 and 1/2 years I have had 30 surgeries
06:42 or more, I don't even know now.
06:43 I just have won a couple weeks ago.
06:45 They actually built my nose from my forehead and when
06:49 I first came home, I had wrote on a notebook the 6th
06:52 day in the hospital, I wrote to my wife I want to tell
06:55 people the truth about drugs.
06:56 God had put that on my heart from the first week
06:59 I was in the hospital.
07:00 When I first came home and Amy kept saying are you
07:02 going to talk to people?
07:04 I'd said, not yet because the doctors told me one
07:06 day they would be able to make me look pretty normal.
07:08 When I first came home I didn't have a nose at all,
07:10 not even any holes to breath out of and I was
07:13 embarrassed about the way I looked.
07:14 Amy kept saying don't wait until they fix you.
07:18 She said, go now and let them see what
07:19 it has done to you.
07:20 Tell them what it has done to our family and
07:22 you hope they get help before it kills them.
07:24 If they haven't stopped maybe they will stop before
07:28 it kills them, if they haven't started
07:29 maybe they won't start.
07:31 I realized Amy was right.
07:33 I am no longer embarrassed about the way I look.
07:37 I felt bad about that way in the beginning,
07:39 but I'm just thankful to God that I am still here.
07:42 They eventually took skin off my forehead and built my
07:45 nose, and took bone out of my hip, that's the bone in my nose.
07:48 I have had 5 bone graphs, 2 out of each hip, and one out of
07:50 my rib into my face, a bone where my teeth go on
07:54 the bottom and top.
07:55 One day they will put implants in eventually.
07:57 I have had skin grafts off both my legs and one off the back
08:01 of my ear into my face in different areas.
08:04 I have got over 30 titanium plates and screws to hold
08:08 hold my sinus in and my face together.
08:10 When I first started speaking, going out to churches
08:13 and stuff, I used to have a tracheae that stuck out of
08:16 my throat and I would hold that tracheae and be able to
08:18 talk to the kids otherwise all the air would run out.
08:20 Since then they have taken the tracheae out.
08:24 In the beginning it was hard to understand me.
08:27 Cheri: I hate to interrupt but do you know,
08:30 I want to say, is David you are so handsome to me.
08:32 I think that what God has done in your life,
08:34 and the fact that you have a passion to educate kids,
08:37 that there is going to be children not using drugs
08:40 because of meeting you.
08:41 I just think how cool are you.
08:43 The fact that nothing stops you from that.
08:46 You have even educated yourself on drugs and Meth
08:50 and some things that we need to know, I would like
08:53 you to share a little bit of that with us too.
08:56 So what have you found out about this drug beyond
08:59 what you knew even in your own little circle?
09:02 Some of the things that I have learned from the
09:04 researches, things like the dopamine,
09:07 where Meth affects the dopamine in our brains,
09:10 floods our brain with dopamine,
09:11 which is very damaging to the brain cells,
09:14 for one thing.
09:15 Cheri: it tells us everything is great.
09:17 We could be seconds before death and
09:19 we think we're doing great.
09:20 David: absolutely, it is what makes us feel good.
09:22 Just like for example, if you took a good peach
09:25 and take a bite out of peach and say,
09:27 mmmm that peach is good.
09:28 That is the dopamine has kicked into your brain.
09:31 Some of the experts, from the studies that I've done,
09:34 says that once it damages that dopamine that you
09:38 will never feel good about anything again.
09:40 I don't agree with that, because I believe our God is
09:44 the great Healer and that He can heal.
09:46 I know nowadays I can take a bite out of a peach and
09:50 it is the same as before.
09:51 Cheri: You can laugh at your children.
09:52 David: I laugh at my kids and have fun,
09:54 watching movies with them and I feel better than
09:57 I have ever felt before.
09:58 Some of the other research, that was really
10:00 fascinating to me that I came across,
10:02 was how Meth is such an epidemic world wide.
10:05 I used to think it was just a drug here in the
10:07 United States, but when I found out is that it
10:09 didn't even originate here in the United States.
10:11 It's not, like I thought, our drug.
10:13 It originated, they believe, with Japan and Germany
10:19 during World War II.
10:20 They actually had amphetamines before that, but the
10:23 methamphetamine was created during that time period.
10:26 Cheri: To keep soldiers up at night.
10:27 David: yeah they started using it with the soldiers.
10:29 Japan, they said, would use it not only with soldiers,
10:31 but with factory workers.
10:33 Adolph Hitler, they claim, used it every day just about.
10:36 He would have injections, had chocolates outside of his
10:40 room, his office that is.
10:42 Cheri: I just got back from the Czech Republic and
10:44 really popular over there with dancers,
10:47 with people that like partying and go
10:49 the whole dance scene.
10:51 Everybody, well not everybody, but tons of
10:54 young people are strung out on Meth.
10:56 David: and they use it with the soldiers.
10:58 They said it worked pretty well in the beginning
11:01 because, being a stimulant, they would fight for
11:04 days at a time without a break.
11:05 Some of my research said it was so effective with
11:08 Germany that the United States government and Britain
11:11 government actually started to give it to our soldiers
11:15 during World War II.
11:16 But they said in a short period of time they would
11:18 become paranoid schizophrenic, and of course you
11:20 can't control a guy with a machine gun that's
11:22 going to act like that.
11:23 We actually stopped using it, and by the time
11:25 by the time Japan outlawed it, it was plum up in the 1950's
11:31 from what I remember, but it was too late,
11:33 this thing had spread like wildfire.
11:35 Some of the first ones in the United States to
11:38 actually start pushing this drug was the Hells Angels.
11:41 Most of those guys, in that biker gang, the leaders,
11:44 was ex-military men from World War II.
11:46 That is where we got the name crank, they would
11:49 hide it close to the crankshaft of their motorcycles.
11:52 That is where the word crank came about.
11:54 Once the Hells Angels and Bambinos, lot of the biker gangs
11:59 out Southwest, was running the Meth labs.
12:01 Once the Internet came around,
12:03 that's when I think it really spread around.
12:06 In my research, I haven't actually seen nothing that
12:08 said that, but just from following it over the years,
12:11 and the research you can see when the Internet got a
12:13 hold of the recipes, here is how you make it.
12:17 Right my now there's 198,000 recipes on how to
12:21 manufacture Meth.
12:22 Of course most of them are wrong, and I tell kids they
12:25 either have steps missing, or backwards and this stuff
12:28 is so at explosive if you have it wrong,
12:29 it's going to kill you.
12:30 Once the Internet got a hold of those recipes, that
12:33 seems like when it just exploded across the country.
12:37 Now I have been from one corner of the nation,
12:40 and I'm going to New York here again in another
12:42 month or two, then I will be in New Mexico,
12:45 and Canada, and California.
12:46 Every corner I have been at there's methamphetamine use.
12:50 You go back 20 years ago, just 20 years, it wasn't like
12:54 that as far as this drug here.
12:57 This drug has really taken over, and we ought to be
13:00 really afraid of it.
13:01 Any drug that will take a person on 20 bucks,
13:05 take a teenager and keep them awake for 2 or 3 days.
13:08 It's a very dangerous drug because any teenager
13:11 can come up with 20 bucks.
13:13 And you can ask a teenager, we asked some one time in
13:16 an audience of about 1500 teenagers, how fast would it
13:19 take you to get some Meth?
13:21 One boy said 5 minutes, all I have to do is go
13:23 walk to the lockers.
13:25 We have asked another group of about a 1000,
13:28 9th graders in Texas, have you been affected by Meth,
13:31 by either somebody using it, somebody close to you,
13:33 or someone you know?
13:35 95% of them put up their hands.
13:37 It really shocked the newspaper people in that town
13:39 down in San Angelo.
13:41 They just couldn't believe that the percentage
13:43 was that high.
13:44 It did not shock me at all because this is really
13:46 a drug of that generation has embraced.
13:49 For one thing in our society it is all about go, go, go.
13:53 We've got fast food, movies and all this stuff that is
13:56 about going and going.
13:58 So this drug fits right into this generation,
14:02 culture and it is really terrifying to see.
14:05 For us who have been through it we know how fast it
14:08 will damage a person.
14:10 If you have any love it all in your heart for people,
14:14 you are going to feel emotionally affected by watching
14:19 young people destroy themselves.
14:20 Cheri: we have to have you back on because I want
14:23 that you have all kinds of research on Meth houses,
14:26 on children that are raised in Meth houses,
14:28 and what is happening in their communities.
14:30 I want to cover all that, but what I want to ask you
14:35 before we open it up for questions.
14:36 I want to ask you why does the church need
14:38 to know about this?
14:39 David: because the church has the answer to the problem.
14:44 God has the answer to any problem there is an life and I
14:48 think we all agree, from our experiences,
14:51 that God is the answer.
14:53 The church has the greatest weapon,
14:55 but fact is they are the spear to go into this.
14:58 I believe it's the devil's drug, and the church should
15:01 be the spear to go into the devil,
15:03 to make a change in our communities.
15:04 Cheri: we need to educate ourselves.
15:06 We need to understand that we are the answer,
15:08 and this is hopeless unless we step in.
15:11 David: you watch any other tragedy in our country,
15:13 Katrina the hurricane.
15:15 What would have happened to those people if the
15:18 Christian community hadn't stepped in to help?
15:20 It is the same with drug addiction, if the Christian
15:24 community does not step in to help,
15:27 then there is no hope for them at all.
15:29 For communities to sit back, I has seen some communities
15:33 that don't want to admit they have a problem.
15:34 They say it is not that bad here.
15:36 I lived in a community like that and what I tell them
15:38 is that our communities are no different than an
15:41 alcoholic and until we admit there is a problem
15:44 in our area, there is no fixing that problem,
15:46 and we won't know where to go.
15:48 Cheri: but as soon as we admit
15:50 David: but as soon as we admit it and start looking
15:51 for solutions, and start praying about it,
15:53 and having the church involved.
15:55 The Black communities did this with crack cocaine,
15:58 and I admired them so much for that.
16:00 Crack cocaine is a drug that devastated so many young
16:04 black men and women in the 1980's when I was a
16:07 teenager in the inner cities, but yet some of the
16:10 churches in these inner cities stepped in.
16:12 They turned their churches into places where they were
16:15 take in the orphans.
16:16 And drug education, and now here we are this
16:20 many years later from the 80's and there is a lot
16:23 of black youth that wouldn't touch crack cocaine
16:26 with a 10 foot pole because of the church leaders
16:30 and their congregation, those sheep that stepped in and made
16:34 a stand to protect those young people.
16:36 They are the ones that made a difference,
16:38 and we have to the same thing with methamphetamine.
16:42 Cheri: because we are the answer.
16:44 I'm going to open up the floor.
16:46 I know that we have some questions,
16:49 Susan you had some questions.
16:50 I do have a question, first thank you for your
16:53 testimony, it has been a blessing.
16:54 I too am an ex-Meth user, and for me and
16:58 my recovery was forgiveness.
17:00 At what point were you able to, because you talked
17:02 about earlier in the beginning of your story how you
17:05 felt guilty about things, when were you able to reach that
17:08 point of forgiveness, and was it a turning point
17:10 for you in your life?
17:12 Cheri: so you're even saying forgive himself?
17:13 Susan: correct!
17:14 David: I found that not only with me, but with so many
17:18 other people, whether you are a Meth addict,
17:20 alcoholic or whatever it is addiction,
17:23 it seems like its hardest for us to forgive ourselves.
17:26 I wish I could give you a point in time where I had
17:30 forgiven myself, it's been 5 and 1/2 years.
17:32 Right when I think I have forgiven myself,
17:35 then I will start feeling bad again.
17:37 Cheri: something else comes up.
17:39 David: another memory comes up and I have to deal with
17:41 that, but we have to finish the race,
17:45 run the race and we go day by day,
17:49 and we deal with those issues as they come up.
17:51 Right now I feel really good, and I feel like I have
17:54 forgiven myself because I know God has forgiven me.
17:57 my children have forgiven me and that is how
17:59 I am able to get up in front of so many people.
18:02 When teenagers say how can you get up and talk about
18:04 how you slapped your wife and neglected your children,
18:06 isn't that hard?
18:08 I said well it seems hard, it was hard in the beginning
18:10 just getting up in front of people, but when you know
18:13 that you have been forgiven, and you know your wife and
18:16 kids have forgiven you, and you know you are trying to do
18:18 help somebody, it makes it so much easier.
18:20 God has blessed me with the boldness to be able to do
18:23 that, but I do have days and times when I'm in Hotels
18:26 a by myself that some of those feelings will come back
18:29 of sadness and guilt.
18:30 It always makes me feel better to read my Bible,
18:34 or call my wife and talk to her and the kids and
18:37 listen to them tell me how they love me.
18:39 Cheri: so you actually have to go to the word of God,
18:41 and the word of God says, I don't remember,
18:44 this I don't hold this against you.
18:46 I have taken all of your sins, onto myself,
18:49 so please don't carry that yourself,
18:50 so you really have to reaffirm that forgiveness for yourself?
18:54 David: absolutely!
18:55 Cheri: because I love when you say, in a hotel I go back
18:56 to the word of God, and say,
18:57 it says right here that I am forgiven,
18:59 ask and I will forgive you,
19:02 confess your sins to Me and I will forgive you.
19:04 David: yes, we have to feed on the word.
19:06 I feed on the word daily, if not, I'm afraid I'll starve
19:11 to death, so I feed daily.
19:12 Cheri: I know John that you had a question.
19:15 John: I do and thank you for sharing with us.
19:18 What stuck out to me is the ambulance ride and
19:21 specifically the experience you had were you felt like,
19:25 Christ just came to you.
19:27 I relate to it because my experience wasn't so much
19:30 that I woke up one day and said, wow my life's a mess,
19:33 I think I need to get it together and then it happened.
19:37 I felt like God gave me a gift, is that the similar
19:40 experience that you had, God came to you first and then
19:44 you decided, oh thank you God, or was it different.
19:47 Am I misunderstanding?
19:48 David: it may be a little different,
19:51 for example did you want to quit?
19:53 John: I did but I never really could get it,
19:56 and so I feel like God handed it to me and said,
19:59 here is what I want to offer you.
20:00 I pleaded with God and said, I can't do this God,
20:03 I don't know what to do, You have to help me,
20:06 and at that moment I didn't really want to quit,
20:08 I didn't want to keep going either.
20:10 I just wanted it to be over.
20:12 Cheri: you wanted the pain to stop
20:13 John: yes and I feel like God just did it for me
20:17 and once He did it, it opened up the door and
20:20 I said okay now I can do it because I know that
20:23 God is in it with me.
20:24 So I guess that is what stuck out to me,
20:28 in the ambulance story.
20:29 David: well I wanted to quit real bad and had
20:32 tried a number of times and would always fail.
20:37 In that experience I think that God did come in
20:42 and help me, but with recovery it seems like our
20:47 recovery is all different.
20:50 Just like all of us are different.
20:51 I have people say that God came in and He took it away,
20:54 just like that and all the desire.
20:55 Then you have other people like me that wanted to quit,
20:58 and I had given my life to God, but yet I still had
21:01 cravings for almost a year.
21:03 I didn't ever think I was ever going to go back to
21:05 the drug, but I had cravings and would get in my
21:08 bedroom and cry.
21:09 My wife and kids will get around me and hug me,
21:11 and would start praying in my ears,
21:13 and that always seem to help.
21:14 I would get into the word but I still had cravings
21:17 for almost a year.
21:18 I have talked to people who have been sober
21:20 a couple of years and say, I still have a craving
21:22 every once in awhile.
21:23 So I think all of us have different experiences
21:26 like some, it will be gone just like that,
21:29 and have no cravings, then there's others,
21:31 there is still going to be a little bit
21:34 of a struggle there.
21:35 The faithful thing is what I kept telling myself
21:39 over and over, is that God will never put nothing on
21:42 me I can't handle, and He will never allow nothing to
21:46 be put on me that I can't handle.
21:47 I think that bad things, any bad things comes from our
21:52 God because I think He is good, and He's good all the
21:55 time, but sometimes things are allowed to be put on us.
21:59 I believe it made me a stronger person by not
22:01 taking it completely away.
22:03 But my experience was similar to yours,
22:05 I wanted to quit and the pain to go away.
22:08 I couldn't seem to do it on my own.
22:10 Cheri: I heard you say, not particularly on this
22:13 program, but another time I heard you speak,
22:17 in the ambulance you literally felt Christ
22:21 look at you and smile at you.
22:23 That has got to be life-changing.
22:26 David: yeah that is definitely a life-changing
22:31 experience for me.
22:33 Cheri: with forgiveness in His eyes,
22:35 with all love in His eyes.
22:36 And you know even John, what you're saying,
22:40 is just the fact that it was a tremendous gift
22:44 to give an addict that is afraid.
22:46 I don't know I'm going to do this.
22:48 I don't even have a face right now,
22:49 you know and all that kind of stuff.
22:51 I know that God is smiling at me.
22:53 David: I know that He loves me,
22:55 I didn't think that God loved me up to that point.
22:57 I thought how could God love me,
23:00 how could anybody love a guy like me,
23:02 as selfish and as mean as I was.
23:06 How could anybody love me,
23:08 but God loves us right where were at.
23:09 You know what I love is to tell people,
23:11 don't worry about straightening yourself up.
23:14 I had a young lady tell me one time,
23:16 she said one of these days I'm going to straighten
23:18 myself up and I told her, if people in the church are
23:21 telling you to straighten yourself up and then come,
23:25 they are telling you wrong because that is not
23:27 what our Bible tells us.
23:28 He said, to me come as you are.
23:30 I've washed you clean you with My blood,
23:33 and that is how Jesus loves us right where we are.
23:35 He doesn't love anyone anymore than the other.
23:38 Cheri: you know we're out of time, I hate that.
23:41 I just want to say David thank you so much
23:44 for being on the program.
23:45 Thank you so much for allowing God to work in your life.
23:49 And thank you so much for giving your testimony,
23:52 going out and leaving your family to share with us.
23:55 David: well thanks for having me,
23:57 it is really my honor to be here.
23:58 Cheri: incredible, we are going to go ahead
24:01 and take a short break, but stay with us.
24:04 I just always, I have a crush on God.
24:07 I can't even help it.
24:08 I love Him, I love what He does in our lives,
24:10 and I love recovery.
24:12 Stay with us we'll be right back!


Revised 2014-12-17