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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Rich Kollenberg, Susan Kollenberg,


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 It is amazing to me the way God has to step into
00:18 our lives, and some of our lives are so messed up.
00:20 If you're not one of them just stay with us on this segment
00:24 because what I think is amazing is I went through book.
00:28 I do devotions every morning and I grab different books.
00:31 One of the books, that I grab this morning, talked about
00:35 there is a statue, 4 statues in Florence Italy.
00:39 The statues are statues that Michelangelo started to
00:45 carve out of this incredible marble.
00:48 He was going to put it in a tomb area for a tombstone
00:53 for a pope that had requested that was dying.
00:56 So he was doing these statues and Michelangelo says
01:00 I can look at a piece of marble and see the man
01:04 or the woman, or the angel or whatever it is trying
01:07 to escape that marble, and he said I just help them come out.
01:10 Well he started to do these 4 pieces,
01:12 and they are big pieces.
01:13 One is a man, one is a woman, one is an Angel,
01:17 and I can't remember what the other one was.
01:18 So he starts carving them and then the pope decides
01:21 I don't need them.
01:22 And he is like, are you kidding me,
01:25 and so he just leaves them.
01:26 They are on display and they are called captives,
01:30 They are captive in this stone.
01:33 I really believe for all of us, in our addictions,
01:37 in our lives, and the junk and dysfunctions.
01:40 We are coming from places, maybe not as much as Susan
01:44 and Rich where you came from, where you were stepping
01:48 into Meth addiction, this crazy subculture, and where
01:52 your body is so incredibly trashed, but some of us
01:55 are from dysfunctional homes where we don't know what
01:58 it is like to be normal.
01:59 I don't know what it's like to be loved and we were
02:02 so created to be loved, so not to be loved we get a
02:05 little tweaked so we are like those statues.
02:07 We are like those men and women Michelangelo was trying
02:10 to carve out, as we are held captive in our junk.
02:13 God, He is the Potter, right?
02:16 He says trust Me with this, let Me set you up and
02:21 let Me step in as the Sculpture, as the Potter,
02:25 and let Me get you out of there.
02:28 Some of it is easy, but some of it is actually not,
02:32 it's a little more subtle.
02:33 So as He gets to those areas I can't even see, some people
02:36 call them our blind spots, but our blind spots will
02:39 keep us out of recovery.
02:41 So some people calls them our blind spots and as He
02:43 gets to those areas He starts carving that,
02:45 or He starts molding and moving that Clay around.
02:48 It is that those areas are a little bit harder and
02:52 God says, you don't do anything really.
02:55 You are the stone, you are the Clay, I am the Potter,
03:01 I'm the Sculpture.
03:03 It's easier for God when we say that, I don't know
03:05 what to do, I don't know how to get out of this anger.
03:07 I don't know how to get out of this bitterness.
03:09 God says, good because I know how.
03:13 Literally trusting God as the Sculpture, trusting God
03:17 as the Potter, that He knows who you are and knows
03:20 exactly how incredible you are.
03:22 He says I will step into your life and I will get
03:26 all those things carved out, I will get all
03:28 those impurities pushed out, and when you are done,
03:32 oh man, man.
03:35 I read another book that God says I am particularly
03:38 fond of that one, because I think all of heaven says,
03:41 I'm particularly fond of that one.
03:42 I love you, I love the way you laugh, I love the way
03:46 you think about things, I love the way you love on
03:49 the person next to you.
03:51 The only way we actually find out that about ourselves is
03:54 to let God, and as God to step in and teach us.
03:58 When Susan and Richard were talking about their daily
04:02 walk, their daily turning it over to God, to learn how
04:07 to eat and drink and to sleep.
04:10 I didn't know and tell me if you knew this.
04:13 I didn't know that when you sleep you literally
04:18 refresher your brain, and if you lack sleep, fatigue
04:22 itself stops blood flow to your brain at a certain
04:26 level that trashes it.
04:27 The next day we wake up and we're try to think straight.
04:30 When somebody says I'm in a mental fog, you are
04:34 in a mental fog, it is true.
04:37 So God says, not only am I going to step into your
04:40 life and literally bring you out so that you know
04:43 yourself who you are, so you know and understand
04:47 all the incredible giftings you have.
04:49 God doesn't just want you to stop be in an addict,
04:52 He wants you to start being you because He loves you.
04:56 Do you know what I mean?
04:57 I'm going show you all that kind of stuff and trust Me.
04:59 You don't half to do anything, I will finish the work
05:02 that I start in you.
05:03 I am faithful, I am trustworthy, I know exactly who
05:08 you are and I can't wait for you to know that.
05:11 If you are out there and you are struggling,
05:13 trust God is absolutely amazing.
05:16 I'll just want to say thank you for joining us.
05:18 I hope you heard everything.
05:20 I don't care if you're hard-core Meth addict with no
05:22 brain cells left, God says it's not too far gone for Me.
05:26 I'm God and I can bring you back to a place of
05:28 restoration and I long to do that.
05:31 I want you to know I was thrilled that you were here.
05:35 Until next time, always remember that God is crazy
05:38 about you and me too!


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