Celebrating Life in Recovery

Sharing Jesus And Not Breaking The Rules

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Kerry Laframboise


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 You know what, I'm so proud of God in the fact
00:16 that He does not want us to be someone else.
00:19 He doesn't want us to be something else.
00:21 He doesn't want us to be anything except what we are.
00:24 And I see that my own life.
00:26 I seen that Max when he gave his testimony.
00:29 When Kerry talks about who he is.
00:31 And we can't try to figure out God which is
00:34 incredible to me.
00:35 I can't figure out when I came off the street,
00:38 I was just so glad to be on solid ground and I'm
00:41 thinking look at me, I'm like standing here and
00:44 I'm not high.
00:45 I'm thinking I'm not lying to anybody, well maybe.
00:48 And I really for 10 years tried to be someone else,
00:52 that was the only thing that kind of freaked me out.
00:55 I wore somebody else's clothes, I sat like someone
00:58 else, I try to eat brown rice every meal.
01:00 It was just like I tried to do all these different
01:02 things and God said, you know Cheri I miss you.
01:05 I miss you, I want you to be yourself, and now it is
01:09 like I am loud and obnoxious and love life.
01:13 Well I mean I love life and I love God, I love who
01:16 I am now as a woman of God in Christ.
01:18 I love all that stuff, I love the fact that every
01:22 day He stands us up in a different way.
01:25 Every day He works with us in a different way.
01:26 Every day His plans unfold.
01:29 If you would have asked Kerry, she think at the end
01:33 of your, not at the end of your life hopefully,
01:37 but as you walk through your life that you are
01:40 going to work in the Police Department?
01:41 You are going to work for police officers and try to
01:44 get them to just stand up with their first initial draw
01:47 to this kind of service field and stand up as men and
01:51 women of God, with integrity, loving on the community.
01:54 Do you think you would have seen yourself in that?
01:56 He would have said absolutely not, I wouldn't have
02:00 guessed it and yet all of heaven said, oh man, Kerry
02:03 this is what you are gifted for, this is what
02:05 I created you for.
02:06 And even Max, Max was this kid that just was almost
02:10 destroyed, and now I'm doing stuff that would make us
02:13 cringe if he totally was honest about his testimony.
02:16 I'm not saying he's not honest, I'm saying probably
02:19 with God and him, the only time he fully discloses who he was
02:23 he has done, and all of a sudden He said I'm going to have you
02:27 standing in front of judges, and mayors, and people in law
02:31 enforcement so that you can teach them how to have a
02:34 heart for the very child you were.
02:36 And if you would've said to him at one point this is
02:39 who you are, this is the man of God I'm going to raise
02:42 you up to be, he would have laughed at you,
02:45 but all of heaven knew.
02:47 When I came off the street, I'm only 23 years old, I had
02:50 teeth missing, I'm illiterate, I'm strung out on heroine.
02:54 I don't know if I knew anything about anything.
02:57 I don't know if I knew anything about relationships,
03:00 anything about how to survive, how to be honest,
03:04 how to get from one thing to another when people say,
03:07 when I went to church and they invited me to potluck
03:10 I did know how to eat with somebody.
03:11 My palm's would sweat, I did know how to socialize.
03:14 I didn't know how to do anything, my husband almost
03:16 didn't marry me.
03:17 For one He said, you know what Cheri, you don't
03:19 even know how to talk in front of people and I work
03:22 at the University, I work at the Philharmonic.
03:25 The fact that you can't even get so anxious that you
03:28 can't speak, and now he's wishing I would shut up.
03:31 I'm kidding, but you know it's like who would've
03:34 guessed God would open up where I get to talk to
03:37 addicts all over the world.
03:39 I am hoping that I'm talking to you, I hope you're
03:42 hearing me say that God has a plan, an individual
03:45 plan for your life.
03:47 Not for conformity that He want you to be like everybody
03:51 else in the body of Christ because you are you.
03:54 You were created so incredibly uniquely for Him and
03:57 for purpose that He said please wake up to that.
04:01 And as you wake up, He is not waking you up just to
04:04 behave, behaving is good so I'm not saying don't behave.
04:08 Behave is good but He saying I have a bigger plan than
04:12 that, I actually want to give you a life.
04:15 I want to transform everything about you so
04:17 that the people around you will actually
04:20 blessed by who you are.
04:21 Will actually step in and say man, I am so glad
04:25 you're in my life, when someone says that to me
04:28 I want to cry because that is not what most people
04:32 said to me most of my life.
04:33 So God says I have a plan to turn all that around
04:36 for you and it is just a matter of saying,
04:39 I'm done, I'm done.
04:41 And when somebody says what does that mean exactly?
04:44 I'm done, it's like a surrender.
04:45 If you see somebody that is in war and they surrender,
04:49 they throw out the white flag, I surrender.
04:51 I don't know what else to do, or how else
04:54 to do this on my own.
04:55 I need to come under authority to someone.
04:58 And Kerry did that with a lot men that came around
05:01 him, and people that came around him and loved on him.
05:04 So just throw up your white flag, find someone that
05:07 you can trust, and that is really tough for a lot
05:10 of us to find somebody that you can trust.
05:11 Hopefully a man or woman of God, if you are a man
05:14 find a man and if your woman find a woman just because
05:17 that is a huge issue, but find somebody you can trust
05:20 and step under authority and tell them I don't even
05:22 know how to speak right now.
05:24 So I'm going to ask you to start teaching me.
05:26 Start mentoring me, start walking me through that.
05:29 And as soon as you get some kind of spiritual legs
05:32 your older than 4 months old you can start doing some of
05:35 that kind of stuff.
05:36 God will step in an open up your life for you,
05:39 you have a destiny and God wants to reveal that
05:42 to you and He can't right now because you've got
05:45 all these addictions in your hand.
05:46 Surrender them, put you white flag out and trust Him.
05:49 Until I see you next time always remember that God is
05:52 crazy about you and we are too, absolutely beyond what
05:55 you can think of, God has a plan and trust that plan.
05:58 See you next time, God bless!


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