Celebrating Life in Recovery

A Hardened Heart

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Max Rivera


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 Aren't you just amazed at God, I'm amazed at God.
00:17 Max I wanted you to stay up because I knew there
00:20 was a few more things that you wanted to say not only
00:22 to the people in the Café, but the folks at home.
00:24 So go ahead.
00:26 Well one of the things I wanted to mention is that
00:29 the cool thing about God and that personal relationship
00:32 with Him is that it is a complete work.
00:34 He doesn't complete work and the Bible says in
00:37 Philippians 1:6 that He finishes what He starts.
00:40 It is not a to do list like we treat a to do list
00:42 and forget about it.
00:43 He doesn't forget about it, He knows those little
00:45 areas in your life that still are hard.
00:48 But I want to mention that there are times in your
00:53 life, in Mark 2, it says but there are times in your
00:56 life where you are going to need the strength of other
00:59 men or other women who are going to need to carry you
01:02 to that place where God is so that He could do great
01:07 things in your life.
01:08 I know if it wasn't for my heart staying submitted to
01:13 great men like Kerry and my pastor.
01:15 There are times that I'm going to be challenged,
01:17 I'm being honest with you but it takes men who were
01:19 around you to say, hey how are you doing.
01:21 And I love what you're saying, in my rebellion that
01:24 is impossible for me to do, I don't want to grab hold
01:27 of anybody else, I don't want to admit that I need this.
01:30 Right and you know, to speak to the other side those
01:34 who are working with those people that are broken to
01:37 know that it is love that builds a bridge.
01:39 The Bible says that God's love leads us to repentance,
01:44 well if it takes God's love to lead us to repentance
01:47 is going to take our love to lead people to repentance.
01:50 Again love builds a bridge, touch heart before you ask
01:54 for the hand.
01:55 They don't care about what should know until they
01:57 know how much you care.
01:58 Amen and that is more of a reality than people think.
02:02 It's like, to me when I came into the church I was
02:05 so starved of not being loved.
02:07 I was so starved of never seeing anyone do the right
02:10 thing, that for someone to literally reach out and love me
02:14 was the answer.
02:17 It wasn't that I got a check list and figured out what
02:19 to do, that somebody told me that behavior looks like
02:21 this, it's that I looked in someone's eyes and realized
02:24 that they cared about who I was.
02:26 I want to say thank you again for
02:27 being on the program.
02:28 If you're watching and heard any of that, for one
02:31 if you are in the church, if you don't know how to love
02:34 somebody, ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you up.
02:37 He cause the first gift of the Holy Spirit we covered
02:39 last season was love, first gift is agape love and we
02:42 need that and the whole world needs that, definitely
02:46 an injured child needs that, I need that.
02:48 Just ask for that, if you are out there and you
02:51 are lost, man, hold on to God, grab a hold of somebody.
02:55 Until next time always remember that God is crazy
02:58 about you and so are we will see you next week, bye!


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