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Lost Innocence

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Alta Austin


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00:13 You know that I have a song that I heard this morning,
00:17 and I want to try to do it.
00:18 I don't sing, I just want to try to sing it for you.
00:22 It just starts out with, there is a place of quiet
00:26 rest near to the heart of God.
00:31 A place where sin cannot molest, near to
00:36 the heart of God.
00:38 I thought the first time I heard it, you know
00:41 quiet rest, a place for recovery, a place where
00:44 sin can't come in.
00:46 Can't come in and twist things and
00:49 I just wanted to be there.
00:50 As you are hearing these testimonies, as you hear
00:52 Alta talk about her testimony and her relationship
00:57 addictions, sexual addictions, the adultery stuff,
01:00 and all of a sudden the Holy Spirit showing her
01:03 that started way back in her childhood of being
01:08 molested and not understanding any of that.
01:10 About being abandoned, those holes just opened up
01:14 in her life, or that pit, that emotional pit.
01:17 And even Charlie talking about that he came from
01:21 adultery and growing up thinking that he belonged
01:25 to somebody and all of a sudden realized he didn't.
01:28 And you know during the break one thing he said,
01:30 God had revealed that to him.
01:32 I think it is amazing to me that God will reveal
01:35 things to us when we are ready to heal from them.
01:39 Just ask Him, God what is that you want to show me.
01:43 What is it that You want to start healing in my life
01:47 so that I can stand up and be the man or woman that
01:51 You know me to be, that You created
01:54 me originally to be.
01:55 How do I stand up from all this kind of damage,
01:57 this junk that has been in my life?
01:59 Some has been done to me, and some has been done
02:01 by myself, so how do I do that?
02:03 God says you know what, trust Me.
02:05 I will do it, I have done it, I delight in your healing.
02:08 Am I going to say it is easy, absolutely no.
02:12 It is not easy, it's like you're going down this river,
02:16 and it is this raging current and all of a sudden
02:19 God says stand up.
02:21 Well stand up against the current?
02:23 How can I do that?
02:24 He is like, stand up!
02:26 As you stand up, I don't know how God does it,
02:28 but He diverts the water a little bit and you are
02:31 standing and holding onto God's hand.
02:33 And you are saying, you know what, okay I'm standing.
02:35 And He literally takes our hand and says I want
02:38 to bring you out of that raging waters and I want to
02:41 bring you to a quiet, peaceful place and we are going
02:44 to do healing there.
02:46 I can jump back into this mess any time I want to.
02:51 I can say you know what, anytime I want I can
02:53 grab some past hurts.
02:55 I can look at my insecurities again.
02:58 I can start allowing the devil to lie to me and
03:00 say you know what, you are nothing.
03:02 You were born in adultery, you were not even wanted as a
03:05 child, or you are a heroine addict in recovery, or I
03:08 remember your sexual addiction.
03:10 I know who you are.
03:11 I know all the junk that's in your life.
03:13 If I can just let that stuff start going in my head
03:16 anytime I want to, or I can listen to the
03:18 voice of God saying, Cheri you are done with that,
03:21 you are done with that.
03:23 I want to get you into a quieter place,
03:26 I want to bring you to a place of victory and
03:28 I'm thinking it is too cool.
03:30 You are a woman of God, you are the apple of my eye,
03:39 you are who I delight in.
03:41 I'm thinking, you know what I am a mess.
03:45 He's like yeah and I love that about you.
03:48 You know what I mean you don't have to pretend with God
03:51 and be anything other than I am.
03:53 When He says that as you seek My face,
03:56 and that is the reality,
03:57 we start out with even looking at the Commandments.
04:00 What are God's standards? Who is He?
04:01 What do I need to learn?
04:04 And He's like guys as you seek my face, as you look up,
04:06 as you start to open up the word that is the easiest
04:10 way to see God.
04:11 I mean you can see Him anywhere, you could walk around
04:13 and do all that kind of stuff, but open up the word
04:15 you start seeing Him.
04:16 You start to see that as you start understanding what's
04:20 right and what's wrong and all that kind of stuff.
04:22 As you ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you
04:24 in this recovery, you will fully see yourself
04:28 as you fully see Me.
04:30 I'm thinking how do you do that?
04:31 How do you do that?
04:32 Because you know what I found out about myself,
04:34 is I like who I am in Christ.
04:37 I don't steal, I don't lie, I don't try to manipulate.
04:43 I'm not saying that I don't ever fall into that stuff,
04:45 but I never find myself struggling with that but in
04:48 Christ it's not who I am.
04:49 I'm a new creature in Christ like Alta said,
04:52 and I pray that you will find that and if you have
04:55 found that you will be grateful for that this day.
04:57 Until next time always remember that God is crazy
05:00 about you, me too!


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