Celebrating Life in Recovery

Girls Night Out Ii

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Cheri Elledge, Joleen Neighboro, Misti Brockin


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 God its amazing, He is amazing to me, He says recovery is
00:19 absolutely going to happen, not will it
00:23 happen, can you fix me, am I too damaged, He says,
00:27 oh no, Hon absolutely not.
00:28 I spoke the world into existence, I can re-create
00:32 in you every single thing that the devil tried to damage,
00:36 and as squash, and all those kind of things.
00:38 Every day that you didn't feel loved, I promise I
00:41 will literally bring those days back to you and you
00:44 will be loved beyond what you can imagine.
00:46 The reason I can say that was such a big smile is
00:48 because it happens, and it is so true, and I keep
00:52 telling people I have just have a crush on Him right
00:54 now, because He is just so faithful.
00:56 Misti you have heard Cheri come up and Joleen and have
00:59 heard their own woundings, and those were all father wounds
01:04 We have talked to people in the studio who said what
01:06 about mothers abuse, but it is the same kind thing
01:08 that woundedness from a parent.
01:11 Yes and it's usually parents, it can be anyone,
01:14 it can be anyone in authority over you and it
01:16 can happen at any time in your life.
01:18 I think it is worse and it's the Devils plan to do it when
01:22 you're younger when you are a child but it damages you
01:25 and everything that you do you will look at life through
01:29 those damaged eyes, you will look at life that way.
01:32 It is not being free and you'll seems stuck.
01:35 When you're really stuck and what is really scary to me
01:38 what God showed me in my own healing is that I had some
01:41 damage from parents that had damage from Paris that had
01:43 damage from parents.
01:44 so I love my parents, now I don't even feel any kind of
01:47 since to blame them, but God said one time and I hated this.
01:51 It's like I'm dealing with parental damage and I'm
01:54 dealing with all that kind of stuff and He said now
01:56 Cheri you are the abuser.
01:57 I'm like God you're kidding me, you're kidding me
01:59 and He said, no you are the one is bringing in bad
02:02 relationships, you are trying to kill yourself,
02:04 the one that hates yourself, but one that is
02:06 abusive to yourself.
02:08 I am like all a sudden it got me that not only does
02:10 He want to heal all that kind of stuff from my past
02:13 but He wants to teach me to live healthy so
02:16 I don't continue to abuse myself.
02:17 I just thought how cool are You,
02:20 I mean how cool are You?
02:22 He, beyond words that is where He has done so much
02:26 healing in my life.
02:27 That is what I say to people, I can't describe Him,
02:29 He is beyond words.
02:30 He is so good, in the freedom and the healing He has
02:33 brought into my life and my little girl's lives,
02:35 because I have perpetuated, not in the same way,
02:38 but I have perpetuated the damage.
02:40 Because if you are damaged, or wounded you pass it on.
02:42 You don't realize that you are doing it, but you do.
02:44 Exactly, we are going to do a whole other program on
02:46 that and I want to bring the kids for that program,
02:48 because we are out of time and you know what I
02:51 just want to say to you if you are watching
02:53 the program is Trust God.
02:55 I don't care if you've never trusted anybody in your
02:58 life, I understand not trusting, but trust God.
03:00 Until then remember that God is crazy about you and
03:04 me too, see you next time.


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