Celebrating Life in Recovery

Breaking The Cycle

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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), Christian Berdahl


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00:13 It amazes me that God can take our lives,
00:16 and some of our lives are just so broken,
00:18 so twisted, and we have never, it is like when Christian
00:23 was talking, and he is talking about stepping out of all that.
00:27 Coming out of his home, coming into Child Protective
00:30 Services, doing all that kind of stuff and not even
00:32 knowing, can I even trust these people.
00:34 Can I even do that?
00:36 God is going to take that broken life and restore him
00:40 back to what he was created to be.
00:42 Someone asked me, you know Cheri doesn't that sound
00:44 like pop psychology or whatever?
00:46 I could tell in their voice that what they were saying
00:49 was I don't believe any of that.
00:51 I hear what you're saying, but I think for some of us
00:56 we can't fully look at God and say God I receive it all.
01:00 I receive it all, I'm going to step out of all this stuff
01:03 and the next day I'm going to be a hundred percent filled
01:06 with the Holy Spirit, filled with love and all the stuff
01:08 is going to fall off.
01:09 We don't even know how to do that.
01:10 So how ever you have to get to the point where you
01:13 can start allowing God to let some of that stuff go,
01:15 some of it may be that you call someone up and say,
01:18 I need to talk about anger.
01:21 I need to talk about my depression, I need to talk to
01:25 somebody about that and if you have to do that, I don't
01:27 care what you label the person, whether it is a friend,
01:30 a counselor, a pastor, an elder in your church,
01:33 but talk about it.
01:35 And it's not because God needs the time, God doesn't.
01:37 He says I have healing for you the minute you look up.
01:42 I want to bring you to a place of healing.
01:43 I want to, as your Father, as your friend,
01:46 as your counselor, I want to hold you until that hurt
01:50 is just gone in your life.
01:52 I so want to do that, but for some of us
01:54 we can't do that.
01:55 It took me 21 years to let God say,
01:58 Cheri I think you have trust issues.
01:59 I'm like, I don't either.
02:01 God is like, you so do and I love you.
02:05 I think how cool is it that He never, it's like
02:08 He is so gentle with us, that He never said,
02:11 Cheri you have to stop doing that.
02:14 You have to work on those trust issues.
02:15 I've waited, I've been patient with you and
02:19 your taking way too long.
02:20 He never did that, He said, if it's going to
02:22 take you longer, I'll be right there.
02:24 If it takes you longer than that, I'll be right there.
02:27 I think how incredibly cool are you!
02:29 That You will not rush us, You will not force us,
02:32 but any time we can get it.
02:34 Anytime we can look up and say God, today I get it
02:38 and I am going to release this to You.
02:40 I'm going to allow You to pour love into me,
02:43 because it is who I am.
02:45 I am created to do this, I am created to be this,
02:47 I'm created to have people around me that I love
02:51 and to allow myself to love them.
02:54 I am created to do that, I'm created to love my
02:56 children not beat them, not yell at them and
02:59 not being so incense.
03:00 So if you are stuck in any of these places I hope
03:02 that you heard what Christian said, that God and all
03:06 of heaven is waiting for you to say, okay I'm done.
03:10 I've tried everything, I can't do any of this anymore.
03:13 Come into my life and walk me through every step.
03:16 Teach me how to forgive.
03:17 Teach me how to let go of this anger.
03:19 Teach me to let go of all this stuff.
03:22 He will, I love that.
03:24 Until we see you next, I want you to know that God is crazy
03:28 about you and we are too.
03:30 God bless, bye-bye!


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