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Participants: Cheri Peters (Host), C A Murray


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00:13 Welcome back!
00:14 Like I said before we went on break is that I have a
00:16 crush on God, I love watching Him take the worse cases,
00:19 bringing them up, and those people when they stand in
00:22 Ministry the first time you are used.
00:23 The first time somebody's life changes because of
00:26 something you shared that God did for you, you want
00:29 to stand up and say, did you just see that?
00:31 I'm like all of heaven, did you see that?
00:34 Did you just see that they actually gave their life
00:36 to God, they actually change, the actually came out of
00:38 all that junk, they came out of drug abuse or having
00:42 affairs or they repented about their porn addiction.
00:44 You are a part of that and you want to celebrate,
00:46 you want to go sell someone and God just says,
00:49 the rest of the life you are going to do
00:50 this kind of stuff.
00:52 It is very cool.
00:53 C. A. it just makes me proud of who God is.
00:55 C. A. yeah, it really is.
00:57 We had that text before that talked about all of
00:59 the sins and the things that infect and infest God's
01:03 people and how they can over comers.
01:04 In John 16:33 "these things I have spoken unto you
01:07 that you may have peace. In the world you will have
01:11 tribulation: but be of good cheer, I have
01:13 overcome the world. "
01:14 You know a good homework assignment for you all may
01:17 be as you are watching these, look up the word overcome,
01:20 or over comers, but particularly in the New Testament.
01:23 And then write down all the things that God has
01:26 promised to those who overcome Cheri.
01:28 It will thrill your soul, for one, because if God
01:31 says there are over comers, that means
01:33 there will be over comers.
01:35 Two, that you can be an over comer and all the things
01:38 that over comers will get, God will give to you
01:41 as you overcome.
01:42 So let that be sort of your foundation, your homework
01:44 assignment as you watch these incredible shows and
01:47 listen to these incredible testimonies.
01:49 They will encourage you, but then take that to yourself,
01:52 it's not just them because the same God who is blessing
01:55 them can bless you.
01:56 The same God who is encouraging them,
01:58 will encourage you.
01:59 The same God who is saving them and using them,
02:01 will save and use you.
02:03 It is for the over comers,
02:04 and you too can be an over comer.
02:06 And what is really amazing to me is as you
02:09 overcome the first time, and a lot of people said that
02:12 on these programs, is the first time they felt joy.
02:15 It's like what is that,
02:16 it's like I'm feeling really good.
02:20 There is one, I can't remember who said it,
02:22 but I said when did you know you were doing good,
02:26 when did you know that it was okay?
02:27 They said one time I'm laying in bed with my wife
02:30 and I just started laughing out loud, then she started
02:33 laughing and it wasn't at anything that was twisted,
02:36 it was just that we were glad to be alive.
02:39 We are not high, we are not out running, we are not
02:42 cooking Meth or doing any of that kind of stuff.
02:44 Yeah it is incredible and that is what
02:46 God can do for us.
02:48 He can make us really brand-new and then give us,
02:51 you know it's a great thing, the greatest job in the
02:54 world is working with God saving souls.
02:56 And we see that this year, the underlying theme,
03:00 dare I say, is evangelism.
03:01 Once I get myself straight I go back and try to
03:04 get my fellows straight, and that is a great thing.
03:07 You know as you are looking at your own stuff,
03:10 as you are trying to figure out how God is going to
03:13 stand you up, don't try too hard on figuring that out.
03:16 You know C. A., when you said look up overcome,
03:19 look at all the promises, look at who He is,
03:21 look at the face of God, because God said to me years
03:25 after these opportunities opened up.
03:28 We are traveling all over the world doing Celebrating
03:31 Life in Recovery and writing books.
03:33 I love to do all that kind of stuff, He said if I
03:35 would have showed you that on day one, you would have
03:38 liked shut up, there is no way, I can't do that.
03:41 He said that sometimes His plans for us will scare us
03:44 to death and He said don't look at the plans,
03:46 don't look at who you are, don't look at what you're
03:48 going to do, look at who God is.
03:50 Open up the word of God, start learning to pray,
03:53 Check your self talk, who are you, and start telling yourself
03:57 you are who God says you are and let God
04:00 unfold how He is going to use you.
04:02 Don't figure it out yourself and until we start the
04:05 next season, and until the first show always remember
04:08 that God is crazy about you and me too! God bless!


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