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00:13 Hi we are back Celebrating Life In Recovery season 4
00:18 All new shows, real life situations.
00:21 We have looked at some powerful, powerful testimonies,
00:24 giving you snips of in the first half.
00:26 There is more yet to come.
00:28 Christian Berdahl is a great singer, a friend of mine,
00:32 we are going to be sharing studio space not too long
00:35 from now, but I didn't know Cheri,
00:37 that he had a background of abuse.
00:40 And that was real interesting about Christian is that we
00:43 had some cancellations and somebody, a friend of mine
00:46 had just done some Myofascial Release therapy on him.
00:48 So he told her a little bit about his background.
00:52 She said to him, you need to talk with Cheri.
00:56 Then we had the cancellation and he walks in.
00:58 I don't know who he is but I am looking for a testimony
01:01 because we have to fill this seat.
01:02 I am thinking do you have a story and
01:04 he starts talking to me.
01:05 Not only does he have this abuse background,
01:09 but it is very, very intense.
01:12 I don't even know how he, you could feel the Holy Spirit
01:15 on him, you can feel him being such an anointed man of God
01:18 and this abuse almost killed him as a child.
01:21 So as he started to tell his testimony,
01:24 I was like how are you standing?
01:26 He said I am standing in joy with the family.
01:29 I have little boys of my own that I am able to love and
01:33 make sure that nothing like that ever happens to them.
01:36 So he literally comes on and shares that stuff with us.
01:40 Everybody has said the same things as you said,
01:42 I didn't even know anything about that.
01:46 He just walks around and he is incredible,
01:48 and people love him and our blessed by him.
01:50 We also have on this particular roll-in we are going
01:55 to see next is that, once a woman named Alta
01:59 that I went to her church in Oregon.
02:02 I think was Oregon or Grants Pass or something,
02:04 so I went to her church and she was talking.
02:07 She is a church secretary, and I'm not hardly paying
02:09 attention, but all of a sudden she was like well you
02:12 know I had my second affair, and I am like what?
02:16 You just don't hear that from the church secretary.
02:19 So I thinking okay you need to tell me the real deal.
02:22 She is standing next to her husband who adores her.
02:26 Adores her and you can feel that.
02:28 He was, she was married to him on one of the affairs.
02:33 She said one day I was watching your program and
02:36 someone said that she was having an affair,
02:39 has relationship addictions and it's trashed
02:41 her entire life, adolescents all the way through
02:43 college, through 2 marriages.
02:45 She said I was watching your program and there was
02:48 a woman Misti Brochin on and was talking how
02:51 God showed her where some of the damage was and
02:54 she really got victory in her life.
02:56 So she said I knelt down right there and I asked
02:59 God show me.
03:00 He showed her a time when she was being molested,
03:03 she was 3 years old, behind a shed and she said I didn't
03:07 even realize, I knew that I was found naked behind a
03:09 shed at 3, but I didn't know anything more than that.
03:12 God just uncovered, for her, the fact that the molester
03:16 had just walked away and her own mom had just found her.
03:18 She said as soon as I saw that, as soon as I realized
03:21 the sexual damaged for me, the stuff that trashed me started
03:25 then and I acted it out all my life.
03:28 She said that victory changed everything and now
03:30 she is the church secretary at the very church
03:33 that almost disfellowshipped her.
03:37 What is incredible is that this is now second
03:40 generation, this is someone who watched
03:43 Celebrating Life in Recovery and it was an integral
03:47 part of their healing and recovery.
03:49 Now they are on Celebrating Life In Recovery and
03:51 healing someone else, so second-generation
03:53 this is really great.
03:54 I never even thought of that until then.
03:55 But it is real fun because I think if we could do that
03:59 every season how cool would that be.
04:01 To walk with each other through recovery,
04:04 to edify and lift up each other through this process,
04:07 because for a lot of people that are in recovery,
04:09 you know that this outreach keeps me in recovery.
04:13 Be enabled to tell someone and reach out to them.
04:15 The third person you are going to see on this is Matthew Gamble
04:18 He is the real deal, he is funny, he is out blessing
04:24 people, he is out traveling all over the world as an Evangelist.
04:28 He is incredible with youths, but he was a kid that just
04:33 smoked weed and was in rebellion and wanted to be
04:35 Rastafarian and move to Jamaica, you know what I mean?
04:39 He said he went from atheism to agnostic to Adventism.
04:43 I just think his testimony is amazing, so enjoy this
04:47 roll-in with all these 3 folks.
04:49 The 3 of as boys were like little servants, little
04:53 slaves and it was never consistent.
04:56 One thing I love about God is He is consistent.
04:59 I never had any consistency in my life where I could
05:03 come home and do my chores from school.
05:06 We were latch key kids, we let ourselves in, and you are
05:09 home because both my parents worked.
05:11 My step dad and my mom.
05:12 So we have many hours were we were just free to
05:15 do whatever as long our chores were done and
05:18 our homework was done.
05:19 Then you would hear the car door close, my dad's truck
05:23 door and literally there would be ripples of fear that
05:26 would go through your body, because have I done anything
05:30 wrong, had I not, is everything not kept right?
05:33 Have I done everything just right?
05:35 Even if you had you could still be beaten that day.
05:38 When I say beaten I don't mean, oh bad little boy and
05:42 you would get a spanking.
05:43 I'm talking beaten to where, I will spare you all the
05:47 details, but I know what it means to be scourged.
05:51 I mean literally, I had this whole, I will give you a
05:55 quick idea of the mental games.
05:57 I decided I had enough and I was going to run away.
06:02 I was a suicidal kid, a sad kid, a depressed kid.
06:06 We lived through this oppression and yet when we
06:08 were out and about everything was supposed to
06:11 look like it was okay.
06:13 You know you better not say anything or all hell
06:16 will break loose and I believed him because
06:19 I was living in hell already.
06:21 I was involved in the church and there was a man at
06:25 church that again affirmed me, showed attention to me,
06:29 and we were best friends, his family and my family
06:32 best of friends.
06:34 We did a lot of things together in one thing led to
06:36 another and we ended up involved in a relationship together.
06:39 I left my husband for a short time, 3 weeks, but you
06:43 know emotionally I had left for a lot longer than that.
06:47 We got back together, he actually had prayer groups at
06:51 our church praying me home.
06:54 I knew it was the power of God, my husband did that.
06:56 I knew it was the power of God bringing me home.
06:58 And there it is this church down there, Seventh-day
07:01 Adventist, so I called it up on Monday.
07:03 The Lady answers the phone, praise the Lord.
07:06 I said okay, she said, how can I help you?
07:09 I said my name is Matthew and I live in St. Augustine
07:13 and I would like to come.
07:14 Oh that is wonderful we will be here Saturday.
07:16 Come out, I believe it was 11 o'clock.
07:19 So I said fine.
07:21 I show up on this road, I knew the road,
07:23 but I couldn't find the place.
07:25 It is a small little white building,
07:27 and I just couldn't, and there are a couple big churches,
07:29 and a small little building.
07:31 Finally I find it, I come in late and the pastor is
07:34 up at the pulpit, he grabs the side of the pulpit.
07:38 I come through these bar doors that swing in and out,
07:41 that's at the back of this church, I come through and
07:45 push these doors the first thing I realize is I am the
07:49 only colored person in the building.
07:51 This was an all-black church, which I felt like I was
07:54 at home, because I love being in Jamaica and all that.
07:58 These were all Caribbean-based people, then the pastor
08:02 stops from the pulpit and says, we want to praise the
08:06 Lord for sending Matthew to us today.
08:08 My jaw dropped, because I'm like how does this guy,
08:12 I never met this guy in my life, I made one call on
08:16 Monday, how does this guy even know my name?
08:19 I love these testimonies, I love the stories, I love
08:23 the fact that every single person God wants to use.
08:27 So to me coming off the street, homeless for 10 years
08:31 strung out on heroine, teeth missing, illiterate,
08:34 and you think that God can't use someone like that.
08:37 I travel all over the world so I wanted to say to
08:40 everyone I don't care what your issue is,
08:42 I don't care what God pulls you from.
08:45 It is not that I don't care, you know what I mean,
08:46 because I do have a heart. C. A.: sure!
08:48 It is like I know that God has a plan to step you
08:51 out to help someone else.
08:52 There is so many people when somebody says,
08:55 well who do I help?
08:56 I think pick an age, pick an issue, pick a city,
08:59 it doesn't matter because they are everywhere.
09:03 I don't care if I only want to help newborns,
09:05 there's newborns with AIDS, there's newborns with
09:08 medical issues, there are newborns that are abandoned,
09:11 you know what I mean?
09:12 I only want to work with old folks, there's geriatrics,
09:14 there's Alzheimer's, there's medical stuff, there is
09:16 death, there's disease, there's loneliness.
09:20 I mean I only want to work with teenagers, there's
09:23 cutters there's Goth folks, do you know what I mean
09:25 it's like coming out no matter where you come out from.
09:29 God says you stand up and stop letting the devil mess
09:32 with you with your shame, stop letting the devil mess
09:36 with your just not good enough, let that be surrendered
09:39 to God and I will help you to change the community you
09:42 live in, just by being you.
09:44 What is great about these 3 particular testimonies
09:48 is that they each have been able to deal with their
09:51 situations, their histories to the point now where
09:55 they can truly celebrate.
09:57 They can say this is what I was, this is what I am,
10:01 that has prepared me to do this.
10:03 Our camera person here, Ben was talking about Alta,
10:08 how she can go to a restaurant and talk about
10:10 when I was molested.
10:12 And everybody turns, yeah, she's made peace
10:15 with it and God has given her peace with it.
10:18 Christian Berdahl, to come through such horrendous
10:21 let me go back to Alto, what is really interesting is
10:24 after that healing happens, after God start showing her
10:28 some of that kind of stuff, she decides that I need to
10:31 tell my parents. You know!
10:32 She doesn't want to hurt the molester, it is not even
10:35 about revenge on the molester, it is being able to
10:37 get healing in that area for her and for him.
10:40 But she goes back to her mom and dad and sits there
10:43 and all of a sudden everything makes sense,
10:45 of always finding her naked when this person was around.
10:48 Everybody started putting those pieces together,
10:51 but the mom who watched this daughter out of control
10:54 her whole life, this Christian mom who prayed all of a
10:57 sudden saw, instead of this daughter acting out in this
11:00 horrible behavior, she saw a wounded child and she said,
11:03 I am so sorry for what happened.
11:04 So the healing happened in the entire family.
11:07 I thought oh God, I love you.
11:10 Yeah, yeah and her healing was the healing of
11:13 the whole family and that is what you feel doing,
11:17 looking at the first several that we have gone through.
11:20 Everybody is whole now, everybody is ministering now,
11:24 and I like that idea.
11:25 It's not just I am getting by, I'm making it from day to day,
11:27 but I'm celebrating my life in recovery and
11:29 I'm ministering to other people.
11:31 And I am not constantly falling back with temptations.
11:34 You know what I don't wake up and say, oh I hope
11:37 I don't to heroine today.
11:38 Do you know what I mean it's so far. C. A.: I'm glad!
11:40 All of 3ABN I'm sure.
11:43 No, or my family.
11:45 It is so far removed from that, God has walked me to
11:49 the point where I can stand up and say, you know what
11:52 I hope my speech is honest today, I hope that I stand
11:57 in joy and integrity, I hope that I don't miss what
12:01 God is doing today.
12:02 Instead of I hope I don't smoke, you know that still
12:05 comes up for me once in awhile.
12:06 A smoker will walk by, cause I smoked for so long I
12:09 think could you just hand me one of those?
12:11 No, I can't say never tempted, but it's like the
12:16 temptations are so different so when I get to minister
12:18 to someone else, when any of these folks get to minister
12:21 to someone else there is hope that says you will not
12:24 struggle with this the rest of your life.
12:26 Because you are beyond that and these people are
12:29 beyond that and are giving back.
12:35 Matt Gamble what a cool guy and the idea that Ministry
12:39 has many stripes, many colors, many forms, many ways
12:42 to minister, particularly those who are downtrodden.
12:45 Who may not want the straight up Bible study kind of
12:48 a thing, we've got to come another way,
12:50 and Matt Gamble does that.
12:52 He is so hip in doing that.
12:53 One of the things that everybody covered in this
12:56 program, every single story, every single testimony,
12:59 every single aspect, every single victory you will
13:03 hear on the program says that eventually
13:05 they opened up the word of God.
13:07 So we are talking about prayer and we are going to get
13:10 back to that, were talking about prayer were talking
13:12 about communicating with God but to open up the word.
13:14 If you don't have the Bible, get one.
13:17 If you really don't have one, and don't know how to
13:19 get one, call us!
13:21 I'm telling you call us. we'll find you a Bible.
13:23 We will find you a Bible but it is opening up the word
13:25 of God, understanding who He is, understanding who we
13:28 are in Him, and understanding the promises.
13:30 Because when the promises says I will give you a new
13:32 mind and a new heart and I will restore in you
13:35 everything that was taken from you.
13:36 That you are the delight of my life, you are the apple
13:39 of my eye, you are after my own heart, but God says all
13:42 the sudden I can stand up in Christ knowing that I have
13:44 lied to myself my whole life, that I am nothing.
13:48 God says, you are created by Me, and I love you.
13:52 So we are everything and not everything in our junk,
13:56 not everything in our vanity put everything
13:57 in the eyes of God.
13:59 This whole thing has stopped, whole creation all of
14:02 heaven has stopped just for our recovery,
14:04 just for our restoration, and God says don't
14:06 let anyone tell you are nothing.
14:08 You are everything to me step into recovery, trust Me.
14:11 The next roll-in I want to share with you is very fun.
14:14 Some friends of mine did a program called Girls Night
14:17 Out, they came back and talked about further recovery.
14:21 Because You know somebody says, I recover and just a I
14:25 do it once and it's done, isn't that funny?
14:29 Who told them that?
14:31 Because I hope I am not telling them that.
14:33 I think not and life's not saying that either
14:35 Cheri: exactly!
14:36 Certainly not, certainly not!
14:37 As we get hit with different things, as God unfolds
14:39 different parts of our character,
14:41 He is real gentle with us.
14:42 He will go as fast as we can to let go the stuff.
14:45 We can do it all in a moment, God is so right there
14:48 with us, but most of us can't.
14:50 She is going to talk about further recovery.
14:52 There are a number of girls that on that, Cheri and Joleen
14:55 talking about their recovery which is fun.
14:57 The next one I want to show you is Sarai and Charlie,
15:01 they are amazing they work for Better Life TV.
15:03 They have a Ministry that is unbelievable, she was a
15:05 multiple personality disorder, satanic worship.
15:10 she was growing up, not her but as a tiny baby
15:14 and her family was all out to lunch.
15:15 How did she come through that, how did she integrate
15:19 it with her mental disorder, and now she has a family
15:23 and Ministry of her own that God has His hand on.
15:26 Then the last one is Rick and Barbara Wise.
15:30 They are just amazing, Wide Stretch Ministries.
15:34 She, C. A., her father laughed, she was very
15:39 destroyed by that but decided to over achieve.
15:42 She was in college looking at a career and doing
15:45 everything right and she is a little sexually active,
15:49 you know 19, she slept with someone and a few more.
15:52 She always felt bad and she came back to Christianity,
15:55 fell a few times, but it was just like she was back
15:58 and forth on trying to do the right thing.
16:00 Marries this guy, or falls in love with this guy,
16:03 a virgin, abstinent, wants to do the right thing and
16:06 ends up getting tested,
16:09 only because she is going to the doctor to get a clean
16:12 bill of health, because she wants him to know that I've
16:14 changed my life.
16:15 I'm kind of like a Virgin now because I have
16:18 surrendered to God, and finds out that she has AIDS.
16:20 Yeah, powerful, powerful!
16:22 This last group in here of Charlie and Sarai Romani,
16:27 I have met them just recently,
16:29 what a Godly, wonderful couple.
16:30 You would never know that they had the backgrounds that they do
16:34 It is a testament to the ability of God to clean you up.
16:38 And Matt, in a psychiatric hospital. C. A.: yeah, yeah!
16:42 Both crazy as anything. yeah, yeah!
16:44 Both struggling with all kinds of stuff, and I'm thinking
16:47 only God can take a couple in a psychiatric hospital,
16:50 and say you guys from across the room, gaze at each other
16:53 because this is your mate.
16:54 Right! Cheri: And I'm going to bless you.
16:57 Yeah, and give you a worldwide Ministry,
17:00 and they are doing such a fabulous job.
17:03 And I met their children, Jordan, their son
17:06 just stole my heart.
17:08 I worked with him at his school, and I worked
17:10 with him here, stole my heart and incredible.
17:12 So that whole generational break with these 2 people,
17:15 because God stepped in. C. A.: yeah!
17:17 Yeah, of all places.
17:18 Imagine meeting in a psychiatric hospital?
17:21 Exactly, enjoy this I'm thrilled besides God.
17:24 You see your mother as what was going on with her,
17:27 or what was going with your father, or whoever wounded
17:30 you, you could see their wounds and so you do not blame them.
17:33 But He showed me, when it began to pray this, that my
17:36 father was being very, very abusive with me one day.
17:40 I was probably 4 years old, and I had turned to my
17:43 mother to help me and she was laughing.
17:46 Now I don't know that she was laughing at me, but in my
17:49 4- year-old mind that is what I perceived.
17:51 I was being traumatized and it crushed me.
17:54 Jesus took me back there and said, look what happened
17:57 and that day, and I remembered this already it wasn't
18:00 anything suppressed or anything like that but I
18:04 remembered it differently.
18:05 I would have told the whole story, I would have told it
18:07 in it would have been, your father isn't a very nice
18:10 person is he?
18:11 But it was my mother that day who had done the wounding.
18:14 She did not mean to.
18:15 That's what in my mind I perceived, well if my own mother
18:19 doesn't love me enough to protect me
18:20 from this kind of abuse.
18:21 I just must not be worth, I came to believe that
18:24 Satan took that and he convinced me that
18:26 I was not worth very much.
18:27 My mother had instilled in me that all woman is made for
18:31 is to sexually please her husband and keep him there.
18:34 Okay and it was all about what she looks like and how
18:37 she can perform.
18:38 So not being able to have children was huge.
18:40 That was a real, even trying to make it a non-abusive
18:45 world, trying to get out of that seemed impossible to
18:49 me because of my view of how people are.
18:53 So I went from that husband, ended up getting a
18:57 divorce from him and within a few weeks was married
19:01 again, to my second husband.
19:03 He ended up, he was in the Army, we got stationed
19:08 in Las Vegas, he started seeing prostitutes and my
19:13 way of vindicating myself is well if you rather pay money
19:18 to see a prostitute, then I'll just become one.
19:20 And the counselor calls me in, looks at me and says,
19:24 you're HIV test, it came back positive.
19:36 I just stood there and kept thinking,
19:38 this can't be me, right?
19:39 This kind of thing just happens to other people,
19:44 It can't be me I'm only 27 years old, I'm in love and I
19:48 want to get married, so how can this be me?
19:55 So I am trying to figure it out, so I thought well maybe
19:58 okay, there is just some big mistake somewhere, right?
20:01 That's it there's just a big mistake, but I asked the
20:04 counselor, couldn't there be a big mistake?
20:06 He said, we'll do a retest and I said great,
20:08 can I find out tomorrow?
20:09 He said, no it will take a week.
20:10 I said, A week I have to wait another week?
20:13 He said yes, this was 1993 and it would take a week
20:15 to get the results.
20:16 So he took out a needle and drew more blood,
20:17 and I get up, I think we are leaving,
20:21 but instead he takes me in another room and we
20:23 get in this room and there is a woman in there.
20:26 She said, I am from the Colorado State Health Department.
20:30 This disease is so dangerous the only way we can keep
20:33 this disease from spreading is to get anyone who might
20:36 have been exposed, we need to get them all tested.
20:39 She says, we need you to give us the names of anyone
20:42 who might have been exposed.
20:43 Again, this is the kind of stuff that
20:46 touches your heart, Cheri, to spend so much time
20:51 in the world, and then come to the Lord,
20:53 and then to have HIV, and yet be so strong,
20:56 and so solid in Christ,
20:58 to know that this life is not everything,
21:00 that there is more coming.
21:01 You know what was real interesting is she spent,
21:04 it took them 9 years to just sit with this.
21:08 When God said, I want you to tell people, she said
21:11 I don't feel clean anymore, I feel like a leper.
21:14 I don't feel like I could do that and He just opened
21:17 eyes and also Rick's eyes too, a number of kids
21:22 that are starting sexually active now, very early on
21:25 because we are in such a sexualized society.
21:27 All of Hollywood and everybody just says is this is
21:31 okay and everything is okay, not realizing that folks
21:34 are coming down with HIV is one that is a trigger for us,
21:38 Genital warts, that causes all these cancers.
21:41 You have got Chlamydia, Syphilis coming back you've got
21:45 Gonorrhea, you've got, and we're not even talking about just so
21:48 many relationships damaging our view on marriage,
21:53 or any of that kind of stuff.
21:54 We are talking about physical issues that
21:56 will take you out.
21:57 And He said so please stand up, so when she finally
22:00 responded to God, so God is when somebody has had an
22:03 affair and God says please stand up and tell somebody,
22:06 you are saying, you know what, I don't want to.
22:09 Not me!
22:10 I have met even pastors that have issues with
22:15 same-sex things, or their porn addictions or
22:17 whatever and be enabled to even say to them
22:20 stand up and tell somebody.
22:22 They will tell me absolutely not, so God really
22:25 wants us in our recovery to brag on Him.
22:29 It is not just about exposing yourself, it is about
22:33 exposing who God is and His ability to heal,
22:36 and that is what we saw in all these stories.
22:40 Well, certainly in these last 3.
22:43 You know in the days that we that we find ourselves,
22:46 the challenge is, Cheri as you well know, are not going
22:48 to get less, they are going to be greater.
22:50 We are going to find that there are people suffering
22:53 from all kinds of things and the tension that this
22:56 show has always walked is to expose the depth of sin
23:01 so that you can celebrate the depth of recovery.
23:05 You don't want to bask in the fact that your
23:09 life was a wreck, but you have got to say it.
23:11 You have got to understand it and explain it,
23:15 so that when you talk about what God is doing now,
23:17 you can look at the difference, and see that God
23:20 has the ability to take you from the gutter most,
23:22 to the uttermost.
23:23 From the outhouse to the White House, as it were.
23:26 From as you were, to what He wants you to be.
23:28 So that is the tension that we have but we got to let folks
23:31 know people are hurting, and God can take that hurting
23:34 person and turn them into a jewel for Him.
23:36 And there are people watching this program,
23:38 that are weeping the entire time because they are so
23:41 stuck there and somebody said, I was too.
23:44 And I don't even remember who that person was.
23:48 Because of what God has done in my life, and they
23:50 are weeping and this is not only in this country.
23:53 I just found out we are very popular in Australia,
23:58 New Zealand and different parts of the world and
24:01 people are dealing with the same issues and thinking,
24:03 and not popular because we look good, we have a great
24:06 set, or we are so together, because we are none of that.
24:08 All though we do have a great set!
24:10 We do have a great set!
24:11 I will take that back, but what they're saying,
24:14 thank you because they thought they would be there
24:17 the rest of their life and somebody is saying,
24:19 oh don't let the devil lie to you.
24:22 I love the fact, the view I'm getting on God just by
24:26 doing this in hearing these over and over,
24:28 and now I look for them.
24:30 You know if somebody is in the grocery store and they
24:32 have a testimony, I'm saying, will you come
24:33 and be on the program?
24:35 You know what I mean because I'm just looking for them.
24:37 I heard a thing that at the end of all this, we are
24:41 going to be at the end of everything and we are going
24:43 to look at the devil and say, is that him?
24:44 Are you kidding me?
24:46 You know that God is so much bigger than our junk.
24:49 So much bigger than even what the devil himself
24:51 can do to us.
24:52 We need to get a clear picture of who he is,
24:54 and the way we do that is through our love for
24:56 Jesus Christ and the word of our testimony
24:59 that it says the Revelation.
25:00 Yes, yes, yes, powerful, extremely powerful.
25:02 You know there is a text, you can't get through a
25:04 program without a text, but this kind of speaks what
25:08 this program is about.
25:09 1 Corinthians 6:9, "do you not know that the
25:14 unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?
25:16 Do not be deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters,
25:20 nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomizers, nor
25:22 thieves, nor covetous, nor drinkers, nor revilers,
25:24 nor extortioners, will inherit the kingdom of God.
25:26 And such were some of you. "
25:30 You know He is telling the truth you guys used to be
25:32 that, "but you are washed, but you are sanctified,
25:35 you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus,
25:37 and by the Spirit of our God. "
25:39 That's what this show does, it says these kinds of
25:43 things can not inherit the kingdom of God, and these
25:46 people used to be this but they are not that anymore.
25:49 They were washed, they were sanctified, and if you are
25:52 sitting in your room and you are recounting the list
25:56 of sins in your life put the list down and open up the
26:00 word of God because God has something to say to you
26:03 and that is that the list doesn't count anymore.
26:06 It doesn't matter because I have a whole new future
26:08 for you, I've got plans for you and they don't include
26:11 what you were, they are what you are going to be.
26:13 We talked about, on this program we talked about
26:15 the fact that, exactly that.
26:18 We all came from those backgrounds, but God says
26:20 I can't wait to you get to a point where we can stop
26:23 looking at that and I can show you who you are.
26:26 Because you are fabulous, your talents are fabulous,
26:28 your giftings are fabulous, but the way you laugh
26:31 without all that junk is fabulous, and I don't want
26:34 you your whole life to be looking at this stuff.
26:36 So we are going to move right on past that and
26:39 I want to teach you how to walk outside and say,
26:41 man is it good to be alive.
26:43 Man does it feel good to take a breath and know that
26:45 I am a child of God, clean and in my own rights standing
26:49 in the holy of Holies in the presence of my Father.
26:52 He invited me in here, I'm here because He invited me.
26:56 I'm adopted into the family.
26:58 Now I'm going to leave for a little bit and go tell
27:02 someone, because you know what He says, get everyone.
27:05 There is a place in the Bible that says get everyone.
27:07 The wedding table is set and everything is ready,
27:10 the feast is ready.
27:12 Go to the highways and the byways and bring them here.
27:14 I just think that God wows me, I have a crush on Him,
27:18 I can't even help it.
27:19 We will be right back, Stay with us!


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